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Anticipating Federal Grant Opportunities. Maryland Governor’s Grants Conference September 12, 2011. Federal Funds Information for States Overview. What federal resources are available? How to find out about upcoming grant o pportunities? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Anticipating Federal Grant OpportunitiesMaryland Governors Grants Conference September 12, 2011Federal Funds Information for States

  • OverviewWhat federal resources are available?

    How to find out about upcoming grant opportunities?

    What is the future outlook for federal grant funding?

  • Where the Money Goes: Pieces of the Federal Budget Pie

  • Where the Money Goes: Type of Assistance (Dollars in Thousands)Source: U.S. Census FAADS Data, 2009

    Type of AssistanceTotal Funding (FY 2009)Block Grant (Community Development Block Grant)$14,580,561Formula Grant (Title I Grants to LEAs)690,536,050Project Grant (Green Jobs Innovation and Training Grants)181,183,450CO-OP Agreements (Public Health Emergency Preparedness Grants)51,858,133Specified Direct Assistance (SNAP Benefits, Medicare)540,373,751Unspecified Direct Assistance (Social Security, Unemployment Insurance)773,924,060Direct Loan (Community Facilities Loans and Grants)21,770,712Guaranteed/Insured Loans (Small Business Loans)428,407,311Insurance (Flood and Crop Insurance Programs)845,305,270Other631,586Total$3,548,570,884

  • Where the Money Goes: Type of AssistanceSource: U.S. Census FAADS Data, 2009Project grants make up only 5.1% of total assistance

  • State/Local Grants by Program AreaFederal Outlays to State and Local Governments, FY 2010 ($ in Billions, % of Total)











    Energy, Natural Resources, Environment, $12 (2%)

    Agriculture, $1 (0%)

    Community and Regional Development, $19 (3%)

    Transportation, $61 (10%)

    Education, Training Employment, and Social Services, $98 (16%)

    Health, $290 (48%)

    Income Security, $115 (19%)

    Justice, $5 (1%)

    Other, $8 (1%)



    National Defense9090


    Natural Resources9132





    Education, Training Employment, and Social Services97586


    Income Security115156

    Social Security2828



    GEN GOV52185218



    Energy, Natural Resources, Environment11788Energy, Natural Resources, Environment$12


    Community and Regional Development18818Community and Regional Development$19


    Education, Training Employment, and Social Services97586Education, Training Employment, and Social Services$98


    Income Security115156Income Security$115





    Energy, Natural Resources, Environment, $12 (2%)

    Agriculture, $1 (0%)

    Community and Regional Development, $19 (3%)

    Transportation, $61 (10%)

    Education, Training Employment, and Social Services, $98 (16%)

    Health, $290 (48%)

    Income Security, $115 (19%)

    Justice, $5 (1%)

    Other, $8 (1%)


  • Types of Federal SpendingMandatory SpendingSpending that is not subject to annual appropriations Spending levels dictated in authorizing legislationDiscretionary SpendingFunded through annual appropriations processPrograms created or authorized through legislation

  • Types of Federal GrantsBlock GrantsFunds used for any activity that fits within overall goalsFunds allocated based on formulaFormula GrantsNoncompetitive awards based on a predetermined formulaThe amount distributed depends on various factors (i.e., population, amount of tax effort, per capita income, housing density, rate of infant mortality)

  • Types of Federal GrantsProject GrantsAwarded on the basis of competitive applications for fixed or known periods for specific projects, or the delivery of specific servicesCooperative Agreements Contract between federal government and recipient when the federal government is to be substantially involved in the activities covered by the agreement

  • Anticipating Federal GrantsWhere to look for upcoming announcementsCatalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)Deadline index by agency Deadline information included in program descriptionFederal Register: of Funding Opportunity (NOFA)Opportunity to comment on priorities/selection criteriaAgency websites: the good, the bad, and the ugly

  • Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)CFDA ( provides additional background information on grantsType of grantPrevious award levelsAgency contactsMOE and matching requirementsEligibilityApplication deadlines Use Applicant Eligibility Index for comprehensive listing of grants

  • CFDA Deadline Index, DetailsDeadline dates by which funding agencies must receive applicationsPros:Covers multiple years; all types of programsCons:Doesnt indicate when applications will be made availableIncomplete listingNot updated throughout yearInsufficient information

  • CFDA: Applicant Eligibility Index

  • Federal RegisterPublished NOFAs, grant priorities, and criteria up for daily Table of Contents emailOpportunity to submit commentsMost information published at the same time as

  • Agency WebsitesThe Good Detailed information on upcoming grant opportunitiesThe Bad (or So-So)Somewhat useful information, more work to determine upcoming opportunitiesInformation on open solicitations, ability to search previous yearsThe UglyVery little information on grant opportunitiesTypically provides a link to

  • Agency Websites: The GoodDepartment of Education: Funding Opportunity ForecastProvides current and expected grant opportunity announcementsEstimated application deadlinesOrganized by officeGives estimated size and number of awardsLists agency contact information for each notice

  • Agency Websites: The GoodDepartment of Health and Human Services: Database of planned grant opportunities proposed by each agencyEstimated dates (post date, application due date, award date, start date) Estimated funding and number of awardsAgency contact information for each noticeOption to receive email when page updatedKey InformationTracks when posted to Grants.gov

  • Agency Websites: The Bad (or So-So)Department of Homeland SecurityGrant guidance by fiscal year, program details of JusticeLink to agency grant sites Office of Justice Programs Archived Solicitations: Resources:

  • Agency Websites: The Bad (or So-So)Department of LaborList of all open grant opportunities Grant guidance by office and Nutrition ServiceDetailed funding and award history: Past award activity: Agency guidance Meals CAFC SFSP Food Distribution Database

  • Agency Websites: The Bad (or So-So)Department of Transportation: FHWA2011 Discretionary Grant Programs Guide to Federal-Aid Programs and Projects of Transportation: FTACurrent Notices of Funding Availability Register Publications

  • Agency Websites: The Bad (or So-So)Department of Housing and Urban DevelopmentFunds Available Archived Funding Announcements Environmental Protection AgencyOffice of Grants and Debarment, Grants Competition

  • Agency Websites: The UglyDepartment of InteriorHow Do I Find Grants? takes you directly to agency searchIndividual offices provide lists of all programsEx: Fish and Wildlife Service: Grants for states: Grants for local agencies: Department of AgricultureAll grant and loan programs and Guidance

  • Agency Websites: The UglyDepartment of EnergyFinancial Opportunities for States

  • Useful ResourcesHealth and Human ServicesHHS TAGGS (obligated funds at transaction level, reports, searchable data) sites (current and prior announcements, search function, program details)ACF:

  • Useful ResourcesEducationGuide to Education Programs Provides