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  • Antiques and Collectables Thursday 15 April 2010 11:00

    Bainbridges Station Parade

    Ickenham Road Ruislip

    HA4 7DL

  • Lot: 1 Three WW II aircraft prints including "Spitfire IXs 611 Squadron 1943" after J.W. Mitchell, a cricketing print after Kevin Walsh, two signed coloured engravings including "Moulin Hollandais" by Pavril, prints, an old photograph of a young cricketer, and a wall mirror. Estimate: £30.00 - £40.00

    Lot: 2 A summer landscape, with illegible signature (McPherson?), oil on canvas, reeded gilt frame. Estimate: £30.00 - £60.00

    Lot: 3 A still-life of flowers in a blue jar signed Anderson, oil on canvas, gilt frame with foliate decoration, and a print of a song thrush and a blackbird, gilt wood frame. Estimate: £30.00 - £40.00

    Lot: 4 A watercolour of houses by a river by J. Dreghorn, signed and dated 1955, a pastel of a medieval street, an engraving signed H. Leisch, and two prints, all framed. Estimate: £15.00 - £20.00

    Lot: 5 A watercolour "Remains of the Porch to the Great Hall of Wingfield Manor House, Derbyshire, belonging to Col. Halton", by J. Bicesteles, signed and dated 1820, giltwood frame, and a gouache of wildfowl rising from a lake by T. Eagar, signed and framed. Estimate: £40.00 - £60.00

    Lot: 6 "Comme nos Maitres!", a signed limited edition print, of dogs urinating, framed, and a framed watercolour of a Spanish beach by S. Ciarel, signed. Estimate: £20.00 - £30.00

    Lot: 7 A group of decorative prints and pictures all framed Estimate: £30.00 - £40.00

    Lot: 8 A group of 3 19c gouaches of country houses incl. Charlcote and Kenilworth, each with figures in the foreground, gilt wood frames. Estimate: £60.00 - £90.00

    Lot: 9 2 Victorian prints of Bath and Warwick Castle, rosewood? frames, print of classical head in gilt wood frame with raised foliate decoration, vacant picture frames etc Estimate: £30.00 - £40.00

    Lot: 10 4 old coloured prints of Alderney castle 'Hogarth' frames Estimate: £30.00 - £40.00

    Lot: 11 2 satirical watercolour and ink cartoons, other watercolours incl. a Lakeland scene by H.Cole signed and a framed brass rubbing of Isabel (Boleyn) Cheyne. Estimate: £30.00 - £50.00

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  • Lot: 12 A pair of large modern prints of French cafe scenes, silver coloured wood frames. Estimate: £10.00 - £20.00

    Lot: 13 Modern Prints etc incl 'Solitude' after 'Dinh Hangh 'Literary Fantasy, a pair of 'Clemence' and 'Diane', and a picture of a lady in a black hat.

    Lot: 14 A still life of fruit with a jug by Nita Scott, signed oil on canvas, and two still lifes of roses, one by C.Johnson, the other by S.Pugh, gilt frames. Estimate: £40.00 - £60.00

    Lot: 15 A large modern oil of a Street scene with figures signed Devereaux and another of a fishing village with boats signed Gummer, gilt wood frames with foliate and shell decoration. Estimate: £50.00 - £80.00

    Lot: 16 'The Young Narcissus@ by William Pascoe, St Ives school, signed, pastel, gilt wood frame, reverse with gallery label and a large framed modern photograph by Anthony Crickmay of a scene from 'Rooster@ by the contemporary Dance theatre 1992. Estimate: £180.00 - £250.00

    Lot: 17 'Figures Outside the City' by Carmelo Hernando, signed, tempera ink and paper, gilt frame, reverse with Royal Academy Exhibition 1981 label; and another of a figure lying on a couch by Carmelo Hernando Nieto, signed and dated 1995 (?) mounted only, the reverse inscribed 'Vincente esperandome a Cttn'. Estimate: £40.00 - £60.00

    Lot: 18 A pair of oils by J.M.Ducker 'On the Derwent nr Matlock' signed, the reverse inscribed and dated 1906 and 'On the Conway', signed, the reverse inscribed and dated 1906, on canvas, gilt frames. Estimate: £80.00 - £120.00

    Lot: 19 A pair of portraits of a lady and gentleman late 19c by Jaques Moll, gilt gessoed frame, the reverse of one with trade la bel 'Jaques Moll/(late Biskeborn) artist and photographer/ 35 high Street, Chatham,/ (opposite 'Chatham News' Office), and a pair of framed prints. Estimate: £20.00 - £30.00

    Lot: 20 A pair of oil landscapes with sheep by J.M.Ducker, each signed, one inscribed on the reverse 'A Quiet Corner..Cheam, Surrey, J.M. Ducker 1906 on canvas, gilt frames Estimate: £80.00 - £120.00

    Lot: 21 'Off the Estuary' by Charles Smith, signed oil on board, gilt frame, the reverse inscribed, and a group of 3 small oils, perhaps of Vietnam, framed. Also an old mandolin and a decorative sword Estimate: £25.00 - £30.00

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  • Lot: 22 Not allocated. Estimate: £30.00 - £60.00

    Lot: 23 A small watercolour of a landscape with a bridge, a print of a Yorkshire terrier after Pollyanna Pickering and a print(?) of a woodland scene Estimate: £10.00 - £15.00

    Lot: 24 Not allocated. Estimate: £80.00 - £120.00

    Lot: 25 'Sailing Deep' by Ian Head, watercolour, framed, the reverse inscribed, and a pair of large photographs of yachts in full sail, gilt frames Estimate: £20.00 - £30.00

    Lot: 26 Not allocated. Estimate: £60.00 - £80.00

    Lot: 27 A large print after Landseer, 'Portrait of the Celebrated Short Horned Cow Bracelet, The property of John Booth Esq. Killerby, Yorkshire', framed; a large coloured print of clerical poets grouped around Orpheus; a decorative gilt frame etc. Estimate: £30.00 - £40.00

    Lot: 28 A still life of flowers in a vase supported by a pedestal, by S Parker, signed, gilt frame, oil on canvas. Estimate: £40.00 - £60.00

    Lot: 29 A small still life of flowers in a vase on a pedestal signed Williams, oil on board, ornate gilt frame decorated with ribbon twist foliage and swag borders. Estimate: £40.00 - £60.00

    Lot: 30 "La Place du Marche" by Ludovic Piette, signed, oil on canvas, 11.5 in. x 15.5 in., gilt frame with pierced floral decoration Estimate: £1,000.00 - £1,500.00

    Lot: 31 An early 19th century watercolour of a castle beside a river, with figures and cattle, foliate gilt frame; a small watercolour of a house in a landscape, gilt frame; an unframed landscape; and a group of 3 small oil landscapes, gilt frames Estimate: £50.00 - £70.00

    Lot: 32 A portrait of a gentleman aged 81, Dutch School, dated 1639, bust length, in a fur-trimmed coat and white ruff, inscribed 'AET 81', oil on canvas, 29.5 in. x 25 in., stained wood frame Estimate: £2,000.00 - £3,000.00

    Lot: 33 'Poultry in a landscape', by J. F. Mengs, signed, Belgian School, 19th century, oil on panel, 9 in. x 12 in., pierced foliate gilt frame Estimate: £500.00 - £700.00

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  • Lot: 34 A print of Thomas Kitchin's map of Cheshire, a pair of gilt-framed prints of Chester, another print of Chester, and a small watercolour Estimate: £10.00 - £20.00

    Lot: 35 An oil portrait of a Tibetan elder by J. Hardy, signed; a watercolour of boats in a rocky cove, a print of a woman sewing, and a frame of 6 prints of Mediterranean scenes Estimate: £10.00 - £20.00

    Lot: 36 "Blythburgh, Suffolk" by Victor Coverley Price, signed, oil on board, gilt frame, the reverse inscribed; and 2 other oils incl. "Cley-next-the-Sea, Norfolk", with windmill, by Doreen Pigney, signed, after Rowland Hilder, reverse of frame inscribed Estimate: £40.00 - £60.00

    Lot: 37 A small stylish watercolour of a lady by G. Ullyatt, signed, c.1930; a small charcoal and white chalk landscape; a Japanese watercolour of a market scene; smart modern prints, all framed Estimate: £40.00 - £60.00

    Lot: 38 Fishing vessels and other shipping outside a harbour by J. Mortimer, signed, watercolour, gilt gessoed frame Estimate: £60.00 - £80.00

    Lot: 39 "Forecourt of a Victorian Mansion..." by R.J. Dooble, signed and dated 1993, unframed; and framed and unframed prints incl. comic pony prints, Jungle Book, etc. Estimate: £20.00 - £30.00

    Lot: 40 A small oil of a fishing village by F.E. Paine, signed, and prints incl. one early 20th century, of a young boy apparently receiving military instruction Estimate: £25.00 - £35.00

    Lot: 41 "Clay Soldiers" by Luigi Scaffai, signed, oil on canvas, 26 in. x 20 in., foliate gilt gessoed wood frame Estimate: £6,000.00 - £8,000.00

    Lot: 42 "Tandy", a portrait of a black terrier with a red collar by Alfons Purtscher, signed and dated 1927, ink (?) with pastel highlights, ebonised frame Estimate: £150.00 - £250.00

    Lot: 43 A collection of small oils, mainly in foliate gilt frames, incl. landscapes, seascapes, still-lifes, etc., also prints, etc. Estimate: £30.00 - £40.00

    Lot: 44 Cattle by a river in a summer landscape, mountainous background, by William Plymouth, signed and dated 1881(?), oil on canvas, gilt frame with reeded and formal foliate border Estimate: £3,000.00 - £4,000.00

    Lot: 45 A large oil of two galleons engaged in combat (signature illegible), and 6 other modern oils incl. a mountain landscape and flowers, gilt frames Estimate: £30.00 - £40.00

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  • Lot: 46 Two large hunting prints: "On the Scent" and "Thomas Oldaker...Huntsman to the Berkeley Hounds...", gilt frames; together with pictures, photographs, etc. E