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Sepher Sephiroth (revised)By Allan Bennett and Aleister Crowley Revised by Ian RonsDo what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.This numerical dictionary has been revised and updated, including much new material. It has also been stripped of much extraneous material such as planetary spirits, etc., to make it a more purist production, since much of the material of that type is rather unreliable. All the numerations have been checked, and the Latin originally given from Kabbalah Denudata has been translated and checked against the Hebrew (using Brown-Driver-Briggs and Megiddo). The references to Zoharic texts, etc., have been checked, and are now given with verse numbers (rather than page numbers) wherever possible. Furthermore, new Zoharic and other references have been inserted. Biblical references have been checked, and given KJV (rather than Vulgate) verse numbers, and many new Biblical references have been found. Hebrew words and phrases without a translation have been translated, and many of the other Hebrew translations have been checked also. Words and phrases with a possible final letters value have all been enumerated.

Love is the law, love under will.I.R.

The Hebrew AlphabetName (M) Aleph (D) Beth (D) Gimel (D) Daleth (S) Heh (S) Vau (S) Zayin (S) Cheth (S) Teth (S) Yod (D) Kaph (S) Lamed (M) Mem (S) Nun (S) Samekh (S) Ayin (D) Peh (S) Tzaddi (S) Qoph (D) Resh (M) Shin (D) Tau Figure ) b g d h w z x + y k K l m M n N s ( p P c C q r # t Value 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 20 500 30 40 600 50 700 60 70 80 800 90 900 100 200 300 400 Transliteration A B G D H V Z Ch T I K L M N S O P Tz Q R Sh Th

When written large, the value of a Hebrew letter is increased by a factor of one thousand. A large Aleph is counted 1000, a large Beth 2000, etc. Note that there are no vowels in Hebrew, only semi-vowels (A, H, V, I). Diacritical marks are sometimes used to indicate vowels, but generally the correct pronunciation of a word therefore relies on memory. In any case, this has no importance in Gematria, except that it must be noted that any given word may have many different meanings, according as it is pronounced. M, D and S before the names of the letters shows their division into Mothers, Double and Single letters; referred respectively to active Elements (Air, Water, Fire), Planets and Zodiacal Signs. But Shin and Tau also serve to signify the Elements of Spirit and of Earth (see Liber 777).

Abbreviations:K.D. Ch. Ar. S.B. S.D. S.S. I.R.Q. I.Z.Q. M.H. * : Kabbalah Denudata Chaldee Aramaic Sepher Bahir Siphra Dtzenioutha Sepher Sephiroth Idra Rabba Qadisha Idra Zuta Qadisha Modern Hebrew. All final values counted In Hebrew, indicates a letter spelt in full (e.g. ): = Pl))

1 The Mystic Number of Kether 2 (Notariqon of Arik Anpin, 422) 3 The Mystic Number of Chokmah Father To come, go 4 Father Hollow; a vein Proud 5 Mist, vapour Back; food Elevation, top; pit, water-hole 6 The Mystic Number of Binah To gather, collect Flat roof; cover of an altar A bear A window; lo! Father, a title of Chokmah Separation; white linen; idle talk; liar 7 Lost, ruined A name of God attributed to Venus (initials of Adonai ha-Aretz) Desire; either, or Good fortune Was weary Riches, power Fish 8 To will, intend Love; desired, beloved Then The entrance, threshold To be anxious, grieve Breast; love; beloved; pleasures of love (Notariqon of Zauir Anpin, 478) In itself; in the ... is, that in it 9 Ventriloquist, necromancer; the special fire of black magic, whence Obi, Obeah (cf. 11 & 207) He kindled Brother A garment Became powerful, grew high Middle, midst; back (n.) Splendour (cf. 15); shout of joy Booty; prey Come 10 The Mystic Number of Chesed Heh: a window; alas The God HAD Mutterer, enchanter; whisper (n.) Elevated, exalted, high Flew, soared Two A wolf A hidden place; bosom Fleece To sweep away Skin of grapes 11 Ahah Firebrand, volcanic fire: the Special fire or light of the Sacred Magic of Light, Life, and Love; hence Odic Force, &c. (cf. 9 & 207) Where?; island When To tear, cut, attack Gold, golden (Ch.) Proud, haughty, arrogant To conceal A circularity of form or motion; a feast 12 Vau: a hook, nail HE, the most holy name of God in Kether (Heh is referred to Mater; Vau to Pater; Aleph to Corona) He longed for, missed He departed, went forth A little book, pamphlet, letter; tools To multiply This, that; who, which; here, there To penetrate, be sharp; one (Ch.); sleep Please, pray 13 A small bundle, bunch; legend, tale Beloved; love Unity Hated Emptiness Raised up Anxiety A fisher Thunder; to meditate; he remembers Here; this; glory, splendour A locust He shall come (cf. 345 & 358) 14 A thorn, spine (as of Christs crown of thorns, Matt. 27:29) Sacrifice; altar (Ar.) Love, beloved; David Give, give! (see 17, bhy) To grind, direct, stretch out Gold Hand (cf. 20) Sufficiency, plenty Valley

)) b) )b )b) bb )g d) gb bg )bg gg bd )h )bb) db db) )h) w) dg b)d )bd gd hb) bh) z) h)b g)d dd )z wb bw) )z) x) dgb h)g wg dh zb )wb hh d)h +) hbg h)d wd b)z bx zg )+ gz hh) dw) y) )wbb ddg bhd dz )bx gx ww )wh hw) dz) +g hgd hz dx yb hdg) hbh) dx) by) whb hhg hg)d gwd hgh wz bgx )by d+) xbd dwd bh bh hdh bhz dy yd )yg

15 The Mystic Number of Geburah Hod: splendour The Monogram of the Eternal: the divine name of Chokmah Spring Steam, vapour Pride; a carrying out; exaltation Overflowing, abounding He who impels; to force To hide Lamentation 16 Hyssop He seized, cleaved to Elevated, exalted, high Injury, war, lust; fell She Alas! Woe Like, equal to Hook, brooch, ring 17 Capricorn: a kid, young goat Nuts Ah! Alas! Nerve, sinew (Gn. 32:25, 32) Narrative, subtle discourse That [one] (ref. to )wh) To dream, rave A fly Sacrificed To seethe, boil To brighten, make joyful A circle, orbit Good To give, place 18 My favourite, my beloved Hatred The Antique Serpent Living (Notariqon of Yehi Aur, 232) 19 An enemy Was black Eve: to manifest, show forth Nation; gentile 20 Yod: a hand A name of God Fraternity Black liquid It was The breast; a vision; a prophet; to gaze Sin Golden 21 The Mystic Number of Tiphareth Existence, being: the divine name of Kether But, howbeit; certainly Deep meditation Ah! Alas! Purity, innocence Part of hwhy (see Sepher Yetzirah) 22 With his hand By Yodh Hearer in secret The state of puberty A magical vision (Ch.) Wheat Good (Notariqon of Yehovah Elohim Yehovah Achad, 151) Unity 23 Parted, removed, separated Joy A thread Life; Chiah: the Soul in Chokmah Lesser (Ar.) 24 The number of Enochian Seniors, and of Elders in Revelation He whom I love He who loves me A Mercurial God (whose essence is z), 8) Substance; a body A pauper; oppressed Abundance Bucket, pail, vessel 25 To break Beast Let there be Will be separated Thus, so; here, there 26 The number of the Sephiroth of the Middle Pillar: 1 + 6 + 9 + 10. The Pillar of Mercy: the paths Vau and Kaph (cf. 48 & 463) Seeing, looking at Sight, vision TETRAGRAMMATON: Yehovah: the Unutterable Name: the Lost Word. Kebad, husband of the impure Lilith; to honour; heavy; liver 27 Wept, mourned Pure, clear, transparent, innocent A parable, enigma, riddle 28 The Mystic Number of Netzach The God HADIT (cf. 419) Mire, clay

dwh hy byb) dy) hw)g bwz xz hbx yh bwz) zx) hwbg hwh )yh yw gwz xx ydg zwg) yw) dyg hdgh )whh hzh bwbz xbz dwz hdx gwx bw+ bhy ybh) hby) )+x yx )w)y byw) hyd hwx ywg dwy yy hwx) wyd hyh hzx h)+h bwhz hyh) K) gygh ywh wxz why wdyb dwyb hy))h gwwz )wzx h+x hbw+ )y)y dxy xxz hwdx +wx hyx )+wz ybwh) ybhw) hgwbz) hywg Kd zyz dk )kd )wyx yhy xzy hk kw hzwx hwzx hwhy dbk hkb Kz hdyx +ydh +y+

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Union, unity Power, strength Palate One beloved Is broken, crushed; he croucheth (Ps. 10:10) To break down, overturn A party to an action at law; defendant, plaintiff (note Lamed = 30 = Libra = VIII, Justice) It will be How? To; divine name of Chesed To go A beating, striking, collision And there was (Gn 1:3; see S.D. 1:31) Not, no (Coalescence of hyh) and hwhy: Macroprosopus and Microprosopus. This is symbolised by the Hexagram. Suppose the 3 Hehs conceal the 3 Mothers: Aleph, Mem and Shin; and we get 358 q.v.) Lord; not The bond of matrimony Was pure Zig-zag, fork-lightning Unity Glory Mind, heart, centre Sorrow; wept, mourned Spring, fountain; ruins; wave; dung; oil vessel God the Father: divine name attributed to Jupiter To ransom, avenge, pollute To reveal Wretched; a pauper A common person; uneducated, ignorant Agla, a name of God (notariqon of Ateh Gibor Le-Olahm Adonai, 858) Boundary, limit He will go The Mystic Number of Hod A tent, tabernacle How? (La. 1:1, 2:1 & 4:1-2) To curse; Goddess; a name of God attributed to Mercury To remove, cast away Confession Perhaps, possibly; would that!; not, no To separate, divide God (Ch.) Behold! Perished, grew old To grow great Standard, banner Tenuity, breath, vanity; in vain; Abel (I.Z.Q.: The Supernal Breathers) Profession Yechidah: the Soul in Kether Flame To stray, turn aside He departed Innocent The palate To make a hole, hollow; to violate; bulwark, wall, rampart; profane Moist, fresh, green To abide, dwell Dew The Eternal is One He cursed; laudanum Liberator: a title of Yesod To cut off A rope; ruin; to bind Milk The Hand of the Eternal To me, to mine Fecundity Ram; force (hence a hero); hart, a title of Malkuth My God Mother To fail, cease Divine Majesty Terminus To burn Terror To go round in a circle A name of God (see I.R.Q. 778 & no. 86) The number of letters of a great name of God terrible and strong, and of the Assessors of the Dead Eloah, a name of God The Supernal Mother, unfertilized (cf. 52) Terror, calamity Loss, destruction To cease My glory The Earth (our world) The greater Great To rejoice To make faint Lion (cf. 340) Hazel, almond Together, also

dwxy xk Kx dydy hkd Kdh byyx hyhy Ky) l) Kwh h)kh yhyw )l hwhyh)



lb gwwyz hkz zyzx dyxy dwbk bl lb) lg b) l) l)g )lg ld +wydh )lg) lbg Khy lh) hky) hl) )lh ywdyw wl ldb )hl) wl) hlb ldg lgd lbh lz hdyxy bhl zl lz) y)kz Kyx lx xl lbz l+ dx) hwhy +l l)wg lzg lbx blx hwhy dy yl blx) ly) yl) M) l+b l)w)g lwbg lxg lwh lgx hwhy hy hwl) )m) hhlb ylb ldx ydwbk dlx ldgh lwdg lyg hlx )ybl zwl Mg











Magus One beloved by God Aries: a ram, lamb Aquarius: a bucket Drops A pool, pond; sorrow Captive, captivity Blood Sand; horror (see the Scorpion Pentacle in the Key of Solomon; see also Liber 418 10th Ayre) Flame Garment The Mystic Number of Yesod Adam: Man; red The Fool Redemption, liberation To grow warm; they (masc.) Hesitated (see 405) She who ruins hwhy in Yetzirah Greatly, strongly, very What, which, why, how; anything, something; Yetzitahs Secret Nature (see S.D. 1:38-39) A name of God A female slave; an ell, cubit Tin, the metal of Jupiter A dividing, sundering, separation A ruiner Foolish, silly, stupid A weeping Cloud; high place; waves; fortress To clutch, hold That it was good AUM (cf. 111) The Pillar of Severity: the paths Cheth and Mem (cf. 26 & 463) Planet; star: the Sphere of Mercury Greatness, magnificence, glory: a title of Chesed A woman; strength; an army To grow warm; heat, fire; black Jubilee From that time, of old (see Ps. 93:2, & Prov. 8:22) Fat; marrow The Living God Resembled; meditated; silent Drooping, being sick Strength Heat, fury (Ch.) A bringing forth, birth, nativity A measuring; a measure To dissolve, melt: solve The Rod of Aaron The Number of Gates of Understanding (the number of permutations of the lower seven sephiroth with each other, plus one for unity) Closed, shut up Great fish (Jonahs Whale) To ferment; they (masc.) Pains, sorrows Unclean, impure The sea All; every To thee Who? Which?; whoever, everyone; waters (see I.R.Q. 996, mercury) Red earth, the soil Edom Ate; devoured Where?; pain; Heliopolis (cf. 57) Tumultuously; to harass, perturb Failure; please, I pray thee; raw; now; Thebes (Na 3:8; for NA, see Dr. Dees Mysteriorum Liber Primus) Father and Mother Supernal Mother, a title of Binah (cf. 42) Elihu (Eli Hua, He is my God, who is the Holy Guardian Angel of Job in the allegory) Please, I beseech you Beast, cattle, brute animal From all, among all The Son: Assiahs Secret Nature (see S.D. 1:38-39) Meditation (cf. 827); imagination; sin A desirable one; to desire Brother-in-law hwhy in Assiah A dog A stone, rock Elihu (see 52) Garden To defend, hide; a wall; the sun; fury The spleen A lover A basin, bowl, vessel (Ex. 24:6) Rest To judge, rule Pertaining to summer My flame; enchantments Tribe; branch, rod, staff, stick, sceptre, spear; a bed To remove; a heap, wall 1-10. The Sum of the Sephiroth; the Mystic Number of Malkuth. Thief; stole

gm hydydy hl+ yld ylg) Mg) hlwg Md lwx +hl dm Md) dm) hlw)g Mh lxz hlbx )h w)w )h dwy d)m hm yhl) hm) lydb hldbh lbwx lyw) hyykb hmb +lx bw+ yk Mw) mx bkwk hlwdg lyx Mx lbwy z)m xm yx l) hmd hlwx )lyx )mx hdyl hdm gwm +m M+) lwdg gd hmh ylbx )m+ My lk Kl ym hmd) Mwd) lk) N) Mwh )n )m)w )b) )my) whyl) )n) hmhb lkb Nb hmz dmx Mby hh ww hh dwy blk Nb) )whyl) Ng hmx lwx+ hbh)m Ng) ymd Nd Mwx y+hl h+m dn bng













Robbery, pillage Silence A footstool To swell, heave (see 51) To walk Knuckle; member, limb Bride: a title of Malkuth Noon; midday Ornament; splendour, eminence Lo!; whether, if; they (fem.) Dread, terror He suffered Day Beautiful Food The Goddess NU Pisces: fishes Rim Consuming Formidable, terrible We A breaking down, subversion, destruction To build; built Altar Laying-by, making secret Strength; wealth; trouble, sorrow; Heliopolis (cf. 51) Better Species, kind Loves, amours (see 499) An ear My strength, power, might Grace, love, kindness, charm (notariqon of Chokmah Nesethrah: the Secret Wisdom, 788) Resting, at rest (grammatical: silent, mute) Battering ram Brethren (referred to Lilith & Samael) A wall Menstruation (lit. impurity) Tried by fire; a watch-tower Excellence, sublimity, glory, pride Constitution, tradition; practice Behold!; they (fem.) A basket Vision The Southern district Utensil, instrument, tool Lament Adon: master, lord Nothing; not Towards, to thee I, myself; a ship, fleet The belly Wealth Dwelling, habitation (as body is of soul) Healing The sons To commit; healing Between Abaddon: destruction, ruin (hell, as development of lw)#, 337; cf. 451) Dregs, roll; faeces (globular); dung Fed The nose Fervour hwhy in Briah Briahs Secret Nature (see S.D. 1:38-39) Beaver, builder Prophet Shine, glow: the Sphere of Venus (see S.B. 75) Justice: a title of Geburah A sigh, groan, deep breath The golden waters (I.R.Q. 996; cf. 97) Prophecy Serenity Stocks Adonai: My Lord (referred to Malkuth; cf. 155 & 361) Weasels and other terrible animals Palace, temple, mansion Shone, gloried, praised Silence! Defective A door post A beating, striking A lament, wailing Silence, quietness The Mystic Number of the Qliphoth, and of the Great Work Food, victuals Thy God (Deut. 4:24, 28:58) A ship A trial, an experiment A wheel (the cognomen of Shekinah) Miry Binah: understanding Zayin: a sword A ship, fleet Debased

hlyzg hmwd Mwdh Myh Klh )ylwx hlk bgn hn Nh hmy) hn) Mwy h)n hlk) wn Mygd Ndb) lkw) Mwy) wn) lw+yb hnb xbzm )wbxm Nw) b+wm Nz Mybh) Nz) ylyx Nx xn yxm Myx) hmwx hdn Nxb Nw)g hklh hnh )n+ hzxm hbgn ylk yn Nwd) Ny) Kyl) yn) N+b Nwh hwn )s) ynb hnz Nyb Nwdb) llg Nwz M+wx hmyx yh w)w yh dwy gs hnwb )ybn hgwn Nyd hxn) bhz ym h)wbn hnwg ds ynd) Myxw) lkyh llh sh Nzx hzwzm hkm yhn hymwd hlyk) Kyhl) hyn) Nwxb lglg Nwy hnyb Nyz ynw) llz

To embalm 68 Wise (he will understand that?) To be wise Emptiness To pity Lulav: a palm branch Life 69 A manger, stable; an enclosure Myrtle Nations; gentiles Transgression, error, sin 70 Hush, be silent Wine Night The Secret (Ps. 25:14; see 353) Adam and Eve Honest; so, thus, just so, such, so much 71 Thy terror Nothing; an apparition, image; idol Silence; silent Lead, the metal of Saturn; a plummet-line, level, water-level Vision A dove, pigeon A dove Plentitude, fulness; to fill 72 The number of triliteral names in the Shem ha-Mephorasch (72 3 = 216); which, by the addition of -YH or -AL, give 72 angels Chesed: mercy, kindness Adonai, as transliterated in the Lemegeton, etc. (cf. 65) In, so, thus, then In the secret And they are excellent, finished hwhy in Atziluth Atziluths Secret Nature (see S.D. 1:38-39): thickness, cloud; Aub Revolving; transmigration 73 Chokmah: wisdom Gimel: a camel To trust in, shelter in A day of feast A title of Chokmah 74 Lamed: an ox-goad A leader, chief, judge Worn-out; beggars A circuit; roundabout All the way, duration; eternity; booty; witness, proof; ruler Knowledge (cf. 474) 75 NUIT, THE STAR GODDESS (cf. 466) Hues, colours, complexions Brightness; Lucifer, the Herald Star A lamenting, wailing The Pleiades Night; by night Priest Unto them 76 Secret, put away; a hiding-place Rest, peace Slave, servant Goddess 77 Prayed Overflowing (Ps. 124:5) Towers, citadels The Influence through the Paths (cf. 78); destiny, fate, luck; constellation, planet (cf. 483 & 536); soul-root Goat; strength; violence; glory 78 1-12. The Mystic Number of Kether as Hua; the number of Tarot cards; the sum of the Key-Numbers of the Supernal Beard Aiwass: the Angel of Ra-Hoor-Khuit (incorrect cf. 93) The breaker; dream (n. & v.) To pity To initiate Bread (Ps. 78:20) (= Mlx, by metathesis) The Influence through the Paths (cf. 77) Salt The name of a Giant Palace of Love (referred to Chesed) Before (in front of), over against 79 Jachin, the Pillar of Mercy (Chokmah-Chesed-Netzach; situate in Netzach) Boaz, the Pillar of Severity (Binah-Geburah-Hod; situate in Hod) Die Conjunction, meeting, union Writing instrument 80 Yesod: the foundation Water (alternative spelling of Mem, 90) Union; an assembling To make perfect; general, universal, collective Throne (Ex. 17:16, i.e. there because a hand is on the throne of Yah) Ruins Crowd Shovel 81 Gods I (Ex. 23:20) Also, yea; anger; nose Throne Here, hither 82 A prayer (Ch.)

+nx Nbyw Mkx llx sx blwl Myyx swb) sdh Myywg +s hsh Nyy lyl dws hwxw Md) Nk Kmy) lyl) Ml) Kn) Nwzx hnwy hwny )lm dsx y)nwd) Nkb dwsb wlkyw yh wyw yh dwy b( lwglg hmkx lmg hsx bw+ Mwy hmxk dml Nyyd Mykd bybs d( (d +ywn ynwwg llyh hlly hmyk hlyl Nhk Mhl Nwybx xxyn db( hlyl) h(b Nwdyz ldgm lzm z( s)wy) Mlx lmx Knx Mxl )lzm xlm )z( hbh) lkyh xkn Nyx)y z(b (wg hd( +( dwsy Mm d(w llk sk y( Ks (y Myl) ykn) P) )sk )p y(b














Kindly, righteous, holy White The beloved thing (Notariqon of the four worlds: Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah, Assiah) The drops of dew (Job. 38:28) (cf. Gimel, 73) A flowing, wave Person, self; back, top; wing (Ch.) Consecration; dedicated To flee, put ones things in safety (Jer. 6:1) Mournings, laments Unripe fig (The Hebrew guttural letters see I.Z.Q. 694 et seq., & cf. 133) A wing (army), squadron; a chosen troop Was silent A dream Enoch Knew Amethyst Peh: the mouth A flower, cup Put in motion, routed Circumcision A name of God, asserting the identity of Kether and Malkuth Elohim (a name of God, meaning Gods masc. pl. of fem. sing.): the Angelic Choir of Netzach Hallelu-Yah: Praise the Lord A rustling of wings (See I.R.Q. 778 & no. 41) Cup; vagina Blemish, spot, stain Plenitude To divide Frankincense; whiteness: the Sphere of Luna Oak; oak-wood A cup Blasphemed Standards, military ensigns Determined White storks Pure gold (lit. refined) Redness; sparkling To be hot Darkness Roaring, seething; burning Pure, innocent Snare, danger Shut up; body Silence, whisper Children Mem: water Very silent King: a title ofTiphareth Basket General, universal, collective Manna; portion 1-13. The Mystic Number of Kether as Achad; the sum of the letters of the Supernal Beard if K = 11, etc. (see 145) A tree Firm, faithful; Amen: So be it!: a title of Kether The Ephod ynd) hwhy interlaced Archangel of Geburah Food, fare Angel Queen (Ar.) Manna A hut, tent Pekht: extension Terror: a title of Geburah The Lord thy God [is a consuming fire] (Deut. 4:24 see 182; Deut. 28:58) Mud Litter Aiwass: the Minister of Hoor-paar-kraat (correct cf. 78) The sons of [the merciful] God Incense A disc, round shield; a defender Possession Arduous, busy; host, army Corpse The valley of vision To extinguish A fault (Ps. 50:20, i.e. there allege a fault) A shore A window A drop Children Congratulations, good luck Prickly Side The Sphere of Mars The great stone The waters Multitude, abundance Journey Queen

dysx Nbl xwxyn (yb) l+ ylg) lmyg Mylg Pg hknx (wz Mylb) gp (xh) Pg) Mmd Mwlx Kwnx (dy hmlx) hp (ybg Mmh hlym ynd) hyh) Myhl) hywllh hlwmh Md) hwhy hy swk Mwm ywlm lydbm hnbl Nwl) Kws) Pdg Mylgd Mmz hdysx zp llkx Mmx Ksx lxn Px xp Pwg hmmd P+ Mym Mmwd Klm ls yllk Nm Nly) Nm) dwp) yhnwdh)y l)mk lk)m K)lm )klm )nm hkws hh)p dxp Kyhl) hwhy Cb bc zwy( l) ynb hnwbl Ngm hlxn )bc hpwg Nwyzxyg K(d ypd Pwx Nwlx hp+ Mydly bw+ lzm dnm dc Myd)m hldg Nb) Mymh Nmh Klhm hklm

Selah, Lift up! (Ps. 32:5, 7, etc.) 96 A name of God (Chaldee form of Myhl)) By day Occupation, [mundane] work (cf. 415 & 420) The secret [counsel] of the Lord (Ps. 25:14; see 353) Statute 97 Changeless, constant; the God Amon (Na. 3:8) The Son of Man Archangel of Netzach The appointed time To seize suddenly A hand-breadth, palm (I Kings 7:26 &. Ex. 25:25) A brick, tile A building; an architect The good waters of EL: Quicksilver (I.R.Q. 995; cf. 64 & 100) Yellow 98 A name of God Temporary dwelling, camp (Ex. 33:11) Image; hid, concealed (pertains to Sol and the Lingam-Yoni) To consume, eat Bright, clear; white Arrow; lightning; punishment; wound; Out! Avaunt! Go away! 99 The pangs of childbirth The Vault of Heaven; an inner chamber; wedlock, nuptial Cognition, knowledge 100 Kaph: the palm [of the hand] (fig. notariqon of Kteis-Phallus) A day; the seas; the times Vases, vessels An effort, exertion Mitigation of the one by the other (I.R.Q. 995; cf. 97) Yoke; upper part; on, upon, above, over; to, towards; after; because Throat A suffering, discouraged one; tax Species, kind Flask, bottle Spice; drug; poison Dryness; ship 101 Swallowed, destroyed A storehouse Michael: Archangel of Fire (lit. Like God) Kingdom; a virgin princess (esp. THE Virgin Princess, i.e. the Church) Gut; gut-string Vomit And it was so 102 A white goose Trust; truth; faith Desirable, worthy of desire Grace; pride; fame, glory; a wild goat Lord, owner; to possess; lands, government Unit of measure Vilon, veil: the veil between Yesod and Malkuth 103 Dust To guard, protect Loathed Food, meat (Ch.) Oblation Prophets A calf 104 Tzaddi: a fish-hook; trade Father of the mob, or of the multitude Quarrel, dispute Personal [belongings], small private property Giving up, presenting, remitting Out! Avaunt! Go away! Crushed, fine, thin King David 105 To subvert, ruin, change Skullcap, yarmulka 106 Nun: a fish Attained Stibium (a type of kohl) Line, string, linen thread; norm Your God 107 An egg Chain; flaming arrow The Shield (or Star) of David (the Hexagram) 108 2x2 3x3x3: hence used as the number of beads on a rosary by some sects The ears The fruit of a deep valley A wall To force, do wrong to To love very much To shut up, obstruct The middle To measure out, share; a decree, statute; tall (masc.); task; boundary (cf. 113) Builders Leader 109 Lightning Quiet Music Circle; sphere Small 110 Father of Faith

hls ynd) l) Nyhl) Mmwy hk)lm hwhy dws wc Nwm) Md) Nb l)yn)h Nmz P+x xp+ hnybl hnbm b+h l) ym bhc Myhl) )wh )nmz Nmx lsx xc Cx hdyl ylbx hpwx h(ydy Pk Mymy Mylk Nwdm l)b+yxm l( (l sm Nym Kp Ms yc (l) Ms) l)kym hkwlm )myn )q Nk yhyw Nbl zww) hnwm) dmxn ybc l(b bq Nwlyw qb) Nng l(g Nwzm hxnm My)bn lg( ydc Nwmh b) Nydm hlwgs xlws Cwx qd dwd Klm Kph hpk Nwn qbd Kwp wq Mkyhl) hcyb qz dwd Ngm Mynz) lxnh yb)b Cyx smx Nnx Msx ycx qx Mynwb gyhnm zqb hxwnm Nwgn lwg( +q hnwm)h b)







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The roof of a [bridal] canopy (The artificial roof of heaven, under which the promises of marriage are delivered) Resemblance, likeness, image To embrace At the end of the days; the right hand A sign, flag, standard Kinsmen, nation, populace; with, by, near Fool Aleph: an ox; a thousand Pele: the [Hidden] Wonder: a title of Kether Red (Gn. 25:25) He is One God: a name of God Ruin, destruction, sudden death AUM (thus in S.S.; cf. 47) Thick darkness Passwords of ...... Mad A holocaust, whole burnt offering; an ascent Precious stone Vomit A structure; mode of building Was angry Sharpness The Lord God: the divine name of Binah (Notariqon of Ha-Qadosh Barukh Hua, 655) Likewise; the same (fem.) (cf. 108) A giving away, remitting A stream, brook Tear (weeping) Gracious, obliging, indulgent Science Brains We Here am I The heat of the day To make strong; vehement, eager We Doves The munificent ones Primordial Artificial (counted only with Mem final in S.S.) Fog, darkness Chief, duke; guide To pass, renew, change To ferment The High Priest The Goddess NU (spelt in full) Lydian-stone Beelzebub: the Fly-God Weeping (subst.) Abominable Samekh: a prop, support Master Foundation, basis Season; the time of the decree Strengthening Prophetic sayings, or decrees: His days shall be (hence AbraMelin) A veil, covering, screen A name of God Imaginary, fanciful Vermin Mocker Moth Shadow; shelter Vain idols An end, extremity Emanated from Of whirling motions Nocturnal vision It is filled Coin ?Termination of Abr-amelim? Compelled by force Revolutions [of souls] Evil possessing spirit A name of God implying Kether, Chokmah and Binah (3, 4 & 5 letters) War A blow; plague Pleasure, delight An attack upon others, a violation, injury High Priest An oak; hardness Pleasure, delight: Eden (?) Thine hand (Ps. 139:5; see S.D. 5:16) A window Darkness A name of God Hospitality Horse On: a name of God (cf. 120); penalty of iniquity: being taken away Humble, afflicted Material, natural (Ar.) To withdraw, rescue, deliver; to equip for war Goodly strength; proof

hpwxh gg Nwymd qbx Nymy sn M( lsk Pl) )lp ynwmd) Myhl) )wh dx) Ns) M() lp) ynd) hwhy dwy llwhm hlw( Nx Nb) )yq Nynb snb qdx Myhl) hwhy hbqh hqx hxyls glp (md Nwnx (dm Nyxwm wnxn ynnh Mwyh Mwx qzx wnxn) Mynwy Mybydn h)ly( Mylglg lpw) Pwl) Plx (mx lwdg Nhk :w :n Nxwb Nb) bwbzl(b h(md lwgp Kms l(k ydswm d(wm Nykm Mylm Ksm N( ynwymd Mynk Cl ss lc Mylyl) Mp) lc) Mylglgh )ylyl yd hwzx )lmn (b+m Mlym) hswn) Mylwglg qwbyd Myhl) hwhy hh) hmxlm (gn gn( Mgp lwdgh Nhk Nswx Nd( hkpk hnml) hlyp) )lg) ynd) hwhy Nwlm sws Nw( wn( (b+wm Clx Nysx

God the Eternal One 129 Pleasure (Gn. 18:12) Delight, pleasure The standing prayer (from vb. to stand) Palace of Serenity (referred to Hod) 130 Ayin: an eye Deliverance The Angel of Redemption Decrees, prophetic sayings The Pillars (cf. 164) Destitute A staircase, ladder Chaff Lest Swift 131 He was angry Nose Turn, roll A title of Kether Humility Pluto (referred to Daath) 132 To make waste To receive 133 (The Hebrew palatal letters; see I.Z.Q. 694 et seq., & cf. 84) Vine The salt sea Plague 134 Burning 135 A destitute female The congregation (see 161) Roast, parch; burn; to be lightly esteemed, dishonoured 136 The Avenging Angel Fines, penalties A voice 137 A wheel; one of the Auphanim The belly, gullet A pillar, monument (Gn. 28:22) A receiving, tradition; the Qabalah 138 The Son of God To smoothe, divide To leaven, ferment To pollute He shall smite Forehead 140 Melakim, Kings: the Angelic Choir of Tiphareth Rottenness Above Flower; hawk Extremity Face Threshold, entrance Thorn 141 Robust; oaken Gathered, collected Precept, commandment Faithful, loyal, steady First Angels, messengers 142 Wickedness, destruction A stranger; Balaam Delights (Fire & Water) 143 The unshoeing Running waters (Ct. 4:15) 144 A sandal Before; the East; ancient things 145 The thirteen Paths of the Beard of Macroprosopus (see 91 & 1350) The Staff of God (Ex. 17:9) Inscrutable A feast Treasure; hidden or secret thing The First Gate Limit, end; boundless Eternity; world; an adult The four Names in the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram Netzach: victory Libra: the scales Beni Elohim, Sons of the Gods: the Angelic Choir of Hod A name of God Glutton and drunkard (Deut. 21:20) To withdraw, retire Flour, meal The living Gods (cf. 154) A beating of the breast; a noisy striking To make wrinkled Soothsayer (lit. one who knows) A walking shoe Thine eye (is written see 160 & I.R.Q. 652) Nest To darken, dim Wing, skirt; winged hyh) spelt in full hwhy of the Gods is One hwhy The Fountain [of Living Waters] (Jer. 17:13) A standing upright, stature Jealous


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wnyhl) hwhy hnd( gnw( hdym( hnwg lkyh Ny( hlch l)gh K)lm Nylm ydwm( yn( Mls Cm Np lq Pn) Myp) Np) hswkm hwn( w+wlp qlb lbq qkyg Npg xlmh My Pgn qld hyn( lhq hlq l)wgh K)lm Nwmm lwq Npw) )kmw+s) hbcm hlbq Myhl) Nb qlx Cmx Pnx Cxm xcm Myklm qm l(m Cn sp ynp Ps Nc Cym) Ps) hwcm Nm)n )mq Myk)lm l(ylb M(lb Mydmxm hcylx Mylzwn ldns Mdq lky+xzwhdgb) m Myhl)h h+m hl(m hdw(s Nwm+m )mq )bb Pws Mlw( )lg) hyh) ynd) hwhy xcn Mynz)m Myhl) ynb Myhl) hwhy hy hyh) )bwsw llwz qmx xmq Myyx Myl) dpsh +mq ynw(dy l(n Kny( Nq Mm( Pnk hh dwy hh Pl) dx) hwhy Myhl) hwhy hwqm hmwq )nq

152 The Bringing-forth One Residence, station 154 Elohim of Lives (cf. 149) 155 Adonai the King: a divine name of Malkuth (cf. 65 & 361) The faithful friend The beard (correct) (S.D. 2:1 et seq.) Letters of the Cherubic signs A seed 156 The number of letters in each Tablet of Enoch: 12 13 BABALON: THE VICTORIOUS QUEEN (lit. Gate of the Gods; see Liber 418) The Tabernacle of the congregation (Lev. 1:1) A viper Locked [door]; shod, wearing shoes Fowl Zion Limpid blood Crying aloud (the city of Hadar (see 209), referred to Binah in I.R.Q. 994; cf. S.D. 4:19) 157 The setting of the Sun Was angry, enraged; anger The beard (S.D. Cap. 2); lingam (qnz?) Hidden; wonderful Female; yoni Demon; injurer 158 Arrows To suffocate Balances (Ch.) Eternal, perpetual, enduring 159 Surpassing Whiteness (see 934) Point 160 Thine eyes (pl.; not written; see 150 & I.R.Q. 652) Silver Fell down A rock, stone A tree Thy face (Ez. 3:8) Image Cain To be lovely, pleasant Existing, stable 161 The Heavenly Man (lit. the primordial or exalted man) The Congregation of the Eternal 162 The sum of the letters of the Lesser Beard, if N = 14, etc. (see 1350) Son of the right Hand Colour 163 He, the Lord God Woman, wife 164 The Pillars (see 79) Ye shall cleave Outer; civil (as opposed to sacred) 165 Strength (Ez.3:8) To make them know (Ps. 25:4) NEMO (name of Magister Templi) An assembly Curse 166 Under penalty of law (esp. a fine) The Most High 167 The Unnameable One (a demon) Fetters (Job 36:8) 168 The Supernal Parents To cover; protect 169 The accentuator 170 Wand; [Davids] Staff Cup Cloud Seasons Fools; the constellation Orion 171 The original seed (lit. from the chief; scil. root) Emanating from The Face of God: the name of an angel 172 Cut, divided He affected (not read) Clusters; grapes The heel; the end Qabalist The Golden image [of Nebuchadnezzar] (Dan. 3) 173 Lighten mine eyes I am hwhy thy God 174 Torches The splendour encircling him 175 Suction Duplicity A slipping, falling 176 An advisor, counselling To eternity Illegitimate Trial, temptation 177 Lord of Lords The Garden of Eden To cry out for help Plenitude of plenitudes 178 The lower part, the loins Good pleasure, choice, decision, will Quicksilver Constant, fixed

)ycwmh bycn Myyx Myhl) Klm ynd) Nm)n dwd )nqd cn+w hnq N(l)b)b d(wm lh) h(p) lw(n Pw( Nwyc lwlc w(p hmx ymwdmd P(z Nqz )lpwm hbqn qyzm Mycyx qnx Nynz)m yxcn )nycwb hdqn Kyny( Psk lpn (ls C( Kynp Mlc Nyq M(n Myyq h)ly( Md) hwhy lhq Nymynb (bc ynd) Myhl) )wh hbqwn Mydm( Myqbdx Nwcyx Myqzx M(ydwhl hymm( hc( hllq Nwmm byyx Nwyl( Nwmys) Myqyz h)ly( )m)w )b) Ppx Mym(+ lqm lps Nn( Myd(wm Mylysk lyc)m lc)n l)ynp (qb bc(y Mybn( bq( lbqm )bhd Mlc yny( lg Kyhl) hwhy ykn) Mydypl bybs wl hgwn hqyny hlpkm hlypn C(wy Mlw(l lwsp Nwysn Mynwd)h Nwd) Nd( Ng q(z ywlmh ywlm Myclx Cpx yx Psk (wbq

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A binding A spring, fountain (Ct. 4:15; see 143) Vicious; faulty A jealous (or, zealous) God (Deut. 4:24) Outcry, clamour Layer of snares; supplanter; Jacob Angel of the Gods Passive (as opposed to lbqxm = active) Ancient time; eastward To number; to visit; to inspect Qoph: the back of the head; an ape A stone of stumbling, a rock to fall over (Is. 8:14) An increase A [civil] officer A place Experimental, tentative Auphanim, Wheels: the Angelic Choir of Chokmah Lifted up The Master of the Nose Midnight (cf. 579) A spring shut up (Ct. 4:12. Note hlg = to uncover) The Ancient among the Ancient Through which place the Angel guided Internal Crown of flowers, diadem, fillet The side or flank; rib The end, appointed time (Dan. 12:14; see 305) Pearl: a title of Malkuth Face, countenance Cessations, futilities, nothings A box, chest; a repository Poisonous wind: the Samn, or Simoon Ye shall cleave in hwhy (cf. 220) Righteousness, equity, justice; the Sphere of Jupiter A flock Visitation Neptune (referred to Kether) The Sea of Wisdom (S.D. 1:28, etc.) The crown, summit, point; thorn (cf. 140) Ages; worlds Narrowness; oppression Most High God Victories A giving freely; charity Wings A branch Bone; substance, essence; body Archetypal Summer A sling; a casting-net Divination; witchcraft Light (Ch.) To make empty Corn, grain; a field; son; pure, empty; chosen; purity, innocence A lifting up Apertures Many; much; great, mighty; multitude, abundance Lead; initials of the Trinity, xwr Nb b); passed away, perished; feather, wing; (moreover the genital member; cf. 248 & 447) To lie in wait A well, spring: a title of Malkuth Created Exotic, foreign; dwelling Greater (Ar.) Commencement of the name Abra-Melin Pearl; race; age The righteous Splendrous Mighty; hero Mountain Assembly; area Hail Spake; word, thing; cloud; murrain They of the world To see, observe, perceive; to consider A scorpion (cf. 372) Lord of the Universe Light (Aur is the balanced Light of open day; cf. 9 & 11) Limitless Ate Walled, fenced That which cuts The Elders (Deut. 21:19) Melt, fuse The Crown of the Ark; strange, foreign; border To grow great, multiply Demons; injurers Feather A cistern Bowed To make strife; contend Locusts To kill Abominable Multitude Hole

hdq( Nyy(m hlwsp )nq l) hq(z bq(y Myhl)h K)lm lybqm ldqn dqp Pwq Pgn Nb) Pswm Mynwmm Mwqm ynwysn Mynpw) Pqz M+wxh l(k hlylh ycx lw(n lg Nybsd )bs +yw )byw (syw ymynp Cyc (lc Cq Nynp Nypn) Mysp) hpwq hp(lz hwhyb Myqbdx qdc hnqm hdwqp Nw+pn Pws My Cwq Mymlw( qwc Nwyl( l) Myxcn hqdc Mypnk Pn( Mc( Nwmdq Cyq (lq Msq r) qqb rb hpyqz Mybqn br rb) br) r)b )rb rg )br )rb) rd qydc rd) rbg rh )rd) drb rbd Mlw( ymy h)r b)rg) Mlw( Nwd) rw) Pws Ny) hrb rdg rbh Mynqz qqz rz hbr Myqyzm hrb) rwb rhg hrg hbr) grh )rz bwr rx

Cedar 209 Chief Seer or Prophet (hence Abra-Melin) Reward, profit, prize To delay, tarry; behind (prep.) Way Dispersed Sojourned, dwelt; whelp Oppressed Ornament, splendour, honour; the supernal benignity; Hadar (the Hebrew version of the Syriac Hadad, the Sun, from the Egyptian Hadit; see 156 & I.R.Q. 994) 210 Adam Primus: the First Man (see 607) Choice Pass on, fly To decide, determine To dwell; circle, cycle; generation To conceive A joining of words; incantations; to conjoin; a brother A sword N.O.X. (Liber VII, 1:40; Liber 333 Caps. 1 & 29) Points, pricks, dots Amulet, magic square Giants Rushing water Bloom, blossom; hawk 211 (Worthy) A lion Strong A flash; lightning A girdle A flood The fear (i.e. wonderment) [of hwhy] (cf. 611) 212 Great Voice Splendour; to enlighten To spread out; harlot; golden To enclose; a secret chamber 213 Strong, powerful, mighty; the Almighty Limestone; chalk Slaughter Loaded To be strange; a stranger The Supernal Mercy of God A great cloud 214 A girdle Whiteness Came down Air; spirit; wind; mind 215 Eminent; a prince (Ps 8:1) A path, narrow way Posterior; the reversed part A rising; to rise as the Sun; to give light To encompass 216 Geburah: strength; courage Leo: a lion The middle gate Oracle (not from rbd, 206 q.v.); sanctuary TARO (cf. 224, 280 & 671) Blood of grapes Dread, fear Profound (Ps. 92:5) Anger, wrath Latitude 217 The air Temple, palace, castle, fortress, citadel Food A bee The navel Strife, controversy [of the Lord] Bright, shining Leanness; secret 218 Ayre, aethyr Briah: the Creative World The benignity of Time The moon (cf. 276); a month (cf. 312) Multitude Arcana Odour, a smell 219 Cleansing; cleansings 220 The number of verses in The Book of the Law. The Sephiroth the Paths The elect Mistress; queen; demi-goddess Ye shall cleave unto hwhy (not read; cf. 192) Clean; elegant A giant Giants (fully written only in Num. 13:33) Softness Cups 221 Long 222 Unto the place (Ex. 23:20) Whiteness Goodly mountain (Deut. 3:25) I will chase To kneel; bless; knee, lap Young male camel To make heavy; to make many, multiply; long; extent; long ago, already

zr) h)rb) hrg) rx) xr) rzb rwg brz rdh rhd) rxb xrb rzg rwd hrh rbx brx c(n Mydwqn (mq Mylpn yr (cn rxb) yr) rwbg hr)h rgx r)y )ry rwbd rhz hrz rdx ryb) ryg hgrh rzw rwz l)d h)l( dsx lwdg Nn( rwz) rwx dry xwr ryd) xrw) rwx) xrz rzx hrwbg hyr) )(ycm )bb rybd wr)+ Mybn( Md h)ry qmw( zgwr bxwr ryw) hryb hyrb hrwbd rwb+ hbyr ryhb yzr )ryw) h)yrb Mlw( dsx xry ywbr )yzr xyr hrh+ ryxb hrybg hwhyl Myqbdx rwh+ qn( Mylypn Kr Mylps Kr) Mwqmh l) hrwwh bw+ rh hyw)r Krb rkb rbk


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To ride, drive; horseman, driver; vehicle To be mixed, mingled Male (Ch.) Walk, journey; THE Path [The beginnings of] emanations (cf. 264) Representations, inscriptions (cf. 264) Union Number; census; appointed place; commandment The Tarot (cf. 216, 280 & 671) Profound; hidden; the North Eternal Foundation of the World: a title of Yesod Long, tall A piscine, pond; blessing (Prov. 10:22) Remember; male (sacred Phallus see S.D. Cap. 2) Damages, injuries The hooks of the pillars (Ex. 27:10, 11) First-born (cf. 567) Blessed! The Tree of Life (cf. 233) Astonishment Surrounding, encircling Bands, stripes; bindings To sparkle, gleam The Number of Gates of Wisdom (the number of permutations of pairs of Hebrew letters disregarding order; i.e. 1-21) Prolonged; grew long Male The sum of the Four Ways of spelling hwhy in the Four Worlds Let there be Light! Remembering The Tree of Life (cf. 228) Archangel of Chesed A handful The Northern One; Lilith Essence of Glory Lord of Wonders Azrael: the Angel of Death Iron The lot Myrrh; drop; bitter, sad; fierce The afflictions of the sons of Adam (i.e. Succubae) First buds, sproutings Cash; counted out, paid down High, lofty Rubies, gems To say; word; command Recollection Created [they them] (Gn. 1:27) Learned, complete; to finish, bring to pass (Ch.) A bone; to destroy To be insensible; in deep sleep; in trance (cf. 649) Adam Qadmon: the Archetypal Man (lit. Eastern Man, scil. ancient) Gall, bile Spirit of God Myrrh Vision, aspect Height, altitude Gabriel: Archangel of Water (lit. Mighty one of God) To overwhelm (Ps. 77:17); a flood Light, luminary The symbolic sense (i.e. of scripture, etc.; see 400 & 510) The three that bear witness, above and beneath, respectively (Md) the Spirit, the Water, and the Blood: Aleph being Air (Spiritus), Daleth standing for Md Blood, and Mem being both Water and the initial of Mym, Water. cf. 203 & 447) Uriel or Auriel: Archangel of Earth (lit. resp. Flame of EL and My light is EL) In vision Wine; bitumen; an ass (from to disturb) Mercy; womb; vulture A lance Archangel of Chokmah Fear, terror The living God of the Worlds, or of the Ages Midday (the South) Habit; action (Ch.) Lamp; prosperity; instruction Shout, rejoicing Fir, cedar (cf. 208) The angel Uriel: Vrih1, i.e. Magical Force (see Lyttons Coming Race, and Abra-Melins forehead Lamin) Serpents den Proselytes Matred (I.R.Q. 996) An ass A mark, aim A solemn promise, vow Spikenard (Ct. 4:14) A spear Merciful, compassionate Burdensome; with difficulty The East A river, stream (Gn. 2:10) Song of joy Tidings (Ps. 68:11); saying, speech The Sons of the Righteous

bkr Kbr rkd Krd yqqwx yqwqx rwxy dqpm +wr+ Nwpc Mlw( dwsy Kwr) hkrb rkz Nyqyzn Mydwm(h ywwl rwkb Kwrb Myyx C( hrkh Pyqm Mydwq( Ccn Kyr) )rwkd ryw) hy rw) yhy rwkz Myyxh C( l)yqdc Cmwq ynwpc dwbkh Mc( hw)lpnh Nwd) l)rz) lzrb lrwg rm Md) ynb y(gn Myncn Mydwqp Mr Mynynp rm) hrykz M)rb rmg Mrg Mdr Nwmdq Md) hrm l) xwr rwm h)rm Mwr l)yrbg Mrz rw)m zmr )rb Md)

l)yrw) h)rmb rmx Mxr xmr l)yzr rwgm Mymlw(h yxl) Mwrd rwdm rn Nr Nr) lhyrw hrw)m Myrg dr+m rwmx hr+m rdn drn xmwr Mwxr )rmwx xrzm rhn hnr hrym) qdc ynb



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Dampnesses (pl.; see 705 &. K.D. p.20) The Spirit of the Mother A spice merchant Fire; fiery Words The Ark [of the Covenant] Magician To His fearers (Ps. 25:14; see 353) The White Wand Her dreadful self Lights: the Urim (see 490) The red light Mercy Illuminating, radiant Throat The Concealed Will be exalted A vineyard I.N.R. (see 270) The inept and the profane (lit. to idols, as likenesses of men or animals) How great (Ps. 8:1) Declined; ill-humoured To gather, draw together He bound; an obligation, a prohibition Abhorrence, abomination (Is. 66:24) Festival prayer book Lofty Severities Terrible Chambers, rooms Eye to eye (I.R.Q. 645) Gematria Pained Emanations (lit. carvings; cf. 224) Footprints (foots breadth) (Deut. 2:5) A straight row Channels, pipes Architect Broke down A cry of the heart; anguish, anxiety Contraction Illicit, forbidden The Merkabah: a chariot; a seat, throne Stones of the sling I.N.R.I. (Initials of Iesus Nazaraeus Rex Iudaeorum; Igni Natura Renovata Integra; Intra Nobis Regnum deI; Isis Naturae Regina Ineffabilis; and many other sentences. See Crowley, Coll. Works Vol. I. Appendix) Enemy Evil; friend Earth (Ch.) (whence low, mean) In these words, as follows (see 256, hrym)) Earth To consume; to injure; brutish A great blow The evening; to grow dark; to exchange, pawn; poplar, willow; desert; Arabia; sweet, pleasant; raven The stone that the builders rejected (Ps. 118:22) The Hidden Light Four Rebuked Took away Paths Pleasant abode The river of justice ? Scripture (perh. lit. scratched) Evil A cithara The moon (cf. 218) To sow, propagate; seed, semen Favour, benevolence The World of Mevetbau: the Natural World (referred to NetzachHod-Yesod) Kerubim: the Angelic Choir of Yesod (the four creatures; the wings of the wind) Four Wild beasts Passing over Leprosy 7 40: the Squares of the walls of the Vault (see 5 = 6 ritual). The Letters of Judgment: the 5 letters with a final form (S. D. 5:28) TARO (cf. 216, 224 & 671) A record (Ch.) Archangel of Malkuth Citizenship Bull; victim; offering Terror A crown; ashes Attire; adorned Aralim, Mighty Ones: the Angelic Choir of Binah Spirit of Lives Beasts, cattle Hebrew (the people, not the language; see 682) Pure gold (lit. enclosed gold; cf. 87) Of a memorial (see 964) That goes on foot Crown, diadem: a title of Malkuth

Nymlwpm )m) xwr lkwr rwn Myrbd Nwr) M+rx wy)ryl hnbl lqm )rwn Myrw) Mwd) rw) ymxr rwhzm Nwrg )rym+ Myry Mrk rny Mylyspl ryd) hm rs Mcmc rs) Nw)rd rwzxm Nwrh) N)rwbg )rwnh Myrdx Ny(b Ny( )yr+mg srg Myqwqx Krdm rds My+hr lkyrd) srh hq(c Mwcmc rws) hbkrm (lqh ynb) yrny

r( (r (r) rm)l )(r) r(b hbr hkm br( Mynwbh ws)m Nb) zwng rw) (br) r(g (rg Mykrd h)n hryd Nyd r)y w+rs h(r rwnk )rhys (rz )w(r (b+wmh Mlw( Mybwrk h(br) bwr( rbw( wrygs cpnmk (r)+ Nwrkd Nwpldns ry( rp Pr rp) r)p Myl)r) Myyx xwr ry(b yrb( rwgs bhz Nwrkz Mylgr hr+(

The small area of an enclosed garden 286 High, lofty 287 A piece of the host (unleavened bread) Little 288 Vindication Breeding, bearing; offspring Winter 289 That which sets free (see 537, where it is figuratively an opening) A particular, a detail 290 Thine enemy Fruit Piece Persecutor, enemy; distress, danger; stone Mary, mother of Jesus 291 Torrents of water (lit. channels of water) To treasure, store Earth (in particular, the Earth of Malkuth) A leopard (hence also spotted) An adhering, adhesion; first, most eminent 292 A young bird (Deut. 22:6) Gold A medicine, drug 294 The Greater Light (Sol) Purple Pertaining to Autumn 295 Curtain, canopy; vault (Ps 104:2) Eyelids Exempt, free; exemption; stalk (e.g. of a flower) Candlestick Noon 296 Of the Earth (see 992) Its curve, its bend To advance firmly; smoking, burning; rock (flint) 297 Treasure, treasury Almighty God: the divine name of Geburah A citadel; a secured house, a fortified castle The Throne: a Name of Binah The angel Nuriel The neck 298 Amen, our Light Son of the Gods White Pathetic appeals; commiserations; compassion: a title of Tiphareth 300 Khabs am Pekht: Light in Extension (A spelling of Myhl) in full see Beth Elohim Dissert. II. Cap. I) To form Profundities Uncircumcised Separation The Spirit of God (Gn. l:2) Cold; quiet Thin; only; saliva 301 My Lord, the faithful King: a name of God Fire A candlestick To call Destruction 302 To cut open, inquire into; dawn Hath protected To putrefy 303 Did evil; putrefaction And God saw 304 A species of gold Green White Teat; demon; idol; violence; ruin 305 Dazzling white light Grass; tender herb (Gn. 1:11) Yetzirah: the formative world A curving, bending The end of days, appointed time (Dan. 12:14) A lamb; sheep; goat Foreskin 306 Father of Mercy Merciful Father A woman, wife; virago Honey A matron Coldness; pertaining to Winter A pomegranate To lay waste; calamity, devastation, ruin 308 Daybreak An asperger Investigation A harsh, grating sound Approaching, near Ice Thought, meditation; depressed 309 A leper A roar, bellow Field, soil, land Transgression 310 To trample on, conquer To govern, bind Formed

hgwr( Mwrm Nmwqyp) ry(z rw(yb rwby( Prx r+p +rp Kr( yrp Cr rc Myrm Mym yqyp) rc) Cr) )rmn )krys hwrp) rcb h)wpr ldgh rw)mh Nmgr) Prwx h(yry Ny(h ypnk rw+p hrnm rhc Cr)h (rwk rwc rcw) rwbg Myhl) Nwmr) )ysrwk l)yrwn r)wc rw) Nm) Nyhl) rb rxc Mymxr hh)pb rw) Mm dwy yh dml Pl) rcy Myqm(m lr( dwryp Myhl) xwr rq qr Nm)n Klmh ynd) #) hrwnm )rq )# rqb rbq bqr #)b Myhl) )ryw Cwrx #d rdq d# xc rw) )#d hrcy h(yrk Nymyh Cq h# hlr( Mymxrh b) Nmxrh b) h#) #bd )nwr+m rwq Nwmyr h)# rqwb )qrz rqx qrx bwrq xrq x# rgswm hg)# hd# +# #wd #bx rcyy








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The Initials of Idra Rabba Qadisha (each letter is half of each letter of rtk, Kether)+B1523 Is, are; essence, being A young lion Habitations Gift, tribute Man: a title of Tiphareth Archangel of Binah Raphael: Archangel of Air (lit. Healing of God) Rod (Ps. 23:4) To renew (hence a new moon, a month) West (hence our Moor: person living in the West, as from the Arabic Maghrabi > Gk. Mauros, etc.) Perfect praise (i.e. religious) Metatron: the Archangel of Kether (cf. 224) Out of the way, remote Shaddai, the Almighty: a name of God Acacia wood Ice, hail; crystal, pearl Gullet Formation A vision of splendour Cave Bound, imprisoned Green A bundle, handful Punishing iniquity, visiting sin (?) Perfumed To worship, bow down Is sown, is scattered (Ps. 97:11) Dry, parched; withered Iron (Ch.) Hoariness Coronzom (as spelt in Dees MS.; cf. 333) A wash-basin and stand A copse, bush Square; the square Hebrew alphabet Cancer: a crab Boy: name of Enoch, and of Metatron The friends Thorn; enclosure Lamb; to subdue Middle line Hebrews (as 282) Long-absent brother Uranus (referred to Chokmah) (Metatron (q.v.) spelt with Yod after Mem; it denotes Shekinah) Need, indigence Jesus (note the letters of hwhy completed by Shin = 300 q.v.: the Spirit of God; a variant is: h#why) Vision To steam; darkness Boundary, terminus; crosspath; isthmus; distress Revolution; hurricane, tempest Transgression, error, crime Tamarisk; a great tree (Gn. 21:33, trans. a grove) The fiery light A void place Qabalah of the Nine Chambers Choronzon (as spelt by Mathers; cf. 317 & see Liber 418 10th Ayre) Snow; to snow To lie down To be sexually excited; to lie with; royal paramour A still, small Voice (I Kings 19:12) Day of evil The KING above the King of Kings Ordering, disposition An attack; a request, petition Sheol: the underworld (lit. place of enquiry, ref. to necromancy) To cast down He hath pardoned, or subjected A garment; clothing To send forth Ferocious lion Fire-shovel (connotes hook) Book There, then; sign; name The sum of the 3 Mother Letters: Aleph, Mem and Shin Yesterday Guilty, damned Red heifer Expanded, spread out; an enclosure; a diaphragm The Name (Ar.) Cooking Perfume A blaze, flame Path And God said (Gn. 1:3) A sweet smell A plantation, garden (Ct. 4:13) Other gods (lit. gods of the heathen; Ex. 20:3) God Almighty In that also (referred to Daath) THE Name Lioness Dominator

qry #y rypk Nyrwdm y# #y) l)yqpc l)pr +b# #dx br(m rwmg llh Nwr++m qwxr yd# h+# #ybg +#w hrycy hgwnh h)rm hr(m #wbx qwry rmw( Nw( dqwp )r+wq xx# M(rz h#by lzrp hby# Mznrk wnkw rwyk xy# (bwrm N+rs r(n My(r K# #bk y(cm)h wq Myrb( qwxr x) swnrw) Nwr++ym hkyrc hw#hy hyy)# K#x rcm r(s l# l#) dwqyh rw) ywnp Mwqm rkb qy) Nwznwrwx gl# #lg lg# hqd hmmd lwq h(r ymy Myklmh yklm Klm hkr(m hl)# lw)# #lx #wbky #wbl xl# #yl )ypwrgm rps M# #m) #m) M#) hmwd) hrp )srp )m# l#yb M#b hbhl# lyb# Myhl) rm)yw Nwrpz sdrp Myrx) Myhl) yd# l) Mg#b M#h h#yl +lw#


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Moses (cf. 351) Shiloh (perhaps he whose it is or pacific; also a place name) He was appeased (Esther 7:10) A spring; spring water A water-pipe; channel The Will (I.R.Q. 90); delight, favour, grace (I.Z.Q. 102) Palanquin (Ct. 3:9); bridal bed; nuptial chariot (wedlock, or the artificial sky under which they are joined in wedlock) Five; to set in array A sapphire (Ex. 28:18) Ophir; a young mule; dust of the Earth The horn; head; to send out rays, shine Vacuum [Conscious] intelligence Tooth And God saw that it was good Man Ishim, Flames: the Angelic Choir of Malkuth; burnt or incense offering Lifted Moses the Initiator (cf. 346) Hiram-Abif (a cunning artificer at the Temple of Solomon in the legend) The Exalted Light Long of Nose (i.e. Merciful): a title of the supreme God (cf. 362) Lightnings, flashings An approach Five The Secret of hwhy is to His fearers (Ps. 25:14) Delight, joy Grew fat; anointed A temporary remitting Demons Thought; idea Year; sleep Pharaoh (derived from the Egyptian for great house) Sphere; number; emanation Expiations, atonements A young mule Spirits of the living Iniquity Shame Shiloh shall come (Gn. 49:10) Messiach: the Messiah The Serpent that initiated Eve (Taking the three Hehs in hwhyh) as concealing the Mothers # m ), we get Iota : Alpha : Omega) The breastplate of the High Priest Renewed, restored The Sacred Wind Satan: the Adversary Shin: a tooth The Messiah The sinew [of the thigh]; the weakening (Gn. 32:32 & cf. hn#h, below. K.D. p.235) The change; the teaching; the sleep (see K.D. p.235) Thunders Crimson Ophir: earth The arrangement of the Sephiroth: 3-6-1 Lord of Earth (referred to Malkuth; cf. 65 & 155) Folk, people (Ar.); impurities (? from #n), to be weak, sick) Foundations (Ch.) The Mountain Zion Long of Face: a title of Kether (cf. 352) The Almighty and Ever-living God: the divine name of Yesod The Hidden Light: a title of Kether Satan Demons Opposition; resistance An uncovering, exposing Black (scil. of eye-pupil); middle; homunculus The Spirit of the Gods of the Living Boils The World of Briah (Creation; referred to Binah) A foundation, basis Creation Willows of the brook (Lev. 23:40) White lead, tin To rend, cut, blame, curse Green (see S.D. p. 104) Perfect, whole Ligure; jacinth; opal To rule Sinister, left-hand Scorpio: a scorpion Spherical water (apparently a Latin transliteration) Lambs, sheep An oven, furnace Herbage, grass Seven hwhy is His Name God of the Hebrews Quaking Generally and specially To yield; to do; to make; yielding Hour

h#m hly# hkk# rwqm rwnc Nwcr Nwyrp) #mx ryps rp( Nrq Mqyr lk# N# bw+ yk Myhl) )ryw #n) My#) )#n h#wm Pyb) Mryx hl(m rw) Myp) Kr) Myqrb Nbrq h#mx wy)ryl hwhy dws hxm# N#d h+m# Myd# hb#xm hn# h(rp hryps Myrwpk rpw( Nyyxd Nyxwr )#wn hn#g hly# )by xy#m #xn Mw)y#) N#x #dwxm My+# N+# Ny# hy#mh h#nh hn#h Mym(r yn# ryp( Cr)h ynd) y#n) Ny#) Nwyc rh Myp) Kyr) yx l) yd# )lpwm rw) N+#h Nyd# hn+# h(yrp Nw#y) Myyx Myhl) xwr Nyx# h)yrbh Mlw( rq( #( lxn ybr( )r+sq (rq Nn(r Ml# M#l K#ym l)m# brq( )kryps) My#bk N#bk b#( (b# wm# hwhy Myrb(h yhl) #(g +rpw llk h#( h(#

Solomon (lit. peaceful one) 376 Dominator A bird Peace (refers to Kether) 377 The sinew of the thigh, the sciatic nerve (Gn. 32:32) Seven 378 In peace pruna ignita: shining metal (electrum - either gold/silver alloy or amber); burning coal A week; an oath 380 hwhy ynd) as () y) + (d h) + (n w) + (y h) = n # k y Difficulty, narrowness; Egypt Pain, trouble, misery Thick darkness, fog (See 370) Ursa Major Proverbs Number Folly 381 Astrologer, enchanter, magician Clamour, prayer 383 An oath 385 Assiah: the material world; action Shekinah, Divine Presence: the Goddess of Malkuth Lip 386 Tongues Tziruph, Combinations: tables of Temurah 387 The Milky Way (lit. the Way of Milk; but cf. 525) 388 The hardest rock (Ps 114:8) To search out diligently Table; bread (cf. 394) 389 Realized, materialized, corporeal Judge; judgment 390 Male and female (Gn. 1:27) Retroactively Nourishing, supplying, maintaining Heavens, firmament, sky (always pl.; referred to Ruach) Oil 391 Salvation, help The Inscrutable Height: a title of Kether 392 Spices Dwelling, habitation Paths 394 Table (cf. 388) 395 The Heavens The oil Judge Eight Neschamah: the Soul in the Supernals (or in Binah, when the Supernals are considered as three; cf. then 25 & 37) 396 Intellectual (Ar.); idea, concept (M.H.) 397 The Inner Light: a title of Kether 398 Book Pride (esp. of gait) 400 To use magic or witchcraft; a witch Sage, intellectual: a title of Yesod The literal sense (of scripture, etc.; see 247 & 510) Horns Sack Women, wives Straw, chaff Intelligences Years; two 401 Cursing; to curse Thou (fem.); the, substance, essence (indicates direct object); with Room 402 Sought into, or after Tested, purified Daughter A spider Paths 403 Sapphire Stone Wine-press 404 Law, royal command, edict Almond; to watch, be awake; to hasten Holiness 405 Fearful things, serpents of the dust (Job) Phallus; urethra (see Deut. 23:2, & cf. 227, rkz) 406 Tau (originally, a simple cross) THOU (masc.): a name of God Vulgar, common; plebeian Leg Alterations 407 Mark, token, sign The Precious Oil Cursed [Noahs] Ark 408 The Sapphire stone This, here (f) Attachment, love, desire (Deut. 10:15) Broken; terrified 409 Patriarchs Fathers One (f) Holy Ones Prayer of Holiness

hml# l#wm rwpc Mwl# h#nh dyg h(b# Mwl#b lm#x (wb# n#ky Myrcm Nwbc( bc( lpr( )ry+sq #y( yl#m rpsm #p P#) h(w# h(wb# hy#( hnyk# hp# Nw#l Pwryc blxh lyb# #ymlx #px Nxl# M#gwm +p# hbqnw rkz (rpm snrp Mym# Nm# h(w#y hl(m Mwr Mym#b Nb#m Mylyb# Nxlw# Mym#h Nm#h +pw# hnm# hm#n lk#wm ymynp rw) y#px Cx# P#k lyk#m h+w#p Mynrq q# My#n #q Mylk# Myn# rr) t) )t #qb rrb tb #ybk( Nylyb# ryps Nb) tg td dq# #dq rp( ylxz hkp# wt ht) Cr)h M( qw# Mywn# tw) bw+ Nm# rwr) hbt rypsh Nb) t)z q#x tx )thb) twb) tx) #dqh h#dq

410 Liberty; a swallow Visions, imaginations (Dan. 4:2) Crucible (as place of refinement) The Tabernacle Sacred; saint Holy He heareth 411 The Foundations of the Earth Dwelling, habitation A Temporal Order Desolation, emptiness (expresses first root of all good) Palace of Delight (referred to Tiphareth) 412 Beth: an house New (Ch.) White whorl The highest height A longing for 414 Azoth, THE fluid (Initial and final in 3 tongues: A+ Z (Lat.) + Omega (Grk.) + Tau (Heb.)) The Limitless Light Meditation (Ps. 49:4) Going forth (lit. masc. wanderers; cf. 770) 415 The Voice of the Chief Seer Sister The Holy One; sodomite Work Holy (Ar.) 416 The Lesser Light (Luna) Thought, meditation A pledge 417 Olive An ark, box, chest Shakanom: a title of Tiphareth The red gleam (Liber AL 2:50) 418 Cheth: a fence; BEAST Boleskine: the House of the Beast Abrahadabra: the Word of the Aeon given in Liber AL )rb)d)h)rb) 418 = tyx = )h tyb, the House of Heh, because of I.Z.Q. 694; for h formeth k, but x formeth dwy: each = 20. Thus is Abrahadabra a Key of the Pentagram. Also, by Aiq Bkr, it = 22; and 418 = 19 22. 19 = Manifestation; it therefore manifests the 22 Keys of R.O.T.A. The first meaning is rbd h)rb), The Voice of the Chief Seer. It resolves into Pentagram and Hexagram as follows: 1st method. A B R A A A forms 12 and 406, )wh DH R B A and ht) (406 = wt), where ht) = Microprosopus, and )wh = Macroprosopus. The Arcanum is therefore that of the Great Work. 2nd method.

rwrd rhrh Prcm Nk#m #wdq #dwq (m# Cr) ydswm )nk#m Mynmz rds wht Nwcr lkyh tyb tdx Nbl rmc Nwyl( Mwr hw)t twz) rw) Pws Ny) twgh My++w#m rbd h)rb) twx) #wdqh h#(m )#ydq N+qh rw)mh rwhrh Nwk#m tyz hbyt Mwn)k# rwrhw tyx Nyk#lwb )rb)d)h)rb)


B A A A R H Here BHR = 207 B D A A R = rw) pws Ny), etc., and rbd = Voice (The Vision and the Voice); thus showing, by Yetziratic attribution, the Three Wands: Caduceus : Phoenix : Lotus. Note always rb) are the three Supernals. 3rd method. A A A give 205 + 213; A A B H D R B R both mean Mighty, whence Abrahadabra is The Word of Double Power. b)) show Nb )my) b), viz., Amoun : Thoth : Mout. By Yetziratic Method, H D R are Isis : Horus : Osiris. (Also, for H D R:, vide I.R.Q. 992.) Dividing as 3 and 8, we get 7 of Horus dominating the Stooping Dragon, w)y rr); also: A B R A B A H A D R A 8 = dd, Love; and 207 = rw), Light; 8 207 = 18, which is equivalent to yx, Living; further, 297 = 23 9 = hyx, Life: hence, Licht : Liebe : Leben. Again, 418 = t) + w)y = 21 + 397, q.v. rbd and 678 = 6 + 7 + 8 = 21. 2 b + 2 r + d = 32. The Five different letters represent Amoun : Thoth : Isis : Horus : Osiris. They (A + B + R + H + D) add to 212 (q.v.). Finally, ) is the Crown, b the Wand, d the Cup, h the Sword, r the R.C. See The Equinox Vol. I, Nos. V and VII for further details. The Angelic Word of the Aeon given in Liber 418 Ra-Hoor Heru-Ra-Ha Sin (the wicked Lilith); atonement Curse IAO Saving grace 419 Teth: a serpent HADIT, THE SERPENT FLAME (cf. 28 and Liber AL 2:49) Unity 420 It was A large earthenware jar; a barrel, tub, cask Vapour, smoke Peace-offerings Glowing stones; burning coals Oppression



hn)#)k)m rwwh )r )h )r wrh t)+x w)y rr) dsx rcwn ty+ tydh twdx) htyh tybx N#( Myml# Mypcr Kt

THE Work 421 To meditate 422 The Vast Countenance: a title of Kether The golden line [that encircleth the world] 424 Living creatures 425 A lions whelp (Gn. 40:9) Gazzith: the Stone of the Chamber (see 1175) Be made, done; become; an accomplished fact Hearing 426 Saviour; deliverer Medium 428 Chashmalim, Brilliant Ones: the Angelic Choir of Chesed They swore [an oath] 429 Judgment, equity Madness 430 Nephesch: the animal soul of Man Covered with mist; darkness, twilight Sections, members [of the body]; fragments The Righteousness is the Foundation of the World: the full title of Yesod Concealed Tohu v-Bohu: formless and void (Gn. 1:2; tohu has the sense of chaos) Dew; mound 431 Notariqon (the Qabalistic method of acronyms) 432 Eventide shadows Son of Ayish: Ursa Minor 433 Merit, privilege, right 434 Daleth: a door The Lord of War (Ex. 15:3) 435 Deceived His manner (lit. his justice) 436 Tutor, curator; prefect; administrator Hosannah: Save, we pray! Satanas: the goat Satan 437 Balm; the balsam tree 438 The whole [perfect] stone (Deut. 27:6) 439 Exile, banishment Judges 440 Praise; psalm The Great Dragon (the constellation Draco); serpent (lit. curls; see I.R.Q. 834; cf. 450 & 510) Whole; irreproachable; perfect; wholeness; sincerity; perfection Dead 441 A hind Truth A live coal You (masc. pl.) 442 The ends of the earth 443 Virgo: a virgin (title of Malkuth); a city The House of God (cf. 498; also a place name) 444 The Sanctuary Frogs 445 The twelve Single Letters Sorcerer 446 Destruction; death The ankles 447 Initials of the Three Above and the Three Beneath (cf. 203 & 248) 448 Lofty 449 Most dazzling light Cloak 450 Tablets (e.g. of Moses) The Fruit of the Tree Transgression Goodwill (grace, acceptance, favour, will) without end Dwelling in eternity Craftiness, cunning The Dragon; jackal Witchcrafts, sorceries 451 The Essence of Man Death The Deep, the Abyss (Gn. 49:25) 452 Ardent desire, longing, wish The crop; the maw 453 The Animal Soul in its fulness (i.e. including the Creative Entity or Ego, Chiah); living creature Behemoth; beasts 454 A seal The Holy Ones (consecrated catamites kept by the Priesthood) Continually Zaharariel: a title of Tiphareth 456 The greatest fear (cf. hmy), 56) The mountain of myrrh (Ct. 4:6; see 573) A wall Legs, shanks The fig-tree and fruit You (fem. pl.) Face, person 457 Olives Furnace 458 A covenant; an engagement; a betrothed 460 Holiness unto hwhy (Ex. 39:30) The Lord is a Man of War 461 Bases, pedestals, sockets Firm, strong, rigid, hard; rough; protruding 462 The Supernal Earth [is Binah] A path

h#(mh ddwbth Nypn) Kyr) qwry wq twyx hyr) rwg tyzgh h#(n h(ym# (y#wm Kwt Mylm#x w(b#n +p#m Nw(g# #pn P#n Myqrp Mlw( dwsy qydc Np# whbw wht lt Nwqyr+wn br( yllc #y( Nb twkz tld hmxlm #y) lth w+p#m spwr+p) hn(#wh z( N+# Nwmsrp) hmyl# Nb) twlg My+p# hlht ylt Mt tm tly) tm) tlxg Mt) Cr) ysp) hlwtb l) tyb #dqm (drpc qc(snly+xzwh hp#km twm Mylwsrq )br rmd twmb xcxwcm rw) tyl+ twxwl C( yrp (#p lwbg Ny)b Nwcr d( Nkw# Myl(# Nt Myp#k Md)h t) )tym Mwht tdmx Nbqrq hyx #pn twmhb Mtwx My#dq dymt l)yr)rhz htmy) rwmh rh ltwk Myqw# hn)t hnt) Pwcrp Mytz Nwt) Ntx hwhyl #dq hmxlm #y) hwhy twnd) Nty) hnwyl( Cr) btyn

The Abyss of Height 463 The Pillar of Mildness: the paths Gimel, Samekh and Tau (cf. 26 & 48) Crystal; glass A rod of almond The Special Intelligence (I.Z.Q. 264, et seq.) Caps, crowns, diadems Prayer 464 Constant, perpetual 465 A kiss; a little (or, sweet) mouth 466 The Goddess NUIT (cf. 75) The World of Yetzirah (Formation; referred to the Ruach) Skull Kidneys Autumn 467 Path 469 Fillets (i.e. bindings) [of the pillars] 470 Eternity (lit. a cycle of cycles) Pure wool Time; period of time, season Floor, ground, bottom 471 The Hekaloth: Palaces 472 Was terrified And God made 473 The Three Persons (yn) : )wh : ht) coalesced) Golgoltha: a skull (Ar.; fig. the Supernals; see 475 & S.D. 2:33) Millers, grinders (traditionally a female occupation) 474 Death: knowledge Wisdom (pl.; Prov. 1:20 &. I.R.Q. 244) The Testimony [within the Ark] A ram, he-goat; a prepared sacrifice 475 In Golgotha (Ar.; S.D. 2:33) Priestess 476 House of Justice, a court-house 478 The Lesser Countenance: a title of the Ruach, esp. Tiphareth 479 Grindings (? female millers) 480 Stones of emptiness (Is. 34:11) Lilith, Queen of the Night Part; open wide Opening; vagina; bit, morsel Hand-drum; bezel Knowledge (pl.) (K.D. p.252) Testimony (K.D. p.252) 481 Hills Bound to death; death penalty A ring (?) The Mighty One Sings: a title of Tiphareth 482 A looking-glass, mirror 483 Constellations; the Sphere of the Zodiac, referred to Chokmah (but see 536) Bearing iniquity 485 Daughter of the spring-waters (Is. 10:30, Daughter of Gallim) Mockeries (Job 17:2; cf. 435) 486 A name of God Foundations Broken bread 488 Entrance, gateway, opening Ye shall worship 489 Repayment, restoration; a weighing out of repayment Evil spirit 490 The giving (see 1106) Fine flour, meal The Thummim: Perfections (see 257) 491 A nurse, wet-nurse (cf. 497) 493 The Name (given in Deut. 28:58 without t) = 92, q.v.) 494 Helmet of victory (Is. 59:17) An apple 495 The likeness of Man Gift 496 Malkuth: the kingdom Leviathan A small bundle 497 Gemini: the twins Nurse, wet nurse (cf. 491) 498 The House of God (cf. 443) Palace of Merit (referred to Geburah) 499 A loving hind (Prov. 5:19) Busy, arduous; an army; hosts 500 The humerus Treasured gold, cimelia (perh. inf. from Mtk, gold and Arabic KThM, to cover, conceal) Master, prince, head, chief; navel To give Be fruitful and multiply Dragon; jackals, wild beasts (pl. of 450) Showeth knowledge (Ps. 19:2) 501 Blessedness; that, which; whose; wherein Strong, hardy The head Shekinah Superior Likeness, similitude But, howbeit; certainly 502 To tell glad tidings; flesh, body To cut 503 g The Cup of the Stolistes r #

Mwr qmw( tsg tykwkz dq#h h+m hnwbt Nygt hnxt ydymt hqy#n tywn hrycyh Mlw( tlglg twylk wts hbytn Mhyqw#x Myrwd rwd yqn rm( t( (qrq twlkyh t(b Myhl) #(yw yn)wht) )tlglwg twnx+ t(d twmkx td( dt( )tlglwgb tnhk Nyd tyb Nypn) ry(z twnxw+ whwt ynb) tylyl q#p tp Pt tw(d twd( tw(bg )tym byyx t(b+ Nwryryd) )yrlqps) twlzm Nw( )#wn Mylg tb Mylth Cr) dmy hpkxb hwhy twdwsy hswrp hcm xtp wdwb(t lwmg Ml#m h(r xwr Ntm tls Mymt tnm) Kyhl) hwhy t) h(w#yh (bwk xwpt Md) twmd hntm twklm Ntywl rwrc Mymw)t tnmw) Myhl) tyb twkz lkyh Mybh) tly) tw)bc Ptk Mtkm r# Ntn wbrw wrp Mynt t(d hwhy r#) Mynt) #)r h)ly( hnyk# hnwmt *K) r#b qtb




508 509 510


512 513 514 515

516 517

518 520 521 523 525 526 527 529 530

533 534 535 536


538 540 541 542 543 544 545 546

548 549 550

551 552 553 554 555 556

Expelled, cast forth To rage Sought for Half, middle; midnight (M.H.) A pauper; oppressed Taurus: an ox; the left-hand ox Fronds, [hand-shaped] branches (see 1196); bound, tied up Persons, faces The Pillar of Mercy: the paths Vau and Kaph (cf. 48 & 463) That which causes ferment; yeast Masters of the Heavens: astrologers Pure, clear, transparent, innocent Daybreak; black Palate Bridge To break down, overturn Resh: the head The allegorical sense (of scripture, etc.; see 247 & 400) Straight, level; honest, upright; direct; just conduct (i.e. maat, niyama, etc.) Song Dragon (cf. 440 & 450) THE Head Row, rank (military); line; series (?) The Time of God How? To go Adhesion, cohesion; loyalty, devotion Feeling, sensation Black Statutes, enactments Seizing without difficulty Minister of Justice Prayer, cantrip (esp. on parchment, worn as an amulet) He will go A wood Partzufin: persons, faces The good gift (i.e. Malkuth) Secrets, penetralia A breakage, rupture The palate Tears Kosher: proper, legitimate, valid The descending fire The naked splendour High Priestess The [only] Lord God (counted only with Nun final in S.S.) The LORD of Hosts: the divine name of Netzach The Milky Way (Ar.; lit. the River of Fire; cf. 387) A lintel Coins affatura ollaris cum iusculo dulci: [will be] speaking of a pot with a sweet broth The Rose Voices To thee King of Terrors A certain Name of God To walk The World of Assiah (Matter; referred to Malkuth) Orbits [of the stars/planets] (another aspect of the name of the Sphere of the Zodiac see 483) A white cloak Emanating; nobility; Atziluth: the Archetypal world The marrow, or innermost part of the spine The opening of the uterus Daughter of the Voice: Echo (a method of divination by use of the Ark of the Covenant) Loins; the upper part Creeping thing Israel Towards, to thee The World of Mevshekal (the Intellectual World; referred to the Supernals) Existence of Existences: the Name of the Highest God Apples (Ct. 2:5) A boar of the wood Sweet Preserves; a watchman Guards The Head that is Not: a title of Kether Thy God (Deut. 4:24, 28:58) Lord God of Knowledge: the divine name of Tiphareth Moral; felt, sensed Storm-wind Eagle, vulture, bird of prey; to fall off, fall away A rod of iron (Ps. 2) Masters, princes, heads, chiefs Dragons (Restricted) (Ps. 74:13) Thy terror Lead, the metal of Saturn; a plummet-line, level, water-level The daily want, daily desire The Great Dragon Bearing seed Obscurity The God HAD (spelt in full) Mark, vestige, footstep

#rg #gr #rd twcx *Kd rw# twpk Mypwcrp *k w rw)# Mym#h yl(b *Kz rx# *Kx rw#g *Kdh #yr #wrd r#y ry# Nynt )#yr hrw# l)yt( *Ky) *Kwh twqbd h#grh rwx# twqx Myrcm ylb hlxn r+w# hlpt *Khy hry#) Nypwcrp hbw+ hntm tw)lp hryb# *Kyx tw(md r#k drwy #) Nblh Pw#xm lwdgh tnhk Nyhl) hwhy t) tw)bc hwhy rwn yd rhn Pwq#m tw(b+m hrydq yqyc tlcbx tlq *Kl twhlb Klm q#dlq *Klh hy#(h Mlw( twlsm hnbl tyl+ twlyc) hrd#h +wx Mxr r+p lwq tb Myntm #mr l)r#y *Kyl) lk#wm Mlw( hyh) r#) hyh) Myxwpt r(ym ryzx qwtm rmw# rwm# )ld )#yr *Kyhl) t(dw hwl) hwhy #grwm hr(s xwr r#n lzrb +b# Myr# Mnynt *Kmy) *Kn) Mymy tdmx lwdg Nynt (rz (rz htp( :d:):h wmy#r

Restoration 557 First, former, primary 558 To initiate 560 Waters of quiet A point, prick, dot Dragons Sorceress Sought Crowd 561 Cain Concealed Mystery 562 Primordial 563 A washing of the hands 564 The Breaker of Foundations: the Sphere of the Elements (i.e. Malkuth; see 632) The cap-stone (or perhaps impl. a cornerstone, as Ps. 118:22) And the Adam was formed into a living Nephesch (I.R.Q. 941) Enoch 565 Small things, insignificant things Officers (esp. judicial or military) 566 A valley; a plain (from Sharon; see 1091) Points, pricks, dots A secret (spelt in full) Correcting, configuring, restoring, repairing, reforming, renewing 567 First-born (cf. 228) A cup 568 Darkness 569 Fingers 570 A couch, bed Ten Heads Concussion; earthquake Gate, the Door: a title of Malkuth Wickedness Mercury (the metal) King: a title ofTiphareth 571 The mountains of Zion Balance Angel 572 He was touched (I.R.Q. 1117) Active The Lord thy God [is a consuming fire] (Deut. 4:24 see 182; Deut. 28:58) 573 The hill of frankincense (Ct. 4:6; see 456) 574 Chaldee (hath a general meaning of movement see S.D.) To extinguish 575 Beersheba: the well of the seven (Gn. 21:31, 2 Sam 24:7 see K.D. p.183) And the Myhl) said: Let there be Light! Ten Journey 576 Wands 577 The Concealed of the Concealed: a name of God most High (cf. 583) 579 Midnight (cf. 188) Sons of Adam 580 Rich Ancient The scapegoat; he-goat; demon; shaggy, hairy (Lev. 16:22) The Valley of the Shadow of Death Flask, bottle 581 The Ancient One: a title of Kether Barley 583 The Concealed of the Concealed: a title of Kether (cf. 577) 584 King David 585 The Gods of Battle (lit. Gods of Hosts): the divine name of Hod A fanfare, trumpet-blast To subvert, ruin, change 586 War-trumpet; ceremonial rams horn Hermit Stibium (a type of kohl) 589 Greenness, verdure First Splendour: a title of Kether 590 Rib (Gn. 2:22) To bring forth abundantly; creeping thing, moving creature 594 The Stone of Israel (Gn. 49:24) 598 Our iniquities 600 Wonders, or hidden wisdom A tail, train, fringe [of a garment] A knot, ligature Red Six; white marble Samekh: a prop, support A veil, covering, screen 601 Mother 602 The Simple Light: a title of Kether Brightness; splendours Extremities 603 To haggle Together, also 604 A letter, epistle; a heap, pile A pool, pond; sorrow Blood 605 (?) Nobleness, eminence Six Lady, madame, mistress, queen Adam: Man; red

Nwqt Nw#)r *Knx twxwnm ym tdwqn Mynynt r#km My#wrd *Ks Nyqt) )twyncd hnw#)r Mydy tly+n twdwsy Mlx h#)rh Nb) hyx #pnl Md)h yhyw *Kwnx twn+q Myr+w# Nwr#y twdwqn :d:w:s Nwqyt ynw#)r *Kws) *Ksx tw(bc) #r( r#( Ny#yr #(r r(# (#r typsk *Klm Nwyc yrrh )lqtm *K)lm bc(ty lbqtm *Kyhl) hwhy hnwblh t(bg Nw#xry *K(d (b# r)b rw) yhy Myhl) rm)yw hr#( *Klhm twlqm Nyrm+d hrym+ hlyl twcx Mygwn(t ry#( qyt( ry(# twmlc )yg *Kp )qyt( hrw(# Nyrym+d )rym+ *dwd Klm tw)bc Myhl) h(yqt *Kph rpw# #wrp *Kwp Pn( Nw#l b) Nw#)r dwbk t(lc Cr# l)r#y Nb) wnytwnw( hmkx tw)ylp tycyc r#q qr# ## *Kms *Ksm *M) +w#p rw) twxcxc twwcq rgt *Mg trg) *Mg) *Md trd) h## trbg *Md)

To grow warm; they (masc.) 606 Let them bring forth Essentiality, quintessence Nexus, ligature A turtle-dove 607 Adam Primus: the First Man (see 210) The mountains of spices (Ct. 8:14) A span, palm (lit. the little finger) AUM (cf. 111) 608 The last gate To dig (subterranean activity); to row The Pillar of Severity: the paths Cheth and Mem (cf. 26 & 463) To grow warm; heat, fire; black 610 Gold coin, gold money The citron tree and fruit (lust and desire) Closed, shut up The sea The Angel of Redemption 611 Torah: instructions, law The fear [of the LORD] (Ps. 111:10; cf. 211) Edom Tumultuously; to harass, perturb 612 Covenant Brother-in-law 613 The Etrog: the number of the Divine Precepts in the Torah The Quintessence of Light 614 Pertaining to summer 615 A footstool To swell, heave (see 51) 616 The Ancient of Days: a title of Kether Swords Day The Avenging Angel 617 Mighty acts (pl. of Strength; Ps. 106:2) The Pillars of Fire and Cloud Pisces: fishes Formidable, terrible 618 Contentions Loves, amours (see 499) 619 Latest, last, after-part, end, extreme; remainder, remnant; future Brethren (referred to Lilith & Samael) 620 Kether: the crown Chokmah, Binah, Daath; the first descending triad To hide, treasure up (Ps. 31:20) The doors Spirits, ghosts 621 The point of a sword By-paths (see 1351) 622 Blessings The Depths of the Sea (Samael and his wife) Breadths 623 Holy spirit The nose 624 The number of letters in the Great Table of Enoch (not counting the Black Cross of Union): 12 13 4 His Covenant (Ps. 25:14) Liberty 625 Weasels and other terrible animals 626 The Qliphoth: shells, demons 628 Light (spelt in full, Vau = )w; cf. 633 and 643) Blessings To be wise Life 629 The great trumpet Nations; gentiles 630 The Holy Spirit Seraphim, Flaming Ones: the Angelic Choir of Geburah Hairy ones; he-goats; demons Drill, coarse linen; a triad Adam and Eve Thine eye (is written see 160 & I.R.Q. 652) 631 Concealed Mystery Silence; silent 632 The World of Foundations: the Sphere of the Elements (i.e. Malkuth; see 564) 633 Light (spelt in full, Vau = ww; cf. 628 and 643) Male and female created [they them] (Gn. 1:27) A day of feast 634 Worn-out; beggars 635 Son of the Dawn: the Morning Star, Lucifer Three Unto them Adonai the King: a divine name of Malkuth (cf. 65 & 361) 638 The breaker; dream (n. & v.) Bread (Ps. 78:20) (= Mlx, by metathesis) 639 Tree of Knowledge 640 The Sun: the Sphere of Sol The Cup of Consolations Palm of the hand; palm tree Water (alternative spelling of Mem, 90) Thine eyes (pl.; not written; see 150 & I.R.Q. 652) Thy face (Ez. 3:8) 641 A body clothed in purple Lights (defective; S.D. 3:26) Gods 642 The Splendour of Unity: a title of Chokmnah

*Mh wcr#y twmc( rw#q rwt Nw#)rh Md) Mym#b yrh trz *Mw) )rtb )bb rtx *m x *Mx trwg) gwrt) *M+) *My *l)gh K)lm hrwt t)ry *Mwd) *Mwh tyrb *Mby gyrt rw)h t) *Mwx *Mwdh *Myh Nymwy Kyt( twbrx *Mwy *l)wgh K)lm twrwbg Nn(hw #)h ydwm( *Mygd *Mwy) twbyr *Mybh) tyrx) *Myx) rtk t(dw hnyb hmkx tnpc Myr(# twxwr brx txb) twxrw) tkrb My twlwcm twbwxr #dqh xwr *M+wx wtyrbw twryx *Myxw) twpylq :r:w:) twkrb *Mkx *Myyx lwdg rpw# *Myywg )#ydq )xwr Mypr# Myry(# #l# *hwxw Md) *Kny( )tw(yncd *Ml) twdwsy Mlw( :r:w:) M)rb hbqnw rkz *bw+ Mwy *Mykd rx# Nb llyh h#l# *Mhl *Klm ynd) *Mlx *Mxl t(dh C( #m# Mymwxnt swk rmt *Mm *Kyny( *Kynp trm) tr)m *Myl) rhwz twdx)h

643 Light (spelt in full, Vau = wyw; cf. 628 and 633) The Severities of hwhy The Cup of Benedictions A flowing, wave Mournings, laments 644 Was silent A dream 645 Put in motion, routed 646 Lawful Rejoicing Elohim (a name of God, meaning Gods masc. pl. of fem. sing.): the Angelic Choir of Netzach (See I.R.Q. 778 & no. 41) Blemish, spot, stain 647 Lights Great Dragons Standards, military ensigns Determined 648 To be hot 649 Trance, deep sleep (cf. 244) Translation 650 Natron (Prov. 25:20) Mem: water Very silent 651 Temurah: permutation 653 Haggler I am hwhy thy God 654 Sunset Children 655 The Holy One, Blessed be He The Palace of the Body of Heaven (referred to Netzach) The Sphere of Mars The waters 656 A lily; a rose (see 706, and cf. 661) Delight, joy A furnace By day 658 A name of God 660 Flashings, scintillations Zones; members A day; the seas; the times Vases, vessels Spice; drug; poison 661 A lily; a rose (cf. 656) A storehouse 662 The garland of God 663 Stones of marble (see Zohar, pt. I. fol. 34. col. 134) Songs Prophets 665 The Womb 666 The Number of THE BEAST. 1-36. 36 is the sum of the letters Aleph to Cheth (tyx = 418), hence 666 is an expansion of 418. The number of talents of gold received by Solomon in one year (I Kings 10:14) Aleister Crowley (Rabbi Battiscombe Gunns transliteration) Ommo Satan: the Evil Triad of Satan-Typhon, Apophras, and Besz (? lit. the dimness of Satan, scil. veil) The Name Jesus His secret place (Ps. 18:11), his covering Your God 667 The oil for lighting 668 A female merchant The ears To shut up, obstruct Builders 670 Deprecating, entreating Kinsmen, nation, populace; with, by, near 671 Bearing fruit The Gate: a title of Malkuth TARO (cf. 216, 224 & 280) Adonai: My Lord (spelt in full) He is One God: a name of God AUM (thus in S.S.; cf. 47) 672 The Lord God: the divine name of Binah 674 (?) A merchant 676 Resplendent Doves The munificent ones Artificial (counted only with Mem final in S.S.) 679 The chrysolite stone (Ct. 5:14) 680 Prophetic sayings, or decrees: His days shall be (hence AbraMelin) Vermin 681 Joyful noise; battle-cry; the sound [of a trumpet] (cf. 585) Vain idols An end, extremity Of whirling motions ?Termination of Abr-amelim? 682 Maaseh Merkavah: the Work of the Chariot (see 1328) Of the evening; of the West Green herb Hebrew (the language; see 282) Revolutions [of souls] 683 The World of Atziluth: the Archetypal World, or the World of Nobility (referred to Kether-Chokmah) A name of God implying Kether, Chokmah and Binah (3, 4 & 5 letters) An attack upon others, a violation, injury

:r:w:) hwhy twrwbg hkrb l# swk *Mylg *Mylb) *Mmd *Mwlx *Mmh rtwm #w#m *Myhl) *Md) hwhy hy *Mwm twr)m Myldgh Mnynth *Mylgd *Mmz *Mmx hmdrt Mwgrt rtn *Mym *Mmwd hrwmt Nrgt *Kyhl) hwhy ykn) #m#h )wb *Mydly )wh Kwrb #wdqh Mym# Mc( lkyh *Myd)m *Mymh N#w# Nw## rwnt *Mmwy *Myhl) )wh tycycyn Nyr#q *Mymy *Mylk *Ms hn#w# *Ms) l)yrtk) ## ynb) twrymz *My)bn Mxrh tyb

ylwrq ry+syl) Nts wmm( hw#hy M# wrts *Mkyhl) rw)ml Nm# trxs *Mynz) *Msx *Mynwb rt( *M( yrp h#w( )(rt (r)t :y:n:d:) *Myhl) )wh dx) *M() *Myhl) hwhy trxws Ccwntm *Mynwy *Mybydn *Mylglg tplw(m Nb) *Mylm *Mynk h(wrt *Mylyl) *Mp) *Mylglgh *Mlym) hbkrm h#(m tybr( b#( qry tyrb( *Mylwglg twlyc) Mlw( *Myhl) hwhy hh) *Mgp

688 Let us make man in our image (Gn. 1:26) 690 The candlestick Palm trees A staircase, ladder 691 Nose 693 Sulphur The salt sea 695 The World of Morgash: the Moral World (referred to ChesedGeburah-Tiphareth) 697 Citadels; secured houses, fortified castles 700 The Mercy Seat (Ex. 25:17) Paroketh: the Veil of the Holy Pillar; prince; buttocks; noise Melakim, Kings: the Angelic Choir of Tiphareth Softness 701 Woman, wife (Deut. 22:30) And lo! three men (Gn. 18:2. Equal to: l)prw l)yrbg l)kym wl), These be Michael, Gabriel and Raphael) A falling of the face (i.e. in displeasure) Where?; pain; Heliopolis (cf. 57) Angels, messengers Long 702 Sabbath: day of rest Carbuncle The Son: Assiahs Secret Nature (see S.D. 1:38-39) A stranger; Balaam Delights (Fire & Water) To kneel; bless; knee, lap To be mixed, mingled 703 A border, rim; a band, fillet Secret foundations A stone, rock Garden Running waters (Ct. 4:15) 704 A basin, bowl, vessel (Ex. 24:6) To judge, rule Before; the East; ancient things Walk, journey; THE Path 705 The stones of dampness (Job 28:3) Lo!; whether, if; they (fem.) The Staff of God (Ex. 17:9) 706 An atonement, propitiation (lit. a covering); the cover of the Ark Lilies (Ct. 5:13); roses (colloquial; see von Rosenroth, I.R.Q. 878) Eternity; world; an adult 707 Rim Strength; wealth; trouble, sorrow; Heliopolis (cf. 51) Species, kind Long, tall 708 The Angel of the Covenant Perdition An ear Grace, love, kindness, charm (notariqon of Chokmah Nesethrah: the Secret Wisdom, 788) Libra: the scales Beni Elohim, Sons of the Gods: the Angelic Choir of Hod A name of God Blessed! 709 The seven Double Letters 710 A cave Six (Ch.) Hidden, secret Tried by fire; a watch-tower Excellence, sublimity, glory, pride To darken, dim 711 Adon: master, lord Nothing; not The belly Wealth hwhy of the Gods is One hwhy Prolonged; grew long 712 Between 713 The Sphere of Saturn A turning, return; a response Abaddon: destruction, ruin (hell, as development of lw)#, 337; cf. 451) Fed 714 Fiery furnace Justice: a title of Geburah 715 Secret Perfumed, fumigated Defective 716 A matron A trial, an experiment Miry 717 Zayin: a sword 718 Wise (he will understand that?) Arrows 720 Call to mind, account Thy navel (Ct. 7:2) Wine Honest; so, thus, just so, such, so much Image To be lovely, pleasant Existing, stable 721 The Primordial Point Vision

wnmlcb Md) h#(n trnm Myrmt *Mls *Myp) tyrpg *xlmh My #grwm Mlw( twnmr) trpk tkrp t# *Myklm *Kr t#) h#l# hnhw Myp) tlypn *N) *Myk)lm *Kr) tb# tqrb *Nb *M(lb *Mydmxm *Krb *Kbr trgsm twdwsy yzr *Nb) *Ng *Mylzwn *Ng) *Nd *Mdq *Krd twmlwpm Mynb) *Nh *Myhl)h h+m trwpk Myn#w# *Mlw( *Ndb) *Nw) *Nz *Kwr) tyrbh K)lm tx# *Nz) *Nx *Mynz)m *Myhl) ynb *Myhl) hwhy hy hyh) *Kwrb trpkdgb tr(m ty# rtsn *Nxb *Nw)g *Mm( *Nwd) *Ny) *N+b *Nwh *dx) hwhy Myhl) hwhy *Kyr) *Nyb y)tb# hbw#t *Nwdb) *Nwz )rwn Nwt) *Nyd hrtsn trw+q *Nzx )tynwr+m *Nwxb *Nwy *Nyz *Nbyw *Mycyx ytb#x Krr# *Nyy *Nk *Mlc *M(n *Myyq hnw#)r hdqn *Nwzx

The Heavenly Man (lit. the primordial or exalted man) 722 The voice of the trumpet In, so, thus, then 723 He, the Lord God 724 The end of the days A leader, chief, judge The Pillars (see 79) Ye shall cleave 725 Priest Strength (Ez.3:8) To make them know (Ps. 25:4) 726 VITRIOL (a notariqon of Visita interiora terrae rectificando invenies occultum lapidem: Visit the Interior of the Earth; by rectification thou shalt find the hidden stone) Secret, put away; a hiding-place 727 Overflowing (Ps. 124:5) Fetters (Job 36:8) 729 The Curse of Satan Jachin, the Pillar of Mercy (Chokmah-Chesed-Netzach; situate in Netzach) The accentuator 730 Seasons Fools; the constellation Orion 732 White Clusters; grapes The Golden image [of Nebuchadnezzar] (Dan. 3) 733 The White Head: a title of Kether 734 To bring forth Torches 736 Contortions, convolutions (cf. 1351) To eternity 737 Blaze, flame (live coal) (?) Vain pride, or the basis of vanity Oak; oak-wood 738 The lower part, the loins 740 Manna; portion 741 The four letters of the elements; hence a concealed hwhy A tree Firm, faithful; Amen: So be it!: a title of Kether 742 The Ark of the Covenant (lit. of tremblings, scil. vibrations) 743 A disc, round shield; a defender 744 The valley of vision A window Footprints (foots breadth) (Deut. 2:5) 745 The great stone Multitude, abundance 746 The Names (Chaldee form of Myhl)) A [civil] officer A place 747 The voice of the turtle-dove (Ct. 2:12) Changeless, constant; the God Amon (Na. 3:8) The appointed time Auphanim, Wheels: the Angelic Choir of Chokmah 748 The oil of Anointment Image; hid, concealed (pertains to Sol and the Lingam-Yoni) The Master of the Nose 750 Conclave Lead An effort, exertion Species, kind 751 The whole [perfect] man And it was so Cessations, futilities, nothings 752 Satan A white goose Vilon, veil: the veil between Yesod and Malkuth Ye shall cleave in hwhy (cf. 220) 753 To guard, protect Food, meat (Ch.) 754 Father of the mob, or of the multitude Quarrel, dispute 756 Spheres; numbers; emanations Years Nun: a fish Ages; worlds 757 Clusters: Netzach and Hod The Shield (or Star) of David (the Hexagram) 758 Perdition; the destroyer (Ex. 12:23) Copper ore; bronze To love very much Victories 759 Powder(s) of the merchant Music 760 Both Active and Passive (said in the Qabalah re: the Sephiroth) Confinement, detention Resemblance, likeness, image At the end of the days; the right hand Wings Bone; substance, essence; body Divination; witchcraft 761 Ruin, destruction, sudden death 762 A structure; mode of building Apertures 764 Gracious, obliging, indulgent Brains

*h)ly( Md) rpw# lwq *Nkb *ynd) Myhl) )wh Mymyh tyrx) *Nyyd *Mydm( *Myqbdx *Nhk *Myqzx *M(ydwhl l(yrtyw *Nwybx *Nwdyz *Myqyz N+# (rq *Nyx)y *Mym(+ *Myd(wm *Mylysk *Nbl *Mybn( *)bhd Mlc hrwwh )#yr dlt# *Mydypl twlqlq( *Mlw(l tbhl# lbh t# *Nwl) *Myclx *Nm #tm) *Nly) *Nm) twd(h Nwr) *Ngm *Nwyzxyg *Nwlx *Krdm *hldg Nb) *Nmh twm# *Nyhl) *Mynwmm *Mwqm rwth lwq *Nwm) *Nmz *Mynpw) hx#mh Nm# *Nmx *M+wxh l(k tk#l trp( *Nwdm *Nym Mt #y) *Nk yhyw *Mysp) N)t)# *Nbl zww) *Nwlyw *hwhyb Myqbdx *Nng *Nwzm *Nwmh b) *Nydm twryps twn# *Nwn *Mymlw( twlk#) *dwd Ngm tyx#m t#xn *Nnx *Myxcn lkwr tqb) *Nwgn lbqtmw lybqm trc( *Nwymd *Nymy *Mypnk *Mc( *Msq *Ns) *Nynb *Mybqn *Nwnx *Nyxwm

765 And God blessed them 766 They of the world 767 The Elders (Deut. 21:19) Demons; injurers 768 Coppery, brassy The High Priest 770 Going forth (said of the Eyes of hwhy; lit. fem. wanderers) Unfruitful, barren Strengthening A name of God Points, pricks, dots Giants Thine enemy 771 The Bearded Countenance: a title of Tiphareth 772 Seven years 773 The stone (or stone channel) of drinking High Priest 774 (?) The daughter of seven An oak; hardness Pleasure, delight: Eden 775 Most piercing, most vehement Nine 776 Hospitality On: a name of God (cf. 120); penalty of iniquity: being taken away 777 The Flaming Sword (if the path from Binah to Chesed be taken as 3, for Gimel connects Arikh Anpin with Zauir Anpin) One is the Spirit of the Elohim of Lives The World of Shells, the Qliphoth 778 Goodly strength; proof The benignity of Time 780 I dwell, have dwelt (not read: see I.R.Q. 1122 & Prov. 8:12) Shore, bank Ayin: an eye Decrees, prophetic sayings Lest Ye shall cleave unto hwhy (not read; cf. 192) Giants (fully written only in Num. 13:33) Cups 781 Turn, roll 782 Unto the place (Ex. 23:20) 783 Vine 786 Smooth Fire from Heaven (II Kings 1:10) Fines, penalties Eternal Foundation of the World: a title of Yesod 787 A wheel; one of the Auphanim The hooks of the pillars (Ex. 27:10, 11) 788 The Secret Wisdom (i.e. The Qabalah; see 58) 790 My presence (I.R.Q. 1122) Thorn Bands, stripes; bindings 791 Faithful, loyal, steady 792 Deliverance, victory 795 Treasure; hidden or secret thing 796 The Cup of Affliction 797 Essence of Glory 800 Sagittarius: a bow; a rainbow (the three Paths t#q leading from Malkuth, hence much symbolism of the Rainbow of Promise) Nest The afflictions of the sons of Adam (i.e. Succubae) First buds, sproutings Cash; counted out, paid down High, lofty Rubies, gems Thorn; enclosure 801 Signs, tokens Also, yea; anger; nose 802 401 2: the reflection of 401, which is t), Alpha & Omega The Assembly (or School, or Academy) Supernal (refers to A A, the three grades that are above the Abyss) The Vengeance of the Covenant (Lev. 26:25) An ark (as of Noah or of Moses) 803 Person, self; back, top; wing (Ch.) Created [they them] (Gn. 1:27) A bone; to destroy 804 A wing (army), squadron; a chosen troop To be insensible; in deep sleep; in trance (cf. 649) 805 The faithful friend 806 Silent BABALON: THE VICTORIOUS QUEEN (lit. Gate of the Gods; see Liber 418) Zion Height, altitude 807 Blasphemed The beard (S.D. Cap. 2); lingam (qnz?) To overwhelm (Ps. 77:17); a flood 808 The Brazen Serpent (II Kings 18:4; cf. 1121) Under Pure, innocent Balances (Ch.) The three that bear witness, above and beneath, respectively (Md) the Spirit, the Water, and the Blood: Aleph being Air (Spiritus), Daleth standing for Md Blood, and Mem being both Water and the initial of Mym, Water. cf. 203 & 447) Mercy; womb; vulture To steam; darkness

Myhl) Mt) Krbyw *Mlw( ymy *Mynqz *Myqyzm yt#xn *lwdg Nhk tw++w#m trq( *Nykm *N( *Mydwqn *Mylpn *Kr( Nypn) ry(# Myn# (b# hyt#h Nb) *lwdgh Nhk (b# tb *Nswx *Nd( )twnydrqd h(#t *Nwlm *Nw( trpnl+gd) Myyx Myhl) xwr tx) twpylqh Mlw( *Nysx *Mlw( dsx ytnk# tp# *Ny( *Nylm *Np *hwhyl Myqbdx *Mylypn *Mylps *Np) *Mwqmh l) *Npg tw#p Mym#h Nm #) *Nwmm *Mlw( dwsy *Npw) *Mydwm(h ywwl hrtsn hmkx ytnky# *Nc *Mydwq( *Nm)n tw(w#y *Nwm+m hl(rth swk *dwbkh Mc( t#q *Nq *Md) ynb y(gn *Myncn *Mydwqp *Mr *Mynynp *K# tt) *P) hl( Ml# hby#y tyrb Mqn tbt *Pg *M)rb *Mrg *Pg) *Mdr *Nm)n dwd qtw# *N(l)b)b *Nwyc *Mwr *Pdg *Nqz *Mrz Nt#xn txt *Px *Nynz)m *)rb Md)

809 Shut up; body Children 810 Cain The living God of the Worlds, or of the Ages Midday (the South) 812 Son of the right Hand 813 Signs, marks, tokens ARARITA: a name of God which is a notariqon of the sentence dx) wzhrwmt wdwxy #)r wtwdx) #)r dx), One is His Beginning: One is His Individuality: His Permutation One (referred to the points of the Hexagram, with the Alephs forming the upright triangle, Yod in the centre and Tau lowermost). And the Myhl) said: Let There Be Light!, and there was Light (Gn. 1:3) Proselytes 814 A shore Outer; civil (as opposed to sacred) Merciful, compassionate 815 Silence 816 Under penalty of law (esp. a fine) The Most High Words 817 To seize suddenly The Unnameable One (a demon) Magician Lights: the Urim (see 490) 818 The red light 820 Kaph: the palm [of the hand] (fig. notariqon of Kteis-Phallus) Cloud Will be exalted A vineyard The inept and the profane (lit. to id