Animal Farm A Fairy Story. Who was Napoleon‘s propagandist? Squealer Who was the cynic who never...

download Animal Farm A Fairy Story. Who was Napoleon‘s propagandist? Squealer Who was the cynic who never changed? Benjamin Who tested Napoleon‘s food for poison?

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Transcript of Animal Farm A Fairy Story. Who was Napoleon‘s propagandist? Squealer Who was the cynic who never...

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Animal Farm A Fairy Story Slide 2 Who was Napoleons propagandist? Squealer Who was the cynic who never changed? Benjamin Who tested Napoleons food for poison? Pinkeye Who was the farms poet and songwriter? Minimus Who was known to repeat the maxim Four legs good, two legs bad, even at inappropriate times? The sheep Slide 3 Who threatened and intimidated by Napoleons side? The dogs Who introduced the song Beasts of England to the animals? Old Major Who talked of a special heaven for animals? Moses Who was symbolic of Joseph Stalin? Napoleon Whose motto was Napoleon is always right? Boxer Who gave Napoleon forged bank notes? Frederick Slide 4 Who loved sugar and ribbons? Mollie Who died in an inebriates home? Jones Who read to the others from scraps of newspapers? Muriel Who was often suspicious; doubting the Commandments and the pigs, but never saying anything? Clover Who was the powerful orator who represents Leon Trotsky? Snowball Slide 5 Who played the ace of spades simultaneously with Napoleon? Pilkington Who said War is war. The only good human being is a dead one? Snowball Whose motto was I will work harder!? Boxer Who refused to learn anything but the letters of her name? Mollie Did all of the animals eventually learned to read? No How many Commandments were written? seven Slide 6 Why did the hens rebel? because they had to give up their eggs Why are the Commandments were continually being rewritten? To suit the leaders needs Was the second battle was called the Battle of the Bulge? No Whose motto was I will work harder? Boxer Who created the original plans for the windmill?. Snowball Who led the Battle of the Cowshed? Snowball What triggered the Rebellion? the animals were starving Slide 7 Who created the original plans for the windmill?. Snowball What triggered the Rebellion? the animals were starving What destroyed the first windmill? The wind What did Napoleon do to the plans for the windmill? He urinated on the plans What happened to the animals that confessed to crimes they did not commit? They were executed Did Boxer believed he would retire someday? yes Slide 8 The human who acted as a middleman between Animal Farm and the outside world was: Whymper By the end of the novel All animals are equal is changed to _________________. but some animals are more equal than others. Describe the original flag of Animal Farm. A horn and a hoof on a green background When the original windmill was built, it was intended to produce: electricity How was Frederick able to trick Napoleon? With phony bank notes Slide 9 The only one who really knew where Boxer was going to be sent when he was dying was: Benjamin Which animal led Napoleons processions around the farm? the cockerel How is the windmill finally destroyed? the men destroyed it with explosives Slide 10 1.Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. 2.Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend. 3.No animal shall wear clothes. 4.No animal shall sleep in a bed. 5.No animal shall drink alcohol. 6.No animal shall kill any other animal. 7.All animals are equal. 4 No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets. 5 No animal shall drink alcohol to excess. 6 No animal shall kill any other animal without cause Slide 11 What human was the owner of Manor Farm? Mr. Jones What happened to Old Major shortly after the animals sang the song that he dreamt? He died What was Old Majors formal exhibition name? Willington Beauty What system of thought do the pigs create from Old Majors teachings? animalism What is the name of the special heaven for animals? Sugarcandy Mountain Who were the most faithful disciples of the pigs ideas? Clover and Boxer Slide 12 Who was Joness special pet? Moses Why did the Rebellion happen earlier than everyone expected? Mr. Jones got drunk for days on end, didnt come home for days, and forgot to feed the animals Complete the statement: All men are ____________ All animals are ____________________. Enemies; comrades Which animal had to be voted in as a Comrade in Chapter One? rats What could be considered the initiator of the Rebellion? Old Majors speech Slide 13 Why did Old Major say that man is the enemy in Chapter One? Man does nothing but consume Who was always blamed for the destruction of the windmill and for causing general mayhem on the farm? Snowball Why did the windmill collapse the first time? The wind blew it down How thick did the animals build the walls of the windmill the third time? Three feet What did Napoleon make sure the humans did not find out about Animal Farm? That there was a shortage of food Slide 14 What happened when the hens rebelled against the increase in production? Nine hens died of starvation How did the hens rebel against Napoleons orders? They laid their eggs in the rafters What did Mr. Pilkington and Mr. Frederick both want from the farm? A well-seasoned stack of lumber Was no animal shall dine at a table one of the Seven Commandments? no What was discovered missing at the end of Chapter 2, that ended up causing the first controversy of the farm? The milk Who confronted Mollie about her contact with humans? Clover Slide 15 What was found in Mollies stall? Lump sugar and ribbons How did Snowball gain the support of the animals? By giving eloquent speeches during the Sunday debates How did Napoleon gain the animals support? By secretly meeting with small factions on his off times Why was Napoleon initially against building the windmill? he wanted to increase food production After Snowball was expelled, Napoleon made what announcement? there would no longer be Sunday meetings Slide 16 At the end of Chapter Five, what did Squealer claim was more important than bravery? Loyalty and obedience Who did the dogs unexpectedly attack in Chapter Seven? Boxer Is Napoleon is called traitor to Snowball? no What did Napoleon name the windmill? Napoleon Mill Who does Napoleon eventually sell the pile of timber to? Frederick Slide 17 What was Boxer looking forward to in Chapter Nine? retirement What did Napoleon forbid the other pigs to have, on the grounds it made them fat? sugar Who suddenly reappeared on Animal Farm in Chapter Nine? Moses Who was able to read what was written on the van that Boxer was taken away in? Benjamin According to Squealer, what were Boxers last words? Napoleon is always right Slide 18 What were the pigs mysteriously able to afford after Boxers death? A case of whiskey What work did the pigs do as far as the supervision and organization of the farm that Squealer often spoke of? Write on large sheets of paper and then burn them What new saying do the sheep repeat? /four legs good; two legs bad. What did Clover see that shocked her and the other animals in Chapter Ten? The pigs walking on two legs Slide 19 What is the final Commandment? All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. What happened to Old Majors skull in Chapter Ten? It was buried At the end of the novel, what does the flag change to? A plain green flag What does Napoleon change the name of the farm to? Manor Farm At the end of the book, what caused the fight? Both Napoleon and Pilkington played the same card