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  • 1. Welcome toDueber Church WhereHope is Found! For ALL Gods People!

2. All That is Written IIKings 19 : 41 44 3. GRADUATE RECOGNITION SUNDAY 4. Recognition of the Graduates High SchoolCollege Amy Burris Drayven Delong Jacob CookeSarah Erickson Catherine FriddleCathy Higham Sharon JonesJonathon Higham Joshua KennedySean Harris Kayla McKeeJason Humble Kyle McKeeChris Muller Jordan Lee Meager Avery Pinkston Nick Wilke 5. SUMMER CAMP MEETINGS Sharon CampJune 20-28 Sebring CampJuly 9-19 Hollow RockJuly 16-26 Sychar CampJuly 23-Aug 2 6. COMING ON JUNE 21 JONATHAN WHITE IN CONCERT 10:00 AM 7. SUMMER HOPE MINISTRIES Each Wednesday in July6:30-8:00 pmAlso, last Wednesday of month wetravel to the Akron Zoo9:00 am - 3:00 pmNeeded: Leaders, Van Drivers,Chaperones, and helpersContact Char for more information 8. NEEDED: Collecting for theShoe Box MinistryofSamaritans Purse Shoe Boxes andMedicine Bottles (labels removed) Leave them on the table in the Library Requesting more items in the future 9. SENIOR GATHERING WEDNESDAY JUNE 3, 2009 11:00 AM BRING A SACK LUNCH ANDCONTINUE THE GET FIT PROGRAM 10. 2009 SUMMERWORK MISSION JULY 13-17 in the Canton area 11. F lamingo YourF riends Contact Office orJim Higham330-904-1625 Been Flamingo-ed Lately? 12. Vacation Bible School June 7-11, 20096-8 pm Volunteer! Be a Part! Come, win with Jesus! See VBS Bulletin Board! 13. A FEW GOOD MEN MENS PRAYER BREAKFAST First Saturday of Each Month8-9 am Next Meeting- June 6 th ! 14. WEDNESDAY NIGHTPRAYER GROUP 6:00-7:00 PM Meeting in the presence of GodIn the Chapel for a time of prayer Questions-Michael Atkinson 15. DONT MISS OUTON A GREAT WAYTO SAVE $$$$$ June Orders: Distribution Day :June 209:00 -10:30 am Tues.June 99:30-11:30 am Weds.June 105:00-7:00 pmThur.June 119:30 am-3:00 pm Fri.June 129:30am-Noon 16. Remember inyour prayers :

  • - Sam Long
  • -Chris Muller
  • Earl Storer
  • Ken Gerber
  • Jack Smith
  • Barbara Noice
  • George Mills
  • Dave Petty
  • Bob Barber
  • -Peggy Friend
  • -Virginia Luttrell
  • -The Family of George Price

17. FINANCIAL NOTES OfferingMay 24, 2009 Building Fund$101.00 Current Fund$5990.89Local Relief$110.00 Missions Fund$91.00 Engage Offering$672.00 18.