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  1. 1. All About A Perfect Engagement Ring
  2. 2. Marriage is definitely a life changing milestone in everyones life. It is difficult to say if the marriage is for good or bad, but we all strive hard to make the event the best and most cherishing one. And for the couple, nothing more than a perfect engagement ring would mean worth everything.
  3. 3. From a simple low budget ring to exotic and expensive diamond rings, there are millions of designs and patterns that would woo anyone
  4. 4. A quick search on internet will give you best of designs from around the world which can be ordered online or shipped o most parts of the world
  5. 5. Since wedding is an event involving two people, designers are coming up with creative ideas and patters to make rings and love bands for coupe with similar patterns and styles
  6. 6. The boutique collection is worth checking for some excusive designs from world class designers who are professionals in making masterpieces. You never know if you are lucky to strike a good deal with one!
  7. 7. Bespoke jewellery is also a convenient option as you may wish to customize your diamond wedding ring to be sure of the designs, size and theme of your wedding
  8. 8. Designer wedding rings are also on good discounts during the sale season. For those who have a well planned engagement and/or wedding this is a good time to shop the best for reasonable low price
  9. 9. Wedding rings also carry a lot of other perks like free repair (altering the size, redoing the polish, cleaning) etc. Check with the dealers for these offers and services that make you feel good about every penny you would spend
  10. 10. Thanks Icecool Diamonds Hatton Garden Jewellers 2nd Floor, Thavies Inn House, 3-4 Holborn Circus London,United Kingdom +44 (0)20 7831 7648