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Rapid Recipes By Alexandra Owen,Giorgia Vivace and Olivia Whelan
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AGOS Powerpoint

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  • 1. Rapid Recipes By Alexandra Owen,Giorgia Vivace and Olivia Whelan

2. The Problem When you would like to learn how to cook, or would like to improve your cooking skills. 3. OUR QUESTION: HOW CAN WE LEARN TO COOK? 4. When young adults would like to learn how to cook, the can just turn to our app for help. 5. [Mini Elevator Pitch] My team, [team name], is developing [platform] to help [target audience] [solve a problem] [with secret sauce] 6. Middle aged men and woman with busy jobs and /or kids. Young adults who want to learn to cook. Teenagers OUR APP IS TARGETED TO.. 7. Our app is different because we have a range of different types of food and a forum where you can save your own recipes and see what other people are making. 8. Another reason our app is different to the others because you can have a range of foods instead of focusing on a ceirtan type e.g Italian. 9. HOMEPAGE Help/options Login/ sign up Log out R U sure U want 2 log out Page to login and button to sign up. Sign in page Instructions on how to use the app Contact number 10. We will need the data of Peoples usernames and passwords and also what they have recently seacrched. Also recipes and photos of the steps/finished meals. 11. The App is Free Targeted advertising Cooking Community 12. We are going to advertise via Social media apps like Facebook. Our app might cost money, the highest amount would probobly be 1.00 . We will also let people try our app out by having the app go free for a month. 13. App Design Mock-up