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Why to use Alvex in your projects? How to become a partner?

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  • 1. Alvex. Become a partnerPartner relationship teamITD Systems

2. Agenda What is the role of the partner in our businessmodel? Why join the Alvex Partner Program? Requirements for partnership How to become a partner? Advices on successful partnership 3. What is the role of the partner in ourbusiness model? 4. What is the role of the partner? 5. The role of the partner We, ITD Systems, develop and market Alvex. We dont work withcustomers, dont sell directly and dont implement Alvex projects onour own. If you are a system integrator or a consulting company, you can useAlvex in your projects. Your projects are your business: 6. The role of ITD Systems We, ITD Systems, develop and market Alvex. We implement new features and ensure compatibility with thenewest Alfresco releases. We provide information and marketing support on pre-sales andsales stages. We provide technical assistance during implementation, includingbug fixes if necessary. If you develop your own solution that uses Alvex, we providedeveloper support, including specification of upcoming Alvexreleases, consulting on implementation of the required features. Wealso consider your requests on adding new APIs and interfaces. 7. Why join the Alvex Partner Program? 8. Why to use Alvex? Alvex allows you to offer many new features to yourcustomers. The most important thing is that even during proofof concept stage you can show a business oriented solutionrather than platform and framework. Out of the box Alvex brings ready to use business processes,pre-configured document registers, org chart with out of officeoption, dynamic BPM and ad-hoc workflow design, flexiblereports, easy to use user interface. Demonstrating an advanced solution makes your Alfrescoproject much more likely to be chosen from possiblealternatives. 9. Advantages of Partnership Discounts for Alvex Enterprise and for our services Listing on Alvex website Joint marketing Participation in Alvex roadmap planning and others...The full list of Advantages depends on the Partner Level. 10. Partner LevelsThe are two levels of partnership: Registered Partner begining partners with good competence in Alfresco Advanced Partner experienced partners with closed deals and existing customers 11. Partner Levels 12. Alvex editions Official partners can use both Alvex Community and AlvexEnterprise editions. But before choosing Community its betterto ask the customer does he need Enterprise features andvendors support or not. 13. Requirements for partnership 14. Requirements for partnership 15. How to become a partner? 16. How to become a partner?1. Be sure that you are ready to match all requirements2. Be ready to answer following questions: Do you have opportunities for using Alvex in your projects? What is your target markets? Can you show us examples of your existing customers? Where do you see Alvex sitting in your solution set and positioning to target markets? What steps are planned in the first months of the partnership?3. Contact us via 17. Advices on successful partnership 18. Advices on successful partnering Share your ideas on Alvex promotion in your market with us. Tell us about new features you would like to see in Alvex. Report bugs you found in Alvex to Share your pipeline/forecast with us in the first stage of work onthe opportunities. If we know that you work on the prospect wewill protect your deal. Dont have uneducated people represent your company to usand to prospects. Translate Alvex to your language if its still untranslated(, it makes customers happier andgives you additional discount for Alvex subscriptions. 19. Questions? @itdsystems, #alvex