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Agarwal Marriage Customs, Rituals and Practices are quite similar as in other castes in Hindu's but they spend a lot more money in their matrimonial ceremonies than others.

Transcript of Agarwal Marriage Rituals and Traditions - Agarwal Matrimonial

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2. Mudha-Tikka: On this occasion, the Grooms family members(brothers, sisters, cousins etc.) go to the brides home for thetikka with these items rice, jaggery, dry fruits, mithai (sweets) adiamond ring in a Silver plate. They also bring clothes and othergifts for the bride. The bride wears a traditional lehnga and lotsof jewellery. The grooms sister gives the ring to the bride andputs tikka on her forehead (vermilion powder). The brides familyin turn also present gifts, cash, silver and gold jewellery to thegrooms sisters. 3. Godh Bharai: On this occasion, the brides lap is filled withgifts , jewellery, clothes, sweets and beautifully decoratedtrays which are brought in by the grooms sisters. Itrepresents the blessings of the family for the wedding couplethat they may always live in wealth and prosperity. 4. Sangeet: Ladies from both the families sit around the brideand sing traditional matrimonial songs, the bride sits on a lowstool. The ceremony is full of laughter and humor. 5. Naadi: Pre-wedding puja of Lord Ganesha to seek hisblessings for happiness, success and wealth, and to removeall obstacles from the life of bride and groom. 6. Bhaat: The brother of brides mother (called as Mama) bringgifts for the bride and other family members. 7. Tel Baan: Its a kind of ritual bath, the ladies of both thefamilies apply a paste made of milk, turmeric and otheringredients on the faces, arms and feet of the bride and thegroom to make them prepare for marriage. 8. Mehndi Ceremony: This ceremony generally happens a daybefore the wedding, an expert makes intricate designs on thehands and feet of the bride in the presence of close femalefriends and cousins. 9. Korath: When the bride is ready for the auspicious occasion,the male members of the brides family go the grooms hometo invite him and his family to come to the wedding venue. 10. Baraat: The Groom, his family and other relatives leaves forthe wedding venue. There is band too with the Baraat whichplays traditional music as well as popular songs from Hindimovies. 11. Arrival of Baraat: The brides father welcomes the groom andhis family upon their arrival at the wedding venue. Themother of bride honors the groom by performing thetraditional aarti. 12. Varmala: The bride and groom exchange garlands whichsignifies that they accept each other as their life partner. 13. Pheras: Both bride and groom circle the sacred fire in thehavan kund seven times and take vows (love, faith, help,respect etc.) of marriage with each circle. 14. Kanyadaan: The parents of the bride offer their daughtershand to the groom in the presence of a Pujari chantingmantras. 15. Vidaai: Its the most emotional moment of marriage wherebride leaves her parental home and readies to go herhusbands home. 16. Vadhu Pravesh: The ceremony happens when the bridearrives at her husbands home. At the entrance of thegrooms home, his mother welcomes her daughter-in-lawwith aarti and after that the bride enters the home. 17. Thank You for High Class Agarwal Matrimonial.