Aligning Sales and Marketing into a Single, Cohesive Sales-Acceleration Machine

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@Sales20Conf #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c Secrets to More Successful Collaboration Between Sales & Marketing Matt Heinz President, Heinz Marketing Inc [email protected] @heinzmarketing

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Traditionally, sales and marketing have operated separately: separate objectives, separate operations, and little integration or coordination. Those days, thankfully, have passed – at least for market-leading organizations that are accelerating the velocity and success of their sales effort, despite challenging market conditions. In this session, you'll hear proven strategies and tactics for converting your sales and marketing organizations into an integrated, high-producing and revenue-generating machine. We'll share best practices, templates, and other tools you can put to work immediately to quickly accelerate results.

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  • @Sales20Conf #[email protected] #[email protected] #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c Secrets to More Successful Collaboration Between Sales & Marketing Matt Heinz President, Heinz Marketing Inc [email protected] @heinzmarketing
  • @Sales20Conf #[email protected] #[email protected] #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c Housekeeping Copy of this deck Offers for you 10 minute brainstorm Modern Marketers Field Guide Content Marketing Best Practice Guide B2B Sales & Marketing Metrics Best Practices Guide Send me an email (or bring me a business card) with what you want
  • @Sales20Conf #[email protected] #[email protected] #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c A direct line to revenue growth
  • @Sales20Conf #[email protected] #[email protected] #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c My definition of sales enablement
  • @Sales20Conf #[email protected] #[email protected] #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c This doesnt write checks! @heinzmarketing
  • @Sales20Conf #[email protected] #[email protected] #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c Four steps to a better plan 1. Do the math (quantify what success looks like) 2. Create a clear customer profile 3. Map the sales and buying process 4. Plan to fire lots of bullets @heinzmarketing
  • @Sales20Conf #[email protected] #[email protected] #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c Calculating what you need Assumptions Product A ASP $ 15,000 Product B ASP $ 50,000 Opp/Close % 33.0% Lead/Opp % 10.0% Product A CPL $ 15 Product B CPL $ 35 Q1 2010 Q2 2010 Q3 2010 Q4 2010 TOTALS Product A Sales # 50 56 63 69 238 Product B Sales # 8 9 10 11 38 Total Sales # 58 65 73 80 276 Product A Sales $ $ 742,500 $ 841,500 $ 940,500 $1,039,500 $ 3,564,000 Product B Sales $ $ 412,500 $ 453,750 $ 495,000 $ 536,250 $ 1,897,500 Total Sales $ $1,155,000 $1,295,250 $1,435,500 $1,575,750 $ 5,461,500 Product A Pipeline # 150 170 190 210 Product B Pipeline # 25 28 30 33 Total Pipeline # 175 198 220 243 Product A Pipeline $ $2,250,000 $2,550,000 $2,850,000 $3,150,000 Product B Pipeline $ $1,250,000 $1,375,000 $1,500,000 $1,625,000 Total Pipeline $ $3,500,000 $3,925,000 $4,350,000 $4,775,000 Product A Leads 1500 1700 1900 2100 Product B Leads 250 275 300 325 Total Leads 1750 1975 2200 2425 8350 Product A Lead Budget $ 22,500 $ 25,500 $ 28,500 $ 31,500 Product B Lead Budget $ 8,750 $ 9,625 $ 10,500 $ 11,375 Total Lead Budget $ 31,250 $ 35,125 $ 39,000 $ 42,875 $ 148,250 @heinzmarketing
  • @Sales20Conf #[email protected] #[email protected] #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c People & problems, not products
  • @Sales20Conf #[email protected] #[email protected] #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c Marketing plan in 5 questions 1. What/who are your targets? Direct & indirect users, influencers Address entire buyer ecosystem 1. What do they care about? What outcome are they seeking? 2. Where do you find them? 3. What or who influences them? 4. How do they want to engage and (eventually) buy? @heinzmarketing
  • @Sales20Conf #[email protected] #[email protected] #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c What do your customers care about?
  • @Sales20Conf #[email protected] #[email protected] #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c The buyer progression SolutionProblem/ Pain Objective/ Outcome @heinzmarketing
  • @Sales20Conf #[email protected] #[email protected] #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c Prospect Engagement Funnel Active Sales Cycle Channels: CRM, 1:1 Goal: Sell New Customer Drip Marketing Channels: Email Newsletters, CRM System Goal: Drive Active Prospects Network / Open Community Channels: Twitter, Facebook, Blog, LinkedIn Goal: Drive Registration Network-exclusive access to content Value-added special offers Discovery events White papers, top ten tips, etc. Testimonials, Success Stories Profile-Specific Messages New product/service offers Referral & Tell-a-Friend Offers Network / Community Invites New Opportunity Alerts 1:1 with Existing Customer In-Market Events Next Step Accelerator IdeasCustomer Targets (based on persona profiles) @heinzmarketing
  • @Sales20Conf #[email protected] #[email protected] #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c Enumerating needs by role Audience Vertical #1 CEO IT/CIO CFO CMO Audience Vertical #2 CEO Drivers PainPoints Value Propositions(bullet points) KeyMessages KeyMessagesDrivers PainPoints Value Propositions(bullet points) @heinzmarketing
  • @Sales20Conf #[email protected] #[email protected] #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c 8 keys to successful collaboration 1. Common objectives 2. Common definitions 3. Common compensation/objectives 4. Executive sponsorship 5. Up-front planning 6. Daily-weekly triage 7. Offline relationship-building 8. Measure before & after team satisfaction
  • @Sales20Conf #[email protected] #[email protected] #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c Leads & Opportunities @heinzmarketing
  • @Sales20Conf #[email protected] #[email protected] #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c Know and work the entire org chart
  • @Sales20Conf #[email protected] #[email protected] #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c Lead management process @heinzmarketing
  • @Sales20Conf #[email protected] #[email protected] #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c Lead scoring & next steps Score Description Follow Up Action A1 PERFECT FIT: BANT criteria and Behavior aligned for immediate need with larger opportunity. Immediate Follow Up within 4 hours of reaching Sales Queue. Promote Dreambox Trial A2 Strong Fit: possible smaller or longer term opportunity within a school district or school. Immediate follow up within 4 hours of reaching Sales Queue. Promote Dreambox Trial or Demo A3 Good Fit: BANT and strong interest indicated. School-based opportunity. Immediate follow up within 8 hours of reaching Sales Queue. Introduce demo if a Project and Timeframe are being defined. A4 Potential Fit: Some key BANT criteria not yet determined. Follow Up within 24 hours of reaching Sales Queue. Qualify further for BANT details. Provide white paper or webcast resources. B1 Potential Fit: School district opportunity but more BANT definition required. Follow Up within 24 hours of reaching the Sales Queue. Qualify further for BANT details. Provide white paper or webcast resources. B2 Potential Fit: School or classroom opportunity. More BANT definition required Follow Up within 48 hours of reaching the Sales Queue. Attempt further qualification. Potential move back to Marketing Nurture. B3 Potential Fit: Longer term prospecting opportunity. May take longer to evaluate the solution and secure budget approval. Follow Up within 48 hours of reaching the Sales Queue. Attempt further qualification and provide informative resources. Potential move into Nurture
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  • @Sales20Conf #[email protected] #[email protected] #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c Getting sales to use your content 1. How does your content help them make money? 2. Get sales leadership to buy in first 3. Show examples of how it works 4. Teach, train, launch, reinforce, measure & celebrate 5. Create systems to make it easy
  • @Sales20Conf #[email protected] #[email protected] #s20c @Sales20Conf #s20c How to measure collaboration 1. Focus on fewer metrics (not more) 2. Establish a baseline first, then measure the lift 3. Compare opportunity & sales output to total cost of resources 4. Measure before & after satisfaction
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