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SICE 2003 Annual Conference Volume 2 Fukui, Japan August 4-6,2003 IEEE Catalog Number: 03TH8734 ISBN: 0-7803-8352-4 UB/TIB Hannover 89 124 992 919

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Transcript of Annual conference. Society of Instrument and Control ... · SICE2003AnnualConference Volume2...

  • SICE 2003 Annual Conference

    Volume 2

    Fukui, JapanAugust 4-6,2003

    IEEE Catalog Number: 03TH8734

    ISBN: 0-7803-8352-4

    UB/TIB Hannover 89

    124 992 919

  • MPII-18-4 Fault Tolerant Control with Integrity 1140

    A. Mochimaru(Kyushu Institute of Technology), N. Sebe(Kyushu Institute

    of Technology)

    MPI11-2 Applied Measurement

    Aug.4, 16:40-18:00

    MPIII-2-1 Non-Destructive Inspection of Concrete Structures Using an

    Electromagnetic Wave Radar 1147

    S. Doi(Yamaguchi University), S. Tanaka(Yamaguchi University)

    MPIII-2-2 An Accurate Pipe Length Measurement Under Noisy Environment Using

    Stationary Waves 1151

    M. Nakayama(Yamaguchi University), M. Okamoto(Yamaguchi University),S. Tanaka(Yamaguchi University)

    MPIII-2-3 Measurement of Shaft Vibration Using Ultrasonic Sensor 1155

    Shotaro Okabe(Yamaguchi University), Shogo Tanaka(Yamaguchi University)

    MPIII-2-4 A Filter Order Selection Method of Clutter Suppression Filters with

    Cascade Connection Using Signal Power Ratio for Staggered PRF 1159

    Y. Harasawa(Mitsubishi Electric Corp.), T. Sekiguchi(Mitsubishi Electric Corp.),T. Kirimoto(Mitsubishi Electric Corp.), M. Iwamoto(Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)

    MPIII-3 Sensors & Transducers(2)Aug.4, 16:40-18:00

    MPIII-3-1 Delamination Monitoring by the Local Velocimetry Based on the Spatio-

    Temporal Gradient Analysis 1165

    Kenbu Teramoto(Saga University), Kohsuke Tsuruta(Saga University)

    MPIII-3-2 Theoretical and Experimental Approaches to Noise Reduction of Current

    Waveform in Resin Molded Voltage-Current Sensor in

    Power Distribution System 1169

    Tatsuya Furukawa(Saga University), Masashi Ohchi(Saga University),Yuki Watanabe(Saga University), Youichi Doi(JEOL System Technology Co.),

    Yoshiyuki Ueda(Koyo Electric Industry Co.)

    MPIII-3-3 Development of a Humidity Sensor Using Quartz Crystal Microbalance 1175

    H. Ito(Hokkaido University), S. Kakuma(Hokkaido University),R. Ohba(Hokkaido University), K. Noda(National Institute ofAdvance IndustrialScience and Technology)

    MPIII-3-4 Noncontact Measurement of the Quantity ofRemained Thread of a SewingMachine Used in the Factory 1179

    Hitoshi Kametani(Matsue National College of Technology),

    Junya Shiratsuki(Matsue National College ofTechnology)

    MPIII-3-5 Three-Wired Digital Interface for a Large Number of Hot-Plugged Sensors 1183

    S. Tsukiashi(Kumamoto University), T. Yamaguchi(Kumamoto University)

  • MPIII-4 Opt Electronic Measurement3)Aug.4, 16:40-18:00

    MPni-4-1 Consideration of Optical Step Frequency Reflectometry Using BandPass Sampling 1187Y. Shinoda(Nihon University), K. Ihara(Nihon University), J. Sanada(NihonUniversity), T. Higo(Nihon University)

    MPHI-4-2 Particle Element and Size Measurement Using LIBS 1191Muneaki Wakamatsu(Yokogawa Electric Corp.), Toshitsugu Ueda(WasedaUniversity), Hisanori Hayashi(Yokogawa Electric Corp.)

    MPIII-4-3 Ellipsometric Imager Using Correlation Image Sensor and

    Rotating Polarizers 1196

    Takaaki Shimizu(The University of Tokyo), Torn Kurihara(The University ofTokyo), Nobutaka Ono(The University of Tokyo), Shigeru Ando(The Universityof Tokyo)

    MPIII-6 Inverter SystemsAug.4, 16:40-18:00

    MPni-6-1 Pulse Raise & Lower Point Calculation Method for Model FollowingControlled PWMInverter 1200

    Atsushi Umemura(Tokyo Denki University), Toshimasa Haneyoshi(TokyoDenki University)

    MPUI-6-2 Disturbance Observer-Based Deadbeat Control for Single-PhaseUPS Inverters 1206

    J. W. Kho(Yuhan College), J. Y. Jang(Samsung Electronics Corp.),K. B. Lee(Intelligent Control Research Center)

    MPIII-6-3 Single Switch DC-DC Converter Operating in CC and DC Modes 1211

    K. Tripipatpornchai(Rangsit University), Y. Rungruengphalanggul(KingMongkut's University of Technology Thonburi), A. Chaisawadi(King Mongkut's

    University of Technology Thonburi)

    MPIII-11 Medical & Welfare Systems

    Aug.4, 16:40-18:00

    MPni-11-1 The Application of "Law of Propagation on Uncertainty" of ISO-GUM for

    the Blood Chemical Analysis 1217

    Yasuo Iwaki(AppIied chaos research office),

    Komyo Kariya(Ritsumeikan University)

    MPIII-11-2 Home Health Monitoring System in the Sleep 1223

    Hisanori Andoh(Hosei University), Takayuki Ishikawa(Hosei University),Keita Kobayashi(Hosei University), Kazuyuki Kobayashi(Hosei University),

    Kajiro Watanabe(Hosei University), Testuo Nakamura(Hosei University)

    MPIII-11-3 Convolutive Independent Component Analysis ofEEG Data 1227

    A. Yamazaki(Kyushu Institute of Technology), T. Tajima(Kyushu Institute of

    Technology), K. Matsuoka(Kyushu Institute of Technology)

    MPin-11-4 Evaluation of a New Sensor System for Ambulatory Monitoring of Human

    Posture and Walking Speed Using Accelerometers and Gyroscope 1232

    K. Motoi(Kanazawa University), S. Tanaka(KanazawaUniversity),M. Nogawa(Kanazawa University), K. Yamakoshi(Kanazawa University)

  • MPin-11-5 Key Technologies in Development ofaTelecare Robotic System 1236

    Songmin Jia(The University of Electro-Communications), Weiguo Lin(The

    University ofElectro-Communications), Kaizhong Wang(The University of

    Electro-Communications), Kunikatsu Takase(The University of


    MPIII-13 Mobile Robot Control

    Aug.4, 16:40-18:00

    MPIII-13-1 Fuzzy Target Acquired by Reinforcement Learning for Parking Control 1242

    Seiji Yasunobu(University of Tsukuba), Tomoya Matsubara(Universityof Tsukuba)

    MPIII-13-2 On Automatic Motion Control with Optimization 1248

    Katsumi Moriwaki(The University of Shiga Prefecture)

    MPIII-13-3 Evaluation of Dynamical Model of Mobile Robot Including Slipping of

    Carrying Objects 1254

    Motoya Takeuchi(Fukui University), Takeshi Ikeda(Fukui University),Mamoru Minami(Fukui University)

    MPIII-13-4 Nonlinear Tracking Control of a Nonholonomic Fish Robot in

    Chained Form 1260

    Erfu Yang(Tokyo Institute of Technology), Takayuki Ikeda(Tokyo Institute of

    Technology), Tsutomu Mita(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

    MPIII-14 Neural Network (3)


    MPHI-14-1 Global Convergence of Training Methods for Neural Networks Based on the

    State-Estimation Filters 1266

    Tadashi Tsumura(IBM), Keiji Tatsumi(Osaka University),Tetsuzo Tanino(Osaka University)

    MPIII-14-2 FPGA Implementation of Hopfield Neural Network via Simultaneous

    Perturbation Rule 1272

    Masatoshi Wakamura(Kansai University), Yutaka Maeda(Kansai University)

    MPIII-14-3 A Method to Solve the Four-Coloring Problem by the Neural Network with

    Self-Feedback 1276

    Wei-Dong SUN(Toyama University), Hiroki Tamura(Toyama University),

    Zheng Tang(Toyama University), Masahiro Ishii(Toyama University)

    MPIII-18 Petri Nets

    Aug.4, 16:40-18:00

    MPIU-18-1 A Divided Algorithm to Improve Smith's Algorithm for a Matrix with

    Integer Elements and Its Applications 1282

    Takahiro Shose(Fukui University), Maki Takata(Fukui University),Seiichiro Moro(Fukui University), Tadashi Matsumoto(Fukui University)

    MPIH-18-2 Some Algebraic Properties ofParticular Solutions for State Equation in

    Petri Nets 1288

    Akira Muraya(Fukui University), Maki Takata(Fukui University),Seiichiro Moro(Fukui University), Tadashi Matsumoto(Fukui University)

  • MPIH-18-3 An Algorithm for Finding Firing Sequence Based on Generators forSolutions of State Equation in P/T Petri Nets 1294Kunihiko Inaba(Fukui University), Seiichiro Moro(Fukui University),Tadashi Matsumoto(Fukui University)

    TAI-1 [OS] Inverse Problems in Measurement (1)Aug.5, 8:40-10:20

    TAI-l-1 Current Dipole Estimation Based on the Measurement of HigherSpatial Differentials 1300T. Nara(The University of Tokyo), S. Ando(The University of Tokyo)

    TAI-1-2 MEG Analysis with New Spatial Filter 1304

    Shinpei Okawa(Keio University), Satoshi Honda(Keio University)

    TAI-1-3 Fast Inverse Solver for Magnetic Image Using Time Marching Scheme with

    Regularizaiton of Bounded Variations 1310Fumio Kojima(Kobe University), Daisuke Yorifuji(Kobe University),Kazufumi Ito(North Carolina State University)

    TAI-1-4 3-D Flow Tomography through Electro Magnetic Induction 1314T. Katoh(Keio University), S. Honda(Keio University)

    TAI-2 Image TrackingAug.5, 8:40-10:20

    TAI-2-1 An Extraction Method of Moving Objects by Shape Energy Functions withPrior Knowledge 1320Yoshinori Satoh(Tohoku University), Takayuki Okatani(Tohoku University),Koichiro Deguchi(Tohoku University)

    TAI-2-2 Comparison of the Feature Point Tracking Method in Image Sequences 1326Y. Naito(Tohoku University), T. Okatani(Tohoku University),K. Deguchi(Tohoku University)

    TAI-2-3 A Note on Motion Recovery of Moving Rigid Body by PerspectiveStereo Vision 1332

    Takehito Sato(Tokyo Denki University), Hiroyuki Kano(Tokyo Denki

    University), Hiroyuki Fujioka(Tokyo Denki University)

    TAI-2-4 Development of a Motion Capture System Based on Uncalibrated Cameras 1336

    K. Tou(Kyushu Institute of Technology), J. K. Tan(Kyushu Institute of

    Technology), S. Ishikawa(Kyushu Institute of Technology), T. Naito(KyushuDental College), M. Yokota(Kyushu Dental College)

    TAI-3 Signal Analysis(1)Aug.5, 8:40-10:20

    TAI-3-1 Concrete Algorithm for Estimating Unknown Frequencies of

    Triple-Tone Signals 1340

    Kazuyoshi Kubo(Oyama National College ofTechnology)

    TAI-3-2 Code Set Design for Digital Polarity Correlators in a Multiple User Sonar

    Ranging System 1344

    R. Tsuji(Mie University), T. Kodama(Mie University), T. Furuhashi(MieUniversity), K. Nakahira(Nagoya University), H. Maeda(Suzuka University of

    Medical Science)

  • TAI-3-3 Improved Algorithms for Reducing Estimated Error Produced by Sample

    Quantization and Additional Noise 1349

    Hiroyuki Kubota(Oyama National College ofTechnology),

    Kazuyuki Watanabe(Oyama National College of Technology),

    Kazuyoshi Kubo(Oyama National College of Technology)

    TAI-3-4 Signal Analysis/Synthesis Based on Zeros in Holomorphic

    Time-Frequency Plane 1353N. Ono(The University ofTokyo), S. Ando(The University of Tokyo)

    TAI-4 Thermometer(l)Aug.5, 8:40-10:20

    TAI-4-1 Development of a High Temperature Standard Platinum Resistance

    Thermometer Equipped with a Platinum Disk Guard Electrode 1357Kazuaki Yamazawa(National Institute ofAdvanced Industrial Science and

    Technology), Masaru Arai(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science

    and Technology)

    TAI-4-2 Pt-Sheathed Platinum Resistance Thermometer at the Freezing Pointof Copper 1361M. Arai(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology),A. Kawata(Japan Science and Technology Corporation), K. Yamazawa(NationalInstitute ofAdvanced Industrial Science and Technology)

    TAI-4-3 A Novel Non-Intrusive Resistance Thermometer for Fast Breeder Reactor 1365

    H. Yamasaki(The University of Tokyo), S. Honda(Keio University),M. Ueda(Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute), A. Endo(Japan Nuclear

    Cycle Development Institute), M. Fueki(Yokogawa Electric Corp.)

    TAI-4-4 Development of Single Helix Type SPRT 1369H. Kimura(Yamari Industries Ltd.), K. Yoneshita(Yamari Industries Ltd.),N. Hiura(Yamari Industries Ltd.), T. Shimizu(Yamari Industries Ltd.),H. Sakurai(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

    TAI-4-5 Development of a Stable Transfer Standard Thermometer. II - VibrationTest of Prototype Models 1374I. Kishimoto(National Institute ofAdvanced Industrial Science and Technology),M. Arai(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology),K. Yamazawa(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and

    Technology), A. Kawata(Japan Science and Technology)

    TAI-5 [OS] Time Delay and Predictive Control Systems (1)Aug.5, 8:40-10:20

    TAI-5-1 Receding Horizon Predictive Control for Linear Time-Delay Systems 1377W. H. Kwon(Seoul National University), Y. S. Lee(Seoul National University),S. H. Han(Seoul National University)

    TAI-5-2 Smith Predictor Control and Internal Model Control - A Tutorial - 13 83

    N. Abe(Meiji University), K. Yamanaka(Ibaraki University)

    TAI-5-3 A Tutorial on Preview Control Systems 1388

    Kiyotsugu Takaba(Kyoto University)

  • TAI-5-4 H-Infinity Control for Time Delay Systems - State Predictive Approach- 1394A. Kojima(Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology),K. Uchida(Waseda University)

    TAI-6 [OS] Industrial Control Applications (1)Aug.5, 8:40-10:20

    TAI-6-1 The Contribution of Control Engineering to Korean Industry 1398

    Hak-Kyung Sung(Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.)

    TAI-6-2 Mechanical Control Technology and Applying to Ship ManeuveringControl System 1402

    Yukinobu Kohno(Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.),Masanori Hamamatsu(Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.),Hirohide Matsushima(Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.),

    Tetsuya Kubota(Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.), Hiroaki Kagaya(KawasakiHeavy Industries, Ltd.)

    TAI-6-3 Industrial Control Applications in Thailand: Electronic and

    Machinery Sectors 1406

    Suthee Phoojaruenchanachai(National Electronics and Computer Technology

    Center), Pansak Siriruchatapong(National Electronics and Computer

    Technology Center)

    TAI-7 Nonlinear Control (1)

    Aug.5, 8:40-10:20

    TAI-7-1 Estimation of Asymptotic Stability Regions via Homogeneous Polynomial

    Lyapunov Functions 1411

    Yasumasa Fujisaki(Kobe University), Ryohei Sakuwa(Kobe University)

    TAI-7-2 Discontinuous Control ofNonholonomic Systems Using Nondifferentiable

    Lyapunov Functions 1415

    Hisakazu Nakamura(Nara Institute of Science and Technology),Yuh Yamashita(Nara Institute of Science and Technology),Hirokazu Nishitani(Nara Institute of Science and Technology),Hiroko Yamamoto(Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)

    TAI-7-3 Stabilizability Analysis and Controller Design for a Nonlinear System with

    an Input Constraint 1419

    Nami Kidane(Nara Institute of Science and Technology),Hisakazu Nakamura(Nara Institute of Science and Technology),Yuh Yamashita(Nara Institute of Science and Technology),Hirokazu Nishitani(Nara Institute of Science and Technology)

    TAI-7-4 Asymptotic Stabilization of Hamiltonian Systems Based on La Salle's

    Invariance Principle 1423

    Atsushi Yamada(Nagoya Institute ofTechnology), Satoko Yamakawa(NagoyaInstitute of Technology), Hideo Fujimoto(Nagoya Institute of Technology)

    TAI-7-5 A New Method to Design Discontinuous Stabilizing Controllers for

    Chained Systems 1428

    A. Ogata(Chiba University), Y. Tashiro(Chiba University), K. Z. Liu(Chiba

    University), O. Saito(Chiba University)

  • TAI-8 Control of Inverted Pendulums & Links

    Aug.5, 8:40-10:20

    TAI-8-1 The Swing Up Control Using Compliance 1434

    Naoyuki Shiraishi(Panasonic Mobile Communications Co.,Ltd.),

    Shigeki Nakaura(Tokyo Institute ofTechnology), Mitsuji Sampei(Tokyo Institute

    of Technology)

    TAI-8-2 Multi-Inputs Stabilization of Pendulum on Flexible Base 1440Noboru Sato(Tokyo Denki University), Seiichi Kobayashi(NSK presicion

    Co.,Ltd), Satoshi Suzuki(Tokyo Denki University), Katsuhisa Furuta(TokyoDenki University)

    TAI-8-3 Reverse Order Swing-up Control of Serial Double Inverted Pendulums 1445T. Henmi(Okayama University), M. Deng(Okayama University),A. Inoue(Okayama University), N. Ueki(Okayama University),Y. Hirashima(Okayama University)

    TAI-8-4 Intelligent Transfer and Stabilization Control to Unstable Equilibrium Pointof Double Inverted Pendulum 1451

    M. Takahashi(Keio University), T. Narukawa(Keio University),K. Yoshida(Keio University)

    TAI-8-5 The Mathematic Model for the Double Inverted Pendulum Based on

    State Feedback and T-S Model 1457

    Shi Xiaoxia(Beijing Institute of Technology), Zhong Qiuhai(Beijing Instituteof Technology)

    TAI-9 Space Systems Control

    Aug.5, 8:40-10:20

    TAI-9-1 LPV Design for a Space Vehicle Attitude Control Benchmark Problem 1461Rui Gao(Kyushu University), Kazuhisa Ohtsubo(Kyushu University),

    Hiroyuki Kajiwara(Kyushu University)

    TAI-9-2 Study on Stable Motion of Optimal Periodic Controller for Multi-Joint

    Space Structures 1465Takehiro Higuchi(Yokohama National University), Seiya Ueno(YokohamaNational University)

    TAI-9-3 M3 Filter with Error Ellipses Control in Mode Probabilities Calculation 1471

    Tetsuya Kawase(Mitsubishi Electric Corp.), Masayoshi Ito(Mitsubishi Electric

    Corp.), Yoshio Kosuge(Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)

    TAI-9-4 Autopilot Design for Agile Missile with Aerodynamic Fin and Side Thruster 1476

    Yong Seok Choi(Pusan National University), Ho Chul Lee(Pusan National

    University), Jae Weon Choi(Pusan National University)

    TAMO [OS] Exploring Interaction among Agents, Robots, and Human (1)Aug.5, 8:40-10:20

    TAI-10-1 Map Building by Mobile Robots with Incomplete and

    Qualitative Observation 1482Takehisa Yairi(The University ofTokyo), Koichi Hori(The University of Tokyo)

  • TAI-10-2 Analyzing State Space Segmentation in Learning Classifier System 1487Atsushi Wada(ATR Human Information Science Lab./Kyoto University),Keiki Takadama(ATR Human Information Science Lab./Tokyo Institute ofTechnology), Katsunori Shimohara(ATR Human Information Science

    Lab./Kyoto University), Osamu Katai(Kyoto University)

    TAI-10-3 Invisible Messenger: Visually Steerable Sound Beam Forming System Based

    on Face Tracking and Speaker Array 1492

    Hiroshi Mizoguchi(Tokyo University of Science), Kensuke Shinoda(TokyoUniversity of Science), Yuki Tamai(Tokyo University of Science), Satoshi

    Kagami(Digital Human Research Center, AIST), Koichi Nagashima(R-lab Inc.)

    TAI-10-4 A Calibration System for Multiple Cameras and LED Light Sources in

    Location-Based Information Support System Using the CompactBattery-Less Information Terminal(CoBIT) 1497

    Ikuko Shimizu Okatani(Saitama University), Takuichi Nishimura(NationalInstitute ofAdvanced Industrial Science and Technology),Hitoshi Maekawa(Saitama University)

    TAI-10-5 Searching for Optimal Sensor Setting for Intention Recognition of

    Vehicle Driving 1502

    Ikuko Eguchi Yairi(Communications Research Lab.), Nobuaki Nagou(Agile

    Corp.), Takehisa Yairi(The University ofTokyo), Seiji Igi(CommunicationsResearch Lab.)

    TAI-11 [OS] Agent Technologies embedded in Man-Machine Systems (1)Aug.5, 8:40-10:20

    TAI-ll-l Robot and Human Communication Using Bodily Expressions 1508

    Makoto Hatakeyama(The University of Tokyo), Tomohisa Hatada(The

    University of Tokyo), Toyoaki Nishida(The University of Tokyo)

    TAI-11-2 Communication Agent Embedded in Humanoid Robot 1514

    Takashi Nishiyama(Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.),Hiroshi Hoshino(Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.), Kazuya Sawada(MatsushitaElectric Works, Ltd.), Akira Baba(Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.),Takehiro Sekine(Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.), Wakio Yamada(MatsushitaElectric Works, Ltd.), Akira Terasawa(Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.),

    Ryoji Nakajima(Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.),Yoshihiko Tokunaga(Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.),Mitsunori Yoneda(Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.)

    TAI-11-3 Toward Coordinated Decision between Human- and Machine-Autonomies

    through Their Proactive Agency ofCognition 1520

    Yukio Horiguchi(Kyoto University), Tetsuo Sawaragi(Kyoto University)

    TAI-11-4 A Study of Building Energy Management System Based of Multi Agents 1526

    Fumiaki Obayashi(Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.),Yoshihiko Tokunaga(Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.)

  • TAM2[OS]Mobiligence(1)Aug.5, 8:40-10:20

    TAI-12-1 System Principle on Emergence of Mobiligence 1531

    Hajime Asama(The University of Tokyo), Masafumi Yano(Tohoku University),

    Kazuo Tsuchiya(Kyoto University), Koji Ito(Tokyo Institute of Technology),Hideo Yuasa(The University of Tokyo), Jun Ota(The University of Tokyo),

    Akio Ishiguro(Nagoya University), Toshiyuki Kondo(Tokyo Institute


    TAI-12-2 A Model of Learning Free Bipedal Walking in Indefinite

    Environment - Constraints Self-Emergence/Self-Satisfaction Paradigm 1535

    TomitaNozomi(Tohoku University), Yano Masafumi(Tohoku University)

    TAI-12-3 Toward a ,,Well-Balanced,, Design - How Should Control and Body

    Dynamics be Coupled? 1541

    Kazuhisa Ishimaru(Nagoya University), Koji Hayakawa(Nagoya University),Akio Ishiguro(Nagoya University), Toshihiro Kawakatsu(Tohoku University)

    TAI-12-4 Adaptive Swarming by Exploiting Hydrodynamic Interaction Based on

    Stokesian Dynamics Method 1546

    Masahiro Shimizu(Nagoya University), Akio Ishiguro(Nagoya University),Toshihiro Kawakatsu(Tohoku University), Yuichi Masubuchi(Nagoya

    University), Masao Doi(Nagoya University)

    TAI-13 [OS] Intelligent Integrated Systems and Its Applications -Embedding Intelligenceinto Integrated Circuits (1)Aug.5, 8:40-10:20

    TAI-13-1 A Face/Object Recognition System Using FPGA Implementation of Coarse

    Region Segmentation 1552

    T. Nakano(Kyushu Institute of Technology), T. Morie(Kyushu Institute of

    Technology), A. Iwata(Hixoshima University)

    TAI-13-2 A Hardware Depressing Synapse and Its Application to Contrast-Invariant

    Pattern Recognition 1558

    Y. Kanazawa(Hokkaido University), T. Asai(Hokkaido University),Y. Amemiya(Hokkaido University)

    TAI-13-3 Stereo Vision VLSI Processor Based on a Recursive Computation Algorithm 1564

    K. Miura(Tohoku University), M. Hariyama(Tohoku University),M. Kameyama(Tohoku University)

    TAI-13-4 An Advanced Digital Vision Chip and Its System Implementation 1568

    Shingo Kagami(The University of Tokyo), Takashi Komuro(The University of

    Tokyo), Masatoshi Ishikawa(The University ofTokyo)

    TAI-13-5 Vision Chip Architecture for Simultaneous Output of Multi-Target Positions 1572

    Yoshihiro Watanabe(The University of Tokyo), Takashi Komuro(The Universityof Tokyo), Shingo Kagami(The University of Tokyo), Masatoshi Ishikawa(The

    University ofTokyo)

  • TAI-14 Fuzzy SystemsAug.5, 8:40-10:20

    TAI-14-1 Reduction of Input Vectors by Using of Attribute Selection in RuleExtraction Method from Trained Neural Networks 1576

    Manabu Nii(Himeji Institute of Technology), Kosuke Ogino(Himeji InstituteofTechnology)

    TAI-14-2 A Proposal of Reinforcement Learning System to Use Knowledge Effectively 1582Yukinobu Hoshino(Ritsumeikan University),Katsuari Kamei(Ritsumeikan University)

    TAI-14-3 Toward a Neuro-Fuzzy System for Automatic Segmentation andCharacterization of Intravascular Ultrasound Images 1586

    Esmeraldo dos Santos Filho(Tohoku University), Makoto Yoshizawa(TohokuUniversity), Akira Tanaka(Tohoku University), Yoshifumi Saijo(Tohoku

    University), Tomoyuki Yambe(Tohoku University),Shin-ichi Nitta(Tohoku University)

    TAI-14-4 Robust On-Line Signature Verification by New Segmentation Method andFusion Model 1590

    Sang-Yeun Ryu(Chungbuk National University), Dae-Jong Lee(Electrical SafetyResearch Institute), Seok-Jong Lee(Chungbuk National University),

    Myung-Geun Chun(Chungbuk National University)

    TAI-15 Human-Machine Interface

    Aug.5, 8:40-10:20

    TAI-15-1 An Approach of Self-Organizational Learning System ofAutonomous

    Robots by Grounding Symbols through Interaction with Their Environment 1596

    Tadahiro Taniguchi(Kyoto University), Tetsuo Sawaragi(Kyoto University)

    TAI-15-2 Cooperative Control of a Mobile Robot between Human Operatorand Computer 1602

    A. Tayaoka(Kitakyushu National College ofTechnology), M. Soeda(KitakyushuNational College of Technology), T. Furuya(Kitakyushu National Collegeof Technology)

    TAI-15-3 On Analysis of a Human-Machine Cooperative System ConsideringPractical Factors 1608

    Yamamoto Tomonori(Tokyo Institute of Technology), Matsuo Yoshiki(TokyoInstitute ofTechnology), Inaba Takeshi(Tokai University)

    TAI-15-4 A Mathematical Model of Interactions in Artifact Environments 1614

    M. Kikuchi(Kobe University), I. Nagasaka(Kobe University), S. Toyoda(Kobe

    University), S. Kitamura(Kobe University)

    TAI-15-5 Man-Machine Dynamic Characteristics Related to Position and Force

    Control Tasks in Micro-Teleoperation Systems 1620

    Edwardo Arata Yamamoto Murakami(Tokyo Instititute of Technology),

    Toshiyuki Kondo(Tokyo Instititute of Technology), Koji Ito(Tokyo Instititute

    of Technology)

  • TAI-16 Mechatronic SystemsAug.5, 8:40-10:20

    TAI-16-1 Source Current Type Active Filter N-Dimention Matrix Applicationin AC Drives 1626

    Kayhan Gulez(Yildiz Technical University), Halit Pastaci(Yildiz Technical

    University), Mehmet Uzunoglu(Yildiz Technical University),

    Nobuyoshi Mutoh(Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology)

    TAI-16-2 MRAS Based Sensorless Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor 1632

    Young Sam Kim(Pusan National University), Sang Kyoon Kim(Pusan National

    University), Young Ahn Kwon(Pusan National University)

    TAI-16-3 Improved Performance of Sensorless Induction Motor Drive Based on

    Variable Link Voltage 1638

    Sang Kyoon Kim(Pusan National University), Young Sam Kim(Pusan National

    University), Young Ahn Kwon(Pusan National University)

    TAI-16-4 A Study on the Development of a Micro-Positioning Device for FormingMilli-Structures 1644

    Hyeun-seok Choi(Hanyang University), Chang-soo Han(Hanyang University),

    Seung-soo Kim(KITECH), Eung-zu Kirn(KITECH), Tae-hoon Choi(KITECH),

    Kyung-hwan Na(KITECH)

    TAI-17 [OS] Application of Soft Materials

    Aug.5, 8:40-10:20

    TAI-17-1 Control of Linear Artificial Muscle Actuator Using IPMC 1650

    Y. Kaneda(Tokyo Institute ofTechnology), N. Kamamichi(Tokyo Institute of

    Technology), M. Yamakita(Tokyo Institute ofTechnology/RIKEN),K. Asaka(National Institute ofAdvanced Industrial Science and

    Technology/RIKEN), Z. W. Luo(RIKEN)

    TAI-17-2 A Fin Type of Underwater Microrobot with MultiDOF 1656

    Yuya Okuda(Kagawa University), Shuxiang Guo(Kagawa University),Yasuyuki Hasegawa(Kagawa University), Kinji Asaka(National Institute ofAdvanced Industrial Science and Technology)

    TAI-17-3 Isotonic Tension and Isometric Displacement Measurement ofa Solid

    Polymer Electrolyte Membrane-Gold 1661

    Tadashi Ihara(Suzuka University ofMedical Science), Tatsuki Nakamura(SuzukaUniversity of Medical Science), Taro Nakamura(Suzuka University of Medical

    Science), Yoshito Dcada(Suzuka University ofMedical Science),

    Kinji Asaka(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology),Naoko Fujiwara(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and

    Technology), Keisuke Oguro(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science

    and Technology)

    TAI-17-4 Response Function of Polymer Electrolyte Actuators 1666

    K. Asaka(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and

    Technology/RIKEN), Y. Nakabo(RIKEN), T. Mukai(RIKEN),Z. W. Luo(RTKEN)

  • TAI-18 Information Technology Applications^)Aug.5, 8:40-10:20

    TAI-18-1 Feasibility Study on User Interface Using WonderSwan 1670Shin-ichirou Shigeoka(Saga University), Tatsuya Furukawa(Saga University),Masashi Ohchi(Saga University)

    TAI-18-2 Proposal of Multi-Casting Network System without Switches for DistanceLearning Education 1676A. Okuda(Fukui University), Y. Oda(Fukui University), H. Ka(FukuiUniversity), T. Kaneko(Fukui University), T. Sakai(Fukui University),T. Sakurai(Fukui University)

    TAI-18-3 Feasibility Implementation ofPaper Submission and Publication SupportSystem over the Internet 1681Keita Akagi(Saga University), Tatsuya Furukawa(Saga University),Masashi Ohchi(Saga University)

    TAI-18-4 Design and Implementation of Web Based Registration Completion Systemat Universities Using PostgreSQL and PHP 1687Makoto Yoshihama(Saga University), Hirotaka Tanaka(Saga University),Sachiko Hokao(Saga University), Tatsuya Furukawa(Saga University),Masashi Ohchi(Saga University)

    TAI-18-5 Development ofManagement System for Student Course Records UsingJava and PostgreSQL 1693Sachiko Hokao(Saga University), Hirotaka Tanaka(Saga University),Makoto Yoshihama(Saga University), Tatsuya Furukawa(Saga University),Masashi Ohchi(Saga University)

    TAII-1 [OS] Inverse Problems in Measurement^)Aug.5, 10:40-12:20

    TAII-l-1 Recent Trends in Inverse Problems Related to ElectromagneticNondestructive Evaluation System 1699Fumio Kojima(Kobe University)

    TAII-1-2 Simulation Studies on Surface Heat Flux for Highly Dynamical HeatDiffusion System under Surface Temperature Measurements 1703Fumio Kojima(Kobe University), Syoji Fukuda(Kobe University),Keisuke Asai(National Aerospace Laboratory of Japan),Kazuyuki Nakakita(National Aerospace Laboratory of Japan)

    TAn-1-3 3D Position Estimation of the Motor Unit from Surface EMG Signals 1707Taiki Matsuura(Kobe University), Satoshi Maekawa(Communications Research

    Lab.), Manabu Kotani(Kobe University)

    TAII-1-4 Design of Eddy Current Camera for Non-Destructive Testing 1711

    T. Takagi(Tohoku University), T. Uchimoto(Tohoku University),Y. Nagaya(Tohoku University), H. Huang(Tohoku University),H. Endo(Tohoku University)

  • TAII-2 Image InspectionAug.5, 10:40-12:20

    TAII-2-1 Z-R Relationship for Individual Snowfall and Its Evaluation 1715K. Muramoto(Kanazawa University), S. Ebisu(Kanazawa University),H. Servomaa(Kanazawa University), M. Kubo(Kanazawa University),T. Shiina(Toyama National College of Technology)

    TAH-2-2 A Particle Size Distribution Measuring Method for Pulverized Particle

    Spherically Equivalent Diameter ofthe Particle Floating in the Airflow 1719

    Takayuki Sugita(Hiroshima Sanyo High School),Masahiro Kamimura(Hiroshirna Institute of Technology),Yoshifumi Kitayama(Hiroshima Institute of Technology)

    TAII-2-3 Estimation of Tool Wear by Use of Image Processing of Cutting Dust 1723H. Kashiwagi(Kumamoto University), Y. Nagayama(Kumamoto University),K. Shibuta(Kumamoto University), H. Watanabe(Kyushu Nissei Denki Co.Ltd.),H. Oka(Kyushu Nissei Denki Co.,Ltd.)

    TAII-2-4 Case-Based Retrieval Algorithms Using Distance between Thundercloudsfor Lightning Flash 1727W. Kise(Mitsubishi Electric Corp.), A. Mitsuishi(Mitsubishi Electric Corp.),Y. Kosuge(Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)

    TAII-2-5 Three Dimensional Analysis of Snowfall Motion during Their Falls UsingMulti-Cameras 1732

    M. Tamura(Kanazawa University), M. Kubo(Kanazawa University),K. Muramoto(Kanazawa University)

    TAU-2-6 Database of Snowfall for Analyzing Vertical Structure of Cloud 1738A. Teras(Kanazawa University), K. Muramoto(Kanazawa University),H. Aoyama(Kanazawa University), M. Tamura(Kanazawa University),T. Koike(The University of Tokyo), H. Fujii(The University of Tokyo),T. Pfaff(The University of Tokyo)

    TAII-3 Signal Analysis(2)Aug.5, 10:40-12:20

    TAH-3-1 Audio Signal Compression via Sampled-Data Control Theory 1744

    Shinjiro Ashida(Kyoto University), Masaaki Nagahara(Kyoto University),Yutaka Yamamoto(Kyoto University)

    TAII-3-2 Noise Reduction for Gray Image Using a Kalman Filter 1748Marie Nikaido(Otsuma Women's University), Naoyuki Tamaru(OtsumaWomen's University)

    TAH-3-3 Blind Separation of Mixture of Many Voice Signals 1752Y. Ohba(Kyushu Institute of Technology), Y. Toyota(Kyushu Institute ofTechnology), S. Nakashima(Kyushu Institute of Technology),K. Matsuoka(Kyushu Institute of Technology)

    TAII-3-4 DSP Implementation of Real-Time Blind Signal Separation UsingSimultaneous Perturbation Method 1757

    Masatoshi Nakamura(Kansai University), Yutaka Maeda(Kansai University)

  • TAII-3-5 Measurement of Dynamic 3-D Structure with Coded

    Ultrasound Wave-Front 1761

    M. Miura(Yamagata University), S. IshigamiQfamagata University),T. Muramatsu(Yamagata University), C. Ishihara(Akishima Laboratories

    (MITSUI ZOSEN) Inc.), N. Okada(Honda Electronics Co., Ltd.),Y. Tamura(Yamagata University)

    TAII-4 Thermometer(2)Aug.5, 10:40-12:20

    TAII-4-1 Emf Changes of the Pt/Pd Thermocouples at the Freezing Point of Silver 1763

    Haruhiko Numajiri(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and

    Technology), Hideki Ogura(National Institute ofAdvanced Industrial Science

    and Technology), Masaya Izuchi(National Institute of Advanced Industrial

    Science and Technology), Masaru Arai(National Institute ofAdvanced Industrial

    Science and Technology)

    TAH-4-2 Evaluation of the Freezing Point of Zinc for Pt/Pd

    Thermocouple Calibration 1767

    H. Narushima(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and

    Technology), H. Ogura(National Institute ofAdvanced Industrial Science and

    Technology), M. Izuchi(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and

    Technology), M. Arai(National Institute ofAdvancedIndustrial Science and Technology)

    TAII-4-3 Emf Changes of Pt/Pd Thermocouples in the Range from 420 C to 1080 C 1771

    Hideki Ogura(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and

    Technology), Haruhiko Numajiri(National Institute of Advanced Industrial

    Science and Technology), Hirokazu Narushima(National Institute ofAdvanced

    Industrial Science and Technology), Masaya Izuchi(National Institute of

    Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), Masaru Arai(National Institute of

    Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

    TAII-4-4 Inhomogeneity of Base Metal Thermocouples1775

    Y. Tamura(Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science), C. Uematsu(Sumitomo

    Metal Industries)

    TAn-4-5 Nonlinearity Characteristics ofRadiation Thermometers 1779

    Laina Ma(National Metrology Institute ofJapan), Fumihiro Sakuma(National

    Metrology Institute of Japan)

    TAII-5 [OS] Time Delay and Predictive Control Systems (2)

    Aug.5, 10:40-12:20

    TAH-5-1 A Tutorial on Stability and Stabilization ofDelay Differential Systems1785

    H. Kokame(Osaka Prefecture University), T. Mori(Kyoto Institute

    of Technology)

    TAH-5-2 LMI Approach in Stability and Control of Time-Delay Systems1791

    Naofumi Nishihira(Yamagata University),

    Kazunori Yasuda(Wakayama University)

    TAII-5-3 Application of Robust Stabilization Against Time-Delayof

    Communication Network1797

    Tetsuo Shiotsuki(Kumamoto University)

  • TAII-5-4 Feedback Error Learning Control of Time Delay Systems 1803E. Muramatsu(Yamagata University), K. Watanabe(Yamagata


    TAII-6 [OS] Industrial Control Applications (2)Aug.5, 10:40-12:20

    TAII-6-1 Industrial Control Applications in Taiwan 1808Ming-Yen Kuo(Taiwan Calsonic Inc.), Chau-Lin Chang(Industrial TechnologyResearch Institute), Pau-Lo Hsu(National Chiao Tung University)

    TAII-6-2 Advanced Control Techniques for Process Industries 1814Masashi Nakamoto(Toshiba Corp.)

    TAII-7 Nonlinear Control(2)Aug.5, 10:40-12:20

    TAII-7-1 Nonlinear Robust Compensation for Control of a Pneumatic Actuator 1820Mutsumi Kimoto(Kyushu Listitute of Technology), Hiroshi Ito(Kyushu Instituteof Technology)

    TAn-7-2 Feedback Control Experiment ofEnduring Rotary Motion of Devil Stick 1826

    Ryusuke Ohata(Tokyo Institute of Technology), Yasuyuki Kawaida(Fujitsu Ltd),

    Shigeki Nakaura(Tokyo Institute of Technology), Mitsuji Sampei(Tokyo InstituteofTechnology)

    TAII-7-3 Semi-Natural Motion Generation Based on Hamilton's Principle 1832S. Morita(Osaka University), T. Ohtsuka(Osaka University)

    TAn-7-4 A Nonlinear Output Feedback Control Method for MagneticBearing Systems 1838

    Kang-Zhi Liu(Chiba University), Rong He(Chiba University)

    TAII-7-5 Research on Lift Feedback Fin Stabilizer and Its Nonlinear Controller 1844

    Zhang Haipeng(Harbin Engineering University), Yao Xuliang(HarbinEngineering University), Chen Fang(Harbin Engineering University),Jin Hongzhang(Harbin Engineering University)

    TAII-8 Control ApplicationsAug.5, 10:40-12:20

    TAII-8-1 An Application of the Frequency Analysis Type Adaptation Algorithm toVibration Control 1850Toshitaka Umemoto(Osaka Prefectural College of Technology),Tomoharu Doi(Osaka Prefectural College of Technology),Akira Yamagiwa(Osaka Prefectural College of Technology),Soichiro Umemoto(Osaka Prefectural College of Technology)

    TAII-8-2 Anti-Windup Feedfoward Controller Design for Reference Input 1856Shinichi Gyoubu(Kin-Ki University), Manabu Kosaka(Kin-Ki University),Hiroshi Uda(Kin-Ki University), Kouji Tanikake(Daitron Technology Ltd.),Kazuhisa Kitanaka(Daitron Technology Ltd.), Yasuhisa Sugiyama(DaitronTechnology Ltd.)

    TAn-8-3 Traveling Crane Using H2 Controller Based on Minimal Order Observer 1860Nariyuki Kodani(Tokai University), Shigeto Ouchi(Tokai University),Yuji Todaka(Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.)

  • TAH-8-4 Model Following Sliding Mode Control ofAutomobiles Using aDisturbance Observer 1864

    M. Mubin(Tokai University), Koichi Moroda(Tokai University),Shigeto Ouchi(Tokai University), Masatoshi Anabuki(Tokai University)

    TAH-8-5 Control of a Muffler Based on H2 Control Theory 1870Nobukazu Naitou(Tokai University), Kentaro Yasutake(Tokai University),Sigeto Ouchi(Tokai University), Kenichi Yunoki(Kagoshima University)

    TAII-9 Robotics

    Aug.5, 10:40-12:20

    TAII-9-1 Continuous Hopping Motion Experiment of One Linear Actuator Robotwith Adaptive Fuzzy Control 1874

    Tetsuro Funato(Tokyo Institute of Technology), Son Kuswadi(Tokyo Institute of

    Technology), Shigeki Nakaura(Tokyo Institute of Technology),

    Mitsuji Sampei(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

    TAII-9-2 Iterative Control of Three Link Manipulator Using 2D SystemControl Approach 1880Minoru Yamada(Gifu National College ofTechnology), Li Xu(Akita Prefectural

    University), Osami Saito(Chiba University)

    TAH-9-3 Gain Tuning in Discrete-Time Adaptive Control for Robots 1886

    Haruhisa Kawasaki(Gifu University), Geng Li(Gifu University)

    TAII-9-4 Robust Boundary Control of an Axially Moving String by Using a PR-Like

    Transfer Function 1892

    Kyung-Jinn Yang(The University ofElectro-Communications),Fumitoshi Matsuno(The University ofElectro-Communications),Keum-Shik Hong(Pusan National University)

    TAn-9-5 Feedback Stabilization of One-Link Flexible Robot Arms : An Infinite-

    Dimensional System Approach 1898

    J. Songsiri(Chulalongkom University),W. Khovidhungij(Chulalongkom University)

    TAII-10 [OS] Exploring Interaction among Agents, Robots, and Human (2)Aug.5, 10:40-12:20

    TAH-10-1 Estimating a User Model with the Action Sequences in the Mind ReadingGame between a Human and a Life-Like Agent 1903

    Tomohiro Yamaguchi(Nara National College ofTechnology),Munehisa Agari(Nara National College of Technology),

    Seiji Yamada(National Institute of Informatics)

    TAn-10-2 An Online ADR System Using a Tool for Animated Agents 1908

    Masahide Yuasa(Tokyo Institute of Technology), Takahiro Tanaka(TokyoInstitute ofTechnology), Yoshiaki Yasumura(Tokyo Institute ofTechnology),Katsumi Nitta(Tokyo Institute ofTechnology)

    TAH-10-3 Visualization for Contextual Information Using CoordiNavi 1914

    Mikihiko Mori(Kyoto University), Koichi Hori(The University of Tokyo)

    TAII-10-4 Human Interface Reducing Pilot's Confusion on Autopilot System 1918

    Hirofumi Kanazaki(The University of Tokyo), Koichi Hori(The University

    of Tokyo)

  • TAII-10-5 Knowledge Nebula Crystallizer for Exhibition Planning 1924

    Shigeki Amitani(The University of Tokyo), Mikihiko Mori(The University of

    Tokyo), Hiroko Shoji(Kawamura Gakuen Women's University),

    Hirohito Shibata(The University of Tokyo), Koichi Hori(The UniversityofTokyo)

    TAII-11 [OS] Agent Technologies embedded in Man-Machine Systems (2)

    Aug.5, 10:40-12:20

    TAII-11-1 A Personal Identification Method Using the Face Information from a

    Tracking Image 1930

    Hirokazu Kitami(Waseda University), Masashi Eshima(Waseda University),Naohisa Komatsu(Waseda University)

    TAII-11-2 A Gait Recognition Method Using HMM 1936

    Kota Iwamoto(Waseda University), Kazuyuki Sonobe(Waseda University),Naohisa Komatsu(Waseda University)

    TAU-11-3 Applying Calm Technology for Building Information Space in

    Everyday Life 1942Hirohiko Mori(Musashi Institute of Technology), Daisuke Nakata(MusashiInstitute of Technology), Yosuke Kinoe(Hosei University)

    TAII-12 [OS] Mobiligence (2)Aug.5, 10:40-12:20

    TAII-12-1 An Incremental Behavior Learning Based on Reinforcement Learning with

    Schema Extraction Mechanism for Autonomous Mobile Robot 1948

    Norihiko Itoh(Tokyo Institute of Technology), Toshiyuki Kondo(Tokyo Instituteof Technology), Koji Ito(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

    TAII-12-2 Autonomous Decentralized Control of Traffic Signals with Closed-LoopContraints on Offsets 1954

    Masao Sugi(The University of Tokyo), Hideo Yuasa(The University of

    Tokyo/RTKEN), Jun Ota(The University of Tokyo), Tamio Arai(The Universityof Tokyo)

    TAII-12-3 Learning Energy Efficient Walking Based on Ballistics 1961

    Masaki Ogino(Osaka University), Koh Hosoda(Osaka University),Minoru Asada(Osaka University)

    TAII-12-4 A Static Balance Control under Periodic External Force 1967

    Satoshi Ito(Gifu University/RIKEN), Yoshihiro Aoyama(Gifu University),Haruhisa Kawasaki(Gifu University)

    TAII-13 [OS] Intelligent Integrated Systems and Its Applications -Embedding Intelligenceinto Integrated Circuits (2)Aug.5, 10:40-12:20

    TAH-13-1 Chip Design of a Field Programmable VLSI Processor UsingMemory-Based Cells 1973Naotaka Ohsawa(Tohoku University), Osamu Sakamoto(Tohoku University),Masanori Hariyama(Tohoku University),Michitaka Kameyama(Tohoku University)

  • TAn-13-2 Design of a Parallel VLSI Processor for Tele-Robot Systems Based onDynamic Reconfiguration ofPower Supply Voltages 1978Y. Fujioka(Hachinohe Institute of Technology), N. Tomabechi(HachinoheInstitute of Technology), M. Kameyama(Tohoku University)

    TAJI-13-3 Configuration for an Optically Differential Reconfigurable Gate Array 1984Mototsugu Miyano(Kyushu Institute of Technology), Minoru Watanabe(KyushuInstitute of Technology), Fuminori Kobayashi(Kyushu Institute of Technology)

    TAII-13-4 A Finite Physical Quantity Neural Network VLSI with aLearning Capability 1988Minoru Watanabe(Kyushu Institute ofTechnology),Fuminori Kobayashi(Kyushu Institute of Technology)

    TAII-14 Reinforcement LearningAug.5, 10:40-12:20

    TAII-14-l A Reinforcement Learning Accelerated by State Space Reduction 1992K. Senda(Kanazawa University), S. Mano(Kanazawa University), S. Fujii(OsakaPrefecture University)

    TAII-14-2 A Reinforcement Learning System by Using a Mixture Model of

    Bayesian Network 1998Daisuke Kitakoshi(Muroran Institute of Technology), Hiroyuki Shioya(MuroranInstitute of Technology), Masahito Kurihara(Hokkaido University)

    TAH-14-3 A Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for a Class ofDynamicalEnvironments Using Neural Networks 2004Makoto Murata(Kobe University), Seiichi Ozawa(Kobe University)

    TAII-14-4 Self-Segmentation of Sequences Algorithm Using Eligibility Traces inPOMDP Environments 2010

    H. Kamaya(Hachinohe National College ofTechnology), K. Abe(TohokuUniversity)

    TAII-14-5 Adaptive Resolution Function Approximation for TD-learning : SimpleDivision and Integration 2016Yuichi Kobayashi(RIKEN), Shigeyuki Hosoe(RJXEN/Nagoya University)

    TAII-15 Biological MeasurementAug.5, 10:40-12:20

    TAn-15-1 Wireless Data Transmission System by FM for health Monitoring 2022Keita Kobayashi(Hosei University), Takayuki Ishikawa(Hosei University),Kajirou Watanabe(Hosei University), Hisanori Andou(Hosei University),Tetsuo Nakamura(JEPICO Corp.), Yasuhiro Fujii(JEPICO Corp.)

    TAII-15-2 Development of Smart Touch Sensor 2026

    Shinnosuke Yoshida(Hosei University), Kazuyuki Kobayashi(Hosei University),Kajirou Watanabe(Hosei University)

    TAII-15-3 Evaluation of Biological Effects ofVisual Stimulation Based on a Portable

    Measuring Device for Blood Pressure and Heart Rate 2030Norihiro Sugita(Tohoku University), Makoto Yoshizawa(Tohoku University),Akira Tanaka(Tohoku University), Tatsuya Masuda(Tohoku University),Ken-ichi Abe(Tohoku University), Tomoyuki Yambe(Tohoku University),Shin-ichi Nitta(Tohoku University)

  • TAII-15-4 Effect of Cold Blast Stimulation through Beddingon the Quality of Sleep 2034

    Shima Okada(Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.), Yoshihisa Fujiwara(SanyoElectric Co.,

    Ltd.), Takeshi Minamiura(Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.),Hidetaka Sakai(Sanyo

    Electric Co., Ltd.), Masashi Yasuda(Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.), Kojiro

    Sugai(Ritsumeikan University), Yosuke Asakura(Ritsumeikan University),

    Shinji Yamashita(Ritsumeikan University), Masaaki Makikawa(Ritsumeikan

    University), Takeo Iida(Ritsumeikan University)

    TAII-15-5 Body Positional Effect on Auditory Spatial Recognition byTbree-D

    Acoustic Stimulator 2040

    S. Futakuchi(Kanazawa Seiryo University/Toyama Prefectural University),

    E. Takeuchi(Toyama Prefectural University), K. Nakamura(Toyama

    Prefectural University)

    TAII-16 Intelligent Manipulator


    TAII-16-1 Multi-Directional Assembly of Tunnel Segments Using a Force Controlled

    Parallel Link Robot with Fuzzy Compensation 2044

    Z. Zyada(Nagoya University), Y. Hasegawa(Nagoya University),T. Fukuda(Nagoya University)

    TAII-16-2 Stability Evaluation for Mobile Manipulators Using Criteria

    Based on Reaction 2050

    M. Hatano(Toyama University), H. Obara(Toyama University)

    TAII-16-3 Robot Arm Trajectory Planning Using Missile Guidance Algorithm 2056

    DongKyoung Chwa(Seoul National University), Junho Kang(Seoul National

    University), Ki Hong Im(Seoul National University), Jin Young Choi(SeoulNational University)

    TAII-16-4 Real Time Path Planning for the Constrained Motion of Fault Tolerant

    Robot Manipulators 2062

    I. Abd El-Salam(Alexandria University), W. A. El-Haweet(Alexandria

    University), A. M. G. Pertew(Alexandria University)

    TAII-17 [OS] Intelligent Fiber

    Aug.5, 10:40-12:20

    TAII-17-1 Microbend Optical Fiber Sensor for High-Spatial Resolution Measurement

    of Strain Distribution 2068

    Takao Kobayashi(Fukui University), Masato Kasashima(Fukui University),Hiroshi Iwashima(Fukui University), Jian Cao(Maeda Kosen Company)

    TAII-17-2 High Sensitivity Optical Fiber Sensor System Using Layout Information

    Mapping Technique for Damage Detection 2072

    S. Masatou(Fukui University), H. Nishi(Fukui University), T. Sakai(FukuiUniversity), Y. Ito(Fukui University), T. Sakurai(Fukui University)

    TAII-17-3 Properties of Poly 1-Lactic Acid/Tributirin Blend Film 2077

    Tohru Tatsushima(Fukui University), Nobuo Ogata(Fukui University)

    TAII-17-4 In-Situ Video-Electrochemical Measurements of Coalescence of Emulsions 2082

    Koichi Aoki(Fukui University)

  • TAII-18 Information Technology Applications^)Aug.5, 10:40-12:20

    TAII-18-1 Analysis on Route Selection by Mobile Agents Using Genetic Algorithm 2088Ali Selamat(Osaka Prefecture University), Sigeru Omatu(OsakaPrefecture University)

    TAII-18-2 Implementation ofDNP RTU in the Electric Power SCADA System 2094

    L.S. Jeong(Cho-Sun University), P.J. Kim(Sung-Hwa College), D.S. Ku(Cho-Sun University), S.D. Kim(Dong-A College), S.D. Yun(Dong-A College), J.B.

    Kim(Cho-Sun University)

    TAII-18-3 Implementation of Eddy Scheme in Adaptive Query Using Pipeline-Join 2098

    Nanang Syahroni(Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya),Titon Dutono(Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya),Supeno Djanali(SepuluhNopember Institute ofTechnology)

    TAH-18-4 A Performance Comparison ofNormal Query and Adaptive Query inWeb-Client Monitoring System 2103

    Nanang Syahroni(Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya),Titon Dutono(Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya),

    Supeno Djanali(Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology)

    WAI-1 [OS] Frontier of Mechanical Quantities Measurement (1)Aug.6, 8:40-10:20

    WAI-1-1 On Dynamic Weighing ofHighway Vehicles in Motion 2108

    Toshiro Ono(Okayama University of Science)

    WAI-1-2 On the Fine Control of a Cantilever Type Micro-Manipulator 2116

    Yasuo Yoshimura(Tokyo National College of Technology),

    Ryuta Ida(Tokyo National College ofTechnology)

    WAI-1-3 Pico-Gram Mass Deviation Detected by Resonance Frequency Shift

    of AFM Cantilever 2121

    Hayato Sone(Gunma University), Yoshinori Fujinuma(Gunma University),

    Takashi Hieida(Gunma University), Sumio Hosaka(Gunma University)

    WAI-1-4 Accurate Determination of Differential Pressure between Two Pressure

    Balances Using a Pressure Transducer 2125

    Tokihiko Kobata(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and

    Technology), Douglas A. 01son(National Institute of Standards and Technology)

    WAI-2 Signal Processing(l)Aug.6, 8:40-10:20

    WAI-2-1 A Robust Algorithm for Independent Component Analysis 2131

    K. Matsuoka(Kyushu Institute of Technology), S. Nakashima(Kyushu Institute

    of Technology)

    WAI-2-2 Estimation Technique Using Covariance Information with Relation to

    Two-Channel Wavelet Transform in Linear Discrete Stochastic Systems 2137

    Seiichi Nakamori(Kagoshima University)

    WAI-2-3 Harmonics Monitoring Using Digital Filters2143

    Mohammad H. Abbas(Universal Softronic), Haider A. F. Moharned(UniversityofMalaya)

  • WAI-2-4 A New De-Noising Method Based on Wavelet Transform and Transforming

    Hampel Filter 2147Ji-xian Zhang(Beijing Institute of Technology), Qiu-hai Zhong(Beijing Institute

    ofTechnology), Ya-ping Dai(Beijing Institute of Technology),

    Zheng Liu(Institute for Aerospace Research National Research Council Canada)

    WAI-3 Identification(l)Aug.6, 8:40-10:20

    WAI-3-1 The Optimum Gate Shape and Threshold for Target Tracking 2152Y. Kosuge(Mitsubishi Electric), T. Matsuzaki(Mitsubishi Electric)

    WAI-3-2 Identification ofBilinear Systems by Wavelet Connection Coefficients 2158T. Furuya(Kitakyushu College of Technology), A. Tayaoka(Kitakyushu Collegeof Technology), M. Soeda(Kitakyushu College of Technology)

    WAI-3-3 Collision Detection of Controlled Flexible Structures with

    Random Disturbance 2164

    Yuichi Sawada(Kyoto Institute of Technology)

    WAI-3-4 Person Authentication Using 3D Facial Data 2170M.J. Alam(Osaka City University), Hiromitsu Hama(Osaka City University)

    WAI-3-5 Decentralized Information Filter in Federated Form 2176

    Yong-Shik Kim(Pusan National University), Keum-Shik Hong(PusanNational University)

    WAI-4 Temperature Measurement^)Aug.6, 8:40-10:20

    WAI-4-1 Calibration and Characterization of 900 nm Silicon Narrow-Band

    Radiation Thermometers 2182

    Fumihiro Sakuma(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science andTechnology), Laina Ma(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Scienceand Technology)

    WAI-4-2 Cavity Emissivity of Fixed-Point Blackbody 2187Fumihiro Sakuma(National Institute ofAdvanced Industrial Science and

    Technology), Laina Ma(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Scienceand Technology)

    WAI-4-3 Effect of Gaseous Impurities on the Melting Curve of Iron-Carbon EutecticFixed Points 2191

    N. Sasajima(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology),Y. Yamada(National Institute ofAdvanced Industrial Science and Technology),P. Bloembergen(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Scienceand Technology)

    WAI-4-4 Thermal Analysis Simulation Using Depolarization Loss in Solid-State

    Microchip Laser 2195Y. Aoyagi(Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture), T. Taira(Institutefor Molecular Science), I. Shoji(Institute for Molecular Science)

    WAI-4-5 Emissivity Measurement of Silicon Semiconductor Wafer nearRoom Temperature 2201Hiroshi Sugawara(Toyo University), Tomohiro Ohkubo(Toyo University),Tadakazu Fukushima(Toyo University), Tohru Iuchi(Toyo University)

  • WAI-5 [OS] From Model Based Control to Dynamics Based Control (1)Aug.6, 8:40-10:20

    WAI-5-1 Control for a Family of Nonlinear and Under-Actuated Systems with DOF-Redundancy and Geometric Constraints 2205S. Arimoto(Ritsumeikan University)

    WAI-5-2 An Experimental Study of Dynamic Visual Feedback Control onSICE-DDArm 2211

    Hiroyuki Kawai(Kanazawa University), Toshiyuki Murao(KanazawaUniversity), Masayuki Fujita(Kanazawa University)

    WAI-5-3 An Unmanned Planar Blimp on Visual Feedback Control:

    Experimental Results 2217Yasunori Kawai(Kanazawa University), Satoshi Kitagawa(KanazawaUniversity), Shintaro Izoe(Kanazawa University),Masayuki Fujita(Kanazawa University)

    WAI-6 [OS] Vehicle Guidance, Navigation and ControlAug.6, 8:40-10:20

    WAI-6-1 A Discussion on the Threat ofSupersonic Air-to-Surface Missiles 2223Fumiaki Imado(Shinshu University)

    WAI-6-2 Missile Guidance via Bearing Control 2229Y. Ochi(National Defense Academy)

    WAI-6-3 The Application ofDifferential VLBI to Planetary Approach Navigation 2233T. Ichikawa(The Institute of Space and Astronautical Science)

    WAI-6-4 The Application of Adaptive Digital Filter for the Internal State Estimationof Batteries 2239

    H. Nakamura(Nissan Motor Co.,Ltd.), D. Yumoto(Nissan Motor Co.,Ltd.),Y. Ochi(National Defense Academy)

    WAI-7 Control Design(1)Aug.6, 8:40-10:20

    WAI-7-1 Undershoot Reduction for Plants with Real Unstable Zeros 2245

    Ferry Hadary(Tokyo Institute ofTechnology), Yasuhiro Ohyama(TokyoUniversity ofTechnology), Shinji Hara(The University of Tokyo)

    WAI-7-2 I-PDA Incorporating FFC Control System Designed by CDM 2250N. Khuakoonratt(King Mongkut's Institute ofTechnology Ladkrabang),T. Benjanarasuth(King Mongkut's Institute ofTechnology Ladkrabang),J. Ngamwiwit(King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang),N. Komine(Tokai University)

    WAI-7-3 A New Design Method for Transient Response Control 2255

    Daekwan Kim(University of Ulsan), Hansil Kim(Universiry of Ulsan),Wonho Choi(University ofUlsan)

    WAI-7-4 A New Repetitive Control and Its Characteristics 2261

    Hidehiko Sugimoto(Fukui University), Akira Horiuchi(Fukui University),Keiu Kawasaki(Fukui University), Jiaju Wu(Nanchang Institute of

    Aeronautical Technology)

  • WAI-7-5 Multi-Objective Robust Control Design via Nominal

    Controller Enhancement 2267

    V. Tipsuwanporn(King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang),

    K. Witheephanich(Srinakharinwirot University), W. Piyarat(Srinakharinwirot

    University), W. Sawaengsinkasikit(KasemBundit University)

    WAI-9 Mechanical Systems(1)Aug.6, 8:40-10:20

    WAI-9-1 Control of a Rotational Crane Considering Anti-Sway in the

    Radial Direction 2273

    Yoshiaki Tabata(Tokai University), Kazuya Makiguchi(Tokai University),

    Shigeto Ouchi(Tokai University), Kang-Zhi Liu(Chiba University)

    WAI-9-2 Obstacle Avoidance Control for Overhead Crane with Rotary

    Motion ofLoad 2277

    T. Miyoshi(Toyohashi University of Technology), K. Tsuchida(Okuma Corp.),

    K. Terashima(Toyohashi University of Technology)

    WAI-9-3 Tracking to Moving Object and Sloshing Suppression Control Using Time

    Varying Filter Gain in Liquid Container Transfer 2283

    Y. Noda(Toyohashi University of Technology), K. Yano(Toyohashi Universityof Technology), K. Terashima(Toyohashi University of Technology)

    WAI-9-4 A New Approach to Anti-Sway System Design for a Container Crane 2289

    G.B. Kang(Pukyong National University), Y.B. Kim(Pukyong National

    University), S.B. An(Kunsan National University), G.H. Chae(Kunsan National

    University), J.H. Yang(Pukyong National University)

    WAI-9-5 A Study on System Identification and Anti-Rolling System Design of a Shipwith the Flap 2294

    G.B. Kang(Pukyong National University), G.H. Chae(Kunsan National

    University), Y.B. Kim(Pukyong National University)

    WAI-10 [OS] Reinforcement Learning in Robotics and Control

    Aug.6, 8:40-10:20

    WAI-10-1 Multi-Layered Learning Systems for Vision-Based Behavior Acquisition of

    A Real Mobile Robot 2300

    Yasutake Takahashi(Osaka University), Minoru Asada(Osaka University)

    WAI-10-2 Application of Reinforcement Learning to RC Helicopter Control 2306

    Hajime Murao(Kobe University), Hisashi Tamaki(Kobe University),Shinzo Kitamura(Kobe University)

    WAI-10-3 Minimax Differential Dynamic Programming: Application to a Biped

    Walking Robot 2310

    J. Morimoto(ATR Computational Neuroscience Lab.), G. Zeglin(CarnegieMellon University), C. G. Atkeson(ATR Computational Neuroscience

    Lab./Carnegie Mellon University)

    WAI-10-4 Real Time Learning Control of High D.O.F. Robots: Automatic Generationof Discrete States and Learning Transition Models 2316

    Hajime Kimura(Tokyo Institute of Technology), Shigenobu Kobayashi(TokyoInstitute of Technology)