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Transcript of · PDF file AIP ENR 0.6-1 BANGLADESH 03 JUN 2010 PART 2- ENROUTE (ENR) ENR 0.6 TABLE OF...

  • AIP ENR 0.6-1 BANGLADESH 03 JUN 2010


    ENR 0.1 PRAFACE Not applicable ENR 0.2 RECORD OF AMENDMENTS –Not Applicable ENR 0.3 RECORD OF AIP SUPPLEMENTS - Not Applicable ENR 0.4 CHECKLIST OF AIP PAGES- Not applicable ENR 0.5 LIST OF HAND AMENDMENTS TO THE AIP -Not applicable ENR 0.6 TABLE OF CONTENTS TO PART 2 Page ENR 1 GENERAL RULES AND PROCEDURE ENR 1.1-1 ENR 1.1 General Rules ENR 1.1-1 ENR 1.1.1 General ENR 1.1-1 ENR 1.1.2 Radio Communication failure procedure ENR 1.1-1 ENR 1.1-3 Air Traffic Advisory Service ENR 1.1-1 ENR 1.1.4 Flight Information Service ENR 1.1-2 ENR 1.1.5 Special Air Traffic Services procedures for VVIP flight ENR 1.1-2 ENR 1.1.6 Reporting the location of birds in the vicinity of airport ENR 1.1-3 ENR 1.1.7 Special procedure for Dhaka FIR ENR 1.1-4 ENR 1.1.8 Reduction of longitudinal separation minima ENR 1.1-5 ENR 1.1.9 Transfer of control while Dhaka approach is in operation ENR 1.1-5 ENR 1.1.10 Signals for aerodrome traffic ENR 1.1-6 ENR 1.2 Visual Flight Rules ENR 1.2-1 ENR 1.3 Instrument Flight Rules ENR 1.3-1 ENR 1.4 ATS Airspace Classification ENR 1.4-1 ENR 1.5 Holding, Approach and Departure Procedures ENR 1.5-1 ENR 1.5.1 General ENR 1.5-1 ENR 1.5.2 Landing flights (arriving flights) ENR 1.5-1 ENR 1.5.3 Departing flights ENR 1.5-1 ENR 1.5.4 Air Traffic Services Procedures ENR 1.5-1 ENR 1.6 Radar Services and Procedures ENR 1.6-1 ENR 1.6.1 General ENR 1.6-1 ENR 1.6.2 Principles of operation ENR 1.6-1 ENR 1.6.3 Minimum Radar Separation ENR 1.6-2 ENR 1.6.4 Transfer of Control Procedures ENR 1.6-2 ENR 1.6.5 Surveillance radar approach ENR 1.6-2 ENR 1.6.6 SSR operating procedures ENR 1.6-3 ENR 1.6.7 Emergency Procedures ENR 1.6-4 ENR 1.6.8 Failure of equipment ENR 1.6-4 ENR 1.6.9 Unlawful Interference ENR 1.6-5 ENR 1.6.10 Withdrawal of Radar services ENR 1.6-5 ENR 1.6.11 Adverse weather operation ENR 1.6-5


  • ENR 0.6.2 AIP 03 JUN 2010 BANGLADESH ENR 1.7 Altimeter Setting Procedures ENR 1.7-1 ENR 1.7.1 Introduction ENR 1.7-1 ENR 1.7.2 Basic Procedures ENR 1.7-1 ENR 1.7.3 Procedures Applicable to operators including Pilots ENR 1.7-3 ENR 1.7.4 Table of cruising levels ENR 1.7-4 ENR 1.8 Regional Supplementary Procedures ENR 1.8-1 ENR 1.9 Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) ENR 1.9-1 ENR 1.10 Flight Planning ENR 1.10-1 ENR 1.11 Addressing of Flight plan messages ENR 1.11-1 ENR 1.12 Interception of Civil Aircraft ENR 1.12-1 ENR 1.13 Unlawful interference ENR 1.13-1 ENR 1.14 Air Traffic incidence ENR 1.14-1 ENR 1.14.1 Incidence Reporting Procedures ENR 1.14-1 ENR 1.14.2 Air Traffic Incidence Reports ENR 1.14-1 ENR 2 AIR TRAFFIC SERVICES AIRSPACE ENR 2.1-1 ENR 2.1 FIR, TMA, CTR ENR 2.1-1 ENR 2.2 Other Regulated Air space ENR 2.2-1 ENR 3 ATS ROUTES ENR 3.1-1 ENR 3.1 Lower ATS Routes ENR 3.1-5 ENR 3.2 Upper ATS Routes ENR 3.1-9 ENR 3.3 Area Navigation Routes ENR 3.1-9 ENR 3.4 Helicopter Routes ENR 3.1-9 ENR 3.5 Other Routes ENR 3.1-9 ENR 3.6 En-route Holding ENR 3.6-1


  • BANGLADESH 03 JUN 2010


    ENR 4.1 Radio Navigation Aids En-Route ENR 4.1-1 ENR 4.2 Special Navigation Systems ENR 4.2-1 ENR 4.3 Name-Code Designators for Significant Points ENR 4.3-1 ENR 4.4 Aeronautical Ground Lights-En-route ENR 4.4-1 ENR 5. NAVIGATION WARNINGS ENR 5.1 Prohibited, Restricted and Danger Areas ENR 5.1-1

    CHART Prohibited, Restricted and Danger Areas ENR 5.1-11

    ENR 5.2 Military Exercise and Training Areas ENR 5.2-1

    ENR 5.3 Other Activities of a Dangerous Nature ENR 5.3-1

    ENR 5.4 Air Navigation Obstacles-En-route ENR 5.4-1

    ENR 5.5 Aerial Sporting and Recreational Activities ENR 5.5-1

    ENR 5.6 Bird Migration and areas with sensitive Fauna ENR 5.6-1 ENR 6 EN-ROUTE CHART CHART International and Domestic ATS Routes ENR 6-1

    CHART Domestic ATS Route ENR 6-3

    CHART FIR, TMA, CTR, ATZ and Aerodromes ENR 6-5

    CHART Dhaka Terminal Control Area ENR 6-7

    ____________________________________________________________________________________ CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY

    AIP ENR 0.6-3


  • AIP ENR 1.1-1 BANGLADESH 23 JUN 2016


    1 General 1.1 The Air Traffic Rules and Procedures applicable to Air Traffic in Bangladesh Territory conform with Annexes

    2 and 11 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation and with the portions applicable to aircraft, of the Procedures for Air Navigation Services, Rules of the Air and Air Traffic Services, and the Regional Supplementary procedures applicable to the MID/ASIA Region, except in the cases indicated below. All differences have been registered with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

    Note:- Special flight operations which cannot be conducted in accordance with the provisions of Annex 2 and

    11 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation or the Regional Supplementary Procedures MID/ASIA Region, such as air races, air displays, aerobatic flights, or certain aerial work operations require, prior to the commencement of the operation, a certificate of waiver which may be obtained from the Chairman, Civil Aviation Authority.

    2 Radio Communication Failure Procedure 2.1 The procedures to be followed by aircraft required to maintain two-way radio communications experiencing

    radio equipment failure conform to those specified in ICAO Annex-2 Rules of the Air. 2.2 The Procedures to be followed by aircraft experiencing radio communication equipment failure whilst under

    radar control are specified in ENR 1.6-4 3 Air Traffic Advisory Service (ATAS). 3.1 Introduction 3.1.1 Provision of service. 3.1.2 Air Traffic Advisory Service is provided to aircraft conducting IFR flights within the advisory

    areas or advisory routes outside controlled airspace.

    3.1.3 Advisory service and advisory routes are specified in ENR 3. Along the routes Air Traffic Advisory Service is provided above level 150. Aircraft operating below this level on such routes to be provided flight information services only.

    3.2 Procedure Applicable to Aircraft using the ATAS. 3.2.1 IFR flights when operating along advisory routes, are expected to comply with the same procedures as those

    which apply to controlled flights except that : CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY AIP AMDT 01/16

  • ENR 1.1-2 AIP 23 JUN 2016 BANGLADESH

    (a) the flight plan and changes thereto are not subjected to a clearance since the ATS furnishing Air Traffic Advisory Service, will only provide ADVICE on the presence of essential traffic or SUGGESTIONS as to a possible course of action.

    (b) it is the responsibilities of Pilot-in-Command of the aircraft to decide whether he will comply with the

    advice or suggestion received and to inform the ATS unit providing Air Traffic Advisory Services without delay of his decision.

    (c) Air-ground communication shall be made with the Air Traffic Services Unit designated to provide Air

    Traffic Advisory Service within the advisory airspace or portion thereof. 3.3 PROCEDURE APPLICABLE TO AIRCRAFT CROSSING ADR’S 3.1.1 Aircraft are expected to comply with the following procedures.-

    (a) Cross an advisory route as nearly as possible at an angle of 90 degrees to the direction of the route and at a level appropriate to its track, selected from the table of cruising levels (semi-circular system) for IFR flights.

    (b) Appropriate ATS Unit shall be informed before and after crossing in ADR.

    4. Flight Information Service

    Flight Information Service is provided by the Dhaka “Area Control Centre” within Dhaka FIR excluding the portion of the route L507 between AVPOP and ESDOT where the provision of A ir Traffic Services from FL280 to FL460 is delegated to Kolkata ACC/FIC.

    5 Special Air Traffic Services Procedures for VVIP Flight (AIR TRAFFIC RESTRICTIONS) 5.1 The following procedure shall be enforced at all ai