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  • 1. Analysis of Professional Contents Pages

2. ContentsEvery magazine has the word contents on the top of the contents page. Along with this is normally the issue number and date of release. 3. Sub-headingsEach magazine has sub-headings this splits the articles in the magazine into relevant groups which helps the reader find the article they are looking for. 4. Multiple ImagesThe contents pages have multiple images on them this shows you some of the other bands in the magazine. Majority of these images use direct address as well. 5. CaptionsUnder the photos there is normally a simple caption to explain the image and article. 6. ColumnsThe contents pages are split into columns. Normally three but can sometimes be two. 7. Page numbersPage numbers can be on or by the pictures to tell where to find the article about that band with a short description of the article. 8. Page numbersPage numbers appear in the contents list as well they have the article title next to them they are normally in a different colour or bold and sometimes in a box. They are next to the article title and sometimes have a caption next to them. 9. Subscription detailsSome magazine have the details on how to subscribe to the magazine on the contents page. 10. Letter from the editorSome magazines have a letter from the editor this sometimes includes the editors opinion of this issue or something about the editor themself. Along with the letter there is normally the editors signature and sometimes a smaller image of this issues front cover. 11. Colour SchemeThe contents page have similar colour schemes to the magazines front cover this is to cover the connotations of the genre. The colour scheme is complementary. It is normally built of two or three colours.