Anime, Manga & Otaku culture

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Cartoon,Anime and Otaku Culture MADE BY – Mridul Negi entor – Mrs. Parul Mehr

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Anime, Manga & otaku culture

Transcript of Anime, Manga & Otaku culture

  • A cartoon is an animated scenario designed for entertainment. Cartoons these days and time come in the drawn and animated forms. There are cartoons based on every topic imaginable. From cats (Garfield) to superheroes (Batman). - cartoonist101(User
  • Anime is the Japanese shortened pronunciation of the English word animation. Anime refers to traditional Japanese animation, but is also used to describe those animations which were created by computers as well. In Japan the word is used to describe anything animated, but outside of Japan the term is used to reference specifically those animations which originate in Japan. - Webopedia
  • The major difference between cartoon and anime in todays world lies in that cartoons have become associated with children, while anime is considered more suitable for adults. Cartoons also have unrealistic scenarios and characters such as a talking mouse, while anime are situated more towards realistic but may also incorporate magic and other such things. However, again this depends on the creator of the show and is not used as an appropriate classification. The lines between both of these have been created by many lovers out there so suggesting that anime is a type of cartoon has become a strict no-no among these people. - Admin
  • Lack of knowledge. Similarities between cartoon and anime. Cartoon Network and Toonami. Cultural barrier.
  • In modern Japanese slang, the term otaku is mostly equivalent to "geek" or "nerd". However, it can relate to any fan of any particular theme, topic, hobby or form of entertainment. "When these people are referred to as otaku, they are judged for their behaviours - and people suddenly see an otaku as a person unable to relate to reality". The word entered English as a loanword from the Japanese language. It is typically used to refer to a fan of anime/manga but can also refer to Japanese video games or Japanese culture in general. The American magazine Otaku USA popularizes and covers these aspects. -
  • Love for Anime. Love for Manga. Socially Awkward. Sensitive.
  • Stats by Naruto Series
  • Being an otaku means that you love anime but at the same time you don't get obsessed over it, are rational and critical but enjoy the anime/manga/LN/VN with your heart. otaku culture can be a very educational culture both in mental skills and general knowledge if interpreted correctly. Vaasu Gupta (OTAKU)
  • I'm an Otaku because i love anime as it teaches us diff things. For an example in DBZ we get to learn that we should never give up and we can also turn our enemies into friends. Vishi Bhasin (OTAKU)
  • Cartoonist101(user Webopedia Admin ( Naruto Series (Facebook Page)
  • I would like to thank Mrs. Parul Mehra and Miss. Anjali for guiding me throughout my research for this presentation. I would also like to thank Vaasu Gupta and Vishi Bhasin for providing me with their valuable opinion.