Agile Meets Waterfall, Karoliina Luoto

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Karoliina Luoto, Codento · 5 November 2014 Making your organization more agile - Agile meets waterfall

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Agile fluency is a learning journey, and on your way you'll have to interpret agile into waterfall. Here are a few suggestions for how. Karoliina Luoto, J. Boye Seminar, 5 November 2014.

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  • 1. Making your organizationmore agile - Agile meetswaterfallKaroliina Luoto, Codento 5 November 2014

2. Karoliina Luoto + CodentoConsultant forAgile consulting and coachingDigital service conceptingBefore: product owner, collaborationstrategist, communications specialistSpecializes in client/suppliermethodology facilitationAnd works in actual software developmenttoo 3. Can waterfall and agileCo-exist?Photo: Leon Riskin, Flickr 4. Are you doing agile?Lets take a testPhoto: Karoliina Luoto 5. How agile is your agile?One possible set of agility criteria:1. End users are a constant part of the development process2. The development team has power to make decisions3. Requirements strech, the schedule/budget doesn't4. The requirements are described on top level, lightly and visually5. The development work is done in small increments that can bedeveloped further6. Focus on regular delivery of working product parts7. Finishing each requirement before moving to next one8. 80/20 rule: focus on search of 20 % solutions that can fulfill 80 % of the need9. Testing throughout the project test early, test often10. Collaborative approach from _all_ players in the projectCriteria credits: 6. It takes 2-4 years to learn agileAgile Fluency Model0Start:Buildingcode1 FocusTeamonbusinesscultureshiftvalue 2 DeliverTeambusinessvalue Skills shift3 Optimizebusinessvalue3 Optimizefor systems culture shiftOrganization 2012 James Shore and Diana Larsen, 7. Do you have a waterfalllevel?How does that one work?Photo: Boy-piyaphon, Flickr 8. How is the waterfall doing?The Good Waterfall Test1. Are the decision-makers giving clear criteria for success?2. Are the requirements well defined and clear?3. Is the development team provided with all the information they need?4. Can the development team choose its working methods inside thegiven requirements?5. Is the change management process working properly?6. Does the main decision-maker put effort in measuring the results andensuring the schedule?7. Is the testing/acceptance planned and resourced properly?Criteria credits: Karoliina Luoto 9. How to negotiate betweenAgile and waterfall?Photo: World Trade Organization, Flickr 10. Understand and addressThe cultural differencesPhoto: Franco Folini 11. Project level negotiationsProblem: Product owner is distantSolutions:1. Daily standups or technology can be used for productowner communication2. Proxy product owner is better than no product owner3. NO EMAIL 12. Project level negotiationsProblem: Third parties in waterfallSolutions:1. Product Owner, Scrum Master or someone from thedevelopment team learns the third party change requestprocedures day one2. After that, third party assistance needs are anticipated as partof development backlog grooming and release planning 13. Decision-making level negotiationsProblem: Steering groups wantpredictabilitySolutions:1. Have a methodology kick-off with the steering group2. Have value vs. cost indicators (analytics help)3. Involve them in release planning 14. Best of both worldsWhat you can always usePhoto: W10002, Flickr 15. How to gain from agile ideasNo matter the project modelRestrict to vision and requirementsReduce vision risk by piloting and testingReduce project risks by chopping elephant projects intosmaller projects or product purchasesManage supplier risk by contract optimization or openness but dont skip communicationMeasure value and incentivize wanted resultsBe open for the bad news youd rather hear themLearn 16. So: What definesA good project?Suggestions?PPhhoottoo:: kKaarrloal_iikn.a, FLluicoktroSome of mine:1. Clear vision2. Transparency3. Predictability4. Intelligence 17. SuccessIs not a methodology choicePhoto: massdistraction, Flickr 18. Thank [email protected] @totoroki +358 40 765 8504