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Transcript of Alameda County Crowdfunding - Berkeley_0.pdfآ  07-03-2017 آ  Crowdfunding Crowdfunding is...

  • Crowdfunding

    Berkeley Public Library

    March 7, 2017

    Alameda County SBDC

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  • Local SBA Ecosystem

  • Partnership and Hosting

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    Starting a Business Meet the Lenders

    Social Media Government Contracts

    Marketing Law for Entrepreneurs

    Worker Owned Businesses Buying a Business

    Starting a Restaurant Crowdfunding and Alternatives

    Starting a Food Business How to Pitch Your Company

    Finding Your Core Customer Exporting

    Website Development Home Based Businesses

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    Ron Barrett

    Loans FJ Cava


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    Lee Lambert


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    Human Resources

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    Dorian Webb


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    Financial Modeling

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    Paul Bozzo

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  • Lee Lambert

     Director, Alameda County SBDC – affiliated

    since 2008

     Founder/CEO, Simple Buyout Plans and

    Hollywood Partners

     Founder, Cambridge/Samsung Partners

    (venture fund)

     Samsung Electronics, Van Kasper & Co.,

    Deloitte, Ernst & Young

     Harvard Business School, UC Berkeley

  • Crowdfunding

     Crowdfunding is forecasted to pass venture capital as a

    source of business funding in the near future

    2014: $16.2 billion worldwide

    2015: $34.4 billion worldwide

    2020 forecast: $90.0 billion (World Bank)

     2015 Venture capital: $124 billion

    2015 Crowdfunding - $34.4 billion, up from $16.2 billion

  • Crowdfunding Segments

    Source: Massolution

  • Platforms

  • Platforms

  • What is Crowdfunding?

     3 Basic Models

     Donation/ Reward

     Lending

     Equity

  • History of Global Crowdfunding

  • Recent History

    2003:Artistshare – website for artists to raise funds to

    make recordings

    Example: Maria Schnieder (Jazz) raised $130,000

    Premiums: $9.95 – first right to download

    $250 – name listed on notes

    $10,000 – listed as Executive Producer

    Won a grammy in 2005!

  • Rewards Based Sites

    Rewards Based Sites take Off!

    2008: Indiegogo

    2009: Kickstarter

    Rewards Based sites – encompassed arts, social causes,

    entrepreneurs and small businesses

  • Kickstarter

    Through March 6, 2017

     342,000 campaigns “All or Nothing” launched

     121,000 successful

     $2.9 Billion from 12.5 million backers

     31% over $10,000

     2.8% over $100,000

  • Famous Kickstarter Campaigns



  • Indiegogo

  • Indiegogo Notable Campaigns


  • Most Popular Reward Platforms


     Need US Bank


     Must reach your


     5% fee

     3% bank fees

     Must be approved

    to start


     Accepts Paypal

     5% fee to goal

     or 9% if partial

     3% bank fees

     No approval


  • Donation Based Crowdfunding

    2010: GoFundMe platform launches

     Charitable giving

     Medical bills, Disaster Relief, Little League Teams

     Over $3 billion raised

     About 8% fee all-in

    Charitable fundraising often done on Kickstarter and

    Indiegogo, + many other sites

  • Peer to Peer Lending

  • Peer to Peer Lending

    Dominant sites: Lending Club & Prosper

    Kiva – 0% Loans from your network and extended parties

  • Peer to Peer Lending

    Other than Kiva, lending sites can be very expensive for

    businesses, especially start-ups.

    Community lenders and Kiva are generally your lower cost


  • Peer to Peer Costs

    Lending Club Rates

  • Equity Crowdfunding

    Emerged in 2011 with “Regulation D” Platforms

     Microventures – Tech companies

     CircleUp – Branded consumer products and retail

    Reg D allows only “sophisticated” investors

     Generally, $1 million net worth other than home

     Or, income of $200,000 last 2 years ($300,000 if

    married) and expectation to continue at same level

  • JOBS Act of 2012

     Allowed advertising for many types of crowdfunding


     Opened up market to solicit “unsophisticated investors”

    when regulations published by the SEC in May, 2016.

     Complicated restrictions (see chart next page)

  • Equity Crowdfunding Options

  • Equity Crowdfunding Sites

  • Crowdfunding vs. Venture Capital

    Potential Advantages:

     Easier to access

     Valuation may be higher

     Investment terms may be better

     Publicity

     Broader stakeholder base

    Needs to be structured to allow VC investment – VC’s

    don’t like to be “side by side” with unsophisticated


  • Regulation CF

     Intended to help small companies raise up to $1 million

    per year

     Many requirements before offering securities and

    ongoing reporting requirements.

    - Up front attorney/accountant fees to make an offering

    - Ongoing financial reports

     The new administration has stated it will seek ways to

    lower the costs/red tape for this process to make it

    easier to raise funds

  • Reg CF - JOBS Act

  • Reg CF Deals to September 2016

  • Another Way to Use Reg CF

    Use Reg CF to obtain a loan

    Example: Red Bay Coffee

    Raised $160,000 on Wefunder

    Terms: Repay with 5% of net revenues until investor is

    returned 150% of investment (early investors received

    200%). Forecast return in 3-5 years

  • Strategy

  • Telling Your Story

    “Kickstarter as a phenomenon is made much

    more comprehensible once you realize that it’s

    not following the logic of the free market; it’s

    following the logic of the gift.”

    -Rob Trump

  • Storytelling

    1. Have a character (can be family, neighborhood, etc.)

    2. Share a problem/opportunity that character encounters

    3. Make your donor a “guide” in your story

    4. Give them a plan

    5. Call them to action

  • Examples