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  • 1. All About Me.

2. M yf a v o r I t e ca ndy 3. My pets Bellow this is my kitty cat Psuwis (his name is Maliseet for cat) and this is my dog Nicolia her nickname is snorky because she eats everything. 4. Favorite sport My favorite sport is shopping and dont say shopping isnt a sport! (Those bags get heavy!) 5. Favorite singers Lady Gaga Lil wayne Kanye west Pussycat dolls 6. Favorite item

  • My favorite item that I own is my mac book. I got mac book laptop for christmas from my mom, on my laptop I have my pictures, my music, my work, my videos, and the stories I have beentryingto write. My second item is my camera. I just love taking pictures of myself and random things.
  • In the pic of the camera
  • mine is the exact same
  • but lime green.

7. Favorite food

  • chocolate! chocolate! chocolate!
  • Ichocolate

8. favorite color Well in some pictures you can kinda see the background in them and guess what color that is ? LIME GREEN! I love lime green my room and laptop cover and camera are lime green . 9. My friends 10. Me and my other half.

  • I would like to say that me and my twin sister Emily get along great but that would be lying, me and Emily fight over close and all that stuff but who doesnt ? Emily and I dont get along but obviously I still love her, like I said she is my other half.

11. My favorite books All these books are wonderful ! I recommend all these books but the CRANK, GLASS, BURNED, IMPULSE and IDENTICAL are books for older readers. But there still great! 12. M y favorite brand 13.

  • The end
  • It was nice telling you about myself, but its gotta end sometime right? :P