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Water Ionizer, the appliance that turns normal water into alkaline and acidic water. The water Ionizer works on the process of electrolysis. Here when electricity is passed through the water, the positive terminal produces acidic water and the negative terminal produces the alkaline water. Types of Water Ionizer 1) Undercounter Water Ionizer 2) Countertop Water Ionizer 3) Portable water Ionizer Drinking Alkaline Water has some amazing health benefits and they are: 1) For better hydration 2) To improves body’s pH 3) To lose weight Acidic water can be used for the following purposes 1) Cleaning vegetables 2) Natural bleaching 3) Solutions for Acne & skin problems

Transcript of Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines

  • Water Ionizer Machines ?
  • Water Ionizer ? The appliance that turns normal water into Alkaline and Acidicwater.
  • Working of a Water Ionizer Water Ionizer works on the process of electrolysis. NormalTap water is passed through the ionization chamber i.e. electricity is passed to water through its plates. The positive terminal produces Acidic water And the negative terminal produces Alkaline water
  • UndercounterWater Ionizer Types of Water Ionizer Countertop Water Ionizer PortableWater Ionizer
  • Under Counter Water Ionizer
  • CounterTopWater Ionizer
  • Portable Water Ionizer
  • Why drinking Alkaline Water? For better Hydration To improves bodys pH To eliminateToxic Waste from body Helps to Lose Weight To enhances our Immune System Rich source of Antioxidants
  • Uses of Ionized AcidicWater? Antiseptic Cleaning vegetables Solution for Acne & Skin problems Cosmetics, Hair & Bath Alternative for Aftershave Natural Bleaching
  • Compare & find the best Water Ionizer Machines in the Industry @ So why waiting..?
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