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Name & Address of Unit. AJANTA INDIA LTD Ajanta Industrial Estate, Morbi Rajkot Highway, Morbi 363641 (Gujarat) India


Registered Office Ajanta Industrial Estate Morbi Rajkot Highway, Morbi 363641 (Gujarat) India


Fast Media communication Ph:- 91-2822-226200-227200 Fax:- 91-2822-234000 Web:- www.ajantaindialimited.com E-Mail:info@ajantaIndialimited.com


Founder Odhavji Raghavjibhai Patel


Form of organization Private organization



Size of the unit Large Scale.


Slogan A smile of India Health care more light, Life & Saving CFL Davison


No of Products Toothpaste, toothpowder, brush, talcum powder, Soap, shampoo, hair oil, Aryurvedic cream, apple sarul, diabetic powder, CFL lights


Main products Toothpaste & Toothpowder


Raw material Raw material is obtained from allover India especially sodium, sulphite, glycerin, calcium

carbonate etc.


Year of establishment & No of workers 2001 3000


Board of Directors Dr. Ashok O Patel Mrs. B.A. Patel Mr. Narendra Shaha. Mr. Mulibhai Multilevel mktg & South zone.3

1) 2) 3)

Managing Director Finance director Technical Director Taking care of


Bankers HDFC, state bank of Saurashtra, Industrial Bank,



Working Hours Office Staff Factory staff Saturday Sunday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm 7:30 am to 6:00pm up till 4:00 in the evening weekly off.


Capacity to produce 1500 pieces of every product per day. Plant Location Ajanta India Ltd. Being a giant corporate org. is located


over 2 lacks sq feet, using all the latest technically devised machines, occupying, totally labour power not fully

automated & strengthen the women & empowering them.


HISTORY OF UNITIn 1971, Shri O.R. Patel who as a science teacher in the V.C. Technical High School, Morbi & had started business in textiles & oil engines, established a unit for mfg mechanical clocks under the name of AJANTA Transistor clock mfg. co making pendulum clocks with the latest technology of that time transistorized clocks, with success when the revolutionary quartz technology come on the same by the end of the foes AJANTA promptly took over to making quartz clocks under the brand AJANTA & soon O.R. Patel was joined by his son & nephew who put in hard work & imaginative methods to dramatically expand the activities of the co which soon established AJANTA quartz clocks as the leader in the Indian market. After occupying a special position in the Indian market through AJANTA quartz the director of co decided to jump out in the different field. A new firm was set up named as AJANTA India Ltd. Which was a set up as a AJANTA Health care division with the Brand name Orson in 2001. The managing Director of AJANTA HEALTH Mr. Ashok O. Patel son of Mr. O.R. Patel started handling this division who has a vast experience of 20 years in mktg. he is a whole & soul of AJANTA Health care Division & his wife Mrs. Bhavana A Patel the finance director.


DIVERSIFICATION OF AJANTA INTO THE FMCA.Alarming level of pollution & Stress at work have made people health conscious resulting in a increase in customer base more & more people feel in need of quality products at affordable price. After the success of AJANTA as the worlds No.1 brand in quartz clocks the new co. AJANTA INDIA LIMITED was established in 2001-2002 to cosmetic & Health care products. Mr. Ashok O Patel with a rich experience of mfg & mktg is the director of ajanta India limited under his leadership the new venture has got off to a flying start. The company consists of apex 140 super

starchiest & over 2500 distributors all over India. The AJANTA industrial Estate housing the groups mfg activities has a built up area of 2, 00,000 esq. Providing employment of over 600 workers 80% of whom are female employees.


OBJECTIVE OF THE UNITWith a corporate philosophy to provide benefits to associates Ajanta Quartz aim is to be establish it & with abiding faith in human value as a highly professional co with a great image associated with consumer satisfaction by mktg quality product at affordable & lucrative price. To achieve high scale of consumer satisfaction & quality with affordable price co aims both at trading & mfg the (son of Mr. O.R Patel started handling this division who has a vast experience of 20 years in mfg & mktg. he is a whole & soul of Ajanta health care & CFL division & his wife Mrs. Bhavana A. Patel the finance director). Product. The social aim associated with us is to provide a close assistance to our society by providing a great women empowerment as is benefits to society in long run.


VISION, MISSION & VALUESThe main vision of Ajanta Is that which ever product is produced should be right qualitative & of economic price. The good quality product & economic prices of Ajanta Health are made other FMCG sectors companies to being down their prices, to stand in a cut throat

competition. This was the great revolution in the history of whole Ajanta group. Their important mission is to only contribute the society & spread humanity maintaining good relation and the contribution starts from the Ajanta group & co it self by employing all the girls staff. they are giving wonderful opportunity of empowering the women strength & bringing out their talents. The main motto of Ajanta is to secure the society & win customers satisfaction.







Executives (Back Officers)


LANDMARKS & ACHIEVEMENTAJANTA has always been at the back of the peoples need. The new venture has got off to a flying starts with its oral & personal care products. Within a short span of time, its energy in FMCG field, Ajanta India limited successfully achieved a record production of 1000 tons. To day they are the 4th largest tooth paste manufactures in all over India. Ajanta Health seems to be on the verge of changing. The face of FMCG sector in India.



y Benefits to Associates over employees over parties, customers etc. y Marketing quality product & lucrative price. y Associating satisfaction. y Abiding faith in human value. y Women empowerment. the great image with customers


GROWTH RATE OF UNITGrowth rate of unit generally depends on the market of product & demand. Ajanta has never found problem in achieving the mktg of health are product. While CFL contain 40% of market & therefore it is globalizing at 40% CFL lamp is a 80% energy saver. Its market depends on the Cos drim showing. One important thing is that Ajanta has never done advertising expense.


CONTRIBUTION OF UNIT TO THE COUNTRY & SOCIETY.Ajanta has always contributed to the society in the form of their good quality product & secondly by hiring women power they are bringing out women talent & helping many families for developing a good society. They are giving special training to ladies staff & educating them for improving their knowledge. Ajanta health care has the applied facility of schools, training campus & offers text books like you can win to improve their English & for that weekly test are also arranged.


SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYFor Ajanta main social responsibility is that to give good quality product, maintain good relation with customers & seller & also wit other pasty & to launch any product at economic price.


TIME KEEPING SYSTEMThe time keeping system of Ajanta health care & CFL division goes this way:Office staff 8:30 am to 6:00 pm Factory staff 7:00 am to 6:00pm Saturday working hours are up till 4:pm in evening for both office & factory staff Sunday weekly off.

For production department the weekly off is generally on Thursday due to staggering of power but not compulsory due to market demand.


General organization chart


Types of Dept





Quality Control



PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT INDEXNO. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Contents Introduction Organization chart Production process & raw material Types of products Production, planning & control Quality control Machines & equipment details Storage facility Quality policy Pollution control Suppliers detail Production details Pg No. 19 20 21 27 29 31 32 33 34 35 36 37


INTRODUCTIONFor any firm whether it is large or small dealing in the manufacturing of costly items or cheap products it has to pass through one basic process which holds the almost importance of the existence of a firm & that is called production. A co. has repartee dept for production of its product where step by step procedure is done on semi finished good & then at last one final product comes out. Ajanta India Ltd. Deals in two types of production i.e. health care products & CFL tubes i.e. compact fluorescent lamp.


ORGANIZATION CHARTProduction Department Health care divi CFL division

Prod in charge

Prod in charge





Ajanta does not have fully hierarchy system but matrix system because one dept is related with many sub depts If we take the example of workers group then if assembly line is there than one worker group is controlling & lo