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Coaching@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com2

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Lyssa Adkins@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com3

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@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com4Agile

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SCRUM Easy to understand, hard to implement

Agile Coaches@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com6Why

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Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

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is an Agile Coach@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com8What

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Freelance@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com9

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Scrum MasterAgile CoachScrum CoachXP Coach

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Dimensions of an Agile Coach@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com11SYSTEMAPPROACHTeamManagementOrganizationTeaching / ConsultingMentoringCoachingPROFESSIONAL&PERSONAL DEVELOPMENTBeingDoing

No se trata slo de vivir los valores y principios de Agile, sino de la presencia atenta y el silencio que nos permiten fluir con nuestros equipos e intervenir slo cuando hace falta de manera efectiva Gerard Chiva

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and Doing@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com12BeingSi somos gilipollas haremos gilipolleces Gerard Chiva

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DoingBulldozerServant LeaderSheperdGuardian of Quality and Performance@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com13Source: Coaching Agile Teams Lyssa Adkins

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Doing@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com14

Source: Agile Coaching Competency Framework Lyssa Adkins

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BeingDetach from outcomesTake it to the teamBe a mirrorNon judgmentSilenceModel being unreasonableLet them fail@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com15Source: Coaching Agile Teams Lyssa Adkins

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Si nosotros estamos desapegados, permitimos que el equipo se responsabilice de sus resultados y tome el control de su destino. Gerard Chiva

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Si nosotros diagnosticamos y ofrecemos la solucin nos arriesgamos a minar la capacidad del equipo de resolver sus propios problemas y creamos una dependencia Gerard Chiva

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Un espejo sucio no refleja la realidad Gerard Chiva

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Juzgar a las personas no define quines son, sino quines somos nosotros

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To hear, one must be silent Ursula K. Le Guin

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Recover from Command & ControlCoordinating individual contributions Coaching for collaborationSubject matter expert FacilitatorBeing invested in specific outcomes Being invested in teams performanceKnowing the answer Asking the team for the answerLeading the team Letting the team find their wayDriving GuidingDeadlines & Technical Options Business Value DeliveryDoing the optimal thing Doing the right thing right now@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com23Source: Coaching Agile Teams Lyssa Adkins

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Make yourself dispensable

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Situational Coaching@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com25

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an Agile Coach is NOT@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com26What

@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com26

Agile Project Manager@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com27

Agile Project Manager@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com28

Agile Project Manager when they really mean Scrum Master@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com29

Real Agile Coach@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com30

do you becomeAgile Coach@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com31How

@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com31

My Journey@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com32

@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com32

Paths to Agile Coach@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com33

Source: Coaching Agile Teams Lyssa Adkins

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@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com34From Project ManagertoAgile Coach

@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com34

Belief System@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com35Project Management beliefReplaced withWe can plan the work and work the planPlanning is essential; plans are uselessThe triple constraints can be trade off for one another to correct unknownsTime and budget (people) are held constant. Only scope flexesThe plan gets more accurate over time as we flesh out the project through phases of activity: requirements, design, development, testing, and so on.A plan gets more accurate over time because it is constantly revised and trued up to the teams actual performanceDelivering on time, within budget, and on scope equals successClients getting the business value they need is the only measure of successScope can be locked down with later discoveries being handled as change requests against the scheduled end dateScope remains flexible, and changes of any kind are welcomed even late in the projectControlling through the project plan is my jobControlling through a plan is not possible; releasing the team into the safety of agile is my only measure of control. So, I coach a team to use agile wellCompleting tasks and delivering deliverables indicate progress and value deliveredOnly delivered end products indicate progress and value delivered

Source: Coaching Agile Teams Lyssa Adkins

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TakeawaysProfesin jovenEvolucin del rol de Scrum MasterProfesional independiente con diferentes skills70% SER 30% HACERActitud: desapego, liberarse de la necesidad de control, hacerse dispensableCoaching situacionalQue NO es un Agile CoachConfusin con otros rolesCmo se llega a Agile Coach Caminos diferentesProject Manager to Agile Coach@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com36

@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com36

BibliographyCoaching Agile Teams Lyssa AdkinsAgile Coaching Rachel DaviesScrum Mastery Geoff WattsSucceeding with Agile Mike CohnManagement 3.0 Jurgen Appelo@GerardChiva - gerard.chiva@gmail.com37