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Name of the company: Year of establishment:Location :-

ELLORA TIMES LTD. [ORPAT] 1991 Ellora Times Ltd. Orpat Industrial Estate, Rajkot highway Morbi. Guj. India. Ellora Times Ltd. Orpat Industrial Estate Rajkot Highway Morbi 363641 Gujarat [India] +91-2822-231444-45-46 +91-2822-230125 marketing@orpatgroup.com www.orpatgroup.com Pvt. Ltd. Co. Large Scale Industry ORPAT ELECTRONIC AJANTA QUARTZ REVA April to March

Regi. Office & work :-

Phone No. Fax E-mail add. Web site. Form of org. Size Brand name


Accounting year



Chair person Bankers Weekly off Labour Availability No. of Employee International Market Office


Mr. Odhavajibhai Ravjibhai Patel SBS Morbi Industrial Branch Thursday Local 6000 Dubai



Be one of the largest players in the electrical industry with total in house production processes. Become the highest employment provider in Gujarat by providing equal employment opportunity for the upliftment of the needy people. Remain pioneers in Quartz technology and manufacturing of calculators. Harness the latest technology for simplification of processes and rapid expansion. Become Indias largest manufactures of the household electronic product.



The history of the clock industry dates back to the time when man first decided to restrict time by clock. The first clock that was invested used to run on the principle of Sun Rise and Sun Set. Thereafter Transistor Clock was invested which run on power of supply. After Transistor Clock came the Mechanical or Winding Clocks which ran on a mechanical spring and had to be winded periodically with the help of a key. Quartz Technology was first developed by Taiwan and thereafter all the countries started accepting this technology due to its various advantages over other technologies. The basic advantages are low cost of production, higher degree of efficiency, low maintenance cost, can be run on dry battery cell, accuracy etc. At present there are a number of units producing Wall Clocks in India. One of the major centers in India for producing wall clock is Morbi. ORPAT Company was established in the year 1971. The chief promoter of the company, Mr. Odhavjibhai R. Patel is a retired schoolteacher. ORPAT is a partnership firm. It is situated at Morbi, Gujarat. With the initial investment of Rs. 1,80,000/- the company had started manufacturing pendulum Transistor Power Clock. The initial production was of 15-20 pieces of wall clock per day. In the year 1978, with the advent of striking winding clocks, the company adopted that technology and stared making Striking Winding Clocks.


In the year 1982, ORPAT started manufacturing Alarm Time Pieces. All these clocks were manufactured up to year 1987. In the year 1988, Quartz Revolution came into the world. In order to remain astride with the latest developments, the companies then Chairman, Mr.O.R.Patel, went to Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong and brought the Quartz technology to India. In the year 1990, ORPAT WAS THE FIRST Indian Company to have manufactured Musical Clock. ORPAT group of companies have been housed having built up area of 15,00,000 sq.ft. The group is currently providing employment about 6000 workers ( 90% of them are female employees). Recently Ajanta starts its home appliances products and new established at Kutch of tiles industry at the cost of 300 corers. Their production capacity is increasing year by year like in 2001-2002 = 1,25,41,602 2002-2003 = 1,36,92,872 2003-2004 = 1,50,00,000 it has 300 whole sellers and 50,000 retailers. They have one of the best distribution channels in the nation. The company is pioneer in India to undertake in house C.O.B. technology, being ISO 9002 and CE certified company. It has introduced innovative processes in the areas of inventory mgt. finance, marketing and R&D. As a result of which the groups dependency on working capital assistance from commercial bank is virtually nil.



1. The year 1992 MAN OF THE YEAR award was felicitated upon Ajantas chairman Mr. O.R. Patel under whose able guidance Ajanta has become Indias largest time piece manufacturer and the recipient of export award for outstanding exports performance every year since 1991-92. 2. Electronics and computer software exports promotion council award for excellence in export performance choose the company for the recognition in the year 1996-97 &1997-98. 3. Companys managing director P.O.Patel was the recipient of the TRADE POST MAN OF THE YEAR award for acknowledging Ajantas achievement of electronics consumer goods and Indias leading quartz alarm clock despite free imports and Chinese challenge. 4. The recently concluded volumetric production analysis gives and indication of the companys capacities. The company has achieved a world record of manufacturing 1,36,92,872 clock during 2002-03.



AWARDS PRESENTED BYGujarat sate exp. Esc Esc State bank of Saurashtra Department of electronic (Govt. of India) Esc Esc Esc

YEAR1991-92 1991-92 1992-93 1993-94 1994-95 Best Export


Highest Export Performance Highest Growth in exports consumer elect. For excellent performance in exports Second price for exports

1994-95 1995-96 1996-97

Outstanding Exports Best Exports Award for excellence in export for Establishing India brand in foreign Markets

National export award (Govt. of India) Esc

1997-98 1997-98

Outstanding Exports Best export sector award



D.O.B: Education: Awards:

24-6-1925 Bsc. , Bed. Man of the year 1993 [Horological field] Highest exporter of electronics consumer Goods for 1991-92


Basically a science teacher in V.C. Technical High School, Morbi. He also looks after Cloth Shops, Oil Engines, manufacturing of mechanical clocks were established by him. Over a period of 28 years, he has been able to make it ORPAT quartz. Sugar, Roofing Tile and Pharmaceuticals are the additional areas in which Shri. O.R. Patel has Provided the leadership to the group.


Man of the year 1993 (Horological Field) Highest exporter of Electronics Consumer Good for 1991-92.



Name: D.O.B. Education: History:

Shri. P.O.Patel 27-12-1953 B.E. Mechanical Joined watch clock manufacturing activity in 1971 to support his father Mr. O.R. Patel and since then he is actively engaged in all the Ventures started by the group. His expertise In production-sales-quality control-finance and Public relation has enriched the group. He has Traveled around the world for the market and Know how it is only due to his dedication and Efforts that ORPAT industrial estate is having a Status of world class manufacturing out look.



Name: D.O.B.: Education: History:

Shri. J.O.Patel 2-4-1959 B.Com 5 year in Sugar manufacturing unit. His Efficiency has completed the entire construction, Lay out, planning and interior designing of ORPAT industrial estate with in the record period of 12 months. He is looking after development of international market for ORPATs products. He has visited 30 countries to develop personal contacts with foreign buyers and suppliers. He is actively Engaged for diversification and expansion can modernization of ORPATs activities.



Name: D.O.B.: Education: History:

Shri. A.O.Patel 4-7-1965 Doctor in Naturopathy

All India sales depot of Ajanta are functioning under him 140 service stations spread all over the country is operating successfully. Look after all Advertising & customer related activities. He is also looking after market research and development affairs of the group.


CURRENT SCENARIOThe latest position of orpat is that it is the worlds largest clock manufacturer in the form of quality wise. In current scenario they have 80% of total market in India and have appx. 30% to 40% market share in foreign countries. Now they producing: 100 different models of wall clocks. 40 different models of timepiece. 30 different models of telephone. 30 different models of calculators. 3 different models of educational toys. They are having 140 wholesale department and 2500 retail outsets. Their install capacity are 25,000 calculators per day, 25,000 Timepiece per day, 10,000 telephone per day, 2000 toys per day, 12000 electronical accessory home appliance-10, 000 per day. The company is also trying to increase the domestic market share and also export market share. Orpat industrial state has a built up area of 6,00,000 sq.ft., with over all carpet area is 15,00,000 sq.ft. The company is currently providing employment to about 6000 out of 95% is female employee. The company is the first in India to undertake in house I.C.chip Bonding. The company has already installed essential machineries, such as wafer saving machine, quartz watch analyer, automatic coil winder machine, ultrasonic wire bonders, CNC plastic injuction molding machine, mould/Dies, jigs and full-fidget workshop for in house mould manufacturing. Asia. ORPAT Company enjoys a prominent base in the market of various countries of East, Europe, Africa and



It is compulsory matter for each and every company to assign certain time for certain employee. According to the rule of govt. any unit cant take work more than 8 hours from the workers. This is beneficial for unit and workers also. Beneficial for the unit because it i