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th ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International White Truffle Fair ALBA from the 8 th of October to the 13 th of November

Transcript of ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ......

Page 1: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis









Alba InternationalWhite Truff l e Fa i r

ALBAfrom the 8th of Octoberto the 13th of November

Page 2: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis

– 1 – Food & wine

Are Truffles the Real Food of Love?That this has been the theme of much debating through the ages is undeniable – what is certain is that a relaxing and satisfying meal with friends can only produce positive effects on friendship and love in all their manifestations. And this, in turn, helps us to enjoy life and overcome diffi-culties when they arise. The ‘buona tavola’ – the Langa and Roero’s long tradition of culinary excellence combined with a particular ability for making the visitor feel quite at home - are what make people return time and again to this area. Our professionality, hard work and hospitality need no other introduction. The White Truffle of Alba is our passport to the world and justly represents its home town.

Page 3: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis

– 2 – TruFFles & evenTs

– 3 –

TruFFles & evenTs


Calendar ofEvents

Calendar of

Until 13th NovemberPalazzo Mostre e Congressi“G. Morra” – Piazza Medford, 3

Exhibition:Camillo Cavour’s Langasee page 29

Friday 16th September9 pm - Viale Piero Masera“Storie di uomini e di vini” monologue written, directed and acted by Pino Petruzzelli, and accompanied by wine tasting

Saturday 17th Septemberfrom 4 pm - Piazza Savona, Via Vittorio Emanuele, Piazza RisorgimentoVintage car processionand ‘Concorso italiano Eleganza 2011’ competition with the Grifo Group of Montecarlosee page 39

9.30 pm - Piazza Savona55th edition of the “La Bela Trifolera” beauty pageantsee page 39

Sunday 18th September10 am - Centro storico‘Corri sotto le Torri’ runsee page 38

Monday 19th September9 pm - Auditorium Fond. FerreroG. Barberi Squarotti e G. Luigi Beccaria present the book by Valter Boggione: “La sfortuna in favore. Essay on Beppe Fenoglio”

Friday 23th Septemberfrom 6 pm - Teatro Sociale “G. Busca” A Fenoglio MarathonReading of the entire text of Fenoglio’s novel ‘L’imboscata’ (The Ambush)see page 32

Saturday 24th September9 pm - Piazza RisorgimentoNominationof the Dignitariessee page 24

Until 23rd OctoberChiesa di San GiuseppeArt withoutborders see page 28

Sunday 25th Septemberfrom 2pm to 8 pmAlba’s historical centre Wine Festival Wine Festivalsee page 19

from 2 pmChiesa di San DomenicoPiedmontese Choir Association

Friday 30th September11 am - Chiesa di San DomenicoInauguration of the Palio Official Artist’s showValerio Berruti“La rivoluzione terrestre”organised by Andrea Vilianisee page 26

5.30 pm – Meeting Room - Palazzo Mostre e Congressi “G. Morra”The Italian Touring Club present a cultural meeting on Count Camillo Benso di Cavour

Saturday 1st Octoberfrom 10 am - Piazza E. PertinaceSlow Food Projects in the Earth Market section of the Truffle Fairsee page 17

from 2.30 pm to 11 pmBocciodromo (Boules Court) International ‘Fiera del Tartufo’ Bocce Competitionsee page 38

Sunday 2nd October10 am - Piazza RisorgimentoAssignment of the donkeys to Alba’s boroughssee page 24

from 10 am - Piazza E. Pertinace“Vale la pena!” Produce grown in prison gardens and on land confiscated from the mafiasee page 23Sunday 2nd, 9th, 16th

and 23rd Octoberfrom 9 am in Alba’s historical

centre and surrounds:

Truffle Fair street marketMercato della TerraCampagna amica(country produce)

see page 16

Sunday 2nd, 9th, 16thand 23rd OctoberUnderground AlbaDiscover the underground roots of Alba with a profes-sional archeologist.Info: 339 7349949, or Ente Turismo Alba Bra Langhe Roero 0173 35833

From 8th October to 13th November see page 10 e 11

Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 8 pmAdditional opening times: 31st October and 1st NovemberCortile della Maddalena - PalatartufoInternational White Truffle Market and ‘AlbaQualità’Food and wine specialities from Piedmont.

Friday 9th, Saturday 10thSunday 11th SeptemberPiazzetta Chiodi

Letture corsare Literary Festival, 4th editionsee page 35

Page 4: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis

EventsCalendar of

– 5 –

TruFFles & evenTs

2 pm – Alba’s historical centreMedieval Parade of a thou-sand people in costumesee page 24

4.30 pm - Piazza CagnassoDonkey Palio see page 24

from 8 pm to 6 pmAlba boules (bocce) courtInternational ‘Fiera del Tartufo’ Bocce Competitionsee page 38

Wednesday 5th October8.30 pm - Dulcis Vitis restaurantInvitation to dinner…in the dark!see page 23

Friday 7th October5.30 pm - Teatro Sociale “G. Busca”Inauguration of the 81st edition of the International Fair of the White Truffle of Alba see page 15

6.30 pm - Cortile della Maddalena - PalatartufoOfficial cutting of the ribbonand opening of the 81st Int. Fair of the White Truffle of Albasee page 15

9 pm Teatro Sociale “G. Busca”Inaugural Fair concert Choruses and Airs from the RisorgimentoLodovico Rocca Choirsee page 15

Until 30th October - Piazza Garibaldi Footprint Ball by Erika Storysee page 30

Saturday 8th October2.30 pm - Piazza Savona‘Eleganza’ Cup for best vintage car Vintage Car ParadeOrganised by Clams and ALBAeventi associationsUntil 23rd October - Via Mazzini, 1The Colour of Scent.Lavandersee page 30

Sunday 9th Octoberfrom 10 am – Alba’s historical centreAlbaromaticaherbs and spices eventsee page 18

From 10 am - Piazza RisorgimentoA.M.A. la carne Piedmontese beef, Alba variety: organised by the Alba Master Butchers Ass.see page 18

From 9 am to 7 pm Cortile della MaddalenaMushrooms and Fungi an exhi-bition organised by the Mycology Group ‘G. Camisola’ of Asti

Thursday 13th Octoberfrom 8 am to 1 pm Piazza PrunottoBeef Cattle Fair

Saturday 15th Octoberfrom 8.30 pm – historical centreTruffle Bacchanale see page 25

from 10 am to 7 pm – historical centreThe Boroughs Remembersee page 25

Wednesday 19th October8.30 pm -Il Cortiletto d’Alba RestaurantInvitation to dinner… in the dark!see page 23

Thursday 20th October6.30 pm Sala consiliare Comune di AlbaPresentation of the book:‘The King of Truffles’ by Raoul Molinari and Giordano Berti

Friday 21th Octoberfrom 10 am - Research Centre “La Filanda” - Via Pietro Ferrero“Green accord” - 9th Int. forum on information for the protection of nature and the environment

‘People building future’media, democracy and sustainabil-ity; a convention: ‘Communication, the engine for change’

5 pm - PalaMiroglio - Via S. Barbara, 11Pasta, Truffles and 2.0Conference: ‘Food and Wine Communication in the Era of the Food Blog’see page 12

– 4 – TruFFles & evenTs

29th and 30th October – from 10 am to 8 pm31st October and 1st November – from 10 am to 6 pmPiazza RisorgimentoThe World’s Most Scrumptious TruffleMeets the World’s Most Delicious Hazel Nut see page 21

Saturday Oct. 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th & Nov. 5th, 12thPiazza RisorgimentoSaturday with Foodies see page 20

Friday 14th, 21st and 28th OctoberFrom 5 pm to 8 pmOpen Alba Food&WineDesigner tastingAvailable in all shopsadhering to the event.see page 22

Oct. 22nd, 23rd, 29th, 30th, 31st and Nov. 1stFrom 9 am to 8 pmPiazza FalconeAll About Langa Stonesee page 36

29th September, October 2nd, 5th, 9th, 13th and 27th November 7th and 20thLuca Mercalli, Mauro Corona, Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis Sepulveda“Collisioni” see page 34-35

Page 5: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis

– 7 – Food & wine

The truffle is a fungus that grows underground and not a tuber, as has sometimes been imagined in the past.In order to really get the most from it, it has to be treated properly: the fol-lowing are some useful tips.Truffles are always served fresh, and if storing for a few days is necessary, they must be kept in the fridge.

A Truffle

What Is

– 7 –

TruFFles & evenTs

HOW SHOULD TRUFFLES BE KEPT?In the fridge at 3° - 6°C wrapped in a damp cloth and shut in a screw-top glass jar. A fresh truffle can be kept this way for around a week although storing for long-er is not recommended.

HOW ARE THEY SERVED?A special truffle-slicer is required as truffles must be sliced very thinly onto food. The thinner the

blade (just a few tenths of a millimetre is ideal), the thinner slices and the greater the perfume.

HOW SHOULD IT BE CLEANED?Truffles should be cleaned with a small stiff brush under cold running water in order to remove all traces of earth. Then dry carefully and eat after ten minutes or so.

HOW IS A TRUFFLE EATEN?The White Truffle is a condiment or garnish, not an ingredient, and is always eaten raw, never cooked. It is at its best served grated at the table onto tajarin egg noodles, fried egg or fondue.

Associazione per il Centro Nazionale Studi TartufoAlba, Piazza Risorgimento, 2Opening times: Mon to Fri 9 am – 1 pm • 2 pm – 6 pmTel +39.0173.22.81.90 • • [email protected]

CentroNazionaleStudiTartufoSaturday 22th October3.30 pm - Piazza RisorgimentoPantalera storicaPelota game in historical costumesee page 38

Sunday 23th Octoberfrom 11 am - Piazza CagnassoFood and Wine DayOrganised by the Confraternita Misericordia of Alba, with funds donated to volontary personnel in charitable organisations abroad.

ore 15.00 Piazza RisorgimentoFestival of the flag‘B. Destefanis’Memorial ‘F. Pescarmona’see page 38

Friday 28th October8 pm – Cattedrale di S. LorenzoGuided tour of the Cathedral9 pm - Gospel Concert with the Anno Domini Gospel Choirsee page 37 Sunday 30th

Octoberfrom 10 am to 7 pmhistorical centreLanga and Roero in the Piazza…with Cuneo Provincesee page 19

Sunday 6th Novemberore 9.00 - Piazza RisorgimentoEco-Marathon of Barbaresco and the White Truffle of Albasee page 38

Wednesday 9th November8.30 pm – Enoclub RestaurantInvitation to dinner…in the dark!see page 23

Friday 11th November9 pm - Chiesa di San Domenico‘Finissage’, an exhibition by Valerio Berruti.Concert withAlessandro Mannarinosee page 37

Sunday 13th NovemberCastello di Grinzane CavourThe International Auction of the White Truffle of Albasee page 14

Friday 18th November8 pm - Chiesa di San DomenicoGuided tour of the church9 pmGospel Concertwith the Incontrotempo choirsee page 37

– 6 – TruFFles & evenTs

Thursday Nov. 17th, 23rd, 25th and December 1st 8.30 pm - Chiesa di San Domenico7th Edition of the Langa and Roero Choir Programme

see page 37

Page 6: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis

Alba (CN) – Piazza Risorgimento, 2

+39.0173.35.833 • [email protected]


MAp of The hiSToriCAl CeNTre

ChieSA di SAN doMeNiCo

TeATro SoCiAle “G. buSCA”

CorTile e Coro dellA MAddAleNA pAlATArTufo AlbAquAliTà MuSeo CiViCo “f. euSebio”

eNTe fierA iNTerNAZioNAle TArTufo biANCo d’AlbA pAlAZZo MoSTre e CoNGreSSi

piAZZA perTiNACe or piAZZA S. GioVANNi

piAZZA riSorGiMeNTo or piAZZA del duoMo

ViA ViTTorio eMANuele ii or ViA MAeSTrA


ChieSA di SAN GiuSeppe










The plACeS of The fAir

CITTÀ DI ALBAProvincia di Cuneo

















corSo italia

per c.So piaveper c.So europa











acorSo nino Bixio

corSo michele coppino























via dia



via pertinace

via xx SettemBre














via oSpedale




via Giraudi

via vernazza

via rattazzivia Gazzano














o n




v ia


via accademia

via coppa

Generale Govonevia






















o t



via vittorio emanuele nota come via maeStra













Alba (CN) – Piazza Medford, 3

+39.0173.36.10.51 • [email protected]

Page 7: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis

– 11 – Food & wine

– 10 – TruFFles & evenTs

The International Market

of the White

Truffle of Alba

The ‘AlbaQualità’ event is featured within the context of the White Truffle Market and is a great opportunity for all gourmets and visitors with a passion for food to discover some of the delicious foods and

wines made in the Langa and Roero regions. The dozens of stands included in ‘AlbaQualità’ will be groan-ing beneath all sorts of goodies, including handmade pastries and egg pasta, local cheeses and salamis. The wines on offer are those that provide a refined ‘sup-porting cast’ for the star of the show, the White Truffle itself: for information on the white truffle, we advise visitors to refer to the group of experts from the National Truffle Study Centre. For all those visitors who are already familiar with our local cuisine, a lunch break in the restaurant area of the Fair, (appropriately entitled ‘Oltre il Tartufo’ or ‘Beyond the Truffle’), will undoubt-edly prove more than satisfactory...

This is the heart of the White Truffle Fair, where the visitor first comes into contact with the smell and feel of these mysterious and fascinating mushrooms. Every truffle on sale in the Market is first controlled and vouched for by a special Truffle Commission before being set before

the public. The Commission, a group of truf-fle experts, can also be consulted during the course of the Fair at a special desk and forms part of a project whose aim it is to increase awareness in all those areas where the public comes into contact with truffles, in addition to protecting the inter-ests of those who choose to buy a truffle or who have encountered any problems. Within the Market, all truffles weighing more than 20 g are sold in a numbered bag that gives the buyer the right to change his or her truffle if it proves unsatisfactory.

So, why buy a truffle at the Truffle Market?• To be completely confident that your truffle has been quality controlled by a commission of experts who are also available for any en-quiries for the duration of the Fair.• In order to access expert assistance during the buying process.

• To acquire the numbered bag that acts as guarantee for your truffle. • So that you can see, sniff and touch as many delicious truffles as you like while leisurely choosing your buy, which you make from a local, licensed truffle seller or even directly from a ‘trifolao’ (truffle gatherer) himself.


Entrance charge for AlbaQualità and Truffle Market: 2 euroGroups of more than 20 people: 1.50 euroChildren under the age of 15: free of charge

The International Market

of the White Truffle of Alba

Cortile della Maddalena

From 8th October to 13th November

Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 8 pm

Plus 31st October and 1st November

The Consumer Desk is at:

Ass. per il Centra Nazionale Studi Tartufo

Alba, Piazza Risorgimento, 2

opening times: Monday to Friday

9 am to 1 pm • 2 pm to 6 pm

Tel +39.0173.22.81.90 • [email protected]

AlbaQualitàPalatartufo, Cortile della MaddalenaFrom 8th October to 13th NovemberSaturdays and Sundays 9 am – 8 pmPlus 31st October and 1st November

In co-operation with

In co-operation with



Page 8: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis

– 12 – TruFFles & evenTs

– 13 –

TruFFles & evenTs

The most important ‘Truffle District’ in the country is situated in Piedmont. Here, in this precious region, a truly extraordinary food experience takes place every year, with hundreds of restaurateurs ensuring that truffles ar-rive on their tables in completely pristine condition. This small miracle is guaranteed by a charter, that of the Truffle Club, ensuring that clients of all local restau-rants, from humble inns to Michelin-starred marvels, can rest assured that their truffles are as perfect as they should be. Chefs of the Truffle Club, the largest association of truffle chefs in the country, are expert in the selection, preservation, serving, matching and describing the qualities of the White Truffle.

CODE OF ETHICSRestaurateurs belonging to the Truffle Club will respect the following code of ethics:• To serve only truffles of the best quality, possessing intense and pleasing perfumes, adequate phase of ripeness and excellent state of conservation.• To clearly print on an accompanying note the truffle’s species (for exam-ple, Tuber magnatum Pico or White Truffle of Alba).• To include in their menu at least three or four dish-es suitable for matching with truffles.• To clearly describe to the customer the dishes matched with truffles and the best ways of match-ing them. • To clearly annotate all dishes available on the menu in both Italian and English, plus German if possible. • To clearly show the price of all truffles.• To grate the truffles directly onto the customer’s plate at table rather than in the restaurant kitchen.• To refrain from using chemical truffle-flavoured preparations in their dishes. • To put several good-sized and attractive truffles on show within the res-taurant.• To respect the official dates for the use of the White Truffle (available from 1st October to 31st January in Piedmont).• To allow clients to grate a truffle not acquired from the restaurant onto their food if they so wish. • To participate in truffle up-dating events in agreement with the Truffle Study Centre.• To undergo controls and inspections organised by an in-dependent body as indicated by the Truffle Study Centre. The Truffle Club restaurant list can be consulted on

Pasta, Truffles and 2.0


the Truffle Club

This year’s Truffle Conference bears the title ‘Pasta, Tartufo e 2.0: la Comunicazione Enogastronomica al Tempo dei Food Blog’ (Pasta, truffles and 2.0: Communication in the Era of the Food Blog).The White Truffle brings with it scents from the past, stimulating our curiosity and those emo-tions that link us with the ancient rural traditions that are our history and herit-age. But the Truffle also speaks to us through the ideas it stimulates and the enthusiasm it creates. The ‘Tuber magnatum Pico’ –

the white truffle’s full title - has always occupied a special place in man’s imagination, finally becom-ing a truly ‘glocal’ product of our times, ambassador for its region and country throughout the world. In this era of internet via smart-

phone, the White Truffle is still at home and entirely modern. In fact, within the Truffle Fair, mul-timedia communication and vir-tual reality will be fully part of the show!

the Conference

Pasta, Truffles and 2.0

PalaMiroglio, via S.ta Barbara, 115 pm

Friday 21st October

Secreteriat: [email protected]

Page 9: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis

– 14 – TruFFles & evenTs

– 15 –

TruFFles & evenTs


The 13th edition of the International White Truffle of Alba Auction will be held in the Castle of Grinzane Cavour on the second Sunday of November. Every year the auction provides a link between selected world-renowned restaurants: this

year, between Hong Kong and the Castle of Grinzane. In Hong Kong, a public of enthusiastic and generous gourmets will be contending a number of extremely prestigious White Truffles of Alba. All funds collected will be donated to nation-al and international charities. This year, as every year, a group of person-alities from the worlds of sport, entertainment, the theatre and gastron-omy will take part in the event. The Truffle Auction began in 1999, and is organised by the Piedmontese Regional Enoteca Wine Shop of Cavour, together with the Region of Piedmont and the Town of Alba.

The Truffle Fair’s open-ing ceremony has al-ways been an occasion for fun and entertain-ment, with the partici-

pation of folk groups and other musical bands, flag-wavers and townspeople in medieval costume. Yet it also possesses a more serious side, with invitations traditionally made to members of Italy’s political scene which last year included the Mayor of Turin, Sergio Chiamparino, and the Italian Minister for Internal Policy, Roberto Maroni, who, in honour of the Fair’s 80th birthday, were asked to speak on aspects of the Piedmontese economical and industrial situation.

Giacomo Morra, Alba Truffle Fair promoter in the 1930s, invented the tradition of sending the year’s best White Truffle of Alba to a VIP cho-sen from the world of politics, sport or entertainment. Personalities of the past have included Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe and even Winston Churchill. Roberto Ponzio, another fa-

mous truffle dealer, continued this tradition and during the ten years spanning 1958-68 added HRH Queen Elisabeth and President Charles De Gaulle to the list. Many other famous people have visited Alba in more recent times to receive their White Truffle, including Luciano Pavarotti,

Alberto Ranieri of Monaco, Gérard Depardieu, Sophia Loren, Alain Delon, Marcello Lippi, Sergio Marchionne, Francis Ford Coppola and, last year, Fabio Fazio


the Inaugurationthe International Truffle

Official Inauguration Ceremony 81st International White Truffle of Alba FairTeatro Sociale “G. Busca”Friday 7th October 5.30 pm

Inaugural Concert:Choruses and Airs from the Italian RisorgimentoeCoro Polifonico “L. Rocca”Teatro Sociale “G. Busca”Friday 7th October 9 pm

In co-operation with

13th International White

Truffle of Alba Auction

Castello di Grinzane Cavour

Sunday 13th November

Truffle of the Year

Truffle of the YearPresentation ceremonyTeatro Sociale “G. Busca”November 2011

Città di Alba

Page 10: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis

– 17 – Food & wine

– 16 – Food & wine

and the Earth Market

On the 1st October, the Slow Food Organisation will be presenting some of its many Projects (‘Presidi’) in a special area of the Earth Market in Alba. Various themes in food and wine will be examined during the day and two tasting workshops will be available for visitors to explore the matching of foods with wine.

The Slow Food day will act as a sort of Truffle Fair preview and will also include two ‘Laboratori del Gusto’ workshops for tasting some of the Slow Food Projects own produce, offered by wine producers involved with the Organisation and included in the Slow Wine Guide 2011.

Don’t forget to note the following two Slow Food events in your diary:

Aperitif with the Slow Food Projects11am: five products produced by the Slow Food Projects participating in the Alba Earth Market will be carefully matched with an Alta Langa Metodo Classico Spumante.

Slow Food Projects at the Court of the King of Wines11am: five products produced by the Slow Food Projects at the Earth Market will be carefully matched with Barolo produced by Slow Wine guide’s best wineries 2011.

On 1st October in Alba’s Piazza Pertinace, information on the Slow Food Organisation can be found at their stand, including their latest publications, details of their activities and the much sought-after Slow Snail gadgets.

the Slow Food Projects

Street markets, with all their colours, sounds and throngs of people, have always been a part of Alba life and so are a natural part of the

Truffle Fair celebrations. All year long, on Saturday mornings, Alba’s main streets and piazzas fill with stalls set up by hundreds of travelling market holders.This traditional street market is further amplified during the first four Sundays of October for the period of the Truffle Fair with a range of objects on sale that is truly incredible. Local produce is well represented, but visitors

will be thrilled and amazed at what can be found in this vast open-air department store.During the last few

years, the Mercato della Terra (Earth Market) and Campagna Amica (Friendly Countryside) sections of ther market have proved espe-cially popular, with their choice of zero-kilometre goods.

the Street Markets

weekly street market

Every Saturday in Alba’s historical centre

Truffle Fair street market

First four Sundays of October

Campagna Amica

First four Sundays of October

in Piazza Medford

Mercato della Terra

First four Sundays of October

in piazza Elvio Pertinace

Slow Food Projects at the Alba Truffle Fair’s Earth MarketAlba, Piazza Pertinace Saturday 1st October 9 am –

Page 11: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis

– 18 – Food & wine

– 19 – Food & wine

Alba’s Master Butchers have organised special tastings of their local speciali-ties: knife-beaten raw beef starters and beef stew cooked in Barolo wine, that can both be tasted in the town’s Piazza Risorgimento on Sunday 9th October. Piedmontese beef, and the Alba variety in particular, is justly famous for its tenderness and exceptional flavour: this is a finely-textured, juicy beef with just the right balance between lean fibre and fat content. This breed of cattle is of medium build but very high-yielding, with a velvety coat and fine bones, and produces a wide variety of prestigious cuts of meat. In addition to the raw beef starters and stew, visitors can also enjoy tastings of beef sausages and ‘frisse’, a local meat-ball deli-

cacy. Alba’s Master Butchers are ready to share all their expertise and enthusi-asm with visitors on Sunday 9th!

On Sunday 25th September, Alba’s historical centre, from Piazza Risorgimento to the end of the main street, Via Maestra, will open its doors to this splendid wine fes-tival, bringing a taste of all that producers have to offer from both Langa and Roero regions. In fact, producers will be present from all the two region’s wine villages presenting tastings of their many wines and bringing news of all that their various wine ‘communes’ have to offer this autumn. Visitors can enjoy tasting grand reds such as the world-renowned Barolo and Barbaresco, plus many other noble varieties including: Nebbiolo d’Alba, Roero Arneis, Barbera d’Alba, Dolcetto d’Alba, Dolcetto di Diano, Dolcetto di Dogliani and many more. Each visitor will be equipped with a special tasting goblet with which to choose his or her favourite wines to sample. During the day’s event, professional tastings will also be held and there will be the chance to learn more about your preferred wines, with particular em-phasis this year on Barbaresco.

‘Langa and Roero in the Piazza’ is a prestigious food and wine event that al-lows visitors to get to know these area’s numerous points of interest together with a tasty full immersion in their huge range of gastronomic delights. This year’s new feature is the participation of several firms from wider afield in the Province of Cuneo, in addition to all the usual goodies from the Langa

and Roero regions. Along Alba’s Via Cavour street and in Piazza Risorgimento, visitors will be able to sample all manner of gastronomic specialities, in-cluding local cheeses, fruit and vegetables – such as the justly famous ‘leek of Cervere’, local pastries and chocolates such as the sumptuous Praline al Rhum, tasty hazelnut cake, and the much sought-after and exclusive Baci di Cherasco. Not to men-tion honey from the Roero, cooked salami and tradi-t iona l ly b a k e d bread.

Wine Festival‘Albaromatica’ is a special

fair dedicated to aromatic and medicinal herbs and spices which this year celebrates its 6th edition. Alba’s historical centre and Piazza Risorgimento will be full to the brim with stands displaying a multitude of different aromatic goods, ranging from li-queuers and wines – including the justly famous locally produced ‘Barolo chinato’ – herb teas, sweets, pastilles and chocolates. Among newer items will feature: herby breadsticks, focaccia bread and aromatic beers from spe-cialist breweries. There will also be a chance to learn more about the use of herbs with experts from the herbal remedies sector of Savigliano University and a special workshop where the kids can play and learn how to recognise fresh and dried herbs and have fun while making natu-ral detergents


A.M.A. la Carne

A.M.A. la carneAlba, historical centreSunday 9th October9 am – 8 pm


Alba, historical centre

Sunday 9th October 9 am – 8 pm

Turismo in Langa


Langhe & Roero in the Piazza

Langa & Roero in the Piazza

Alba’s historical centre

30th October from 10 am – 7 pm

In the case of rain, the event will take place

in the covered area of Piazza Cagnasso.

Wine FestivalAlba’s historical centre25th September2 pm – 8 pm

in co-operation with:The Alba MasterButcher Association,affiliated to the A.C.A.


Page 12: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis

– 20 – Food & wine

This is the weekend during which two of the Langa and Roero’s most prestigious and famous food products – the hazel and the white truffle - twin up for the occasion. The hazel nut will be featured in a special ‘salon of flavours and perfumes’ to be located in Alba’s Piazza Duomo. Within the Piazza, it will possible to learn more about the Nocciola

Piemonte IGP hazel’s properties and appreci-ate to the full its place in the rich and varied local cuisine.

For the event, the hazel will be imaginatively matched with traditional produce from the Ligurian Riviera and Cuneo regions, plus others from France, un-

der the supervision of the European Community

TOURVAL Project.

Our local hazel’s superior qualities, confirmed time and again by testing at Professor Odello’s Tasting Centre in Brescia, has lead to the Piedmontese ha-zel nut being granted the title of “World’s Most Delicious Hazel Nut”. So what are its special secrets? Consistency, sweet-ness of the pulp, intensity of the aromas, persist-ence and perfect defects at all, in fact!

Saturday for “foodies”

For info and bookings:

Consorzio Turistico

Langhe Monferrato Roero

Alba (CN)Piazza Risorgimento, 2

Tel. +39 0173 362562

Fax +39 0173 220237

[email protected]

How to define a ‘foody’?Well, it should be mentioned immediately that a foody is a person who not only enjoys food, but who also likes to know how a particular dish is prepared and a special ingredient distributed or produced. In fact, for this special breed of person, the Truffle Fair provides much food for thought... including the sensations to be enjoyed within the Truffle Market itself, the experience of sensorial analysis and simulated truffle hunts in the company of experts. On Saturday 1st October, the Slow Food Projects and their Workshops will be present within the Fair’s ‘Earth Market’ in Alba’s Piazza Pertinace and, in the same Piazza, on Sunday 2nd October, a food market selling produce produced in prison gardens and on land confiscated from the mafia will be held.

foody sPecialities... on saturdaysIn the section ‘SPECIALITA’ ALIMENTARI’ (Food Specialities) in Piazza Risorgimento each of the following Saturday (11am and 5.30pm) will see the presentation of a local tradition-al food speciality, organised and pro-moted by the Ente Fiera organisation.

– 21 –

TruFFles & evenTs

The World’s Most Scrumptious Truffle Meets the World’s Most Delicious Hazel NutAlba, Piazza RisorgimentoSaturday 29th October: 10am – 8 pmSunday 30th October: 10am - 8pmMonday 31st October: 10 am – 6 pmTuesday 1st November: 10 am – 6 pm

ente fiera della Nocciola e Prodotti Tipici dell’Alta Langa +39 0173

meets the world’smost delicious Hazel Nut

the world’s Most scruMPtious Truffle


saturday 8th october

Passion for pasta: tajarin and

much more, with Alba White

Truffle and Barbaresco wine.

saturday 15th october

Piedmont Tour in 6 DOP cheeses

with Barolo wine.

saturday 22nd october

‘The leap of the anchovy’: served

with roero Arneis white wine.

saturday 29th october

The Chocolate

with Barolo Chinato liqueur.

saturday 5th november

The Beef: Alba’s ‘Fassone’ veal

and Carrù’s Fat Ox: with Dolcetto


saturday 12th november

round and graceful… the world’s

most delicious hazel nut: with

Moscato d’Asti sweet white wine.


So, come and see (but also, and above all, taste) for yourselves what all the fuss is about at Alba’s Salon of Favours and Perfumes’.

Page 13: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis

– 23 – Food & wine

– 22 – Food & wine

Open Langa and Roero Food and Wine is a sister event offering similar encounters with producers of wine and food, held throughout the two regions involved in the event. Locations include the Enoteca Regional Wine Shops of: Barolo, Barbaresco, Canale, Grinzane Cavour and Mango. The event will be held on Monday and Tuesday evenings in October and November as follows: 10th, 11th 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th and 31st October and 1st, 7th and 8th November. Visitors will be amazed at the range of produce available

for sampling and a strict price control sys-tem will be in operation.

Open Alba e Open Langhe & RoeroOpen Alba and Open Langhe & roeroAsk for the programme available in Tourist Offices of the region or download from the web-site:

For just one day, Piazza Pertinace will be trans-formed into a very unusual street market, where visitors can find a vast range of produce on sale, all originating from prison gardens and workshops, or cultivated on land rescued from Italy’s mafias. Items will include: wine, beer, olive oil, biscuits, pastries, honey, cheese, organic fruit and vegetables, and a range of jams, but also handmade jewelry and cloth-ing, pottery, wrought iron and other craftmanship. From mafia-free fields, come pasta, lentils, chili peppers, olive oil and honey, all produced by the young staff of the ‘Libera Terra’ organisation, with roots that go deep into Italian culture that has freed itself from the chains of the mafia.

Vale la Pena!

OPen Langa and RoeRO

The Open Alba Food and Wine event will be held on the evening of Friday 14th, 21st and 28th October withing selected shops in Alba’s town centre. From 5 pm to 8 pm, visitors can meet local wine producers and take part in high-quality wine and food tast-ings to start to get to know all that our wonderful region has to offer. The producers themselves will present and explain their products, including fascinating insights into how wine is traditionally made in the area, with techniques of the art handed down from father to son, and secrets of recipes for traditional local dishes passed on by word of mouth.Alba’s attractive centre will become a hubbub of activity during these spe-cial evenings, with music and other entertainments to delight visitors, in addition to encounters with the experts.

OPen Alba

Vale la Pena! (It’s Well Worth It!)

Alba, Piazza Elvio Pertinace

Sunday 2nd October from 10 am

In co-operation with

In co-operation with


Grinzane Cavour






in the dark!an Invitation to Dinner...

For the second year running, thanks to the sponsorship of the Cuneo Section of the Italian Union for the Blind, this popular and unusual dinner will be held in some of Alba’s best res-taurants. Guests will be blindfolded in order to allow other senses to come to the fore dur-ing a series of delicious the dark!



Wednesday 5th October

Restaurant “Dulcis Vitis”, via Rattazzi, 7

Tel +39.0173.36.46.33 •


[email protected]

Price per person per dinner: € 45

Bookings should be made directly to each

restaurant at least one week before the


Wednesday 19th October

Restaurant “Cortiletto d’Alba”, corso

Michele Coppino, 27

Tel +39.0173.36.60.05

[email protected]

Price per person per dinner: € 40

Wednesday 9th November

Restaurant “Enoclub”, piazza Savona, 4

Tel +39.0173.33.994

[email protected]

Price per person per dinner: € 45

Page 14: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis

– 24 – Folklore

– 25 – Folklore

Truffle Bacchanale

Alba’s historical centre

15th October

from 8.30 pm

The Boroughs Remember

Alba’s historical centre

16th October

10 am – 7 pm

T h i s traditional celebration, the

‘Investitura del Podestà’, was once an important landmark in medieval Alba’s yearly calendar. At 9 pm on the evening of September 24th , the Piazza where the Town Hall and Cathedral are situated assumes once again its medieval col-ours and will be full of a happy throng in full authentic cos-

tume. Here are street urchins, jesters, proud no-blemen, elderly peasants and wealthy merchants all waiting to greet the ‘Podestà’ Dignitaries to whom the keys of the town will be solemnly presented

before the crowd.

On Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October, it will be time once again for the ‘Baccanale del Tartufo’ (Truffle Bacchanale) and the ‘Borgo si rievoca’ (The Boroughs Remember) events, two very special occasions to get to know more about Alba’s fascinating history and traditions.The Truffle Bacchanale is a night-time event and this year will be set entirely in the Middle Ages. Visitors will be plunged into the magical atmosphere of an entirely torch-lit town centre full of the sounds and scents of centuries past. Medieval music and entertainers will complete the scene. Tourists who

have participated in previous years’ events, tell of an emotionally inspir-ing and unforgettable experience.

On the following day, Sunday 16th October, it is the turn of ‘Il Borgo si rievoca’, another medieval-based festival with songs, street cries, costumes and day-to-day activities straight from the Middle Ages – plus plenty of good things to eat and drink! From the Langa and Roero, there will be a selection of traditional local fare, to be washed down with liberal quantities of the area’s excellent wines. And afterwards – entertainments and dancing with the people of the town, following Alba’s century-long tradition of hospitality and warmth.

The first Sunday of October is the day for Alba’s famous and traditional Donkey Palio. The Palio is a painted cloth and rep-resents the prize for the winning jockey or donkey of the race, who in turn, represents one of the town’s nine boroughs. The Palio has always proved extremely popular with tourists and is preceded by a grand proces-sion in full medieval costume around the streets of Alba’s historical centre. The pro-cession includes over 1000 participants, in-cluding noblemen and women, knights in armour, soldiers, peasants and townsfolk, and is accompanied by drummers, flag-wavers and trumpet fanfares. On arrival in Piazza Cagnasso, each borough enacts an episode from Alba’s medieval history, which included

plenty of violent or otherwise colourful action in the way of sieges, attacks, famous highwaymen, aristocratic weddings, re-ligious pageants and the signing of char-ters. This competition is composed of two

rounds and a grand finale.

the Donkey Palio

the boroughs ReMeMber

the Truffle bacchanaleNoMination of the Dignitaries

For all information and bookings: Ente Fiera Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco d’AlbaPiazza Medford, 3 - AlbaTel +39 0173 361051 • Fax +39 0173 • [email protected]

Nomination of the DignitariesPiazza RisorgimentoSaturday 24th SeptemberFrom 9 pm

Assignment of donkeys to the boroughsPiazza RisorgimentoSaturday 24th September, 9 pmSunday 2nd October, 10 am

Medieval ProcessionAlba’s historical centreSunday 2nd October, 2.30 pm

Donkey PalioPiazza CagnassoSunday 2nd October, 4.30 pm

Exhibition by Valerio Berruti Painter of the Palio Chiesa di San Domenicofrom 30th September to 13th NovemberInauguration:Friday 30th September, 6.30 pm

In co-operation with Giostra delle Cento Torri

Page 15: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis

a cura diAndrea Viliani

musica di

Alessandro Mannarino


hiesa di San Dom

enico1 ottobre —

11 novembre, 2011




finissage venerdì 11 novembrecon concerto di Alessandro Mannarino

Per la prima volta ad Alba una grande installazione site-specificdi Valerio Berruti, artista legato visceralmente al suo territorioe capace di rivelare con la sua opera un punto di vista universale. Nel grande ciclo di affreschi in movimento lo spettatore inte-ragisce con una raffigurazione della rivoluzione terrestre intesa come il moto che la terra compie attorno al sole ma che diventa rivoluzione spirituale, pacifica e morale, compiuta sulla terra dai bambini protagonisti dei dipinti. Le musiche originali dell’operae della mostra sono di Alessandro Mannarino, finalista del premio Tenco e del premio Mogol.

This year’s Palio artist, Valerio Berruti, has constructed a special installation for Alba’s Fair, a huge mobile series of frescoes expressing the personal, almost intimate, relationship the artist has with his home town. In this work, the spectator interacts with a vision of the moving world interpreted in the light not only of the physical movement the earth performs around the sun, but also via spiritual, moral and ethical revolutions that a series of children – the work’s heroes – experience. The installation, together with the complete art show, are accompanied by original music composed for the occasion by Alessandro Mannarino, finalist in the prestigious Premio Tenco and Premio Mogol prizes.

Finissage Friday 11th Novemberwith a concert featuring Alessandro Mannarino

1st October —

11th November 20




rganisation:Andrea Viliani

music by

Alessandro Mannarino


hiesa di San Domenico

Page 16: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis

– 29 –

Culture & exhibitions

Cavour’s Langa

Palazzo Mostre e Congressi“Giacomo Morra” Exhibition HallPiazza Medford, 1 – Alba From 18th June to 13th November 2011Monday 10am – 1pmTuesday-Friday: 3pm – 7pmSaturday, Sunday and Holidays: 10am – 7pm

Access and services for the disabled availableSchools: from Monday to Friday (morning and afternoon). Booking is required.

Entrance is free

For information and bookings:Ente Turismo Alba Bra Langhe RoeroPiazza Risorgimento, 2AlbaTel. 0173 35833 - Fax 0173 [email protected]

Ente Fiera Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco d’AlbaPiazza Medford, 3AlbaTel. 0173 361051 - Fax 0173 [email protected]

The exhibition ‘Le Langhe di Camillo Cavour’ is distributed throughout the eleven rooms of Alba’s exhibition rooms in Piazza Medford and offers the visitor a fascinating panorama of the Langa hill region during the period spanning the 18th and 19th centuries. This intriguing historical era included the last years of the Savoy feudal reign, the Napoleonic wars, Alba’s brief period as a republic during 1796, the years of the French Empire and the Restoration, and, finally, the epoch of King Carlo Alberto and Cavour himself. The historical context is juxta-posed with the area’s agricultural and urban development as illus-trated by original maps, paintings and drawings and contrasted with the way the Langa appear today. The transformation of society and its mores is well illustrated via the use of period portraits, pho-tos and ‘ex voto’ votive offer-ings. Cavour’s relationship with the Langa, his home region, is accurately explained, including how the first Prime Minister of Italy’s family came to possess Grinzane, his work as Mayor of that village as a young man and his famous agricultural endeavours. A final part of the exhibition illustrates places in the Langa where events occurred during the Risorgimento, illustrated by portraits and thumb-nail sketches of the lives of heroes of that turbulent and formative period in Italian history.

With support from the Presidency of the Cabinet of Ministers

Città di Alba

Page 17: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis

– 31 –

Culture & exhibitions– 30 –

Culture & exhibitions

The Colour of ScenT. Lavender

Images by Enzo Massa and Erboristeria Sartoris

The images by Enzo Massa illustrat-ing the beauty of lavender can be admired together with historical bo-tanical illustrations and a collection of lavender products, including lesser known items.

Eros and Truffles will soon be showing in Mango‘s Busca castle. The show, organised by Giordano Berti and the ArtStudioLetizia promises to be rich in surpris-es, with interesting juxtaposition of works of modern art and historical documentation, including a collection of 18th century etchings. The exhibition’s inspiration is subtly erotic with constant reference to the truffle’s supposed aphrodisiac properties – as emphasised by a series of historical truffle-based recipes that accompany the visitor throughout the show.

Who really has any idea about how we should treat our planet? The Footprint Ball installation was designed to try to come to terms with this question. This work, that aims to create a two-way dialogue with the town’s population, is composed of a steel sphere and an interactive totem pole where citizens can answer a test on ecological matters. When you have finished your test, Footprint Ball will utilise a system of lights and software to change colour according to the environmental impact you have indicated in your answers.

An exhibition featuring jewelry found during exca-vation of local prehistoric sites can be admired in Alba’s ‘Federico Eusebio’ Museum of Archeology and Natural Sciences.

A Plein-air show of pastel sketches to accompany the White Truffle Fair.Fourteen Russian and Italian artists will draw landscapes from life in the fourteen village territories where the King of Wines – Barolo – is produced. From 15th to 30th September the artists can be observed while they draw, intent on producing works in the delicate medium of the soft pastel crayon.

Organised by the ‘Giuseppe Morino’ Cultural Association.

Female OrnamenTaTionin Alba and the Cuneo Region in Prehistoric Times

From 8th to 23rd October

Exhibition space at Via Mazzini, 1

Inauguration: Saturday 8th October 2011

From 8th October to 13th November

Piazzetta Borsellino

From 8th October to 18th November – free entry

Enoteca Regionale “Colline del Moscato” – Mango

Info: 0141.89291,

From 7th to 30th October Piazza Garibaldi

The Alba and Barolo Langa Hills

by Russian and Italian Artists

From 15th to 30th SeptemberInfo: Associazione d’Arte e cultura “Giuseppe Morino”Tel 0172. 715.888

Open until December.Info: Museo civico archeologico e di scienze naturali “Federico Eusebio” Via Vittorio Emanuele 19, Alba Tel 0173 292473-475

InsTallaTionby Margherita Mauro

The artist’s characteristic approach is both confirmed and modified in this new instal-lation on display in Alba. Every aspect of the work – the form, materials and colour – possesses an arcane symbolism, modulated through the centuries, a shared experience that is able to create a new and original artis-tic metaphor. The artist has entitled her work ‘VIAGGIO’ (journey) to be understood in its double meaning of a journey in space or time, a dynamic relationship with others and the constant search for significance. The work was presented for the first time in the Venice Lido in September 2010 during the International Exposition ‘OPEN 13’, a show that is linked to the Venice Festival of the Cinema.

Eros and TrufflesHidden treasures...unearthed

FooTprinT Ballby Erica Story

Page 18: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis

– 32 – Culture & exhibitions

– 33 –

Culture & exhibitions

The Fenoglio liTerary

Programme: Sunday 4th September: Treiso - The Seven Brothers Rocche hillsSunday 11th September: Torre Bormida – Cravanzana – The Hazel Nut Ring

Sunday 18th September: San Benedetto Belbo – The Cadilù Ring Friday 23rd September : Alba – Preview of the Literary MarathonSunday 25th September: S. Bovo di Castino – Pavaglione – The Places of ‘The Malora’Sunday 2nd October : Castino – The Lodola RingSunday 9th October : Alba – Tracing Fulvia’s FootstepsSunday 16th October: Barbaresco – Neive - The Barbaresco HillsSunday 23rd October: Barolo – Monforte – The Barolo HillsSunday 30th October: Magliano Alfieri – Castellinaldo – The Arneis HillsParticipants in the walks will need to bring a light pic-nic lunch. Booking

is strongly advised: call 333.4663388 or contact the web-site The cost of each walk is 7 Euro, except the Alba walk on 23rd September which is free of charge.

The Fenoglio Walks are a series of liter-ary itineraries dedicated to the writer Beppe Fenoglio and represent an excel-lent way to get to know, at first hand, the special atmosphere of the Langa places that Fenoglio so accurately instilled into his works. The Walks are of varying lengths and difficulty, the most arduous being those across the Langa hilltops and the shortest and simplest set within or around villages.

Fenoglio Literary Marathon

Teatro Sociale “G. Busca”

23rd September 2011 from 6 pm

Entrance is free

wiTh Fenoglio


Featuring a readingof Fenoglio’s novel ‘The Ambush’The Fenoglio literary marathon will take place on 23rd September from 6 pm onwards into the night. There will be a mixed group of readers, includ-ing fans of Fenoglio from the general public and famous literary figures. Last year’s Fenoglio Marathon, featuring the novel ‘Una Questione Privata’ (A Private Question) proved so popular that Alba’s Town Theatre was invited to host a second edition this autumn, featuring the novel ‘L’imboscata’ (The Ambush), which Fenoglio began in 1959, a lesser-known work than last year’s book yet undoubtedly just as fascinat-ing. In this novel, the relationship between Johnny, the “sentimental snob” and Milton with his “com-plicated, unfortunate literary

love” is explored. The reading, together with three discussion sessions based around the theme of the Langa and its links with literature, will be chaired by Giovanni Zucconi. Last year’s Marathon included readings by Lella Costa, Giorgio Conte, Gad Lerner, Carlin Petrini, Gianni Farinetti and Gianmaria Testa.This year’s new guests will include: Daria Bignardi, Cristiano Godano, Guido Harari, Luca Occelli, Gisella Bein and Beppe Rosso.As last year, the Marathon will be opened and concluded by the writer’s daughter, Margherita Fenoglio.


In co-operation with:

Terre AlteAssoc i az i one cu l tura l e

Page 19: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis

– 35 –

Culture & exhibitions– 34 –

Culture & exhibitions

Teatro Sociale “G. Busca”

Tel 0173.35.189

Sunday 2nd October – 6 pm

A meeting with MAURO CORONA

La ballata della donna ertana (Mondadori)

Interview by Emilio Targia

Erto is the little mountain village in which Mauro Corona lives. A true moun-

tain type – shy, difficult to get to know, enveloped in the silence of his be-

loved mountain places – Corona has yet become one of Italy’s best-selling

authors. He spends much of the rest of his time climbing mountains, both in

Italy and abroad. Here, Corona will be interviewed by Emilio Targia on his

latest novel, ‘La ballata della donna ertana’ (The Dance of the Woman from

Erto), dedicated to all the women from the village.

Wednesday 5th October – 9 pm


Un classico ribelle (Rizzoli)

Giovanni Allevi, modern composer of international fame and pianist whose

four records have sold hundreds of thousands of copies world-wide, will ap-

pear in ‘Collisioni’ for the very first time. He will talk with the public about

his forthcoming book ‘Un Classico Ribelle’ (A Classical Rebel) which features

his thoughts on the power of music, his personal philosophical approach, his

dedication to his craft, the whims of fame and fortune and the richness of the

individual personality.

Thursday 13th October – 9 pm


A project by Gianni Bissaca and Roberto Marasco.

With Gabriele and Maurizo Ferraris, and Giovanna Vigolongo.

Readings by Michele Di Mauro. Special guest Carole André.

This year marks the centenary of the death of Salgari, the famous and

much-loved novelist from Verona. The Salgari evening will recreate some

of the magic and fantasy of his world through music and words. ‘Salgari

returns’ will be interpreted by Michele Di Mauro and the voices of the

evening’s special guests.

Thursday 27th October – 9 pm


Licia Maglietta reads from ‘The Betrothed’

the Umberto Eco version. Directed by Roberto Tarasco

In this reading, eclectic Neapolitan actress Licia Maglietta whose films ‘Pane e

Tulipani’ and ‘Agata e la Tempesta’ by Silvio Soldini, have delighted cinema

goers, lends her beautifully musical and unmistakeable voice to a classic of

Italian literature, re-written and interpreted by Umberto Eco.

Monday 7th November – 9 pm


Ultime notizie dal Sud (Guanda) - First date of the Italian tour.

Interviewed by Daniel Mordzinski.

Sepùlveda is one of Latin America’s major contemporary novelists with a

life story that parallels many events in the recent history of his home coun-

try, Chile. Condemned to life imprisonment and tortured in prison during

the Pinochet dictatorship, his narrative voice is unmistakeably representa-

tive of his continent. Sepùlveda, author of ‘ The Little Seagull and the Cat

who Taught him to Fly’ and ‘The Old Man who Read Love Stories’ will be

presenting his new novel, ‘Latest News from the South’, a travel journal

with photos by the photographer Daniel Mordzinski.

Thursday 29th September – 9 pm Sala Beppe FenoglioLUCA MERCALLI: Prepariamoci (Chiarelettere)Author Luca Percalli will talk to Roberto Cavallo about his new book ‘Prepariamoci’

with a sub-title that aptly explains the book’s message: ‘How to live in a world with

fewer resources, dwindling energy, a lack of abundance…and maybe greater

happiness.’ This brilliant work of scientific journalism on the theme of the finite

nature of the earth’s resources and what we should know about it, is essential

reading for all.

Sunday 9th October – 9 pmSala Beppe Fenoglio PIETRANGELO BUTTAFUOCO: Il Lupo e la Luna (Bompiani)Journalist and writer Pietrangelo Buttafuoco will present his new novel which

mixes Sicilian folk tales with his own refined literary style. Sunday 20th November – 9 pm Chiesa di San DomenicoIn co-operation with Premio Art Brut.VAURO SENESI: Il Respiro del Cane (Piemme)A man goes into hospital for a routine op, “nothing serious” he tells himself

repeatedly, but to his surprise he is overwhelmed by the poignancy of memories

while he waits to be called…

“Collisioni“... and oTher evenTs


the rock edition

Entrance is free.In the case of rain:Sala Beppe Fenoglio(Via V. Emanuele, 19)

For information:Associazione Narralbatel. 0173

“Collisioni“ in The TheaTre

LeTTure CorsareFriday 9th September• 6.30 pm, Piazzetta Chiodi A meeting with Lorena Canottiere [Oche, Coconino Press / Fandango] Presented by Katia Versio• 9 pm, Piazzetta Chiodi An evening on a subject (so we’ve called it) on Luciano Bianciardi 1861-1922-1971-2011 Projection of the docu-mentary’ Bianciardi!’ by Massimo Coppola [ISBN Edizioni]Saturday 10th September• 4.30 pm, Biblioteca civica A meeting with Mara Dompé

[Little Darwin, with Alessandro Blengino, Codice] Presented by Elena Ruella – Original illustrations by Mara Dompè are on show in the library “G. Ferrero”• 6 pm, Piazzetta Chiodi A meeting with Luigi Bernardi [Niente da capire, Perdisa Pop] Presented by Lori Serra• 9 pm, Piazzetta Chiodi A meeting with Roberto Rossi and Roberta Mani [Avamposto, Marsilio] Presented by Valentino Foti – Projection of the documentary ‘Avamposto’.Sunday 11th September• 6 pm, Piazzetta Chiodi A meeting with Mimmo

Gangemi [La signora di Ellis Island, Einaudi]Presented by Valentino Foti• 9 pm, Piazzetta Chiodi A meeting with Nicolò Tambone and Gian Ruggero Manzoni [Taliani, Albatros]

Città di Alba

Città di Alba

In co-operation with IL CIRCOLO DEI LETTORI

Page 20: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis

The White Truffle Fair has al-ways promoted a full agenda of exciting musical events to com-plete evenings dedicated to ex-cellent food and wine and this year is no exception. Here is a format designed to enthuse both visitors and citizens of Alba alike.

Saturday 1st October9 pm – Tempio di San PaoloOrgan concert: Gail ArcherFriday 7th October9 pm – Teatro Sociale “G. Busca”Fair Inaugural Concert : Choruses and Airs from the Risorgimento

‘L. Rocca’ Choir Rosanna Roagna: soprano; Marco Lasagna: clarinetValter Protto: piano; Conductor Giuseppe AllioneTuesday 25th October9 pm – Tempio di San PaoloOrgan concert: Joseph MiltschitzkyFriday 28th October8 pm – Cattedrale di San LorenzoGuided tour of Alba’s cathedral9 pm – Gospel concert with the Anno Domini Gospel ChoirFriday 11th November9 pm – Chiesa di San Domenico ‘Finissage’ art show by Valerio BerrutiConcert with Alessandro MannarinoFriday 18th November8 pm – Chiesa di San DomenicoGuided tour of the church9 pm – Gospel concert with the In controtempo Choir17th – 23rd – 25th November and 1st December

8.30 pm – Chiesa di San Domenico 7th Meeting of Choirs from the Langa and RoeroSaturday 26th November9 pm – Tempio di San PaoloConcert featuring the Ruggero Maghini Choir of Turin conducted by Claudio Chiavazza with Marcello Lauritano on the organ.

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Music and The Fair



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7 5

9 5

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Alessandro Mannarino

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Culture & exhibitions– 38 –


The Grifo Group of Montecarlo presents Alba’s very first competition for the most elegant vintage or luxury car. During the three days of the competi-tion, cars will be on show in Alba’s central Piazza Savona where they will be judged by a jury picked from members of the international car racing world. On Saturday afternoon, a vintage car parade will be held from Alba’s main street, Via Vittorio Emanuele to Piazza Risorgimento. Here, the event’s main spon-sors will await all-comers with a scintillating show of high fashion, jewelry and other promotional initia-tives.

Prize giving will take place on Sunday morning, in the Castle of Grinzane Cavour and the competi-tion will close during the afternoon.

Alba’s historical beauty show has been running for half a century. It began as a part of the parade of floats from the Langa and Roero countryside that was held during the first editions of the Truffle Fair. It was a unique event in post-war Italy, attracting a huge following to Alba and its Fair and is still extremely popular today. The Pageant is open only to local beauties, with their ‘heart in the right place’, who reflect the genuine and sincere loveliness of the land where they were born and raised.

Bela Trifolera

Piazza Savona

17th September

9.30 pm

1st Elegant Vintage and Luxury Car Competition16th and 17th SeptemberPiazza Savona/Risorgimento10 am - 6.30 pm

18th SeptemberCastello di Grinzane Cavour

la Bela Trifolera

EleganT VinTage CarSporT and The Fair


Cherasco Golf Club



Non-competitive run through Alba’s historical centre

Sunday 18th September, 10 am


Sferisterio Mermet

Sunday 25th September, from 8.45 am


1st Memorial ‘Umberto Granaglia’

Bocciodromo Albese

Saturday 1st October – Sunday 2nd October

From 2.30 pm to 11pm


Piazza Risorgimento

Saturday 22nd October, 3.30 pm


Memorial ‘F. Pescarmona’

Flagwaving Festival

Piazza Risorgimento

Sunday 23rd October, 3 pm



Alba and villages of the Barbaresco region

Piazza Risorgimento

Sunday 6th November, 9 am




Page 22: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis


in The Langhe & RoeroUnforgeTTable EvenTs

Until 30/10 – LANGHE&ROEROOpen Castles.Villages, Villas and Castles Of PiedmontSouth Piedmont’s loveliest castles open their doors to visitors: consult opening times on the special site. www.castelliaperti.itInfo: +39.389.433.82.22

2/6 – 9/9 – ROERORocche HillsNocturnal WalksNight-time walks accompanied by the stories of Stefano Benni, theatre pieces, star gazing and literature by moonlight.Notturno Bike!Mountain bike excursions with a guide and breaks for entertainment.www.ecomuseodellerocche.itInfo: +39.0173.97.61.81

3-4/9 – DIANO D’ALBAWine Harvest FestivalIn Diano d’Alba villages’s historical centre there will be music and tasting of delicious local dishes and produce from the Langa.www.diano.itInfo: +39.0173.69.385

3-11/9 – DOGLIANIDogliani Wine FestivalA traditional fair which includes the election of Miss Dolcetto, a wonderful street market, musical evenings, din-ners, trips, nocturnal mountain bike rides and art +39.0173.70.210

4/9 – LA MORRADegusta La MorraWine tasting and the Mangialonga dinner (for bookings: 0173.50.92.04) +39.0173.50.03.44

Dal 8/9 al 30/10 – BRAUgo NespoloArt Show at Bra’s Palazzo +39.0172.43.01.85

9-10/9 – S. STEFANO BELBOAn invitation toCesare Pavese’s birthdayCome and discover the fascinating places described by Pavese in his atmospheric novels – on the author’s birthday! (9th September 1908).www.fondazionecesarepavese.itInfo: +39.0141.84.37.30

9-12/9 – BARBARESCOPiacere BarbarescoA full immersion in the world of Barbaresco wine, with a huge tasting stand of the DOCG vintages 2006, 2007 and 2008, in the presence of over 50 Barbaresco producers.www.enotecadelbarbaresco.itInfo: +39.0173.63.52.51

10/9 – BRAFrom Street to StreetInternational Festival of street per-formers with over 150 artists from all over the +39.0172.43.01.85

10-11/9 – BAROLOBarolo Wine FestivalTasting stands and local delicacieswww.barolodibarolo.itInfo: +39.0173.56.106

10-11/9 – BERGOLOI Sapori della PietraEntertainment, music and street marketwww.bergolo.orgInfo: 0173.87016

10-11/9 – MONTÀMontà in the 1600sHistorical re-enactment of the trial of the Witch Fiorina and the battles against the French army in 1691. +39.0173.97.50.02

11/9 – CHERASCOAntique and Collector’s Market600 +39.0172.42.70.50

16-19/9 – BRACheese – the Shape of MilkThe world’s biggest cheese and milk products fair organised by the Slow Food organisation with a huge cheese market, tastings and other Info: +39.0172.43.01.85

18/9 – SOMMARIVA PERNODa Ciabot a CiabotA food and wine walk through vineyards and their scenic little ‘ciabot’ cottages.Info: +39.0172.46.021

17-19/9 – CHERASCOInternational Snail Culture FestivalTraditional scientific meeting of snail gastronomy, dedicated to the ‘Helix’ edible snail.National Festivalof the Snail in the +39.0172.42.70.50

23-25/9 – MONFORTECambi di StagioneInternational Festival of Chamber Musicwww.fondazionebottarilattes.itInfo: +39.0173.78.92.82

24-25/9 – BRADa cortile a cortileEntertainments, music, gastronomy and culture for all within Bra’s scenic +39.0172.43.01.85

1/10 – MONFORTE D’ALBAThe Bottari Lattes Grinzane Literary PrizePrize-giving ceremony,10.30 am at Villa Beccaris.www.fondazionebottarilattes.itInfo: +39.0173.78.92.82

1, 8, 15, 22, 29/10 – LA MORRAOctober in La Morrawith Barolo wine.Five days of wine tasting of La Morra’s best sub-zones in the presence of Barolo producers at La Morra Communal Winery. Entry free of charge; booking not required.www.cantinalamorra.comInfo: +39.0173.50.92.04

1-23/10 – CASTIGLIONE TINELLAThe Countess of CastiglionePhoto panels, paintings and costumes dedicated to Virginia Oldoini Verasis-Asinari at the Palazzo dei Monferrato. Entrance free of charge.www.comunecastiglionetinella.itInfo: +39.0141.855102 - 335.14.34.112

2/10 – BRAOn Roman FootstepsGuided tours of the archeological sec-tion of the Bra Town Museum, the Borgo del Colosseo area in Pollenzo, the Giardino dell’Agenzia gardens and the ancient Roman city of Bene Vagienna, together with its museum. www.turismoinbra.itInfo: +39.0172.43.01.85

2/10 – BRAA Sunday with ArpinoGuided tour of Arpino’s places.www.turismoinbra.itInfo: +39.0172.430185

3-8/10 – LANGHE&ROEROThe Bottari Lattes Grinzane Literary PrizeEnrique Vila-Matas, winner of the Bottari Lattes Grinzane Prize, will talk with readers during a series of meet-ings and lectiones magistrales.www.fondazionebottarilattes.itInfo: +39.0173.78.92.82

Page 23: ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE - Langhe eng 11_111003032436.pdf · ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE Alba International ... Giovanni Allevi, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Serata Salgari, Licia Maglietta, Vauro, Luis

6-9/10 – CHERASCOEco FuturaExpo of sustainable and renewable energy +39.0172.42.70.50

8-9/10 – SOMANOSweet Chestnut Festival Info: +39.0173.73.01.01

8-9/10 – NEIVE‘Neive, Wine and…’Tastings throughout Neive’s lovely his-torical centre with its lanes and piazzas, plus musical entertainment.www.neivevinoe.comInfo: +39.0173.67.004

From 8/10 to 15/01 – CHERASCOLove and PsycheThe quiet landscape of figurative art, both real and transfigured, from the 19th century to the present day.Art show at Cherasco’s Palazzo Salmatoris. Entrance +39.0172.42.70.50

9/10 – DOGLIANIWalking AroundDogliani CastelloA food and wine walk. +39.0173.70.210

15/10 – SANTO STEFANO BELBOAn Autumn Walk with PaveseA pleasant stroll through the vineyards of S. Stefano Belbo with visits to places mentioned in Pavese’s novel ‘The Moon and the Bonfires’. Booking required.www.fondazionecesarepavese.itInfo: +39.0141.84.37.30

From 15 to 30/10 – CHERASCONational Photo CompetitionExhibition of work from the competition at the Palazzo Comunale of +39.0172.42.70.50

9/10 – BRA, FRAz. POLLENzOPollentia AntiquariaAntiques FairInfo: +39.0172.45.82.84 – 0172.43.01.85

9/10 – CIGLIÉAutumn ItinerariesTraditional ‘Cisrà’ (chickpea and tripe soup) in CigliéInfo: +39.0174.60.132+39.333.24.78.438

15-16/10 – BARBARESCOBarbaresco WeekendA Combined WeddingTwo days of Barbaresco tasting matched with Italian gastronomic delicacies. ‘Tour of the Crus’ among the vineyards.www.enotecadelbarbaresco.itInfo: +39.0173.63.52.51

16/10 – BOSSOLASCOCastagnata Chestnut FairMarket of local produce, hobbies and the chance to try local roast chestnuts with chickpeas and tripe.Info: +39.348.68.17.531

16/10 – CHERASCOFair of Antique Toysand Models150 stands; 10th edition of the show-market of painting, sculpture and craftsmanship featuring 200 +39.0172.42.70.50

16/10 – DIANO D’ALBADi Söri in SöriA gastronomic walk among south-facing vineyards (‘sori’) with visits to wineries and tasting sessions. Booking required.www.soridiano.itInfo: +39.0173.46.80.22

21-23/10 – BAROLOCloudhopper MeetingOne-man hot-air balloons with take-off and landing in the vineyards.www.barolodibarolo.itInfo: +39.0173.56.106

From 1 to 23/10 – CASTIGLIONE T.A Toast at CourtBuffet dinner with wine tasting of the new vintage organised by the Bottega del Vino Moscato Wine Shop. Renaissance music and dance in period costume.www.comunecastiglionetinella.itInfo: +39.0141.855102 - 335.14.34.112

23/10 – CHERASCOAlfa Giulia and Lancia Fulvia ‘challenge’ vintage carsBy Ruote d’Epoca di Cherasco car +39.0172.42.70.50

30/10 – BAROLOAll Tripe!Tripe tasting in the lanes of the village. www.barolodibarolo.itInfo: +39.0173.56.106

30-31/10 – DOGLIANI50th Anniversary of the death of Luigi EinaudiInternational Meeting on Luigi Einaudi and Liberal Thought organised by the Polis +39.0173.70.210

2/11 – DOGLIANICisrà e Fiera dei SantiDogliani’s historical centre comes alive with over 300 stands and a chance to sample traditional ‘cisrà’ of chickpeas and +39.0173.70.210

7-13/11 – CORTEMILIAInternational Music CompetitionVittoria Caffa Rigetti PrizeA competition for young musicians from all over the world. Auditions open to the public. Saturday evening grand final concert with prize-giving. www.comunecortemilia.itInfo: +39.0173.81.027

11-13/11 – PAROLDOL’Estate di San Martino Truffle Fair of the High Langa and Ceva Region – Festival of Langa Stone and the ‘Masche’ Witches Re-enactmentWitches Dinner by candle-light on Friday evening. Huge ‘bagna caoda’ dinner on Saturday evening followed by an atmospheric night-time walk on the ‘Masche pathways’. The Stone Fair features Langa stone masonry and local produce all day Sunday. Booking required for the 0174 789040

12/11 – S. STEFANO BELBOCesare Pavese andthe Underground CathedralsGuided tour of Pavese Places and the town of Canelli to discover the famous ‘underground cathedral’ wine cellars, dating back to the 18th century. The cel-lars form a labyrinth of tunnels beneath the town for several miles and are where Italy’s spumante ‘champagne’ is aged. Booking required.www.fondazionecesarepavese.itInfo: +39.0141.843730

13/11 – CHERASCOMarket of Organicand Natural ProduceFeaturing 200 stands and the Designer Chocolate +39.0172.42.70.50

19-27/11 – VEzzA D’ALBARegional Truffle Fairand Wines of Vezza d’AlbaTruffle auction, market of local delica-cies, simulated truffle search, wine tast-ing, entertainments and showswww.comune.vezzadalba.itInfo: +39.0173.65.022

15/01/2012 – CANALEWhite Truffle of Albaof the Roero Rocche HillsTruffle market, parade of the ‘trifolao’ truffle gatherers and their dogs.www.enotecadelroero.itInfo: +39.0173.97.82.28


Every Saturday and Sunday, all year round, day trips by bus are organised from Turin, in Italian and English. Departures from Turin and Alba.

Information and bookings:VIC: Very Important CustomersTour Operatorwww.tourinpiemonte.itTel: + 39.0173.44.26.38

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LANGHE MONFERRATO ROEROTEL. +39 0173 362562 - FAX +39 0173 220237 - [email protected]

Proposte diescursioni & tour

non solo tartufo...








a range of proposalsexcursions & tours

not only truffle...

Simulated truffle Hunt excurSionAn exciting experience for truffle lovers – a truffle hunter, guided by his hunting dog, will accompany participants through the woods for the precious hypogean fungus. Trifolao will be guided by his dog’s nose and by his own expertise and intuition. Before the truffle hunt visitors will meet an expert who will provide them with essential information on how, where and why truffles grow.

truffle SenSory analySiSScientifically, truffle is a hypogean fungus. For gourmets truffle is an unmistakable scent. How to choose a truffle? How to appreciate it? How to preserve it? How to eat it? During the not-to-be-missed olfactory tasting and sensory tests a judge in Sensory Analysis will unveil numberless secrets. During Corso per Assaggiatori di Tartufi (Course for Truffle Tasters) important information on mycology will be delivered to participants, together with the necessary tools for a correct approach to a conscious truffle tasting.

HorSe riding tHrougH alta langaTo live a country life unique experience, ideal for peaceful horse ridings through Alta Langa selvage hills to discover Beppe Fenoglio’s places. Along the track, participants may enjoy a nice and happy picnic in the countryside or a lunch at a typical and striking farm to fully taste these magic hills.

local cuiSine cooking courSeTo unveil local gourmet food and wine origins and to learn from an expert cook the secrets at the basis of tastes, ingredients and magic combination to create Langhe and Roero typical dishes – a way to bring with us a part of this land. The course will be held at a locanda or an agritourism facility among vineyards, in a striking landscape among hills and will end with a lunch or dinner to taste the dishes par-ticipants have cooked.

Wine taSting SeminarA full immersion in colours, scents and flavours from Roero Arneis, Dolcetto, Bar-bera, Roero, Barolo, Barbaresco and Moscato. A seminar to discover all the secrets for a correct approach to Langhe and Roero wines, together with an expert taster.

a trip in tHe country in a carriageIn an elegant carriage, pulled by powerful draught horses along small country roads among vineyards on Langhe and Roero hills – the sensation to leave in past times beaten by passed-by rhythms.

in tHe roccHe del roero among Honey, BeeS and crutinA day exploring Roero, its typical products and its natural environment: walking along the wild ridges of the Rocche, sandy-walled deep chasms, where bees and beekeepers are the natural inhabitants. Through farmers’ tracks visitors meet bee-hives and original “Case delle api” (“Bees’ houses”), country ciabot, and ancient crutin, underground tunnels dug in tufa and used as cellars or ice-houses. The tour ends with a guided visit to the Cisterna Medieval Castle with the Museum of Arts and Jobs of the Past.

trekking in langHe and roeroGuided itineraries scheduled by an environmental guide to discover spectacular nature. On the Alba, Langhe, Roero and Alta Langa hills nature takes its course and changes its smells, colours, sceneries. Trekking excursions on every week-day will give the visitors the chance to discover the wonders of this land.

trekking in alta langa accompanied By pack animalSAmong the Alta Langa enchanted sceneries in the footsteps of Beppe Fenoglio’s characters, to discover uncontaminated places – a unique trekking, ideal for fami-lies and kids and accompanied by donkeys and mules. As in past days, pack animals are used to transport goods and luggage, i.e. participants’ rucksacks and typical products to be tasted along the track.

trekking tHrougH paveSe’S and fenoglio’S placeSTo discover the enchanted sceneries in the footsteps of Beppe Fenoglio’s and Ce-sare Pavese’s legendary characters or to discover uncontaminated places rich in past days beauty. Langhe – a land ideal for wine, famous for its typical products, a land of great literature traditions that boasts history, culture and a special link with an actual, deep and indivisible land.

nordic WalkingNordic Walking is based on a walking technique that is biomechanically correct, natural and dynamic. Supported by sticks and Nordic ski technique, it activates trunk muscles to complete the related movements and to align body properly. Itineraries that give the chance to actively live this land through local noble wines vineyards, such as Barolo and Barbaresco, or, again, to walk through local thick woods and Alta Langa wide grasses.

Bike, veSpa Scooter car and miniBuS rentalLanghe and Roero are renowned for the tidy beauty of their vineyards and hills. Numberless choices to discover them by bike – tracks among paths, vineyards, panoramic country roads and shadowed tracks suitable for sporty mountain-bikes or comfortable city-bikes. Tourists can rent authentic Piaggio Vespa scooters to tour among enchanting sceneries, under the banner of fun. Full optional cars and minibuses are available for tourists who prefer to move comfortably and safely.

flying By Hot air BalloonIn the sky among clouds over vineyards and characteristic villages. From the si-lence of the wicker basket, along the day breezes, the unique beauty of Langhe and Roero hills will stand out– a not-to-be-missed occasion to see unforgettable sceneries and live a unique experience.

for furtHer information and Booking Service: conSorZio turiStico

langHe monferrato roero call centertel. +39 0173 362562 – fax +39 0173 220237 – [email protected]

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MotorwaysA6 Torino-Savona – exit at Marene-CherascoA21 Torino-Piacenza – exit at Asti Est then take:A33 Asti-Cuneo – exit at Alba

AirportsCuneo Levaldigi – 50 KmTorino Caselle – 90 KmGenova – 150 KmMilano Linate – 170 KmMilano Malpensa – 180 Km

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BAROLO TOURPartenza/Departureh. 10.30

BARBARESCO TOURPartenza/Departureh. 14.00

TARTUFO TOURPartenza/Departureh. 17.15

Biglietteria e luogo di partenzaTickets and place of departure

Alba, piazza Risorgimentoantistante l’Uffi cio Turisticoin front of the Tourist Offi ce


Tour con minibus e accompagnatoreMinibus tour with escort


Per informazioni e prenotazioni / For information and bookingCALL CENTER


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