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  • 1. Birth :Alexander was born around July 20, 356 B.C His mother Olympias is non-Macedonian .

2. Youth :During his youth, Alexander showedgreat observational powers .Alexander was tutored by His father tobe a great warrior . 3. Education :Alexander was tutored by Leonidas(possibly his uncle) and the greatGreek philosopher Aristotle. 4. Rise To Power :In 340 B.C., while father Philip went off tofight rebels, Alexander was made regent inMacedonia. In 336 after Philip II was assassinated, Alexander the Great became ruler of Macedonia. 5. Family:Alexander the Great - Wives:Alexander the Greats wives wereRoxane , Statiera, and Parysatis. Alexander the Great - Children : Herakles, son of Alexanders mistress Barsine . Alexander IV, son of Roxane . 6. Personality : great personal beauty, invincible power of endurance, and a keen intellect. He was brave and adventurous strict in the observance of his religious duties . 7. The battles :Battle of Issus - 333 B.C.Battle of Gaugamela - 331 B.C.Battle of the Hydaspes - 326 B.C. 8. Accomplishments :Marched more than 22,000 milesOverthrown the Persian empireConquered approximately 2 million milesof territory 9. Accomplishments :Established new towns throughoutthe journeyNever lost a battle except with thenature 10. Nowadays , Alexander judged as agreat warrior who was a military genius.Thousands of years later he was still arole model for a big number ofconquerors . 11. The Impact :Alexander impacted Greece by bringingGreek cultures and laws together with othercultures.He helped Greek to know other civilization . 12. Death :In 323, Alexander the Great returned toBabylonia where he became illsuddenly, and died. 13. Decline :After Alexanders death , his kingdomwas divided in to many areas . 14. Comparing :No body can be compared withAlexander The Great . 15. References: _Great 16. Thank YouFor listening