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The Real Social Media Question

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  • 1. The Real Social Media Question

2. @alex__butler
3. Why do we all need to care about health 2.0
4. The greatest change to Health Care since the inception of the NHS
This time the patient is really in
5. what is social media?
Social media broadly refers to all activities, practices and behaviours among communities of people gathering online to share information, knowledge & opinions using conversational media.
Chris Shipley is widely accepted as the first person to use the phrase social media leading up to a conference in 2004.
This is web 2.0 &
health 2.0
6. livecasting
Inter personal
social networking
Virtual worlds
7. 52%of adult europeans actively use health 2.0 to manage their own or a loved ones condition
8. health 2.0 consumers are...
Twice as likely as the average ehealth consumer to request a prescription.
Others rely on them to make decisions...They are influencers.
More than half discuss information they found online with their physician
9. 74% of european physicians get medical information from blogs, message boards and online social networks
10. Re-defined the patient-physician relationship
changed patients path to treatment
& patient expectations...
& nearly 50% of EU physicians recommend websites to patients...
11. 12. What are we trying to Achieve
13. Are you listening to your customers?
14. Have you joined the conversation and developed a dialogue?
Are you adding value?
15. Do you want to be a valued member of the community?
16. What are the challenges of implementing social media strategies
17. 18. 19. 20. @JanssenUK
21. Rock stars highlight #hepatitisC risks-watch Get Tested Get Treated #NHSanimation here with Keith Moon & Jimi Hendrix PM Mar 6thvia HootSuite
22. Beach Boy Guitar legend David Marks talks about how he was diagnosed with #HepCby chance and his treatment success
23. Sadie Frost talks of her childhood and her fathers #HepC, She supports the @GETTESTEDcampaign
24. Clubbers with condoms can jump the Q at Ministry of Sound-Great partnership with #NHS Havering PCT
25. AEs
26. The reality
What constitutes an adverse event online?
...Very few (less than 0.1%) could be a reportable AE.
Recent survey with antibiotics conducted by John Mack
971 updates
113 discussed side effects/negative reaction
Question: Rather than avoiding AEs should we as an industry be doing more to actively capture real world data?
27. Patientslikeme
500 Randomly selected blog posts out of 364,000 made in 2009
7% incorporated all 4 elements necessary for an FDA reportable AE

  • Epilepsy Community

28. Patient centred research. 29. Patients can openly track progress 30. Open online community for organ transplant recipients. 31. Novartis supported this development