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  • 2. The picture of the group is the centre of focus which grabs the attention of the reader instantly . In the center of focus we haveHere each performer has the name oftheir own pose to the band inestablish their differentpersonalities. The bright colourscostume presents the and in bold fontslogan Burning up the so that itcharts, Burning down captivates thethe house. audience quickly
  • 3. The group are poised in formation which is The powerful image typical for a girl band. of the girls face The are also shown in represents female Long shot to establish power along with the the girls as a girl band slogan Boot camp and to show their full and their costume. costume. This again establishes the group and the type of music they This produce. costume is genre related as it is typical wear for a The center of focus is RnB band. on the name Booty camp which relates the the costume andThe caption in the the girls knowncorner of the phrase Bootylicious.advertisement sums This grips theup the group in a few audience and attractswords . It is a good the target audience.addition to the ad as It also defines theit emphasizes the group as it reflectsgroups style and lets their common phrasethe audience feel like and their style.they personallyknown the bandmaking it easier toreach the targetaudience.
  • 4. The costumecompliments thebackground with itscolour and alsorepresents thefeminine feel of the The long shotgroup. Having them of the girlall in similar band presentscostume unites the group tothem however their targetseeing them all in audience. Itdifferent positions allows thealso shows audience toindividuality. see their costume andThe big name in style whichwhite is the focus will attract thepoint of the image. targetShowing the groups audience andname in big font size sell the artists.and in a colour thatgoes against thebackgroundimmediately alertsthe audience that The formationthis is the bands of the group isname. This is the typical of amost important RnB trio.feature of theposter.
  • 5. Although the name of the group isnt in bold writing acrossThe location also the from of theshows that the group it stands outgroup are a because it iscasual and street mounted on a yellowgroup. The kind background whichof music they works against thepresent would black background toappeal to people show the name. Thewho enjoy name is also in pinklistening to easy which again showsRnB. their feminine side. The girls re not in the typical formation of anThe costume RnB trio however thealso reflects the way they are presentedlayed back shows they are casualnature of the and layed back and thisgroup and the sets the tone for thealbum which single.makes it relateto their teentarget audience. The small slogan in yellow adds a feel to the album.
  • 6. Overall From the research I have found that girl bands usually present their style through costume, location and the colour scheme. I have found out that the most important features of our poster will be the name of the band and the way they are positioned. This is because these are the focus points of posters and they are what will attract our audience.