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  • 1. America 18th Century: Late Colonial Georgian and Federal

2. Boston, 1720-40 3. Map of Newport, RI, 1777 4. Philadelphia, c. 1700 5. LATE COLONIAL, 1720-1790 Georgian Queen Anne & Chippendale 6. Period: Late Colonial Style: Queen Anne and Chippendale 7. James Gibbs, A Book of Architecture Containing Designs of Buildings and Ornaments, 1728, London 8. From Palladios Four Books of Architecture 9. Redwood Library, Newport, RI, Peter Harrison, 1747 10. Hunter House, Newport, RI, mid 18th c., Georgian architecture 11. North East Parlor, Hunter House 12. Rhode Island Chippendale Sofa, c. 1785 13. Queen Anne Style in America (1730 1760) 14. Philadelphia Queen Anne chairs.Sculptural form Curved side rails Shapely splat and voids Unbroken seat rail Shapely legs, slim ankles 15. American Wing Chair Queen Anne and Chippendale 16. Scroll-Topped or Bonnet-Topped Highboys Queen Anne 17. Open BonnetClosed Bonnet 18. Flat-top Queen Anne Highboys 19. Late Georgian or Chippendale Interiors in America 1760 1790 20. Colden House, New York, Woodwork from 1767 21. Powel Room, Philadelphia, 1765-1771, American Late Georgian, Currently at the Metropolitan 22. Port Royal Parlor, Philiadephia, currently at Winterthur 23. Chinese Parlor, currently at Winterthur 24. Governors Council Chamber, Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA after 1753 25. Marlborough-leg Armchair, Thomas Affleck, c. 1766 26. American Chippendale-Style Furniture 1755-1790 27. Wing Chair and Card Table, Thomas Affleck, 1770-71John Caldwalader and his family, 1772, C W Peal 28. Thomas Affleck (for Cadwalader house) 29. Side Chair, Hairy-Paw Foot, Benjamin Randolph, Philadelphia, PA, for John Cadwaleder, c. 1770 30. Corner ChairCamelback or Serpentine-back Scroll Arms 31. Chippendale Lowboy 32. Chippendale Highboys 33. Chippendale carved mahogany Highboy, attr. Thomas Affleck, Philadelphia, 1765-1775 34. Two Highboys, Philadelphia 35. Block-front Furniture, Goddard and Townsend families, Newport, RI, second half 18th c. 36. Block-front, Desk and Bookcase, Newport, RI, 1760-90 Goddard and Townsend families Chippendale 37. Newport cut-back talons 38. Serpentine-Front Bombe Chest of Drawers, Boston, 1770-95 39. Chest-on-Chest, (Transitional to Federal Style) 40. American Federal (Neoclassical) 1780s 1815 41. Nicholas-Pierce House, Samuel McIntire, Salem Mass., 1782, Late Georgian Early Federal 42. Gardner-Pingree House, 1804-1805, Salem, MA, Samuel McIntire 43. Gardner-Pingree House, Samuel McIntire 44. Harrison Gray Otis House, Charles Bulfinch, Boston, MA 45. The Stair hall and Dining Room at Otis House, Boston, MA 46. Mount Vernon George Washington 47. Woodlawn Plantation, Mount Vernon, William Thornton, c.1800 48. Monticello Thomas Jefferson 49. Rotunda, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Thomas Jefferson 50. Federal Interiors and Furniture Hepplewhite and Sheraton Styles 51. Hepplewhite 52. Sheraton 53. SideboardsSerpentine-front 54. Sheraton 55. Variations on SheratonConstitution Mirror