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  • 1. West Midlands Museum Policy Forum Thursday 17th October 2013

2. Members Museums & Galleries: Birmingham Museums Trust / Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives / British Library / British Museum / Glasgow Museums / Imperial War Museums / Library of Birmingham / National Galleries of Scotland / National Gallery / National Museum of the Royal Navy / National Museums Liverpool / National Museums Scotland / National Portrait Gallery / Natural History Museum / Oxford University Museums / RAF Museum / Royal Academy / Royal Museums Greenwich / Science Museum Group / Somerset House Trust / Tate / University of Cambridge Museums / Victoria and Albert Museum Heritage & Cathedrals: Canal and River Trust / Canterbury Cathedral / The Churches Conservation Trust / City of London Attractions / English Heritage / Historic Royal Palaces / Historic Scotland / Houses of Parliament / National Trust National Trust for Scotland / The Old Royal Naval College Greenwich / Portsmouth Historic Dockyard / St Pauls Cathedral / Shakespeare Birthplace Trust / The Roman Baths and Pump Room, Bath / The Royal Collection Trust / Titanic Belfast / Treasure Houses of England / Westminster Abbey Gardens & Leisure: Eden Project / Continuum Group / The North of England Zoological Society / Pleasure Beach / The Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh / The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew / The Royal Horticultural Society / The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland / Warner Bros. Studio Tour London The Making of Harry Potter / The Zoological Society of London 3. Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Council member Director Chair Chair JudgeKids in Museums Heritage Alliance Geffrye Museum of the Home Tourism Society St Pauls Cathedral, London Tourism Alliance London International Festival of Theatre WWF-UK Council Museums and Heritage Awards Former Chair Former Chair Formerly atVisitManchester British Tourism Week VisitBritain, No 10, Royal Household 4. The national representative body for the UKs most popular, iconic and important museums, galleries, heritage sites, historic houses, gardens, churches, cathedrals, palaces, castles, zoos and leisure attractions.We represent our members to Government, politicians, policymakers, the media and the wider business and tourism sectors.We provide lobbying, PR, market intelligence, benchmarking, aids to continual performance improvement and networking services to our members. We work with partners to raise political, media and public understanding of the importance of attractions and tourism. 5. Lobbying priorities Convened General Election group with Tourism Alliance, Merlin and British Hospitality Association Ticket touts and consumer rights Weather forecasting Broadband in rural areas Visas Transport infrastructure VAT and APD Support for VB, VE, VS, VW and LEPs, and DMOs Comprehensive Spending Review cuts and justification of outputs etc. 6. 2013 Aug 2012 July 2013 inbound visits +3%, +10% 64% of population still worried about job security and making ends meet 4 in 10 spending less on holidays ABs change destinations, DEs cutting out trips 1 in 4 say a domestic holiday replaces a foreign one 7. 50% content with domestic holiday rather than foreign holiday, but thats reducing 59% say they holiday in the UK for positive reasons, 17% said for financial reasons ie. cheaper Olympic & Jubilee effect: 60 % said the events of 2012 made them feel proud to be British and 20% said more likely to holiday in the UK as a result 8. The UK is the seventh largest international tourism destination ranked by visitor numbers. The first six destinations are France, USA, China, Spain, Italy and Turkey. UNWTO, 2012 The UK is the seventh largest international tourism destination ranked by visitor expenditure. The first six destinations are USA, Spain, France, China, Italy and Germany. UNWTO, 2012 9. Growing and Declining Markets Largest IncreaseLargest Decline Argentina +29% China +24% Hungary +23% Singapore +19% Thailand +19% Poland +17% South Korea +12% Czech Republic +12% Belgium +11% South Africa +11%Greece -27% Finland -10% Malaysia -9% Australia -7% New Zealand -6% Brazil -6% Spain -6% Ireland -5% Hong Kong -5% Netherlands -4% International Passenger Survey, ONS, 2013 10. Getting people out of London London accounts for 51% of all inbound visits and 40% of all nights Why international visitors dont leave London: Other international places to go to first Nervous about driving So much to see and do in London Dont know what to do or where to go46% 46% 39% 36% 11. Why international visitors do leave London: History and heritage Diversity of regions is interesting Countryside is unique and beautiful Unique places to stay Meet the locals and see the British way of life81% 80% 78% 75% 70% Willingness to travel from the arrival point is a maximum of 2-3 hours Strong preference to travel by train rather than drive 12. Tourism is an Export Industry: In 2011 travel expenditure by non-residents visiting the UK accounted for 11.3% of UK service sector exports and 4.4% of total UK exports. The Pink Book, HM Treasury, 2012 Tourism is the UKs sixth largest export earner, after Chemicals, Financial Services, Intermediate Manufactured Goods, Capital Goods, and Transportation. The Pink Book, HM Treasury, 2012 13. UK Tourism is worth: 2011: 125billion 2012: 134billion 6.9% increase The UK tourism industry employs 2.72m people (2011). The sector is the UKs third largest employer, accounting for 9.1% of total employment. There are 249,000 tourism businesses in the UK Tourism businesses account for 9.8% of all businesses in the UK. Tourism accounts for 17% of all part-time employment in the UK. The Geography of Tourism Employment, Office for National Statistics, 2012 14. Take Tourism Seriously Last General Election in 2010 no mention of tourism, despite size and importance 7th October 33 orgs including ALVA wrote to all party leaders & now will write to MPs and candidates Key issues: Air Passenger Duty, VAT, Visas, Support for VBs work abroad and domestic tourism infrastructure and marketing 15. Key lessons from 2012 and 2013: Refresh and Entice Authentic sense of place Telling peoples stories Staff not stuff 16. Refresh and Entice Attractions which were refreshed, refurbished, had new permanent or temporary exhibitions did well regardless of the weather, especially with local and domestic audiences Local audiences feel a stronger emotional ownership of, and affinity to their attractions in times of economic hardship; year passes have done very well 17. Memberships / Friends have increased significantly partly because of exclusivity, partly because of packages and benefits, mostly because of bypassing the queue and securing a ticket People are down-sizing from professional clubs and re-housing in member facilities in attractions partly for cost, partly for ambience 18. Authentic sense of place As high streets and towns become more homogenised the authenticity of place becomes more important Your attractions must reek of your locality, including procurement of food and drinks, retail products 19. Exploit our love of standing on the spot In times of recession people want to be reassured of who they are and where they come from; people yearn for a physical connection to the past, which is certain because the future is too daunting. Nostalgia is comforting. A blogger in residence Telling the stories in an accessible, non-corporate style; combining humour with stories and compelling new stories 20. Telling peoples stories Downton Abbey, Upstairs Downstairs effect New interest in learning skills, particularly domestic: Great British Bake Off Buildings are interesting, inhabitants stories more so Georgian great, George even better 21. Staff not stuff People first visit because of what youve got your artefacts but they return because of who you employ Best memories are of people not objects Allow your staff to bring stories alive, to explain, to excite, to dramatise, to surprise London 2012 Gamesmakers & volunteers