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Presentation to British Cartographic Society, Manchester, 9 Sept 206

Transcript of Alfred Wainwright BCS

  • 1. Alfred Wainwright: his contribution to cartography, graphic design and publishing Steve Chilton Learning & Technical Support Unit Manager School of Health and Social SciencesMiddlesex University

2. Wasdale appears through the clouds .. 3. Wainwrights guide to Lakes The cover of Book 1 4. Published output His biography lists 59 publications by him, including many books of sketches of both the Lakes and of Scotland 5. Example of map from guide Ascent of Helvellyn from the west 6. Example of page layout Ascent of Helvellyn from Grasmere 7. Layout of chapter - Fairfield Chapter title Natural features Ascent 8. Layout of Fairfield chapter (cont) Summit detail Summit routes View from summit Descents 9. Method of publishing

  • Layout of end pieces the credits
  • Self-published, then by the Westmorland Gazette

Dedication Frontispiece Publisher Feared printers would misspell his work 10. Geographical division of the Lakes

  • Radial diagram of Lakes gives natural breakdown of layout of books

Book 1 11. Method of producing maps

  • Wainwrights tools

At work 12. Corrections

  • Use of snopake, with over-drawing
  • Photo of glass fronted original from Kendal Museum

13. Method of Portraying

  • Transition from map to perspective in one diagram

Birds eye view Wainwrights hybrid view 14. Layout on page

  • Detail of map, text, marginalia
  • Start of Scafell from Seatoller

15. Do they stand the test of time?

  • Re-published by Francis Lincoln in 2003

First Editions can go for up to 361(1 steditions of Harry Potter books are going for 500+) 16. Is it good to use in field?

  • Comparison with Harveys, OS of same route(eg Corridor route to Scafell Pike re-scaled for comparison)

Harveys (published at 1:40,00) Wainwright (Published at 1:25,000approx) OS (Published at 1:25,000) 17. Is it good to use in field?

  • Better still use the pictorial view (again the Corridor route to Scafell Pike)
  • This is arranged so you follow it (so no map rotation), and it has some excellent supplementary route-finding information.

18. Other examples of hand-drawn maps

  • ORIGINAL HAND DRAWN MAPS We have always drawn these unique, original maps for our own websites, and for our clients' sites.
  • Publicity blurb

19. Stephen Raw

  • was commissioned by HarperCollins to redraw thePart of the Shire map for the newly edited publication of TolkiensThe Lord of the Rings .
  • Info

20. Tim Robinson

  • The Twelve Bens of Connemara,Folding Landscapes

Not hand-lettered, but highly intricate and surveyed in great detail 21. Mark Richards

  • Traditional pen and ink sketches and hand drawn maps are included. Mark Richards was one of Wainwright's prot g s and with Fellranger books he proves he is a worthy successor.Collins publicity burb

22. Martyn Chilton

  • Inspired by reading Tolkein

Section of map showing same area as the Raw map 23. Liam Chilton

  • Inspired by seeing his brother do it

Fictional map to go with story that he was writing 24. Who was Alfred Wainwright?

  • 1907 - born in Blackburn, son of a stonemason, brought up in very poor circumstances
  • 1930 - left school at 13 to work as office boy in Blackburn Borough Engineer's Dept
  • 1938 - co-founder of Blackburn Rovers FC Supporters Club
  • 1941 - appointed to position in the Borough Treasurers Office in Kendal
  • 1948 to1967 Kendal Borough Treasurer
  • 1952 to 1966 -devised, wrote, designed and illustrated his Guides to Lakes
  • 1968 - published Pennine Way Companion
  • 1972 - devised the Coast to Coast Walk
  • 1974-79 produced 6 vols of Scottish Mountain Drawings
  • 1985-90 recorded series of BBC programmes

Biographical Details 25. Wainwright Trivia

  • He is used as example in classic textbook on graphic design -Type and Typography
  • He illustrated Richard AdamsPlague Dogs,and several other books
  • One of a small band of autograph book producers(cf Blake, Carroll, Lear)
  • All profits to Animal Rescue Cumbria
  • Free pint on him at Border Hotel, Kirk Yetholm on completing the Pennine Way

26. His legacy

  • Guidebooks still in print over50 years after the first one was produced
  • Wainwrights Coast to Coast Walk 190 miles from St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay(cf Sustrans C2C)
  • 214 Wainwrights(cf Munros, Corbetts)
  • Wainwright Memorial Walk
    • In 1930 he devised a walking tour in the English Lake District. For almost 60 years it was one of Lakeland's best kept secrets, yet in its 102 miles and almost 35,000 feet of ascent, it visits every major summit, valley and lake(cf Bob Graham Round).

27. Guides updated "The routes of paths have changed, lots of walls have fallen down and when Wainwright was travelling to the fells he used public transport so car parks weren't important to him," said Mr Jesty, a former taxi driver who trained in cartography with Ordnance Survey. 28. His biography

  • By leading author Hunter Davies
  • Other books by Davies include ones on:
    • The Beatles
    • William Wordsworth
    • George Stephenson
    • Beatrix Potter
    • Tottenham Hotspur
    • Eddie Stobart

29. His resting place

  • That day will come when there is nothing left but memories. And afterwards, a last long resting place by the side ofInnominate Tarn , on Haystacks, where the water gently laps the gravelly shore and the heather blooms and Pillar and Gable keep unfailing watch. A quiet place, a lonely place. I shall go to it, for the last time, and be carried: someone who knew me in life will take me and empty me out of a little box and leave me alone.

And if you, dear reader, should get a bit of grit in your boot as you are crossing Haystacks in the years to come, please treat it with respect. It may be me. Memoirs of a Fellwanderer, 1993 30. Sources used

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  • Wainwright. A, 1986,A Pennine Journey , Michael Joseph.

31. RIP Alfred Wainwright

  • Haystacks from Buttermere Church

Acknowledgementsfor this presentation: Francis Lincoln for permission to use limited material from the books The estate of Alfred Wainwright for permission to use images The Margaret Duff collection for permission to use the photo of Wainwright at work Kendal Museum toMorag Clementfor tracing materials via the museum