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  • 1. ANIMAL PARTSBy: Semhar Ghebreselasie

2. Polar Bears -Eyes-Leg-Tail -Paws -Claws -Sharp teeth The list goes ON! 3. Claws & PawsPaws help animalskeep their balance and arealso a cushion for their hands and feet!Animals use claws to gripthe ground whenrunning, to grip treeswhen they climb, and tocatch dinner! 4. Tails Fun Facts! Tails can brush away annoying bugs! Some animals like cats and kangaroos use tails for balance Some monkeys have tails that will allow them to even grab things! Some lizards can take their tails off of their body! Tails can also show us how animals are feeling! 5. Parrots (Birds)-Wings-A Colorful tail-Feathers-A Beak-Claws 6. Wings & Beaks! Air glides beneatha birds wings andhelps them fly! A birds beak is like a persons jaw! Birds eat through their beaks! 7. Fish! 8. FISHFish have gills so they canbreathe! Fins help fish steer the animals in the direction where they chose to go! 9. Now I know animal parts!