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Amy Kaplan Manifest Domesticity

Transcript of Amy Kaplan Manifest Domesticity

  • Manifest DomesticityAuthor(s): Amy KaplanSource: American Literature, Vol. 70, No. 3, No More Separate Spheres! (Sep., 1998), pp. 581-606Published by: Duke University PressStable URL: 22/01/2010 11:45

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  • Article Contentsp.[581]p.582p.583p.584p.585p.586p.587p.588p.589p.590p.591p.592p.593p.594p.595p.596p.597p.598p.599p.600p.601p.602p.603p.604p.605p.606

    Issue Table of ContentsAmerican Literature, Vol. 70, No. 3, No More Separate Spheres! (Sep., 1998), pp. i-ii+443-704Front Matter [pp.i-ii]Preface: No More Separate Spheres! [pp.443-463]Circling the Spheres: A Dialogue [pp.465-490]"My Sister! My Sister!": The Rhetoric of Catharine Sedgwick's Hope Leslie [pp.491-516]Sex, Class, and "Category Crisis": Reading Jewett's Transitivity [pp.517-549]Contradictory Impulses: Mara Amparo Ruiz de Burton, Resistance Theory, and the Politics of Chicano/a Studies [pp.551-579]Manifest Domesticity [pp.581-606]Native Daughters in the Promised Land: Gender, Race, and the Question of Separate Spheres [pp.607-633]Poor Eliza [pp.635-668]Book Reviewsuntitled [pp.669-670]untitled [pp.670-671]untitled [pp.671-672]untitled [pp.672-673]untitled [pp.673-674]untitled [pp.674-675]untitled [pp.675-677]untitled [pp.678-679]untitled [pp.679-680]untitled [pp.680-681]untitled [pp.681-682]untitled [pp.682-683]untitled [pp.683-684]untitled [pp.685-686]untitled [pp.686-687]untitled [pp.687-688]untitled [pp.688-689]

    Brief Mention [pp.691-702]Announcements [pp.703-704]Back Matter