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  • 1. Peru
  • 2. Map
  • 3. Culture of PeruReligions, Food , Language, and music
  • 4. ReligionsRoman catholic Evangelical
  • 5. Food in PeruLomo saltadoArroz ChaufaArroz con mariscosTallarin verde
  • 6. MusicMarinera dancing Huayno
  • 7. Reasons to visit Peru Learn about the Incas heritage, life style, and culture. There are many cool places to visit including SouthAmericas deepest lake. Peru has delicious food.
  • 8. Day 1 You will fly to Lima Peru Take a bus to Machu Picchu You will visit royal places You get to learn about the Incas heritage and their lifestyle You will sleep at casa del sol hotel in Machu Picchu
  • 9. Day 2 You go from Machu Picchu to lake Titicaca bycar Visit the Islands of Titicaca Learn about the temple under the lake Sleep in the Liberato hotel near lake Titicaca
  • 10. Day 3 Go from lake Titicaca to Cuzcoby car Visit the remains of the walls The historical Centre of the cityshow the design andarchitecture made by the Incas You will sleep at Prisma hotel
  • 11. Day 4 You will go from Cuzco to Arequipa by car You will visit el convento de SantaCatalina Its a historical Centre in Peru You will sleep in Tierra viva a hotel inArequipa
  • 12. Day 5 Go from Arequipa back to Lima Peru Visit the museum of the republic Learn about the modern history Sleep at Foresta hotel in lima Wake up in the morning and catch yourflight back home
  • 13. Closing statementWe should go to Peru because we will learn a lot abouttheir different culture . We will have a wonderful timeand eat amazing food.