Ananda Foods Best Quality Vegetarian Marshmallows in UK


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This PPT describes the products and services offered by Ananda Foods, one of the best providers of vegetarian marshmallows in UK as per the requirements of our clients. The firm stocks a huge collection of quality products, available in various taste and flavors.



2. Index: Shop On line Payments, delivery and returns Make at home vegetarian marshmallows UK kits Contact Us 3. SHOP ON LINE Gelatine Free Marshmallows Round Ups Dairy free parmesan Condensed Soya milk Wrap and Mat Green Mountain natural flavor Ohyo-collapsabottle Moo free India Tree Montezuma We have wide range of products which you can purchase online: 4. Payments And Delivery Payments can be made by PayPal, credit card and debit card. You can pay cheque also. Products will be dispatched within 1- 2 days. Delivery may take time maximum3-5 working days. Products will be delivered witha minimumdelivery charges. We provide free shipping facilities on orders more than 50 5. Make at Home Vegetarian Marshmallows UK Kits Our make at home vegetarian marshmallows kits are simple and very easy to make. You can prepare it by sugar and water only. You can add and sparkle to make a beautiful display 6. Contact Us: Address : Sunnyside, Cowley Lane, Holmesfield, Derbyshire S18 7SD Call : 0114 2890569 0775 263 8332 Email :