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  • 8/14/2019 Albenice Reel Magic PDF



    A L B E N I C E

  • 8/14/2019 Albenice Reel Magic PDF


    W ILL LMM . I. M .C . L O N D O N )

  • 8/14/2019 Albenice Reel Magic PDF


    R E E L M A G I Cy

    A L B E N I C EProfessional M agician and Inventor

    ofConjuring Mysteries Par Excellence

    * *

    I N C L U D I N G


    Edited by: R A L P H W . R E A D* * *

    Sixty Six IllustrationsFOURTH PRINTING

    L O U IS T A N N E N , Publisher120 W e st 4 2 n d S tre et N e w Y o r k 1 8 , N . Y .

  • 8/14/2019 Albenice Reel Magic PDF


    Copyright, 1941, by Nat Louis

    Copyright, 1950, by Louis Tannen

    Copyright in Canada and in all countriessubscribing to the Berne convention


    All rig ht to the material in this book arereserved by the publisher. No part of

    the book may be reproduced in anymanner whatsoever wi thout

    writ ten permission.

    Printtd tbt V S A

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    REEL M AG ICand


  • 8/14/2019 Albenice Reel Magic PDF


    I N D E XFron t i sp ieceF o r e w o r dFrom the PublisherC H A P T E R 1Knot Effects with Handkerchiefs 13-20

    T he Serpent Silk 13Visible Self-T ying Silk 15Th e Na ugh ty Knot 16A Suggested Routine with the Vanishing Cane

    and Han dkerchief 18Visib le "40th Century" Silks 18

    CHAPTER IIPenetrat ion Effects with Handkerchiefs 21-26"Penetro" 23Spalding's Penetra ble Silk 25

    C H A P T E R III Color Changes with Si lks 27-30A Smart Color Cha nge 29Th e Quack Rabbit 30C H A PT E R IV W ith P lay ing Cards 31-36Card on Ribbo n 33Risin g Cards Th roug h the Air 35

    C H A P T E R V M iscel laneous Tricks 37-44Bu tton, Button , wh o's Got the Button 39Th e Magnetized W and 40Rin g up, Rin g dow n 41Sight and Tou ch Van ish 42Fly ing Dollar Bil l 43T he Elusiv e Bil l 44

    C H A PT ER VI The Thornton W indlass 45-50Fly ing Dollar Bil l Acro ss a Room 47Balancing a Chair on T w o L eg s 47Buatier D e K olta's Card Fou ntain 48Th e Floating Cigar __ __4 8Th e Dancing Handkerchief _ _ _ 5 0

    C H A PT ER VII The Lightning Pul l 51-56Lam p Chimney and Silk 53Th e Vanishing Bird Cage _ 5 4T h e F ly in g R in g _ _ 5 5

  • 8/14/2019 Albenice Reel Magic PDF


    A D D E N D A 5 7Imp roved, V isible "40th Cen tury" Silk s 58Th e Penetrab le Silk 66

    Th e Ef fec ts (Ba sic Principles) 70T he Effec ts (Advanced Principles ) 75Rou tined Act 82Notes 82


  • 8/14/2019 Albenice Reel Magic PDF


    I N T R O D U C T I O N T O S E C O N D E D I T I O NInit ia l ly publ ished in 1941, this work has enjoyed great

    popularity throughout the years , due entire ly to the subtletyof the methods and the beauty of the effects .

    The subject of "Reel Magic" is s t i l l of absorbing interestto the profess ion, and i t i s with great pleasure that this revisedand enlarged edit ion is now offered, inc luding a special pet ofAlbenice ' s which he deve loped subsequent to the publ icat ionof the first edition.

    This addit ional Albenice effect has been used in his ownprograms for some t ime , and, as the secre t was not known toothers , i t w a s exc lus i ve ly his ow n. Fu l l detai ls wi l l be foundin the Addenda to the current volume.

    Also in the Addenda wi l l be found the comple te manu-scr ipt of "T he Penetrab le S i lk" by Spald ing , w hich w as or ig -inal ly publ ished in "The Sphinx" in the form of a ser ies ofart ic les. Sp aldin g ind epen den tly developed a w ho le ser ies ofpenetrat ion effects us ing a ree l and a s i lk handkerchief , a l l ofw hi ch are ver y effect ive . W e are glad that w e are able toinclude Spalding's work in this edit ion of "Reel Magic ."

    L O U I S T A N N E N ,Publisher .

  • 8/14/2019 Albenice Reel Magic PDF


    F O R E W O R DA G R EA T M A N Y of the effec ts in this book were origi-nated by me in connection with my work as a profes-s ional, playing engagements in Night Clubs, Hotels , PrivateClubs, Parties, etc. Th eir eff ect ive ne ss has therefore beenproven in actual performance and the reader is thus assuredof their practical value as entertainment and in the simplemethods which are necessary when working under such con-ditions.

    Some time ago I marketed The Serpent Silk, which madea hit with magicians everywhere and actually swept the coun-try by reason of its no velty . On e of the other hand kerchiefeffects described herein was sold to a limited number of per-formers but it was later withdrawn from general sale, since itseemed more desirable to put it and these other tricks in bookform for the benefit of all who may be interested.A s in all things, "nothing succeeds like success". W ith

    the thought that these tricks may add prestige and popularityto magic and magicians, increasing the entertainment qualityof magical performances, such acts will be in greater demand,and all of us in the profession will profit accordingly.For these reasons, I am pleased to present these "pets"of mine together with other tricks, old and new, employingreels of all sorts, the intention being to make this work ascomplete as possible.M y sincere thanks are hereby give n to Ralph W . Read ofN ew York C ity for his care in editing and arranging th is m ate-rial, and equal thanks to "Spalding" and the publisher for thevaluable ideas they have contributed.That the "reel" may make your magic look "real", is thewish of the author who believes that there are sti l l many un-discovered mysteries possible with the ingenious l itt ie devicetreated herein.

    New York City,January, 1941. A L B E N I C E .

  • 8/14/2019 Albenice Reel Magic PDF


    FROM THE PUBLISHERWe believe we are giving the magic fraternity a treat in

    the publication of this volume since it contains the latest de-velopments in this specialized field of magic with reels.

    Albenice has been one of our close friends for many yearsand is a performer and inven tor of rare ab ility. H is pr esenta-tion of magic is both artful and original, and, while still ayoung man, he has gone far in his chosen profession.

    It is one thing to perform magic tricks, but it is quiteanother thing to invent effects that are truly magicalandpractical. In the case of Alb enic e, his mind is never idle, forhe is always "trying out" some new idea, some conception thatis unusua l and different from the run-of-mill tricks. Y ou areinstantly aware of this when witnessing one of his perform-ances.

    In addition to his original effects, now published for thefirst time, he has to his credit, a number of equally clevertricks utilizing other objects and principlesnotably his Ara-bian Bead Mystery, Nite-Club Card Riser, etc.

    In view of the fact that most professionals of an inventiveturn, jealously guard their own conceptions and methods, wethink a vote of thanks is due this author for his generosity insharing his secrets with our readers . . . and we are sure all ofyou will join us in hearty agreement.

    N A T L O U I S .

  • 8/14/2019 Albenice Reel Magic PDF


    C hapter IK n o t Effec ts w ith H an d kerc hiefs

  • 8/14/2019 Albenice Reel Magic PDF


    The S ta te Library of Vic tor ia" A L M A C O N J U R I N G C O L L E C T I O N "

    R E E L M A G I C

    THE SERPENT SILK(Albe n ic e )This concept ion took the magic wor ld by s torm when theauth or released it abo ut a ye ar ago . A 24 or 27-inch silk hand-kerchief is twisted rope fashion and a knot tied at its center.Holding the s i lk at one corner by the f inger t ips , the lowercorner vis ibly moves upwards and gracefully gl ides throughthe knot which is thus untied.This is accomplished by means of a Controlled Util ityReel upon one side of wh ich is a disc . W he n pressed dow n thisdisc prevents the extended thread from flying back into thereel. O n the oppos ite side of the reel is a clip w hi ch go esbetween the middle and third fingers thus enabling you tohold the reel concea led in th e palm of the hand. O ne cornerof the han dkerch ief is tied to th e end of th e reel thread . T hevarious moves given below are numbered to correspond withthe i l lustrations , a careful observance of which wil l make iteasy to master the effect.1. T he silk is held in the right hand w ith the reel in posi-tion, Fig . 1. N ot e that A end of silk is tied to the thread, wh ilethe B end hangs down, free .2. Th e left hand grasp s the B end be tw een tip s of fore-finger and thumb, at the same time pull ing the s i lk s l ightly .This draws the thread far enough out of the reel so the cornertip of the A end of silk is held between right forefinger and

    thum b. N o w twirl both hand s until the handkerchief isT I G H T L Y R O L L E D A R O U N D I T S E L F , f or m in g a so rt ofrope w hic h yo u pull taut so it will sta y in that cond ition. Itmust be t ightly rolled otherwise the tr ick wil l not workproperly.

  • 8/14/2019 Albenice Reel Magic PDF


    3. Th e right hand no w brings the A end over the backof the left fingers, then over the left thumb, also over the Bend, thence between left middle and third fingers which gripthis A end. A t the same mom ent, the right forefinger andthumb grasp the B end. The left hand is then withdrawn, pull-ing the thread out of the reel at the same time.4. Continue pulling the A end throu gh th e l