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1. Childhood of Alexander Like most children in Athens, Alexander was tutored as a child and learned mathematics, reading,writing, and how to play the lyre. He also would have been instructed on how to fight, ride a horse, and hunt. When Alexander turned thirteen, his father wanted the best teacher possible for him. He hired the great philosopher Aristotle. 2. Bucephalus was the famous and well-loved horse of Alexander the Great. Plutarch tells the story of how a 12-year old Alexander won the horse: A horse dealer offered the horse to Alexander's father, Philip II of Macedonia, for the enormous sum of 13 talents. Since no one could tame the animal, Philip wasn't interested, but Alexander was and promised to pay for the horse should he fail to tame it. Alexander was allowed to try and then surprised everyone by subduing it. Alexander named his prize horse Bucephalus and so loved the animal that when the horse died, in 326 B.C., Alexander named a city after the horse -- Bucephala. Bucephalus 3. First he moved through Asia Minor and what is today Turkey. He took over Syria defeating the Persian Army at Issus and then laying siege to Tyre. Next, he conquered Egypt and established Alexandria as the capital. After Egypt came Babylonia and Persia, including the city of Susa. Then he moved through Persia and began to prepare for a campaign in India. CONQUESTS 4. No one is sure what he died from, but many suspect poison. 5. Statue in Amfipoli 6. Statue in Thessaloniki