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Transcript of Amcham 21 July2010 Maxine Mc Clellan

  • 1. Social Media MarketingThe Revolution AMCHAM 21 July, 2010 Belo Horizonte, MG - Brasil

2. 3. Are You Using Social Media? 4. does anybody really care? 5. 95% of Social Media Users believe a company should have a presence is Social Media 6. 85% say companies must INTERACT 7. But that doesnt mean talking AT your customers 8. Its a dialogue NOT a MONOLOGUE 9. but what does social media really do? 10. PUBLIC RELATIONS 11. CUSTOMER RELATIONS 12. LOYALTY BUILDING 13. COLLABORATION 14. NETWORKING 15. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP 16. RECRUITING 17. And YES, CUSTOMER ACQUISITION TOO 18. but how do I do it? 19. Have a Strategy 20. HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY 21. Assign Responsibility 22. Live by aProcess 23. Follow Dont Lead 24. Decide What Channel to Use for What Purpose The Conversation Prism 25. Social Media Toolkit PICK YOUR TOOLS 26. Monitor your Brand and Your Competition LISTEN 27. ENGAGE Old Marketing is Archery Target & Interrupt New Marketing is Ping Pong Dialog and Relationship Building From Trying to Sell to Making Connections 28. StopThinking:Campaigns StartThinking:CONVERSATIONS 29. Be Interesting 30. Talk When People are Listening 31. HumanizeCreate Approachability influence how your company is perceived 32. MEASURE 33. a few more things 34. Social Media isWORK 35. Social Media Isnt theanswer to everything 36. If your product is garbage Social Media Wont Fix it 37. C U S T O M E R S E R V I C E If your Customer Service needs fixing Social Media can help 38. Social Media Can Help Repeat Visits 39. Social Media can helpWord of Mouth 40. Social Media can be a little scary at first If you need HelpASK 41. The Basics Worth Repeating 42. Rule #1HAVE A PLAN 43. Rule #2LISTEN

  • Google Alerts
  • TweetDeck/HootSuite
  • RSS
  • (just for starters)

44. Rule #3ENGAGE 45. Rule #4MEASURE 46. whats going on out there? 47. Excellent Example of Blogging 48. Great use of YouTube 49. Giving value on Twitter 50. Getting Started On Facebook 51. Excellent Example of Personal Branding & being the face of the company 52. Excellent use of Twitter to Promote 53. From Controlling Our Image to Being Ourselves Let employees put a friendly face on the corporation 54. Exchanging Value 55. CAUSE MARKETING 56. Green Selling 57. QUESTIONS