Anticipating motivation peaks

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  • 1.Take Advantageof Motivation To accomplish physical health goals Karanveer Mohan

2. The theory of the motivation waveWHAT IS MOTIVATION? 3. The Motivation WaveMotivation isnt constantIts has ups and downs, like a waveSource: Dr. BJ Fogg ( 4. Can we do hard things?If motivation is high, then yesSource: Dr. BJ Fogg ( 5. Why do hard things?These hard things will even make otherbehaviors easier in the futureSource: Dr. BJ Fogg ( 6. Finding peaksWe want to grow our ability to do thingsand find the peaks! How?Source: Dr. BJ Fogg ( 7. How to know a breakthrough in physical activity is imminentDETECTING PEAKS 8. Positive FeedbackWhen you feel successful e.g. I did it! e.g. feeling happy e.g. someones compliment 9. Positive Feedback 10. Negative FeedbackWhen you are close to a goal and knowhow to get thereOr area for improvement in lifee.g. when clothes are fitting too snug! 11. Current Behaviori.e. a manifestation of unspoken goalsSource: 12. Online BehaviorWeb searchese.g. how to get fit, how to start walkingPassive trailse.g. Liking Facebook pages, sharing links,browser historyApps 13. Offline BehaviorGenerally spending more time offlinePhysical surroundingse.g. spending more time in parksShoppinge.g. new walking shoes 14. EnvironmentSocialMotivation and/or behavior of peers increasinge.g. friends joined a hiking clubI must do it too 15. EnvironmentRelated themese.g. inspirational films:Rocky, Karate Kid, etc. 16. Thanks for viewing!Questions? Complains? Suggestions?