Amazion Bans 100s of Holocaust Revisionist Books .Bans 100s of HolocausT RevisionisT BookS! March

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Transcript of Amazion Bans 100s of Holocaust Revisionist Books .Bans 100s of HolocausT RevisionisT BookS! March

  • Amazon has now banned hundreds of books written by revisionists on the so-called "Holocaust" after being pressured by organized jewry. Despite the books remaining available at much

    smaller outlets this will have a large negative impact on the public being able to access the revisionist side of the argument

    that exposes the "Holocaust" Industry's lies. This move is further evidence of organized jewry's desire to impose a tyrannical

    muzzle on our ability to not only speak truth to jewish power, but also what we can even read and consequently think.

    The jewish "Holocaust" lies that have been imposed upon Whites represents the keystone that supports a whole system of

    other jewish idealogical lies that attack and seeks to destroy White societies through guilt tripping us into racial self


    Amazon, by bowing down to organized jewish demands to remove revisionist books, is showing that it now supports jewish surpremacism and is against historical truth, and therefore also


    A silver lining to this banning of Revisionist books is that it is effectively a declaration of defeat on the part of the Holocaust

    Industry. It sees it cannot win the argument, so it resorts to banning the Revisionists argument from public circulation!

    Below are the reactions from various websites KATANA


    Bans 100s ofHolocausTRevisionisT


    March 2017

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    Hundreds of Titles Erased within a Day

    By Germar Rudolf

    Published: 2017-03-08

    On February 23rd, 2017, the worlds media started spreading the news that Israels government-sponsored Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Center started putting Amazon under pressure to remove any and all material that questions the orthodox Holocaust narrative. Here is a list of items for your perusal: