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    Bike helmets and Eyewear

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    Bike helmets and Eyewear


    ENduro 08

    mouNtaINBIKE 16

    road 26

    tour 34

    CItY/E-BIKE 40

    ParK 46

    JuNIor/KIds 50


    Pro lINE 72

    PErformaNCE 78

    sPorts stYlE 96

    JuNIor/KIds 104

  • 2dEvEloPmENt aNd dEsIgNAt Alpina, our team of product developers and product managers includes top former and current athletes, tireless veterans of the saddle and pedaleros with a penchant for the great outdoors. Each in their own way is a both a stern critic and a font of inspiration when it comes to the holy grail of helmet and sports glasses.

    At our new premises in Sulzemoos near Munich, we draw up sketches, make 3D models, simulate air streams, produce resin moulds, file down prototypes, test materials, try out colour combinations, draw decorative designs, test products ready for mass production and invite everyone from the Managing Director to the intern to give their honest opinion. And we carry on doing so until a smile of satisfaction and pride begins to spread across the face of every-one involved. Were only satisfied once we have found the perfect balance of fit, protection and style that comes together as one in our helmets and glasses. Until that point we are restlessly preoccupied with the search for the ultimate design solution.

  • 3ProduCtIoN aNd qualItY assuraNCEEngineered in Germany is a quality seal which carries worldwide prestige. Behind it lies an iron law compelling us to apply only the very highest standards of quality, production and safety to our products. So at Alpina everything is done in Germany: not just the development of our helmets but also the testing and certification.

    The whole process starts with the creative think tank at our head office in Sulzemoos near Munich, with work then continuing at our plants in Lederdorn and Passau in Lower Bavaria, which is where most of our helmets see the light of day. Here, the helmets are manufactured, fine-tuned and tested before all receiving their certificate of compliance with the applicable standard, EN 1078, from the TV Rheinland testing institute. From initial idea to finished helmet takes up to two years. Its a long time compared to the time it takes to make a helmet once it is in series production, where man and machine can work together to mould, press and bond a helmet in a mere 10 minutes.

  • Technologies



    safEtYThe basic reason for wearing a cycle helmet is safety. From the engineers perspective there is an art to combining various materials in such a way as to provide the greatest possible protection to the head in the event of an impact. It also important that the helmet is not cumbersome to wear. At Alpina we are constantly looking for new ways of ensuring our helmets are state-of-the-art in all aspects of stability, shock absorption and construction.

    The Inmold production process involves the polycarbonate outer shell of the helmet being heated to a high temperature and baked onto the EPS helmet body at high pressure. This produces a permanent bond across the entire surface of the inner and outer shells, producing a helmet with the advantage of being very light yet extremely stable.

  • 5Twin Shell

    HI EPS CeramiC

    EdgE ProtEct


    Alpina helmets have inner shells made of Hi-EPS (highly expanded polystyrene). This material consists of many mi-croscopically small air chambers which effectively absorb the forces caused by an impact. Hi-EPS provides optimum protection with the benefit of allowing extra-thin walls.

    This impact- and scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell is fitted to all Alpina helmets manufactured using the Inmold procedure. The blank workpieces are shaped at high temperature onto the form of the helmet design and the shells are then pressed onto the helmets Hi-EPS body. The material combines a number of distinct advantages: it is impact- and scratch-resistant, it contains UV stabilisers and is anti-static.

    This manufacturing process ensures that there are no sharp edges to be found on Inmold helmets, reducing the risk of getting hurt in two ways: firstly, handling the helmet is always comfortable on the hands, and secondly, the bottom edge of the helmet will not cause scratches to the neck and shoulder areas in the event of a crash.

    Here, the EPS layer consists of two separate polystyrene layers of varying thickness which are securely bonded together. The interlocking construction of these two layers (the Conehead construction) ensures maximum shock absorption and optimisation of the helmets weight and stability.

    A second polycarbonate shell with a lattice structure extending across the entire helmet between the outer shell and the EPS body, providing additional rigidity. This second shell is permanently bonded to the outer shell and the EPS material of the helmet body using the Inmold process, and allows the best possible distribution of pressure in the event of a crash.

    A cage-like structure which extends across the edges of the EPS framework. It gives the helmet greater stability and makes it harder for the EPS to break in case of an impact. With this reinforcement in place the helmet can be de-signed with openings for ventilation with no loss of stability.

  • 6Run SyStem eRgo+Run SyStem eRgo PRo


    Like its big brother Run System Ergo Pro, Alpinas second-in-the-range helmet adjustment system also offers the two newly developed head rests for pressure distribution plus the new, easier-to-use adjustment wheel at the back of the helmet. The only difference between this and the top model is that the wing-shaped pads and the adjustment wheel are made of plastic only.

    The top-of-the-range model of ALPINAs new adjustment systems for the rear of the head features two large head rests to the left and right of a newly-designed adjustment wheel. These two wing-shaped pads and the adjustment wheel are made of twin-component mix of plastic and rubber. Since 2014, Run System Ergo Pro has been avail-able in colours to match the helmet.

    The fit of a helmet is a complex science. Just like fingerprints, every head is unique, and so the inside of a helmet has to be constructed so that it can fit many different head shapes comfortably. We believe it is important to make the technology for adjusting the helmet as easy and convenient to use as possible. For example, we want you to be able to tighten your helmet one-handed as you ride or while youre waiting at the lights, without having to take it off.

  • 73d FIT

    Run SyStem ClaSSiCRun SyStem eRgo

    Ergomatic Custom Fit


    Third in the family of adjustment systems, the Run System Ergo dispenses with the head rests offered by its two big brothers, but has the newly developed adjustment wheel in the twin-component mix, giving a sure grip every time when adjusting the helmet to a perfect fit.

    A helmet can only provide proper protection if it stays securely in place in the event of an impact. The fastening that joins the two straps under the ear is critical to this. Alpinas Y-Clip system guarantees a perfect fit down to the last millimetre, all in a matter of seconds.

    As heads vary in shape they need an adjustment system that is flexible. In combination with the Run Systems, Cus-tom Fit ensures a slip-free snug fit. The rear neck support can be adjusted to several angles of incline so that it fits snugly and without undue pressure.

    The supporting system inside an Alpina helmet is con-structed with maximum flexibility in mind. 3D Fit is a system for adjusting the helmets height. The fastening just above the ear can be adjusted in several stages and when combined with the various Run Systems and Custom Fit this means that the length, width and height of the helmets interior structure can all be adjusted to the individuals needs a real three-dimensional adjustment system.

    If you only use your bike to run down to the shops theres no need to splash out on a highly sophisticated adjustment system. Our Run System Classic fits the bill nicely, with a simple, robust adjustment wheel that is easy to use and keeps the helmet securely where it belongs: on your head.

    Tried and tested countless times, this is the buckle used in all Alpina cycle helmets. It features a red push button and multi-step automatic adjustment. It can be used one-handed, so for example you can loosen the strap when riding uphill and tighten it again for the descent, and it cannot come open in the event of a crash.

  • Technologies


    a-B-C sYstEm


    The first-ever active air-flow system, for efficient temperature control. Cool air is actively drawn into vents which are optimally arranged in the specially shaped outer shell of the helmet. It passes across the head and is directed out at the back as warm air.

    What gives a helmet that extra bit of value or comfort can sometimes come right down to the details those valuable features you cant imagine ever having been without. We continually hone and refine the functions of our helmets in order to ensure there is nothing that might interfere with your cycling enjoyment.

    To do this, Alpina might apply the laws of physics or simply call upon the practical experiences and straightforward common sense of its employees, customers and sports equipment retailers.

  • 9AntibActeriAl interior

    Airflow Venting

    FLY Net

    Alpina developers dedicate a lot of time and energy to continually improving the ventilation of our cycle helmets. After testing the layout of the vents in the wind tunnel our engineers can create a kind of Venturi effect inside the helmet to cool the head, reduce sweat levels and increase performance.

    The front ventilation holes have a mesh lining which effectively works as an insect screen to protect the wearers head from insect bites when riding in hot or humid conditions.

    The padding is designed to prevent the development of bacteria and odour caused by sweat. The helmet pads have been dermatologically tested and proved to have excellent skin compatibility. They can be quickly removed and washed at a maximum temperature of 40 C.

  • KINg CaraPax



  • Enduro

  • Leonardo da Vinci was one of our forefathers who was able to learn from his environment and convert his findings into new technical developments.

    We have drawn inspiration from evolutions winners. What secrets lie behind their success? We have analysed the success stories, decoded them and applied them to our new collection.




    Helmets for use in the Enduro segment have to provide extra levels of head protection. A prominent peak and swept-back design at the rear make it possible to protect vulnerable parts of the head like the back of the skull and the area around the eyes. In nature, the toughest armour is worn by the tortoise, which enjoys 360 protection. Its no surprise, then, that this armour, or carapace, which is made of a particularly hard kind of horn material called keratin, is the inspiration for our Carapax family of helmets. Impressed by the design of the tortoise, our product developers set themselves the target of creating a helmet that could cover a proportionately greater surface area of the head than other helmets manage.

    Last year Alpina was ready to launch the Carapax onto the Enduro market. It is a modern classic, and has now been joined by three new variants this year. First there is the Carapax Junior, which as the name suggests, is a smaller version designed for children. Next, the Garbanzo, which represents a slightly different interpretation of the Enduro helmet in aesthetic terms whilst fulfilling the same promise of safety at a more advantageous price.

    Crowning the range, however, we have the King Carapax. For Enduro riders used to carrying separate helmets for uphill and downhill riding, this is now the only helmet they will ever need. Light and airy, it has a large peak and a chinguard. A lightweight, full-face helmet that is set to pick up a handful of design awards.


    - we identified and researched the most successful inventions.

    - we deconstructed the actual winning technologies and materials.

    - we applied and continue to apply our findings to new products.

  • ComfortsafEtY ErgoNomICs


    blackA9698.1.30 size 53-57A9698.3.30 size 57-62

    orange-blueA9698.1.50 size 53-57A9698.3.50 size 57-62

    KINg CaraPax A9698

    Superlight Fullface!

    New for 2015! The CARAPAX completely took the world of cycling by storm last year, or the world of Enduro to be precise, and now it is joined by a big brother: KING CARAPAX. This Enduro helmet features a larger peak and an integrated chin-guard for even more safety on the downhill.

    Run System Ergo Pro 398g 17 vents

  • safEtY ComfortErgoNomICs



    blue-orangeA9688.1.82 size 53-57A9688.3.82 size 57-62

    blue-whiteA9688.1.81 size 53-57A9688.3.81 size 57-62

    black-pinkA9688.1.33 size 53-57

    white-blueA9688.1.83 size 53-57A9688.3.83 size 57-62

    black-greenA9688.1.32 size 53-57A9688.3.32 size 57-62

    black-white-redA9688.1.31 size 53-57A9688.3.31 size 57-62

    greenA9688.1.70 size 53-57A9688.3.70 size 57-62

    CaraPax A9688



    Sleek and simple: the CARAPAX from Alpina. With its stylish swept-back design, bold air vents, a height-adjustable peak and sleek good looks available in a variety of striking colours, this helmet has everything it takes to meet the sternest Enduro challenge. Including 360 all-round protection.

    Run System Ergo Pro 250g 17 vents

  • ComfortsafEtY ErgoNomICs


    blackA9700.1.30 size 53-57A9700.3.30 size 57-62

    ash-olive-orangeA9700.1.31 size 53-57A9700.3.31 size 57-62

    white-titanium-redA9700.1.11 size 53-57A9700.3.11 size 57-62

    green-silver-whiteA9700.1.70 size 53-57A9700.3.70 size 57-62

    green-pinkA9700.1.71 size 53-57

    darksilver-blueA9700.1.20 size 53-57A9700.3.20 size 57-62

    darkblue-orangeA9700.1.80 size 53-57A9700.3.80 size 57-62

    garBaNzo A9700Enduro is enjoying a real boom at the moment, so naturally Alpina is in the fore, presenting a range of new helmets to go alongside the successful CARAPAX Enduro helmet this season. The GABANZO, for instance. Its inherited all the best features of the CARAPAX and at a very affordable price.

    Run System Ergo Pro 255g 24 vents

  • Enduro


    titanium-redA9689.3.31 size 55-56A9689.4.31 size 57-58A9689.5.31 size 59-60A9689.6.31 size 61


    PANOMA MAGNETIC Dblack matt A7081.1.32 base CERAMIC clear S0 lens CERAMIC black S3

    SMASH 2.0black A7075.1.32lens CERAMIC clear S0

    fullfaCE A9689

    Panoma Magnetic D


    There are precisely three things downhill bikers want from their head protection: safety, safety and more safety. The FULLFACE downhill helmet from Alpina fulfils all three requirements with flying colours and looks fast too, especially with matching PANOMA MAGNETIC D goggles. The Fullface meets standard EN-1077 and EN-1078.

  • ElExxIoN xC d- alto l.E.

    mYtHos 2.0 l.E.

    PHEox l.E.

    mYtHos 2.0

    d- alto

  • Mountainbike

  • safEtY ErgoNomICs Comfort





    red-white-titanA9687.1.50 size 50-55A9687.2.50 size 55-59A9687.3.50 size 58-63

    black-titanA9687.1.33 size 50-55A9687.2.33 size 55-59A9687.3.33 size 58-63

    black-green-whiteA9687.1.31 size 50-55A9687.2.31 size 55-59A9687.3.31 size 58-63

    black-blue-orangeA9687.1.34 size 50-55A9687.2.34 size 55-59A9687.3.34 size 58-63

    The MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM swears by this masterpiece. Alpinas new top-of-the-range helmet is packed with all the latest Alpina technology to promote performance excellence and is especially light and well ventilated.

    Run System Ergo Pro 220g 23 vents

    ElExxIoN xC A9687

  • ComfortsafEtY ErgoNomICs


    black-whiteA9682.1.32 size 50-55A9682.2.32 size 55-59A9682.3.32 size 58-63

    black-white-redA9682.1.31 size 50-55A9682.2.31 size 55-59A9682.3.31 size 58-63

    black-greenA9682.1.33 size 50-55A9682.2.33 size 55-59A9682.3.33 size 58-63

    PHEox l.E. A9682MountainBIKE magazine summed it up pretty well: Super-adjustable, excellent ventilation and very comfortable due to its minimal weight a real high-end helmet. The Alpina Pheox L.E. mountain bike helmet is the perfect partner for race or tour.

    Twin-Shell Run System Ergo Pro Peak 235g 20 vents

    Grade: excellent May 2013 issue: Super-adjustable, excellent ventilation and also very comfortable due to its minimal weight. The Pheox L.E. is a real high-end helmet.

  • Mou




  • ComfortsafEtY ErgoNomICs


    white-rose-lightblueA9635.1.17 size 52-57

    d-alto l.E. A9635Sorcery



    white-black-greenA9635.1.18 size 52-57A9635.3.18 size 57-61

    black mattA9635.1.45 size 52-57A9635.3.45 size 57-61

    darksilver-proseccoA9635.1.25 size 52-57

    white mattA9635.1.43 size 52-57A9635.3.43 size 57-61

    titanium-cyan mattA9635.1.22 size 52-57A9635.3.22 size 57-61

    You can always learn from the classics. What a really lightweight, superbly ventilated and exceptionally well fitting mountain bike helmet looks like, for instance, in the case of the D-ALTO L.E. from Alpina. Its no surprise that this Alpina classic has picked up numerous awards.

    Run System Ergo Pro 230g 26 vents

  • ErgoNomICs ComfortsafEtY





    black-red-whiteA9634.1.39 size 52-57A9634.3.39 size 57-61

    titanium-greenA9634.1.70 size 52-57A9634.3.70 size 57-61

    white-blue-silverA9634.1.24 size 52-57

    white-silver-pinkA9634.1.29 size 52-57

    white-titanium-purpleA9634.1.28 size 52-57

    white-proseccoA9634.1.62 size 52-57A9634.3.62 size 57-61

    white-orange-blueA9634.1.42 size 53-57A9634.3.42 size 57-62

    d-alto A9634

    Twist Four 2.0 VL M+


    If youre into dazzling good looks you might pass by the classic matt D-ALTO L.E. in favour of its hand-some, glossy brother, the D-ALTO. The D-ALTO is also an especially light mountain bike helmet with excellent ventilation and an extremely secure fit.

    Run System Ergo + 230g 26 vents

  • ComfortsafEtY ErgoNomICs


    red-blue-whiteA9671.1.51 size 52-57A9671.3.51 size 57-62

    mYtHos 2.0 l.E. A9671

    Sorcery CM+


    black-whiteA9671.1.30 size 52-57A9671.3.30 size 57-62

    black mattA9671.1.32 size 52-57A9671.3.32 size 57-62A9671.5.32 size 59-64

    white-darksilver-pinkA9671.1.19 size 52-57

    darksilver-blue-orangeA9671.1.33 size 52-57A9671.3.33 size 57-62A9671.5.33 size 59-64

    blueA9671.1.81 size 52-57A9671.3.81 size 57-62

    white-proseccoA9671.1.20 size 52-57

    white-titanium-lightblueA9671.1.80 size 52-57A9671.3.80 size 57-62

    True to the motto Making good things even better, Alpina has given its best seller, the MYTHOS, a little live cell therapy. The MYTHOS 2.0. L.E. now benefits from an even better fit and represents better value for money than ever. L.E. stands for a matt finish. Available in eight styles.

    Run System Ergo Pro 250g 25 vents

  • ErgoNomICs ComfortsafEtY





    white-lightblue-darksilverA9672.1.19 size 52-57

    orange-blue-titaniumA9672.1.41 size 52-57A9672.3.41 size 57-62

    black-white-greenA9672.1.30 size 52-57A9672.3.30 size 57-62

    white-purple-titaniumA9672.1.11 size 52-57A9672.3.11 size 57-62

    black-red-whiteA9672.1.50 size 52-57A9672.3.50 size 57-62

    black-white linesA9672.1.20 size 52-57A9672.3.20 size 57-62A9672.5.20 size 59-64

    white-silverA9672.1.21 size 52-57A9672.3.21 size 57-62

    mYtHos 2.0 A9672Alpinas price-busting helmet the MYTHOS not only available in matt. For performance that really shines, choose the glossy MYTHOS 2.0 mountain bike helmet from Alpina in one of the seven available styles. Also available in plus sizes.

    Run System Ergo + 250g 25 vents

  • ElExxIoN rC CYBrIC

    ElExxIoN tt


    ElExxIoN tt Pro

  • Road

  • Leonardo da Vinci was one of our forefathers who was able to learn from his environment and convert his findings into new technical developments.

    We have drawn inspiration from evolutions winners. What secrets lie behind their success? We have analysed the success stories, decoded them and applied them to our new collection.





    - we identified and researched the most successful inventions.

    - we deconstructed the actual winning technologies and materials.

    - we applied and continue to apply our findings to new products.

  • safEtY ErgoNomICs Comfort


    white-blue-redA9686.1.12 size 50-55A9686.2.12 size 55-59A9686.3.12 size 58-63

    ElExxIoN rC A9686Twist Four Shield RL

    VL M+


    black-titanA9686.1.30 size 50-55A9686.2.30 size 55-59A9686.3.30 size 58-63

    orange-blue-whiteA9686.1.41 size 50-55A9686.2.41 size 55-59A9686.3.41 size 58-63

    The ELEXXION RC is Alpinas superlative helmet. Equipped with the latest innovative technologies Alpina has to offer, its a sure-fire winner for competition cyclists.

    Run System Ergo Pro 215g 23 vents

  • ErgoNomICs ComfortsafEtY



    black-greenA9674.1.30 size 50-55A9674.2.30 size 55-59A9674.3.30 size 58-63

    PHEox A9674white-redA9674.1.14 size 50-55A9674.2.14 size 55-59A9674.3.14 size 58-63


    The Alpina PHEOX racing helmet doesnt just look good on the outside with its 20 air vents, it has great features inside as well, including the TWIN-SHELL design for optimum stiffness and, according to bike magazine Tour, the best available adjustment system.

    Run System Ergo Pro 225g 20 vents

  • safEtY ErgoNomICs Comfort


    white-blue-redA9664.1.17 size 53-57A9664.3.17 size 58-63

    white-blackA9664.1.16 size 53-57A9664.3.16 size 58-63

    white-anthracite-cyanA9664.1.15 size 53-57A9664.3.15 size 58-63

    white-red-carbonA9664.1.14 size 53-57A9664.3.14 size 58-63

    CYBrIC A9664So maybe you only jump on your racing bike occasionally after work and go on a cycling holiday in the mountains once a year you still need the same level of protection as the stars of the Tour de France. Introducing your dream partner: Alpinas CYBRIC racing helmet.

    Run System Classic 225g 18 vents

  • safEtY ErgoNomICs

    safEtY ErgoNomICs



    white-carbonA9632.1.54 size 51-55A9632.3.54 size 55-60

    white-blackA9685.3.11 size 54-59

    ElExxIoN tt Pro A9632

    ElExxIoN tt A9685

    If youre a member of the exclusive club for time triallists, Intermediate triathletes and track cyclists youll need a helmet thats extremely aerodynamic and light. Such as the ELEXXION TT PRO time trial helmet from Alpina 255 grams of carbon, styled for victory in the wind tunnel.

    255g 17 vents

    To cover the 40-kilometre cycling stage of an Intermediate triathlon in under 55 minutes youre going to need some help in the form of aerodynamics. The Alpina ELEXXION TT time trial helmet was born in the wind tunnel, and it also has the advantages of an Inmold shell and an unbeatable price tag.

    320g 4 vents

  • sKId l.E. PaNoma l.E.sKId


  • Tour

  • safEtY ErgoNomICs Comfort


    black-red-whiteA9694.0.33 size 51-56A9694.1.33 size 55-59A9694.3.33 size 58-63

    sKId 2.0 l.E. A9694white-blue-blackA9694.0.11 size 51-56A9694.1.11 size 55-59A9694.3.11 size 58-63

    whiteA9694.0.10 size 51-56A9694.1.10 size 55-59A9694.3.10 size 58-63

    black-anthraciteA9694.0.30 size 51-56A9694.1.30 size 55-59A9694.3.30 size 58-63

    black-darkgrey-greenA9694.0.31 size 51-56A9694.1.31 size 55-59A9694.3.31 size 58-63

    pearlwhite-proseccoA9694.0.18 size 51-56A9694.1.18 size 55-59

    Smart people wear the SKID 2.0 L.E. on the ride to work every day as well as for recreational tours. Handy extras: the SKID 2.0 L.E. comes in extra-small and extra-large sizes and with an optional rear light.

    Run System Ergo+ 245g 17 vents Optional Multi-Fit Light

  • safEtY ErgoNomICs Comfort



    black-white-redA9695.0.32 size 51-56A9695.1.32 size 55-59A9695.3.32 size 58-63

    white-pink-blackA9695.0.16 size 51-56A9695.1.16 size 55-59

    black-silver-whiteA9695.0.33 size 51-56A9695.1.33 size 55-59A9695.3.33 size 58-63

    darksilver-cyan-whiteA9695.0.21 size 51-56A9695.1.21 size 55-59A9695.3.21 size 58-63

    white-silverA9695.0.15 size 51-56A9695.1.15 size 55-59

    white-greenA9695.0.71 size 51-56A9695.1.71 size 55-59A9695.3.71 size 58-63

    sKId 2.0 A9695

    Sorcery HR CM+


    A sporty helmet with optional Alpina Multi-Fit light for fashion-conscious touring cyclists who prefer a gloss finish. The SKID 2.0 is also available in non-standard sizes.

    Run System Ergo 240g 17 vents Optional Multi-Fit Light

  • ComfortErgoNomICssafEtY


    white-green-blackA9673.1.72 size 52-57A9673.3.72 size 56-59

    PaNoma l.E. A9673

    darksilver-titaniumA9673.1.25 size 52-57A9673.3.25 size 56-59

    white-proseccoA9673.1.11 size 52-57

    white-silver-blueA9673.1.12 size 52-57

    black-white-redA9673.1.32 size 52-57A9673.3.32 size 56-59

    titanium-orange-blueA9673.1.33 size 52-57A9673.3.33 size 56-59

    titanium-pinkA9673.1.34 size 52-57A9673.3.34 size 56-59

    The PANOMA L.E. is a faithful companion for the daily commute into town and weekend rides. The PANOMA L.E. comes in seven matt-finish designs at an unbeatable price.

    Runs System Classic 255g 23 vents Optional Multi-Fit Light

  • ComfortErgoNomICssafEtY

    Sorcery CM+




    black-titanium-whiteA9665.1.35 size 52-57A9665.3.35 size 56-59

    red-silver-blueA9665.1.52 size 52-57A9665.3.52 size 56-59

    lightblue-pinkA9665.1.83 size 52-57

    black-anthraciteA9665.1.31 size 52-57A9665.3.31 size 56-59

    white-cyan-greenA9665.1.18 size 52-57A9665.3.18 size 56-59

    pearlwhite-magentaA9665.1.15 size 52-57A9665.3.15 size 56-59

    white-proseccoA9665.1.12 size 52-57

    PaNoma A9665If you use your bike every day to get to work or the shops you want a helmet that can cover all bases. A helmet that gives optimum protection. Thats good value for money. And glints in the sun. No such thing? Think again!

    Run System Classic 255g 23 vents Optional Multi-Fit Light

    Feb 2013: Lightest helmet in test, with excellent equipment

  • Citye-bike

    e-HElm dEluxE PaNoma CItY

  • 44

  • ComfortErgoNomICssafEtY

    Alpina Multi-Fit Raincover



    black-darksilver reflectiveA9690.1.32 size 55-59A9690.3.32 size 57-61

    eHElm deluxe A9690white-black reflectiveA9690.1.10 size 55-59A9690.3.10 size 57-61

    black-pinstripes reflectiveA9690.1.31 size 55-59A9690.3.31 size 57-61

    E-biking is more popular now than ever. But if youre thinking of using this new form of mobility youll still need to provide the best possible protection for your head. The E-HELM DELUXE packs Alpinas trusted top features into a stylish modern shell. Includes a rain cover and rear light.

    Run System Ergo Pro 260g 21 vents Multi-Fit Light

    passend fr alle Alpina Erwachsenen-HelmeA9999.9.65 size S-MA9999.9.66 size L-XL

  • 46


    1 x Helm-Display A0002.0.62

    2 x e-Helm Deluxe Test A9690.1.71 size 55-59

    1 x e-Helm Deluxe Test A9690.3.71 size 57-61

    30 x Padsets for e-Helm Deluxe A9999.9.67

    tEstHElm dIsPlaY with 3x eHElm deluxe A9699.9.01

  • ComfortErgoNomICssafEtY



    orange matt reflectiveA9666.1.41 size 52-57A9666.3.41 size 56-59

    PaNoma CItY A9666

    black matt reflectiveA9666.1.31 size 52-57A9666.3.31 size 56-59

    white matt reflectiveA9666.1.11 size 52-57A9666.3.11 size 56-59

    This helmet has all the essential features for safe cycling in the city. Reflective stickers and straps and a detachable rear light for optimum visibility and safety in the all-day urban rally.

    Run System Classic 265g 23 vents Multi-Fit Light

    ALPINA Sports GmbHAlpina Panoma Citywhite matt reflective

    KO-TEST-Magazin 06/2013

    sehr gut

  • alPINa ParKaIrtImE

  • Park

  • ErgoNomICs ComfortsafEtY


    black mattA9647.1.30 size 52-57A9647.3.30 size 57-61

    aIrtImE A9647

    olive-orange mattA9647.1.75 size 52-57

    green-cyan mattA9647.1.73 size 52-57

    white print mattA9647.1.18 size 52-57

    Fun parks have their own rules and regulations. And their own dress code which Alpina has cracked with the AIRTIME. Youre free to take off in style with this helmet.

    Run System Classic 245g 6 vents

  • ErgoNomICssafEtY



    white printA9679.1.16 size 54-59

    black-whiteA9679.1.31 size 54-59

    titanium-red mattA9679.1.28 size 54-59

    alPINa ParK A9679The ALPINA PARK for street and urban style biking is a tough hard-shell helmet with a peak, available in a range of cool styles and all at an extremely favourable price. With a removable shield.

    Run System Classic 390g 12 vents

  • Junior Kids

  • fB JuNIor 2.0 flasH

    roCKY gamma 2.0 flasH

    fB JuNIor 2.0

    gamma 2.0

    CaraPax Jr. flasH

    CaraPax Jr.

    alPINa ParK Jr.

  • ErgoNomICs ComfortsafEtY




    darkblue-blue metallicA9697.1.81 size 51-56

    CaraPax Jr. flasH A9697

    white-pinkA9697.1.10 size 51-56

    red-orangeA9697.1.51 size 51-56

    Why should the grown-ups have all the fun on the downhill slopes? Alpinas answer is the CARAPAX JUNIOR, modelled on the CARAPAX Enduro helmet. This new helmet for the younger Enduro rider has (almost) all the features of its big brother and on top a Flash Light for an optimum of protection.

    Run System Classic 240g 15 vents Multi-Fit Light

  • ErgoNomICs ComfortsafEtY





    CaraPax Jr. A9702

    blue-whiteA9702.1.80 size 51-56

    black-pinkA9702.1.31 size 51-56

    green-whiteA9702.1.70 size 51-56

    Besides the flash Light he has all the features his brother has. This guarantees coloured fun on funny trails!

    Run System Classic 230g 15 vents Optional Multi-Fit Light

  • ErgoNomICs ComfortsafEtY


    white-silver flagsA9684.1.21 size 50-55

    fB Jr. 2.0 flasH A9684

    black-white-redA9684.1.34 size 50-55

    white-pinkA9684.1.12 size 50-55

    black-white-blueA9684.1.32 size 50-55

    Always wear your helmet when youre on your bike. But with the FB JUNIOR 2.0 FLASH from Alpina, parents may find the reminders arent necessary. Thats how good this helmet looks. And the integrated LED rear light vastly improves visibility in gloomy conditions.

    Run System Classic 240g 18 vents Multi-Fit Light

  • ErgoNomICs ComfortsafEtY



    blue-orangeA9678.1.81 size 50-55

    fB Jr. 2.0 A9678

    white-cyan-silverA9678.1.17 size 50-55

    white dotsA9678.1.19 size 50-55

    black-white-blueA9678.1.41 size 50-55

    green-whiteA9678.1.71 size 50-55

    black-white-redA9678.1.14 size 50-55

    black-pinkA9678.1.31 size 50-55

    The FB JR. 2.0 Junior can do whatever the big Alpina helmets can do. Ideal for sporty kids and safety-conscious parents.

    Run System Classic 230g 18 vents Multi-Fit light optional

  • ComfortErgoNomICssafEtY


    black-red-whiteA9629.0.36 size 47-52A9629.1.36 size 52-57

    roCKY A9629

    white-pink-titaniumA9629.0.21 size 47-52A9629.1.21 size 52-57

    red-blue-whiteA9629.0.59 size 47-52A9629.1.59 size 52-57

    blue-greenA9629.0.77 size 47-52A9629.1.77 size 52-57

    pink-lightblue flowersA9629.0.58 size 47-52A9629.1.58 size 52-57

    titanium-green-whiteA9629.0.37 size 47-52A9629.1.37 size 52-57

    This ROCKY is more likely to be found playing on the streets than in the boxing ring. But it can take an unexpected blow as well as any world champ. It comes in six brightly coloured designs.

    Run-System Classic 210g 17 vents

  • ComfortErgoNomICssafEtY



    black electricA9680.1.31 size 51-55

    alPINa ParK Jr. A9680

    fiftysixA9680.1.81 size 51-55

    black mattA9680.1.12 size 51-55

    yellow schoolbusA9680.1.41 size 51-55

    The kids can do anything the grown-ups can in the fun park or at top speed on the BMX track. So luckily for mums blood pressure and dads wallet Alpina has come up with a junior version of the popular ALPINA PARK hard shell helmet.

    Run-System Classic 360g 12 Vents

  • ComfortErgoNomICssafEtY


    superheroA9693.0.71 size 46-51A9693.1.71 size 51-56

    gamma 2.0 flasH A9693

    white-titan-redA9693.0.15 size 46-51A9693.1.15 size 51-56

    little princessA9693.0.51 size 46-51A9693.1.51 size 51-56

    planesA9693.0.81 size 46-51A9693.1.81 size 51-56

    racingA9693.0.12 size 46-51A9693.1.12 size 51-56

    firefighterA9693.0.54 size 46-51A9693.1.54 size 51-56

    white flowerA9693.0.11 size 46-51A9693.1.11 size 51-56

    pirateA9693.0.84 size 46-51A9693.1.84 size 51-56

    The youngest riders need the greatest protection and it comes from GAMMA FLASH. The highlights include the swept-back Inmold shell and rear light. The flat design at the back also makes it ideal for use in childrens bike seats.

    Run System Classic Slide 230g 10 vents Flash Light

  • ComfortErgoNomICssafEtY



    heartsA9692.0.12 size 46-51A9692.1.12 size 51-56

    gamma 2.0 A9692

    dinosA9692.0.71 size 46-51A9692.1.71 size 51-56

    blue-limeA9692.0.83 size 46-51A9692.1.83 size 51-56

    princessA9692.0.52 size 46-51A9692.1.52 size 51-56

    constructionA9692.0.35 size 46-51A9692.1.35 size 51-56

    red firefighterA9692.0.54 size 46-51A9692.1.54 size 51-56

    Like its flashy brother GAMMA 2.0 FLASH, the GAMMA 2.0 is also specially designed to give small children optimum protection. It comes in six colourful designs just for kids and fits head circumferences from 46 cm.

    Run System Classic Slide 230g 10 vents

    ruN sYstEm ClassIC slIdEThis patent-registered

    Run System Classic Slide allows avery accurate adaption of the helmet

    on any shape of head. It is atridimensional and free-

    sliding headband for 360 adaption

    and safety!

  • aCCEssoIrEs




    black A9899.9.00black 24er A9899.9.06 one size fits all




  • Accessoire



    Multi-Fit Raincover



    black A9999.9.65 size S-MA9999.9.66 size L-XL

    transparent A9899.9.96

    transparent A9660.9.99

  • King Carapax


    Garbanzo Fullface


    Elexxion TT Pro

    Elexxion TTElexxion xC

    Elexxion RC



    D- Alto L.E.

    Mythos 2.0 L.E.

    Pheox L.E.

    Mythos 2.0

    D- Alto

    HElmEt raNgE

    Enduro MTB Road



  • FB Jr. 2.0 Flash

    Gamma 2.0 Flash

    Gamma 2.0


    FB Jr. 2.0

    Carapax Jr. Flash

    Carapax Jr.

    Alpina Park Jr.


    Skid L.E.

    Panoma L.ESkid


    eHelm Deluxe

    Panoma City

    Alpina Park


    Tour City Park Junior

  • Pro lINE

    sPorts stYlEPErformaNCE


  • Eyewear

  • 68

    twIst fIt NosE 2.0

    glassEs tECHNologY

    One of the most important factors in choosing glasses is the wearers subjective opinion on how comfortable they feel. A good fit has a lot to do with the glasses arms, but also turns on the comfort of the nose piece. And turns is the right word here, because weve come up with a special swivel design for our nose pads. The Twist Fit Nose 2.0 feature is a clever refinement of the existing adjustment system. The pads on the nose piece have always been rotatable, but now their angle can also be adjusted, enabling the wearer to match them to any irregularities in the shape of their nose. With their twin-component design of hard frame and flexible arms plus adjustable Twist Fit Nose 2.0 feature, the glasses in the Pro Line range are sure to fit snugly to the contours of the wearers face.


    Sports glasses are made up of various components: lenses, frame, nose piece and arms. The task of combining these to perfectly meet the needs of every kind of application is what motivates us. To achieve it, we bring together some apparently contradictory requirements: stability and a lightweight construction, functionality and affordability, protection and comfort. our decisions about the features and construction of the glasses are determined by the various outdoor activities. From alpine-style climbing to TT races, Alpina has it covered.

  • 69


    TwisT FiT NoseAdjustAble InclInAtIon


    Multilens TwisT Fix

    Good sports glasses can be adjusted to fit any shape or width of nose. And TWIST FIT NOSE is the perfect system, featuring a subtle locking mechanism inside the nose pad.

    The articulated arms allow the glasses to be tilted away from the forehead during strenuous ascents and tilted back to reduce draft on the way down. Clear, mist-free visibility at all times.

    The combination of hard frame, soft arm tips and nose pads enhances the fit and comfort of the glasses.

    This lens-change mechanism works by clicking on a small lever at the arm joint and pulling the lens down to extract it.

    The tips of the arms are bendable, and can be adjusted to suit the wearer and produce a perfect fit.

    All TRI-glasses have three different lenses on board: clear for poor weather, orange for diffused, low-contrast lighting conditions and dark for sunny weather.

  • 70

    HydropHobIC LENS

    lENs tECHNologIEsclear, fog-free visibility is something you should be able to take for granted with good sports glasses, but its impossible to avoid splashes of rain and mud in bad weather. cleaning your glasses is a tiresome chore and in competitive situations its nigh on impossible. But with the new hydrophobic lenses in Alpinas Pro Line glasses the job is done for you. The natural self-cleaning effect of the lotus leaf is well-known, and now Alpina has applied the same principle to its glasses. The hydrophobic, i.e. water-repellent, nanostructure of the lens causes water to form into beads and roll away, taking any dirt with it. Water soluble particles of dirt are dissolved in the water and any non-soluble dirt is simply dragged away as it struggles to find a grip on the fine surface structure of the lens. This not only leaves the lens clean but instantly dry as well.

  • 71

    FOGSTOP VARioflex

    S3 S2 S1 S0S4

    Fogstop is a coating applied to the inside of the lens. It is not smooth but rough seen through a microscope it looks quite fissured. This makes it impossible for moisture droplets to form a covering layer, i.e. to mist up the lens, impairing visibility. This could only occur if the humidity level was such that all the fissures filled with water. But before this can happen, the stored moisture actually con-denses, keeping the lens clear no hairdryer required!

    Varioflex is a lens technology which allows glasses to adapt to the weather conditions. Just as the chameleon changes to blend in with its surroundings, so these lenses adopt various tints to protect our eyes. The self-tinting photochromic lenses react to UV light, which causes chemical components within them to turn towards the source, producing a shading effect. When the UV light source diminishes, the lenses become lighter again. The process all takes place in a matter of seconds giving you glasses that are always adjusted to match the changing light conditions.

  • 72

    lENs ColoursLENS COLOUR

    VARIOFLEX MIRROR+ BLUE S1-S3Self-tinting, adjusts to light conditions; covers threeprotection levels; mirrored, infrared preotection,medium to high light protection. Fogstop coating.

    VARIOFLEX+ BLACK S1-S3Self-tinting, adjusts to light conditions; covers threeprotection levels; medium to high light protection.Fogstop coating.

    VARIOFLEX+ ORANGE S1-S3Self-tinting, adjusts to light conditions; covers threeprotection levels; medium to high light protection.Fogstop coating.

    VARIOFLEX BLACK S2-S3 Self-tinting, adjusts to light conditions; covers twoprotection levels; medium to high light protection.

    VARIOFLEX ORANGE S1-S2 Self-tinting, adjusts to light conditions; covers twoprotection levels; medium light protection.

    CERAMIC MIRROR CLEAR S1For poor lighting conditions/evening hours,as mosquito protection, low light protection,+models with fogstop coating.

    CERAMIC MIRROR ORANGE S2Slightly mirrored, perfect lens for all lighting conditions, contrast-enhancing, infrared protection,medium light protection.


    Heavily mirrored for intense light, infrared protection, high light protection.


    Heavily mirrored for intense light, infrared protection, high light protection.


    Heavily mirrored for all lighting conditions,infrared protection, high light protection.+models with fogstop coating.


    Heavily mirrored for high light protection, +models with fogstop coating.


    Transmission: s0 = 80-100% s1 = 43-80% s2 = 18-43% s3 = 8-18% s4 = 3-8%All lenses in all colors and tints offer 100 % UV protection and are suitable for use in road traffi c according to the CE EN 1836:2005 + A1:2007 standard.

  • 73


    CERAMIC MIRROR ORANGE S3 Heavily mirrored for intense light, infrared protection, high light protection.


    Heavily mirrored for intense light, infrared protection, high light protection.

    CERAMIC MIRROR PURPLE S3 Heavily mirrored for intense light, infrared protection, high light protection.


    For poor lighting conditions/evening hours,as mosquito protection, low light protection,+models with fogstop coating.


    High light protection, + models with fogstop coating.

    100 % UV A-B-C protection up to 400 nm

    Break-resistant Hard-coated Automatic adjustment of lens tinting to ambi-ent light conditions.

    Tinting range covers two protection levels.

    100% UV A-B-C protec-tion up to 400 nm

    Break-resistant Hard coating on the out-side, antistatic fogstop coating on the inside

    Automatic adjustment of lens tinting to ambient light conditions.

    Tinting range covers three protection levels.

    100% UV A-B-C protec-tion up to 400 nm

    Break-resistant mirrored on the outside, antistatic fogstop coa-ting on the inside

    Automatic adjustment of lens tinting to ambient light conditions.

    Tinting range covers 3 protection levels.

    Absorbs infrared rays

    100 % UV A-B-C protection up to 400 nm

    Break-resistant Hard-coated mirrored on the outside antistatic fogstop coating on the inside

    Absorbs infrared rays

    100 % UV A-B-C protection up to 400 nm

    Break-resistant Hard-coated

    100 % UV A-B-C protection up to 400 nm

    Break-resistant Hard-coated mirrored on the outside Absorbs infrared rays

    100 % UV A-B-C protection up to 400 nm

    Break-resistant Hard-coated antistatic fogstop coating on the inside

  • Pro Line

  • 76

    wHats so sPECIal aBout our Pro lINE? The Pro LInE range from Alpina represents the ultimate in our collection of sports glasses. For example, up to 10 different technolo-gies go into the manufacture of a Twist Four Shield rL VLM+, which weighs in at a mere 21 grams. Pro LInE glasses are held in high regard by professional cyclists and runners and keen amateurs alike, all of whom value the ergonomics and functionality which meet the high standards required for competitive success.high-end materials and clever design go into a product that is as light as a feather with dirt and moisture resistant lenses and intelligent soft-touch arm technologies. The mirrored lenses in the Pro LInE range are not there solely for their aesthetic impact they help deflect very harsh sunlight and infra-red rays. The low weight of the glasses is almost enough to guarantee comfort in itself, but we take it to the next level with our revolutionary system, the multi-dimensional Twist Fit nose 2.0, which we specially redeveloped this year, with 3-dimensional adjustability and rubberised material combining to ensure a perfect fit on the nose.

  • black matt A8540.2.31 Varioflex bluemirror S1-3 fogstop hydrophob

    Pro L



    white matt A8540.2.10 Varioflex bluemirror S1-3 fogstop hydrophob

    silver-black A8521.2.21 Varioflex bluemirror S1-3 fogstop hydrophob

    alPINa EYE-5 sHIEld vlm+ A8540

    alPINa EYE- 5 Hr vlm+ A8521

    black matt-white-black A8521.2.31 Varioflex bluemirror S1-3 fogstop hydrophob

    ALPINA EYE-5 sports glasses are as good-looking as they come. Now Alpinas trend setters come with an extra-large rimless SHIELD. For even better visibility and draft-reduction during races and triathlons, etc. The ALPINA EYE-5 SHIELD VLM+ has mirrored self-tinting Varioflex + Fogstop lenses.

    New for 2015! The insistently sporty ALPINA EYE-5 sports glasses are now available in a trendy half-rim design. The ALPINA EYE-5 HR VLM+ has mirrored self-tinting Varioflex + Fogstop lenses. Sports and style yes, you can have both.

  • 78

    black-white-black A8541.2.31 Varioflex bluemirror S1-3 fogstop hydrophob

    white-cyan-orange A8542.2.10 Varioflex bluemirror S1-3 fogstop hydrophob

    twIst four sHIEld rl vlm+ A8541

    twIst four 2.0 vlm+ A8542

    black matt A8542.2.31 Varioflex bluemirror S1-3 fogstop hydrophob

    blue-red-white A8541.2.81 Varioflex bluemirror S1-3 fogstop hydrophob

    For an amazing turn of speed: the Alpina TWIST FOUR SHIELD RL VLM+ belongs to Alpinas speediest range of sports glasses and has a particularly large and completely rimless shield, featuring a mirrored self-tinting Varioflex + Fogstop lens. Available in two different styles.

    The TWIST FOUR 2.0 VLM+ is the latest addition to Alpinas high-end Pro line, and a big hit with mountain bikers thanks to its full rim. It features hydrophobic, mirrored self-tinting Varioflex + Fogstop lenses and hits the trail in a range of colours which are specially coordinated to match Alpina helmets.

  • Pro L



    white-blue-red A8543.2.10 Varioflex bluemirror S1-3 fogstop hydrophob

    black matt-cyan-orange A8544.2.31 Varioflex bluemirror S1-3 fogstop hydrophob

    twIst four vlm+ A8543

    twIst four s vlm+ A8544

    black matt A8543.2.31 Varioflex bluemirror S1-3 fogstop hydrophob

    silver-white A8544.2.21 Varioflex bluemirror S1-3 fogstop hydrophob

    The TWIST FOUR VLM+ with half-rim is the classic variant from Alpinas fastest line of sports glasses. It features mirrored self-tinting Varioflex + Fogstop lenses and takes to the streets, trail and open countryside in a range of colours which are specially coordinated to match Alpina helmets.

    The TWIST FOUR S VLM+ is the smaller version of Alpinas classic half-rim sports glasses, now with mirrored lenses. They are made with a slimmer fit and feature Varioflex + Fogstop lenses, which are self-tinting and cover three protection categories.

  • Performance

  • 82

    blue-white-red A8545.1.81 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    green-white-black A8531.1.41 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    alPINa EYE-5 sHIEld vl+ A8545

    alPINa EYE-5 Hr vl+ A8531

    white matt-cyan-orange A8545.1.10 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    black matt-white A8545.1.31 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    white matt-black A8531.1.10 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    black matt-white A8531.1.31 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    ALPINA EYE-5 sports glasses are as good-looking as they come. Now Al-pinas trend setters come with an extra-large rimless SHIELD. For even better visibility and draft-reduction during race and triathlon performances, etc. The ALPINA EYE-5 HR SHIELD VL+ version has self-tinting Varioflex+ Fogstop lenses.

    We are doing things by halves for 2015! Weve given the ALPINA EYE-5 sports glasses a trendy half-rim design. The Half Rim version of the ALPINA EYE-5 VL+ has self-tinting Varioflex + Fogstop lenses. Serious kit for serious sport.

  • Performan



    alPINa EYE-5 vl+ A8532

    black matt-white A8532.1.31 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    titan-white A8532.1.25 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    green-lgreen A8532.1.71 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    red matt-white A8532.1.51 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    black matt-cyan-orange A8546.0.35 black mirror S3 fogstop

    white matt-cyan-orange A8546.0.10 red mirror S3 fogstop

    white matt-black A8546.0.25 black mirror S3 fogstop

    black matt A8546.0.31 green mirror S3 fogstop

    alPINa EYE-5 Hr Cm+ A8546

    ALPINA EYE-5 VL+ sports glasses were given a super rating by Bike magazine in their test (6/2014 edition). Cycling pros know what they want from modern glasses and thanks to self-tinting Varioflex + Fogstop lenses they can enjoy perfect visibility for sports and leisure.

    The ALPINA EYE-5 HR CM+ version gives them mirrored Ceramic lenses with Fogstop coating to keep bright sunlight and vapour at bay. The half-rim design enhances its streamlined good looks.

  • red-orange-yellow A8536.0.51 red mirror S3 fogstop

    white-cyan-orange A8454.1.12 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop


    black A8454.1.31 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    white matt-black A8536.0.10 red mirror S3 fogstop

    white-black A8454.1.10 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    black-red-white A8454.1.35 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    blue matt-white A8536.0.81 black mirror S3 fogstop

    alPINa EYE-5 Cm+

    twIst four sHIEld vl+ A8454

    black matt A8454.1.33 VARIOFLEX orange S1-3 fogstop

    black A8536.0.31 blue mirror S3 fogstop


    Mirror, mirror in my hand: the fairest glasses in the land. The ALPINA EYE-5 CM+ mirrored sports glasses have the same characterful good looks as their award-winning cousins, but feature Ceramic lenses with Fogstop coating to reflect even the harshest sunlight.

    The best possible visibility and draft protection for that breath-taking descent through the Stelvio Pass. The Alpina TWIST FOUR SHIELD VL+ is part of Alpinas Performance range, and has a particularly large wind-proof shield featuring a mirrored self-tinting Varioflex + Fogstop lens.

  • Performan



    black matt A8484.1.31 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    white-red-black A8484.1.15 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    twIst four 2.0 vl+ A8484

    white-cyan-anthracite A8484.1.12 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    black matt-cyan-orange A8484.1.35 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    The TWIST FOUR S VL+ is the smaller version of Alpinas half-rim sports glasses specially shaped to fit perfect slim faces. The self-tinting lenses adapt to the light, covering three protection categories, and are also non-misting.

  • 86

    white-green-black A8434.1.18 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    twIst four vl+ A8434

    black-cyan-orange A8434.1.32 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    white-cyan-anthracite A8434.1.12 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    black matt A8434.1.35 VARIOFLEX orange S1-3 fogstop

    tin-black A8434.1.25 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    black-red-white A8434.1.37 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    black matt A8434.1.31 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    The TWIST FOUR VL+ with half-rim is part of the Performance range and is aimed at keen athletes who demand three levels of protection and self-tinting lenses. Whatever your preferred terrain youre sure to find your perfect partner from among the seven different colour combinations.

  • Performan



    white-pink-silver A8507.1.13 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    twIst four s vl+ A8507

    prosecco-white A8507.1.20 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    white-cyan-orange A8507.1.19 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    white A8507.1.10 VARIOFLEX orange S1-3 fogstop

    black matt A8507.1.35 VARIOFLEX orange S1-3 fogstop

    white-lblue A8507.1.12 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    black matt A8507.1.31 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    black-red-white A8507.1.15 VARIOFLEX black S1-3 fogstop

    The TWIST FOUR S VL+ is the smaller version of Alpinas half-rim sports glasses specially shaped to fit perfect slim faces. The self-tinting lenses adapt to the light, covering three protection categories, and are also non-misting.

  • black-black matt A8509.0.35 black S3 fogstop


    white-anthracite A8534.0.21 black mirror S3 fogstop

    white-red matt A8509.0.10 black S3 fogstop

    orange-white matt A8534.0.41 red mirror S3 fogstop

    dgreen-lgreen A8509.0.71 black S3 fogstop

    sorCErY Hr Cm+

    sorCErY Hr C+

    black-black matt A8534.0.31 blue mirror S3 fogstop

    anthracite matt-white A8509.0.25 black S3 fogstop


    green-white A8534.0.71 green mirror S3 fogstop

    In terms of design, the new SORCERY HR is second to none, with its futuris-tic form and range of trendy colour combinations. Alpina has given it a style upgrade for 2015, offering a mirrored finish to the Ceramic + Fogstop lenses. Four two-tone styles are available.

    Back from the future, with the SORCERY HR C+. It features Ceramic + Fogstop lenses and is available in five two-tone styles. Great news for spectacle wearers: the SORCERY HR C+ is available on request with optical lenses.

  • white-white matt A8535.0.10 red mirror S3 fogstop




    anthrac. matt-white matt A8535.0.25 black mirror S3 fogstop

    white-anthr.matt-cyan A8511.0.15 black S3 fogstop

    green-black matt A8535.0.71 green mirror S3 fogstop

    red-cyan-white A8535.0.51 black mirror S3 fogstop

    black-cyan-orange A8511.0.35 black S3 fogstop

    green-white matt A8511.0.71 black S3 fogstop

    sorCErY Cm+

    sorCErY C+ A8511

    black-black matt A8535.0.31 blue mirror S3 fogstop

    black-black matt A8511.0.31 black S3 fogstop


    pink-white-lblue A8511.0.55 black S3 fogstop

    The SORCERY features a stylish full rim that is sure to have an enchanting effect. A choice of five two-tone styles adds to the magic. The Ceramic + Fogstop lenses come in protection categories 1 and 3, and are mirrored in the SORCERY CM+ version. Spectacle wearers will welcome the option of optical lenses.

    According to the style police, the SORCERY C+ turns heads as if by magic with its stylish full rim. Choose from five different colour combinations. The Ceramic + Fogstop lenses add functionality to complement the style.

  • black-cyan A8512.3.35 blue mirror S3 / clear S0 / orange mirror S2


    white-green A8512.3.10 green mirror S3 / clear S0 / orange mirror S2

    black A8512.3.31 black mirror S3 / clear S0 / orange mirror S2

    trI-sCraY sHIEld A8512

    tin-black A8512.3.25 black mirror S3 / clear S0 / orange mirror S2

    multIlENsnight sun rain fogGlasses for any conditions. our Multilens glasses come with three different lenses: a clear one (protection category 0) for use in poor weather or gloomy conditions, an orange one (protection category 2) for diffused, low-contrast light, and a black one (protection category 3) for sunny conditions.A clever snap-in mechanism makes changing the lenses quick and easy.

    Like its little sister, the TRI-SCRAY SHIELD comes with three different tinted lenses to choose from, depending on the weather. The shield features the Venting Lens system to provide perfect ventilation to the XXL lens and comes in four different colour combinations.

  • black-cyan A8479.3.35 blue mirror S3 / clear S0 / orange mirror S2

    red-white A8527.3.51 black mirror S3 / clear S0 / orange mirror S2




    white-black A8479.3.10 black mirror S3 / clear S0 / orange mirror S2

    white-black A8527.3.10 black mirror S3 / clear S0 / orange mirror S2

    black A8479.3.33 black mirror S3 / clear S0 / orange mirror S2

    black-green A8527.3.31 green mirror S3 / clear S0 / orange mirror S2

    trI-sCraY A8479

    trI-sCraY s A8527

    tin-black A8479.3.25 black mirror S3 / clear S0 / orange mirror S2

    tin-black A8527.3.25 black mirror S3 / clear S0 / orange mirror S2

    Rain, fog or sunshine whatever the weather, with TRI-SCRAY you get a choice of three different tinted lenses (protection categories 0, 2 and 3) included in the case ready to fit into the half rim. Just clip into place from the side using the simple Twist Fix feature.

    Changing with the weather: the slim-line version of the TRI-SCRAY S comes with three differently tinted lenses (protection categories 0, 2 and 3). Differentiated from the normal TRI-SCRAY by its smaller size and four different styles.

  • red-white A8528.3.51 black mirror S3 / clear S0 / orange mirror S2


    white-black A8528.3.10 black mirror S3 / clear S0 / orange mirror S2

    white A8398.3.10 black mirror S3 / clear S0 / orange mirror S2

    black-white A8528.3.31 black mirror S3 / clear S0 / orange mirror S2

    black A8398.3.31 black mirror S3 / clear S0 / orange mirror S2

    trI-drIBs 2.0 A8528

    trI-EffECt A8398

    anthracite matt-white A8528.3.28 black mirror S3 / clear S0 / orange mirror S2

    tin A8398.3.27 orange mirror S2 / black mirror S3 / clear S0

    red A8398.3.51 black mirror S3 / clear S0 / orange mirror S2

    The affordable all-rounder: with TRI-DRIBS 2.0 sports glasses you get to choose between three different tinted lenses (protection categories 0, 2 and 3) depending on the weather. They are included in the case ready to fit into the half rim. Just snap into place from the side using the simple Twist Fix feature.

    Easy on the pocket as well as the eyes. TRI-EFFECT glasses are ideal for the beginner and intermediate-level athlete and come with three different tinted lenses to suit all lighting conditions.

  • Performan



    white A8456.1.10 VARIOFLEX black S2-3

    white-grey A8457.1.10 VARIOFLEX black S2-3

    black A8456.1.31 VARIOFLEX orange S1-2

    orange-white A8457.1.28 VARIOFLEX black S2-3

    black A8457.1.31 VARIOFLEX black S2-3

    twIst tHrEE 2.0 vl A8456

    Callum vl A8457

    titan-white A8456.1.21 VARIOFLEX black S2-3

    white-green A8457.1.15 VARIOFLEX black S2-3

    black matt-red A8456.1.35 VARIOFLEX black S2-3

    blue-white A8457.1.81 VARIOFLEX black S2-3

    A super elegant model of sports glasses for all kind of Outdoor sports. If the light changes, they change with it in an instant, thanks to the self-tinting Varioflex lenses, which cover two protection categories. TWIST THREE 2.0 VL+ sports glasses come in four styles.

    Superb glasses with a great fit and self-tinting lenses. The perfect choice for your next outdoor adventure! Protection category: 23

  • red-white A8478.1.51 VARIOFLEX black S2-3

    white A8547.3.10 black mirror S3


    white-orange A8478.1.15 VARIOFLEX black S2-3

    black A8547.3.31 black mirror S3

    black A8478.1.31 VARIOFLEX orange S1-2

    black A8478.1.35 VARIOFLEX black S2-3

    red-black A8547.3.51 black S3

    titan-black A8547.3.25 orange mirror S2

    sPlINtEr sHIEld vl A8478

    sPlINtEr sHIEld A8547

    titan-cyan A8478.1.27 VARIOFLEX black S2-3

    black matt A8547.3.35 blue mirror S3

    SPLINTER SHIELD VL glasses with extra-large shield are so light you can almost forget that youre wearing them. The self-tinting Varioflex lens ensures good visibility in varying lighting conditions.

    A superb sporty shield for beginners and top performers alike. Clear vision guaranteed. Protection category: 2/3

  • Performan



    white-black A8548.3.10 black mirror S3

    silver A8468.3.21 orange mirror S2

    black A8548.3.31 blue mirror S3

    green-white A8548.3.51 black S3

    white A8468.3.10 black S3

    black A8468.3.31 black mirror S3

    sPlINtEr Hr A8548

    drIBs 2.0 A8468

    black matt A8548.3.25 orange mirror S2

    anthracite matt-white A8468.3.25 black mirror S3

    black matt A8548.3.35 black mirror S3

    blue-white A8468.3.81 black S3

    Light as a feather with sleek, swept-back Alpina Ceramic lenses. Quality you can trust.

    The DRIBS 2.0 is a classic, specially designed for price-aware sports enthusiasts. With classic swept-back mirrored lenses and a choice of five attractive colours these sports glasses represent superb value for money.

  • green A8433.4.71 black S3


    white A8433.3.10 black mirror S3

    black A8433.3.35 orange mirror S2

    black transparent A8433.3.31 platinum mirror S3

    glYdEr A8433

    anthracite matt A8433.3.25 black mirror S3

    black A8433.3.37 clear mirror S1

    Good sports glasses dont have to cost a bomb as Alpina demonstrates with the GLYDER. They feature a light and elegant half-rim design with stylish mirrored lenses: the perfect eye protection for people starting out in outdoor sports and leisure activities.

  • Performan



    tin A8245.3.25 black mirror S3

    anthracite A8245.4.23 clear S0

    white A8245.4.10 black mirror

    drIft A8245

    black A8245.3.35 black mirror S3

    green A8245.4.71 black S3

    silver A8245.3.21 orange mirror S2

    Despite the economy price the Alpina DRIFT offers beginner-level sports enthusiasts a very similar shield style to Alpinas pro models. The DRIFT also comes with mirrored Ceramic lenses for enhanced protection from dazzle and a cool look.

  • Sports Style

  • black matt-green A8522.3.31 green mirror S3


    black matt A8523.3.31 black mirror S3

    black matt-blue A8522.3.32 blue mirror S3

    black matt-blue A8523.3.33 blue mirror S3

    black matt-red A8522.3.33 red mirror S3

    black matt-purple A8523.3.35 purple mirror S3

    doN Hugo A8522

    KaCEY A8523

    black matt-green A8523.3.32 green mirror S3

    black matt-red A8523.3.34 red mirror S3

    An offer you cant refuse. With large lenses to conceal your line of vision and tinted mirrors to reflect the envious looks of others. Protection category: 3

    Black on the outside, different on the inside. The Kacey features a classic rim and vibrant colour combinations as worn by the king of cool.

  • Spo

    rts S



    black matt-white A8514.3.31 black mirror S3

    blue matt-dark blue A8514.3.85 black mirror S3

    green matt-black A8514.3.71 blue mirror S3

    tEstIdo A8514

    orange matt-white A8514.3.41 black mirror S3

    black matt-purple A8514.4.31 black S3

    white matt-blue A8514.3.10 blue mirror S3

    Tough enough for the rigours of downhill racing, yet stylish too. Your Enduro bike meets the challenge, now here are the glasses to match: the Testido. Protection category: 3

  • black-red A8501.4.51 black S3


    white-red A8480.3.15 red mirror S3

    black-blue transparent A8501.3.81 black mirror S3

    cyan-white A8480.3.81 blue mirror S3

    black-green transparent A8501.4.71 green S3

    laCEY A8501

    Callum 2.0 A8480

    black matt A8480.3.31 blue mirror S3

    white-orange A8480.3.17 orange mirror S3

    You get double the colour with the Lacey: a trendy two-tone design in transparent green, blue or red. And the twin-component pad ensures they stay put even when doing sports. Protection category: 3

    The Callum 2.0 is our half-rim version of the top- selling Callum: where style and performance come together. Protection category: 3

  • blue matt A8520.3.81 blue mirror S3

    green-white A8472.4.71 black S3


    rts S



    white A8520.3.10 blue mirror S3

    white-tin A8472.3.15 black mirror S3

    green matt A8520.3.71 black mirror S3

    black-grey A8472.4.31 black S3

    black-green A8472.3.35 black mirror S3

    sIzzo A8520

    Callum A8472

    black matt A8520.3.31 green mirror S3

    tin-black A8472.3.25 black mirror S3

    Behind the large lenses of the Sizzo, youll stay cool and hip whatevers going on around you. A highly functional fashion accessory featuring Alpinas proven Ceramic lenses. Protection category: 3

    Trendy full-rim glasses equally suitable for wearing during your ride and afterwards, also available with mirrored lenses. Best feature: unbeatable value! Protection category: 3

  • transparent-blue A8530.3.12 blue mirror S3


    transparent A8524.3.12 blue mirror S3

    white-green A8530.3.10 green mirror S3

    orange A8524.3.41 black mirror S3

    green A8524.3.71 green mirror S3

    orange transp.-white A8530.3.41 orange mirror S3

    transparent-red A8530.3.15 red mirror S2

    maNJa A8524

    HEINY A8530

    black matt A8524.3.31 black mirror S3

    black matt A8530.3.31 black mirror S3

    red matt A8524.3.51 red mirror S3

    For people who prefer things a little out of the ordinary, the Manja is the perfect partner and offers plenty of protection with its large lenses.

    Retro embraces the future. You can be an inconspicuous yet striking time traveller with the Heinys transparent chic, whatever era youre into.

  • Spo

    rts S



  • Junior Kids

  • red-white A8496.4.51 black S3

    green-black A8496.4.71 black S3


    white-green A8496.3.10 black mirror S3

    black-grey A8467.3.31 black mirror S3

    black-grey A8496.3.35 orange mirror S3

    black-green A8467.4.31 black S3

    flExxY tEEN A8496

    flExxY JuNIor A8467

    black-cyan A8496.3.31 blue mirror S3

    white-blue A8467.3.10 black mirror S3

    orange-green A8467.4.41 black S3

    The tough, megaflexible best-seller from Alpinas range of sports glasses. Now for teenagers too.Protection category: 3

    Excellent eye protection, an extremely flexible frame and a stylish look for the younger generation. Alpinas top model has everything a youngsters glasses should have. Protection category: 3

  • rose-mint A8494.4.53 black S3



    yellow print A8466.4.41 black S3

    white-rose A8494.4.10 black S3

    green print A8466.4.71 black S3

    pink-rose A8494.4.55 black S3

    flExxY KIds A8466

    flExxY gIrl A8494

    red print A8466.4.51 black S3

    yellow-rose A8494.4.41 black S3

    cyan print A8466.4.85 black S3

    What Flexxy Junior has for schoolchildren and teenagers, Flexxy Kids offers to the very youngest generation: optimum protection for young eyes and a cool look. Protection category: 3

    As unbreakable as the Flexxy best seller. Just one difference: this is only for girls. Sporty good looks for young ladies.Protection category: 3

  • Performance



    Alpina Eye-5 Shield VLM+

    Twist Four VLM+

    Twist Four S VLM

    Twist Four 2.0 VLM+

    Alpina Eye- 5 HR VLM+ Twist Four Shield RL VLM+

    Twist Four 2.0 VL+

    Alpina Eye-5 Shield VL+

    Alpina Eye-5 HR VL+

    Alpina Eye-5 HR CM+ Alpina Eye-5 CM+

    Alpina Eye-5 VL+

    Twist Four Shield VL+

    Twist Four VL+ Twist Four S VL+ Sorcery HR CM+ Sorcery HR C+

    Sorcery CM+ Sorcery C+ Tri-Scray Shield Tri-Scray Tri-Scray S Tri-Dribs 2.0

    Tri-Effect Twist Three 2.0 VL Callum VL Splinter Shield VL

    Splinter Shield Splinter HR Dribs 2.0



    EYEwEar raNgE


    Pro Line

  • Sports Style

    Junior Kids


    Flexxy Girl

    Flexxy Teen

    Flexxy KidsFlexxy Junior

    Don Hugo


    Lacey Callum 2.0


    Callum Manja



    Sorcery HR C+

    Tri-Dribs 2.0

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