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  • Woodrow Wilson proposing his Fourteen Points to Congress on January 8, 1918

  • Woodrow Wilson proposed the Fourteen Points to Congress before the end of WWILeague of Nations-organization to keep the peacePressure on German government to changeKaiser Wilhelm II abdicated his throne

  • On November 11, 1918, fighting stopped which officially ended World War I Armistice=an agreement to stop fightingNo hand to hand combat, just 30 minutes of an artillery barrage ended World War I on the western front

  • Lives -8.5-10 million German dead 1.8 millionRussia 1.7 millionGreat Britain Almost 1 millionUnited States 116,00021 million woundedCivilian casualtiesPropertyIn France over 300,000 homes were destroyed6000 factories destroyed8,000 acres of farmland destroyed$300 billion in damagesSocial disruptionThousands of soldiers with disabilities (missing limbs, etc.)War changed how people viewed the world and their lives

  • From Left to Right: David Lloyd George of Britain Vittorio Orlando of ItalyGeorges Clemenceau of FranceWoodrow Wilson of the United States

  • 5 peace treatiesOne with each of the Central PowersGermanys treaty = Treaty of VersaillesFrance and European nations wanted revenge for WWI. France wanted security against future wars with GermanyAmerica /Woodrow Wilson wanted peace without victoryWants to make the world safe for democracy

  • Members of the Allied nations signed the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. It stated that:Germany had to pay reparationsamount not statedReparations=payment for war damagesGerman Military limited to only 100,000 active service membersIt also disbanded the German navyGermany not allowed to manufacture tanks, heavy artillery, military airplanes

  • War Guilt Clause It forced Germany to accept guilt for war Germany blamed for starting WWIGerman people couldnt accept they were the only ones to blame for WWILost territory Lost Alsace-Lorraine to France and coloniesLands in east became part of PolandLimited the German military to 100,000

  • Before World War I After the treaty was signed

  • 4 empires endedAustro-HungarianNew countries created-Czechoslovakia, YugoslaviaRussianOttomanMiddle East nations became mandates of League of NationsGerman

  • Genocide=the systematic and purposeful destruction of a racial, political, religious or cultural groupOttoman Turks killed the Armenians. 2 million Armenians1.5 million killed, rest deported

  • Based in Geneva, SwitzerlandInternational cooperative organizationEstablished to prevent wars/keep peaceThe United States wasnt a member League failed because it did not have the power to enforce its decisions

  • It was designed to help countries talk about problems and solve them DIPLOMATICALLY instead of MILITARILY

  • The league of Nations main goal was to prevent another world warDid it work in your opinion?

  • The United States was the only major country that didnt join the League of NationsCongress refused to ratify entry into the League They feared being dragged into another global conflictIdeas of pacifism and isolationism prevailed