Agile Process Audit

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This ppt was presented by Narinder Kumar during Audit Event on 30th September at Radisson Suites.

Transcript of Agile Process Audit

  • 1. Adopt, Inspect and Improve Agile Process Audit Narinder Kumar
  • 2. Agenda Problem Context Benefits of Process Audit Applicability in your environment Our Approach What do we audit Sample Findings Q&A
  • 3. Common Problems facing Software Projects Cost Over-run Insufficient RoI Feature Expectation Mismatch Poor Quality Lack of Transparency Flexibility High Maintenance Costs
  • 4. Solution : Agile Methodologies
  • 5. Scrum Project Life-Cycle
  • 6. Next Steps Thinking of Adopting Agile Readiness Scan Action Plan Best Preparedness Already implemented agile Implementation Level Scan Identify Bottlenecks Action Plan for Further Improvements Planning for wider-roll out Action Plan for Multiple Feature Team Management Adaptability Suggestions
  • 7. What is a Process Audit Provides a clear insight in your current state Analyzes complete chain Identify pain-areas Suggest Improvements Aimed at increasing the overall productivity
  • 8. Approach Planning Phase Discussion with Audit Sponsor and Key Stake Holders Field Work Interviews and Analysis Audit Report Findings and Action Plan Follow-Up
  • 9. What do we audit ?
  • 10. Sample Findings Findings Recommendations Benefits / Implications Too many outside Adapt a Firewall Role Team can concentrate distractions within the team. Can be better on work assigned to Scrum Master External Interfaces need to adapt to new style Number of Bugs remain Work and improve Less time during QA high after every Sprint Definition of Done process, better quality Delivery Bugs are discovered Involve QA early, Make Improved development during Production or Testers part of the cycle, much later after team Better Customer delivery Satisfaction More resources may be required
  • 11. Guiding Principles Eliminate Waste People Centric Optimize Across Organization