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1. Final Year ProjectPresentation SeminarSITI SARAH AMEERA BINTI SABRAN1071115815 2. Project Proposal Topic Multiple layering in digital imaging; photography, typography and motion. Title Antara Dua | Tiga Background Merging photography with Peribahasa to capture and visualize the meanings or the feeling it convey. Play around and explore the creative side of photography; multiple exposure. Objective To imagine and translate Peribahasa into visual outcomes. To get emotional response and reactions from viewers about the imagery of Peribahasa. Design Approach Visual projection mapped onto empty polaroid frames, as if seeing moving pictures when viewers are nearby. PIR Sensor is used to detect presence. 3. Project Proposal Research Dealing with photographical aspects; -to create juxtaposition in images. -to play with overlapping pictures. -to explore the creative side of photography. Aim To explore multiple exposure possibilities. Thus, merging the first and second proposal; wall display/projection and Peribahasa. Motivation Using photographical knowledge and graphic design skills tocapture emotions, reactions and stories with project. . 4. Project Proposal 5. Research and Analysis Multiple layering in photography. As technique to create surreal, experimental and juxtaposed photographs. Merging media elements through multiple layering. Superimposing, photomontage, compositing and multiple exposure. 6. Research and Analysis Peribahasa as idiomatic expression. Words of wisdom; phrases or strings of words passed on for generations. Contains advice, cynical commentaries, jokes, metaphors and similes. Used as an indirect approach of telling something to someone. 7. Research and Analysis Frames and motion sensor. Frames act as metaphorical objects that contains pictures. Pictures bear stories, situations and things more than words can tell. PIR sensor used to detect motion, to activate visual play when therespresence. 8. Research and Analysis Precedence StudiesLomography photowall Inspired by vintage and toy camera enthusiasts. Display of photos with Lomography look and feel; Vignette, vibrant contrast and attitude. 9. Research and Analysis Precedence StudiesNadia J. Mahfix Inspired by her clear concepts and ideas; Dark, provoking and mind-boggling. Arrangement of themes, captions in certain order. Variety usage of photography techniques. Simplicity. 10. Research and Analysis Precedence StudiesThe iPod Wall by welikesmall Inspired by moving and changeable pictures; Breakdown into thumbnails or fullscreen photos. Scale and aspect ratio of the arranged, digitally captured photos. Interactive and mobile aspect of a small-sized screen. 11. Research and Analysis Interview Sessions Installation artists, photographers and art practitioners. Discussions during interviews: Most of the time, when I see multiple exposure in Lomography, it gives a certain feeling of nostalgia. . . . it is about how you portray the artwork, the way you present an artwork and what do you want to portray. Id love to see the final product. . . . elements like text can give a big help because it too can capture the emotion and feeling of the photo in the form of captions. . . . when you put music (sound) people will start to imagine the situation and story. 12. Research and Analysis Tryouts on multiple exposure/multiple layering: Experimented with different colours, techniques andmethods (film/digital). No specific theme involved during tryouts. Resulting in photomontage and overlapped pictures. 13. Research and Analysis Tryouts on multiple exposure/multiple layering: Word and image relation can be used as method of workingprocess. Best results; making shots simple. 14. Idea Development Aims for development: Change of term; multiple layering. To visualize Peribahasa with the use of multiple layering of media elements: Image Text Sound Video To play around with photography and other media elements. 15. Idea Development Mind map on multiple exposure. 16. Idea Development Earlier sketches and ideation for installation. 17. Contextual Studies Historical context Peribahasa is a form of phrase and words passed on for generations. Contains aesthetic values in its meanings. Cultural context Peribahasa used by Malaysian people to tell something through expressions. Rather than telling something directly, these expressions helped convey indirect messages through teachings or daily conversations. Social context Suitable for all ages, in any kind of situations. Theres Peribahasa fit for all people; all races and culture have their own expressions. 18. Content Development Flowchart.- edia MVisual projectionelements Viewers- rduinos AStartpresencePIR sensor detection- rojection P No projectionof blanknoisy screen 19. Content Development Further ideation progress. 20. Content Development Floorplan (front view).ProjectorFrames Laptop Speaker 21. Content Development Floorplan (side view).Frames Projector SpeakerLaptop 22. Content Development Floorplan (angled view).ProjectorFrames Laptop Speaker 23. Content Development Conceptual diagram. 24. Content Development Look and feel. 25. Content Development Functional specification. DETAILS PAGE 1 OF 1 SITI SARAH AMEERA BINTI SABRAN ID No. : 1071115815 Subject code : MMD3033 Antara Dua | Tiga Screen Name : Installation screen Purpose/ Description of screen: Screen shows the content projected from the projector set up to be above and nearby. Person-in-charge: SITI SARAH AMEERA BINTI SABRAN : FYP DELTA II 2010/2011 Installation functions: The screen shows photographic contents and refreshes every few minutes. Frames within the screen: Few seconds of rendered moving photographs / durations of this scene set on loop. Media elements/ content : 1. text (brief description) typographic play during playback. 2. images/ graphicvisualizations of "Peribahasa". 3. videofew seconds of rendered subtle image movements. 4. animationnone. 5. soundambient sounds related to the visuals during playback. Navigation Controls & Icons: User need to be present in certain distance in order to startup the installation, or else the projection goes blank when left inactive. Project Specifications Worksheet 26. Final Synopsis !"#$%&$MEDIA ART PROGRAMME !"#"$!%&%$()**&%$+#,$!%+&%- !"#$%"&())*+*,&-")".&/0)12#*%2",3"40)15&(6&7*"128*&/0)12#*%2", /0)12#*%2"&9.28*7:215,5$*7;"5",&&&UM2:&7*#*%2"12(.&(6&1M*&4M(:*.&6*J&/")"5:2".&2%2(#"124&*XN7*::2(.,&"):(&W.(J.&":&Q()*+%,%-%R&2.&/")"5&)".+0"+*&2:&"&M2+M)5&N*7:(.")&"71J(7W,&J":&%(.*&N72(7&1(&1M*&"11*#N1&(6&82:0")2S2.+&1M**".2.+&".%&+282.+&Q()*+%,%-%R&"&.*J&)26*,&$*:2%*:&*XN7*::2.+&"NN7*42"12(.&1(J"7%:&1M*&*XN7*::2(.&":&"&40)107")&M*721"+*>DU ANTARA !"# 27. Teaser Video