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  • 1.The masthead NME being in bold redThis magazine also uses Buzz words such ascapitals stands out and amplifies it on thefirst and Teasers such as First report fromwhite/grey background. It also ties in with theAlbert Hall show. This techniques arered/yellow theme with the main headingprimarily used to entice and make the readerbeing THE LIBERTINES following the Readingthat they are getting the best they can out ofand Leeds Festival colours showing straightthis magazine.away to the audience what the issue is about.The mode of address from this front cover wecan tell is obviously The Libertines fans ormore so people who are attending Reading orLeeds Festival. The skyline and subheadingshelp entice and target the magazine at a The main image is a mid shot of the band Thebigger audience. Libertines looking straight at the reader giving a direct mode of address or an eye line match making the reader feel special. Also indicates to the reader that this issue is about The Libertines .

2. The masthead KERRANG has been covered by the mainimage which takes up the majority of the page showingthe importance and significance of the image to thereader. By covering up the masthead it indicates to usthat its regular customers who buy KERRANG so they The mode of address is quite obvious for thisdont have the importance to show the whole masthead. magazine issue. Firstly My ChemicalThe main image is an eye line match or a direct mode of Romance fans have been particularlyaddress to the reader, enticing the reader and making targeted along with any other music that fitsthem feel special.along with that genre. This magazine uses lots of techniques in attempt to draw in and grab the readers attention, they use techniques such as; Buzz words PLUS!, Teasers THE INSIDE STORY, slanting story to give the cover a quirky look, skyline to give extra exciting information, Graphic features such as smaller images to give an insight to the reader and finally puff and pull techniques. 3. The masthead on this magazine cover is METAL HAMMER yet ARCHITECTS could be mistaken for the masthead as its in the same font and aThis magazine cover uses techniques to amplify very similar size. Moreover the masthead, main itself to the audience such as; Buzz words WIN, heading and main image all keep in touch withPull quotes The MORE PEOPLE HATE, THE this issues red/orange fire theme immediatelySTRONGER WELL BECOME!, and Teasers such as grabbing the readers attention.HOT LIST 2011.The main image is a close up taking up themajority of the front cover. The man is lookingstraight out to the audience giving them a directThe mode of address for this magazine is obvious. mode of address and an eye line match grabbingIts a regular niche target audience of heavy metal the readers attention. By putting the image andmusic lovers. The subheadings and skyline showtext onto a black background it immediatelyto the niche market that they can exactly cater stands out to the reader jumping of the page atfor there needs with whats inside. them. 4. The bright red masthead stands out straight away to The mode of address is not completely specific withthe audience indicating what magazine it is. With this magazine. Although we know its targeted atthis being the only red on the front cover it music lovers, it targets a large range of music loversimmediately stands out and is one of the first things from indie rock such as Florence and The Machineyou look out. to X Factor mainstream Simon Cowell. Showing thismagazine has to cater for a very large musicalaudience.The main image on this front cover is a verypoignant image its an extreme close up, also giving This front cover uses techniques such as; Graphicalthe reader an eye line match and direct mode of features ZANE LOWE, Buzz words NEW, and Pull address. By Florence wearing blue eye shadow it ties Quotes I FEEL SO ALONE all to grab and pull in the in with other subheadings etc. Going on around the readers attention. page drawing them to the readers attention. 5. The classic red RollingStone masthead immediately grabs the reader. With thisThe mode of address is not extremely clear being pretty much the only red on the page with just Adele on the front as a range of it really jumps out to the reader straight music lovers like her. Yet as we look closer away. Also by giving the mastheadat the magazine the Skyline says BEST OF shadowing at the back it makes it look 3D it ROCK 2011 indicating to the audience that really does jump out at the reader.this weeks issue is directed at rock lovers. By using sub-headings, it gives an insight to the reader of whatThe main image on this page is a close upis inside the magazine,of Adele, who is a very popular artist and hopefully making them want toalso very well known attracting the readersread on. This front cover alsoattention. By Adele looking straight out uses Buzz words such as PLUSthrough the page giving an eye line matchand Teasers such as THE MOSTand direct mode of address it immediatelyHATED GIRL ON THE INTERNETconnects with reader making them feelto entice the reader.significant.