Anne Bogart By Katie Janner, Alyssa Greenblatt, Braxton Manley.

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Anne Bogart By Katie Janner, Alyssa Greenblatt, Braxton Manley

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Transcript of Anne Bogart By Katie Janner, Alyssa Greenblatt, Braxton Manley.

  • Anne BogartBy Katie Janner, Alyssa Greenblatt, Braxton Manley

  • The Book We ReadCo-written by Tina Landau

  • Background InformationDirector of plays and operasBorn September 25, 1951Earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Bard College, followed by a Master of Arts degree from the Tish School of the Arts in 1977Artistic Director of SITI Company in New York, which she founded with Japanese director Tadashi Suzuki in 1992.Currently a professor at Columbia University where she runs the Graduate Directing Program

  • .what are viewpoints?

  • Bogarts Inspiration

  • Problems with todays actorsThe Americanization of the Stanislavsky systemLack of ongoing trainingWhat does the director want?

  • 9 Physical Viewpoints

    TempoDurationKinesthetic ResponseRepetitionShapeGestureArchitectureSpatial RelationshipTopography

  • Never talk down to your audience

  • Soft Focus

  • The optimal viewpoint experience:

  • Warm up

  • Ensemble warm up

  • Tempo

  • Tempo Exercises

    No, we are not French. We are American because youre in America okay? Greatest country on the Planet.

    Just say you love really thin pancakes. That is a fair compromise no?

    3.I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.

  • Duration

  • Duration ExerciseTurn off alarm clock.Get out of bed.Look in the mirror.Brush teeth.DeoderantDress.Shoes.Mirror.Smile.Grab backpack.

  • Kinesthetic Response

  • Kinesthetic Response Exercise1. Use soft focus and walk around space2. Target a subject, follow them around3. Find an additional subject, follow them also

  • PartnersA- Go in for a hug

  • B- Feel As biceps and say smells like rain in a goblin voice.

  • A- Touch Bs nose very slowly

  • B- Brush past A and walk away

  • Repetition

  • Repetition Exercise

  • Spatial Relationship

  • Spatial Relationship Exercise

    Walk around aimlessly and when we clap our hands, stop!Now walk around, turning only in 90 degree angles.Jump in and out of peoples personal space.

  • Topography

  • Topography Exercise Pretend there is red paint on your feet and pretend to paint a picture on the ground.Just meander.

  • Shape

  • Shape Exercise

  • Gesture

  • Gesture Exercise

  • Architecture

  • Architecture Exercise

  • Putting individual viewpoints together

  • Vocal Viewpoints

  • Group Improvisations

  • Working with Music

  • Viewpoints in Rehearsal

  • Composition

  • Something she directed:


  • Interview