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We run a school for underprivileged children in Faridabad, Haryana. We are actively looking for Volunteers as well funds for admission of children to private schools.

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  • 1.AID Faridabad Be the change you want to see in theworld-M.K Gandhi

2. Outline About AID Our Vision and Mission Indias Vicious Circle Why Education ? About Paathshaala Our Journey so far.. Why Volunteer ? How can you contribute ? Contact us 3. About AID Association for Indias Development (AID) is a Volunteer driven movement AID AID NCR AID Delhi GurgaonAID Faridabad Paathshaala Udaan 4. Our VisionTo spread awareness abouteducationOur MissionTo provide non formal education to the underprivileged children and facilitate their way to a formal education 5. Indias Vicious circleOver PopulationILLITERACYUnemploymentPoverty 6. Why Education ?? 40% of Indias population is below theage of 18 years We have more than 400 millionchildren in India 50% of Indias children are betweenthe age of 6 and 18 years and are notin schoolMore than 200 million children have no access to education Source: 7. About Paathshaala Started with 11 students and little resources Currently have over 100 students, 3full time teachers and 10 volunteers 8. Our Journey so far..... We started teaching kids under atree on weekends..All we hadwas a Matand the Motivationto bring change in their lives 9. Our Journey so far.....Within couple of months we were able to get a room, a teacher and more than 20students 10. Our Journey so far..... First Independence Day Celebrations 11. Our Journey so far..... International Volunteers visit 12. Our Journey so far..... Tensed students praying before mid term exam 13. Our Journey so far..... First CorporateSponsorship-Bharti AXA 14. Our Journey so far..... Christmas Day Celebrations 15. Our Journey so far..... Nukkad Natak 16. Our Journey so far.....908070 Total No of students6050 Number of students40 getting admission in a30 Private school20 Total No of Volunteers10 0 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013 17. Our Journey so far..... In 2012 35 students got admission to PrayasSchool (a formal education run by anNGO) We started another school Udaanwhichhas 25 students 18. Why Volunteer ?? Experience the joy of giving Creating an impact on the society Strong Plus on CV Interpersonal Skills Development Networking Fun !!! 19. Why Volunteer ?? Fun and Satisfaction !!! 20. How can you contribute?? Sponsor a childs education Teaching kids Website development Start your own project Connecting with the community Spreading awareness Come volunteer with us !!! 21. Contact us Website: Facebook: Twitter: @AID Faridabad Email: Phone: Vinay Gupta ------+91-8976185903 Sanjeev Sharma---+91-9911029806