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AmCham Shanghai SME Center provides services and resources tailored to the needs of American small businesses exporting to China and those considering the China market as a destination for investment and business expansion.

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1. 2. Recent Updates New Content - Business opportunities, open innovation entries - Success Testimonials - Clean Technologies - 200+ profile users - 3800+ users - SME Conf Aug 16 Agreements - Alibaba.Com - USDA - USTDA - Nanjing Federation - ISEC (E-Com Shanghai) - UCCTC (Green Tech) - China Green Tech - Mulitple new in pipeline 3. Contact us: 4. Subscriber Benefits - Promotional profile page Access to projects, opportunities Promotional offerings on line Bid requests, RFPs New user Communiqu news promotion - Low cost industrial park promotion - Service inquiry listings, - Matched push messages Efficiently Connect To Vibrant China Market 5. Interactive States Map Listing Projects By State 6. China Industrial Park Promotion Executive Promotion Package Premium subscription plus Dedicated page Newsletter Communiqu promotion Promotional seminar in SME Center Exhibition material in SME Center Shared materials - US Trade delegations Already joined up: Weihai, Wuxi, Yangshan, Nanjing 7. Testimonials this is a go-to location for information and resources that are posted on the SME center will be valuable to US SMEs who wish to learn how to expand their businesses to China - Karen Dickinson, General Partner of Polsinelli Law Firm our listing directly assisted us in elevating the profile of our project raising $52 million USD to bring New York based Wyndham Dream Hotel Downtown to Hollywood, CAthis creates 1200 jobs. - Grant W. King, Hollywood IRC we have greatly benefitted from already meeting a sizeable USA company and their project through the SME Center, we will cooperate with them on a major project in USA for hotel to create 2400 jobs - Helen Zhang, B.String Consulting WorldEx 8. Market SMEs Create 80% of Jobs & Represent The Lion Share of Economic Growth in US and China Target Viable and start-up businesses wanting to penetrate China, with assistance to China firms entering USA Government agencies, associations requiring more recognition of their services, offerings Investment project holders in USA and China looking for attracting investment Small and Medium Size Enterprises in both USA and China looking for partners, service providers, experts Organizations posting opportunities, service requests and looking to find providers, connect China industrial parks reaching tenants and new manufacturing, R&D investments from USA 9. Differentiators AmCham Shanghai is the largest, fastest growing business chambers outside the U.S. in the heart of the vibrant high growth business capital of the world Professional capable, energetic staff Experienced, engaged 3,800+ Members 22 Active Industrial Sector Committees Innovative virtual SME platform High representation of experts across MNCs and SMEs in membership Long tenure of expertise in membership represented Wealth of resources, business opportunities and referrals for small business Vetted business project listings in the USA Access to right locations, right partners, right business parks 10. Viability AmCham Shanghai is the largest, fastest growing business chambers outside the U.S. in the heart of the vibrant high growth business capital of the world Excellent relationships with US and China governments Strong expertise across 22 major industrial sectors Keen and timely watch and reporting, conferencing on the Shanghai (Pilot) Free Trade Zone Known as the Voice of American Business in China Preparing for Shanghai, China 100 Year Anniversary in 2015 11. Success Indicators AmCham Shanghai virtual SME Center is the innovator for securing successes for small and medium size enterprises 3,800 users of SME Site 200+ Listings on SME portal 21 Business Opportunities listed 47 Business Referrals Accomplished Helped raise 37 million USD for US projects Formal partnerships with US Trade & Development Agency (USTDA), Alibaba.Com, UCCTC Clean Technologies Association for SMEs, Nanjing Chamber of Commerce & Trade, International Shanghai ECommerce (ISEC), US Department of Agriculture (USDA), China Green Tech Initiative (CGTI) Multiple Partnerships in Pipeline 12. Plans To Scale AmCham Shanghai virtual SME Center growing in size, users, and scope on weekly basis 200+ Listings on SME portal, will multiply growth Major new investment project holders signed New pipeline partnerships in line for announcement in coming weeks Access and exposure to Alibaba.Com 36 million users Expert advisors access program in pipeline in coming weeks Push messages for noticing business opportunity referrals will expand China Industrial Parks postings on interactive map in pipeline AmCham Shanghai close watch, postings and regular conferencing on Shanghai (Pilot) Free Trade Zone will have close watch on SME Opportunities in Shanghai 13. Contact us: Visit us: 1376 5 568 1376 Nanjing Road West, Suite 568 Shanghai Center, JingAn District, Shanghai