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John Cachat has created a new Quality Management System (QMS) software platform. This is not just another application; it is the next generation platform. As an internationally recognized visionary in the QMS software space, this is a must attend event.

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  • 1. Copyright John CachatAn Exciting AlternativeforQuality Management SoftwareJohn M. CachatBetter Technology. Lower cost.

2. Copyright John CachatAbout John M. Cachat Driving Business Performance Helping companies align their business and technology Focus on people, process, and then the technology Subject matter expert on business process management On-going research into next generation of technology for enterprisesystems 28 years experience in enterprise systems USAF Research Project (1985) Founder of enterprise quality software company (1988) Chair of ASQ technical committee on computerizing quality (1992) Trusted advisor to global organizations, government agencies,and professional groups 3. Copyright John CachatHousekeepingPhones are mutedUse the questionblock for questions Copy of presentationavailable upon request 4. Copyright John CachatAgenda What We Are Hearing Lessons Learned The Business Case Software Demonstration Migration is Easy Introduction to Silico4Get the software you want and make it work the way you want it to work. 5. Copyright John CachatWhat We Are Hearing5Clunky / UglyWont run on 64 bit computersDoesnt work with EmailCant use my iPadCant use my SmartphoneMy business is changing, my software is not keeping upNew AS9100C changes make my QMS software obsoleteI have to call IT to get a report / chartInflexible too rigidPoor security and audit trailsMy old QMS vendor is non-responsiveIt costs more to get the current versionthen to buy a new app!We waited years for the new web versionand what we got is very disappointing 6. Copyright John CachatLesson Learned Traditional software development that focuses ondatabases, menus, and screens is obsolete Technology must not be a roadblock that Requires extensive training Requires customization to fit your needs Forces people to adapt to the software Listen to the people, understand their process,and help them do it better Help me do my job !!! (output, not input) 7. Copyright John CachatCOTS vs Your Form, Your Process NCM Example 8. Copyright John CachatCOTS vs Your Form, Your Process CAR Example 9. Copyright John CachatOptions to Automate QMSWrite it yourselfPros Get what you wantCons Start from ScratchTime consumingExpensiveDifficult to maintain 10. Copyright John CachatOptions to Automate QMSWrite it yourself Traditional Off theShelf COTSPros Get what you want Get what they sellCons Start from ScratchTime consumingExpensiveDifficult to maintainFigure out how to use itChange your formsChange yourprocessesChange yourdocumentationTrain (re-train) youremployees 11. Copyright John CachatCOTS Vendor Selection ProblemsFeature Vendor A Vendor B Vendor CDocument Management Good None ExcellentTraining None None ExcellentCorrective Action Excellent None GoodNonconformance Excellent None GoodCalibration Poor None PoorRisk Management None Excellent NoneProject Teams Good Excellent NonePreventive Maintenance Poor None None..All the screens start to look the same and none of them look like my form 12. Copyright John CachatOptions to Automate QMSWrite it yourself Next Generation BPMwith TemplatesTraditional Off theShelf COTSPros Get what you want Get what you want Get what they sellCons Start from ScratchTime consumingExpensiveDifficult to maintainStart with TemplatesFaster, easierMulti userRobust securityWorkflowFigure out how to use itChange your formsChange yourprocessesChange yourdocumentationTrain (re-train) youremployees 13. Copyright John CachatQMSRapid Application Development Framework Robust database / data model / templates Your forms / screens Your menu / process flow Your reports 14. Copyright John CachatNext Generation SoftwareIf you want the Next Generation of the workforceto use the software, it needs to look likesomething they will want to use.. 15. Copyright John CachatNext Generation SoftwareWORKFLOWBUILT IN REPORTINGSUPPORTMOBILEDEVICES 16. Copyright John CachatInstant Application PlatformInstantApplicationPlatformWorkflowUserInterfaceTemplatesSecurityReportsBusinessLogicAPI ToolSet 17. Copyright John CachatThe Cachat Model3.Software2.Process1.People 18. Copyright John CachatYour Form The People View 19. Copyright John CachatThe Process (or workflow)19 20. Copyright John CachatPeople, Process, SoftwareProcess(workflow)SoftwarePeople 21. Copyright John CachatQuality Management System21PROJECT MANAGEMENTNew Business Product/Process Validation Risk ManagementPEOPLECustomers Employees SuppliersDOCUMENTATIONProcess Flows/Procedures Product Information RecordsEQUIPMENTCapital Tooling InspectionMANUFACTURINGReceiving Work Orders, Routers,Inspection ShippingCONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTNCM and CAPA Project Teams Audits 22. Copyright John CachatSoftware Technology Support22 23. Copyright John CachatSoftware Technology Support23WORKFLOWBUILT IN REPORTINGSUPPORTMOBILEDEVICES 24. Copyright John Cachat24Powerful Reporting 25. Copyright John CachatSoftware Demo Dashboards / Reporting Web Forms Workflow Navigation Options Auto-Documentation Security25 26. Copyright John CachatTHE DEMO26 27. Copyright John CachatAuto Documentation27 28. Copyright John CachatSoftware Migration Importing Data Import Button Data Migration Scripts Exporting Data Integration with other databases /applications28 29. Copyright John CachatHosted or Purchase Hosted SaaS License Hardware requirements Software requirements29 30. Copyright John CachatTraining on the Technology Robust Documentation self taught Free Webinars30 31. Copyright John CachatWhat is the Goal?No Bad MaterialDo Things FasterLess Labor Increase RevenueHow will computerizing QMS help you reach your goals? 32. Copyright John CachatValue PropositionStreamline operations - faster cycle timeImprove responsiveness simplify workIncrease visibility via notificationsMinimize risk - less variationMake better decisions access to dataReduce IT costs - less development timeEnforce governance compliance & audit trailBottom Line Reduce Risk and Save Money !!! 33. Copyright John CachatQMS Next Gen Technology Requirements Rapid web form development & maintenance Minimum to no programming required Requires little internal IT support Intuitive and graphical workflow definition Integration with other applications (web services) Leverage email Rapid updates / improvements Support mobile devices / tablets Option Buy or Software as a Service (SaaS) 34. Copyright John CachatJoin the Quality Management SoftwareLinkedIn Group 35. Copyright John CachatAbout UsJohn Cachatjmc@peproso.comContactProven expertise in businessinformation systemsRapid SolutionDevelopment processServicesAssess Current StatusDevelop Short and LongTerm PlansDevelop Specific Solutionsto Your ProblemsAssist in ROI Analysis Copyright John Cachat 36. Copyright John CachatFREE Proof of ConceptWeWe 37. Copyright John CachatAn Exciting Alternative for Quality Management Software&Contact:John Cachatjmc@peproso.comCopy of Presentation&Request a DemoVisit: Webinars