Aerodrome Certification procedures and Checklists Certification procedures and...Aerodrome...

download Aerodrome Certification procedures and Checklists Certification procedures and...Aerodrome Certification procedures and Checklists . TPO AGA 01 . First Edition July 2008 . Seychelles

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Transcript of Aerodrome Certification procedures and Checklists Certification procedures and...Aerodrome...

  • Aerodrome Certification procedures and Checklists TPO AGA 01 First Edition July 2008

    Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority

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  • Table of Contents: 1.0 Introduction Page 1 1.1ICAO Annex 14 volume 1requirements on Aerodrome Certification Page 1 1.2Seychelles Civil Aviation Laws and Regulation..Page 1 1.3 Role/ Status of the Aerodrome Manual in the Certification Process .. Page 1 2.0 PROCESS OF AERODROME CERTIFICATION..Page 2 2.1The Process..Page 2 2.2Evaluation of the expression of interest/applicationPage 2 2.3Assessing the application and evaluation of the Aerodrome Manual ..Page 2 2.4Checking the Aerodrome ManualPage 3 to 4 3.0ASSESSING THE AERODROME FACILITIES,SERVICES AND EQUIPMENTPage 4 4.0GRANT REFUSAL OF A CERTIFICATEPage 5 to 6 5.0 AERODROME OPERATORS OBLIGATIONS POST CERTIFICATIONPage 6 6.0CONTINUED SURVEILLANCE /OVERSIGHT BY THE REGULATOR.Page 6 to 7 7.0 COMPLIENCE AND ENFORCMENT..Page 8 8.0 REVIEW AND SUBSEQUENT APPROVAL OF THE AERODROME CERTIFICATEPage 8 9.0 AERODROME CERTIFICATION CHECKLISTS..Page 9 9.1 Aerodrome certification-Checklist for processing the Application ..Page 9 to 10 9.2Aerodrome Certification-Aerodrome Manual verification checklist Page 11 9.3 Aerodrome Inspection Checklist-Physical Characteristics. .Page 12 to 14 9.4 Aerodrome Inspection Checklist-Runway Visual AidsPage 15 to 17 9.5 Aerodrome Inspection Checklist-Taxiway Visual AidsPage 18 to 20 9.6 Aerodrome Inspection Checklist-Rescue and Fire Fighting Services .Page 21 to 22 9.7 Aerodrome Inspection Checklist-Operational Safety & Wildlife Control .Page 23 to 25






    1.1 ICAO Annex 14, Volume I requirements on aerodrome certification ICAO Annex 14, Volume I requires that States certify aerodromes used for international operations in accordance with the specifications contained in that Annex as well as other relevant ICAO specifications through an appropriate regulatory framework. The regulatory framework is required to include the establishment of criteria for certification of aerodromes. Furthermore, as part of the certification process, an aerodrome manual giving all pertinent information on the aerodrome site, facilities, services, equipment operating procedures, organisation and management including a safety management system, shall be submitted by the applicant for approval/acceptance. Seychelles Civil Aviation laws and regulations Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA), under the powers vested in it by the relevant Articles of the Air Navigation Order (ANO), has developed its own set of regulations based on Annex 14, Volume I and related guidance material in the ICAO manuals. These regulations are contained in the Seychelles Manual of Aerodrome Standards (SMAS) clearly laying down the framework for certifying aerodromes within Seychelles. Role/Status of the aerodrome manual in the certification process The aerodrome manual is a fundamental requirement of the certification process. It shall contain all the relevant information about the aerodrome as stipulated in SMAS for processing the application before granting an aerodrome certificate. The information presented in the aerodrome manual shall demonstrate that the aerodrome conforms to the certification standards and safety directives put forth by the SCAA, and that there are no apparent shortcomings which would adversely affect the safety of aircraft operations. The manual shall be a reference document and provides a checklist of aerodrome certification standards to be maintained and the level of airside services at the aerodrome. Information provided in the aerodrome manual will be the basis to assess the suitability of the aerodrome for the aircraft operations proposed and to judge an applicants capability to be eligible to be granted a certificate. It is a basic reference guide for conducting site inspections for granting an aerodrome certificate and for subsequent continued surveillance/safety inspections. The aerodrome manual is a reference document agreed to between the aerodrome operator and the SCAA with respect to the standards, conditions and the level of service to be maintained at the aerodrome.

    REV 0 July 2008 Page 1

  • 2.0 PROCESS OF AERODROME CERTIFICATION 2.1 The Process Fundamentally, the aerodrome certification process comprises the following steps:

    a) SCAA evaluation/dealing with the expression of interest by an intending applicant for the issue of an aerodrome certificate; b) SCAA assessing the formal application, including evaluation of the aerodrome manual; c) SCAA assessing the aerodrome facilities and equipment; d) SCAA issuing or refusing an aerodrome certificate; and e) Promulgating the certified status of an aerodrome and the required details in the AIP.

    1. 2.2 SCAA evaluation of the expression of interest/application: One of the first steps

    in the process of certification of an aerodrome is to consider the letter of interest of the applicant requesting the grant of an aerodrome certificate.

    The SCAA will then acknowledge the receipt of the application, giving an indication of the likely date by when the processing would be completed. 2.3 SCAA Assessing the application and evaluation of the aerodrome manual: The aerodrome manual shall be checked initially by the SCAA to see if:

    1. the structure and content of the aerodrome manual are as set out in SMAS, Appendix E; 2. it is typewritten or printed, and signed by the aerodrome operator; 3. it is in a format that is easy to revise; 4. it has a system for recording the currency of pages and amendments thereto, including a

    page for logging revisions; and 5. it is organized in a manner that will facilitate the preparation, review and approval

    process. Form 1 attached hereto will be filled in by the aerodrome inspector to check methodically that the all initial requirements have been met.

    REV 0 July 2008 Page 2

  • 2.4 SCAA Checking the aerodrome manual:The third step and major one is checking the contents of the aerodrome manual itself. The aerodrome manual shall be thoroughly checked to see if the following information has been provided in an organised manner:

    1. General information set out in Appendix E of the SMAS/regulations. Details of the aerodrome site as set out in Appendix E of the SMAS;

    2. Details of the aerodrome data required to be reported to the aeronautical information

    service as specified in Appendix E of the SMAS; 3. Compliance with the aerodrome operating procedures and safety measures as set out in

    the SMAS. This may include references to air traffic procedures such as those relevant to low-visibility operations. Air traffic management procedures are normally published in the Manual of Air Traffic Management (MATM) with a cross-reference to the aerodrome manual. This aspect of liaison and co-ordination with ATS and cross referencing needs to be ensured.

    4. Details of the aerodrome administration and the safety management system as set out in

    Appendix E of SMAS.

    5. Has any exemption from compliance with the SMAS regulations been requested? If yes, has an aeronautical study been conducted by the applicant? Have the number of any previous exemption order/communication, date of the order and conditions/procedures to ensure equivalent levels of safety been included?

    6. Does the aerodrome operator have competent operational and maintenance personnel? 7. Is the aerodrome rescue and fire fighting service available at all hours? Does the

    aerodrome RFFS have fully functional RFF equipment, trained personnel and extinguishing agents as specified for the given aerodrome category in SMAS regulations?

    8. Does the aerodrome manual confirm that there is adequate and definitive co-ordination

    with other service providers such as the Air Traffic Services, Meteorological Services, Aeronautical Information Services etc.

    REV 0 July 2008 Page 3

  • 9. Does the aerodrome have a safety management system in place? As part of this information, is the organisation chart of the aerodrome available with the contact details of all key officials? Does the aerodrome have an internal audit system? How frequently is the audit carried out?

    10. How does the aerodrome operator coordinate the activities of other agencies working at

    the aerodrome, such as fixed base operators, ground handling agencies, etc. to ensure safety? How are they audited?

    11. How is the notification and reporting of all relevant information to the AIS including

    any change in the facilities, equipment and level of service at the aerodrome carried out?

    12. What process has been identified for reporting any penetrations of the aerodrome

    obstacle limitation surfaces, existence of any hazardous situation on or in the vicinity of the aerodrome, or closure of any part of the movement area, or of any work in progress that may have an impact of the safety of aircraft operations?

    13. What aerodrome inspection regime is in place and if this is in accordance with the

    SMAS regulations? 14. Does the aerodrome have a system for posting hazard warning notices if any low-flying

    aircraft at or in the vicinity of the aerodrome, or taxiing aircraft is likely to be hazardous to public?

    15. Is there a need for a flight operations assessment