An Easy Guide to Cool Color Combos

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How are you color combinations in your designs? Canva put together a quick cool color combo guide for you to help make your designs even better. Read the full post here:

Transcript of An Easy Guide to Cool Color Combos

  • A N E A S Y G U I D E T O

    T I P S & T R I C K S


  • C O L O R M E H A P P Y

    If youre not a professional designer, weve added a littleglossary to help with the design lingo.

    Some words you might not know

  • N A T U R A L L Y N E U T R A L

    The neutral color family evokes feelings of harmony - great touse for designs with earthy, organic or natural content.

    f1eae2 Linen and 74475d Grey Plum

  • N E X T L E V E L N E O N

    Contrasting your chosen neon elements with a dark background willincrease legibility and ensures the vibrancy of the turquoise is maximized.

    1de5c7 Turquoise and 4f5352 Darks Late Grey

  • P A L E , P R E T T Y, P A S T E L

    You dont have to use different fonts to get a dramatic effect, use light and bold versions of the same family for versatility.

    90c6df Lavender Blue and daa9c8 Dusty Pink

  • M I N I M A L I S T I C M O N O C H R O M E

    By adding a textural background image, you can reduce the flat affect which is common when using a limited palette.

    eb2d53 Crimson and db7386 Pale Violet Red

  • W H I C H C O M B O A R E

    T I P S & T R I C K S