Advertising Doesn't Work

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The key to effective advertising

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Advertisers Must Understand

People dont like advertising

People arent looking to change

People forget everything almost immediately

People Dont Like Advertising

No one is drawn to advertising.

In fact we do everything we can to avoid it.



Pre-set channels

Channel Surfing

Turning the Page

People Arent Looking to Change

If consumers like who they are using they wont read your ad. (It is a waste of precious time)

If consumers arent looking for your services they will not read your ad. (It is a waste of precious time)

People Forget Everything Almost Immediately

What was your favorite ad you saw in the paper or heard on the radio this morning? Your second? Third?

At any given time of the day the mind is taxed by the stresses of work, family and schedule. It is closed to new ideas and thoughts.

What if?

What if, over the course of the month, I could walk thousands of people into a small room one-by-one and force them to stand in front of your ad for 1-3 minutes with no distractions. And what if it was at a time when they were relaxed and most open to new ideas which resulted in better recall rates.


We have never had this much success from a display ad! All Over Media has provided us with an affordable opportunity to advertise locally. Genius idea, quality product!

The Salon Professional Academy

Elgin, IL


I have been working with AllOver Media for over a year. I find the advertising to be a very good value and the quality of the ad is fantastic. I hear from people who have seen our ad all the time. We've found a way to get someone's undivided attention, even if it's just for a few minutes.

Wendy French, Owner

Wine Styles

How Does It Work

You Choose:

The Geographic Area

Preferred Gender

Demographics of Customers

Number of Ads

Duration 6-12 months

Supply us with logo, ad copy, images

Dont just advertise. . .

Expose Yourself