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Advertisement copy for print media.

What is Copy? Copy refers to written material which is to be set in type for the print media or spoken by announcers for broadcast commercials. The word copy is used for the simple reason that earlier ads contained only the advertisements message in words to be printed suitably. There were hardly any pictures. Gradually , pictures, photographs, visual symbols, sketches, illustrations and action in graphic representation started getting an increasingly larger space in ads.

Elements of Ads message. Heading Subheading Picture captions Slogans Body copy Trade marks The company logo Mascot Borders Visual symbols

Elements of Ads messageHeading subheading Picture slogans slogans Body copy Trade marks Company logo mascot borders Visual symbols

Visualization Visualization is concerned with the creation of an idea which will appeal to the consumers or the target audience. Two ways to effective visualization:Cadbury_Silk.mp3

Scene setting ( familiar comments are create which will produce the intended scenes in the minds of the listeners). Word painting (It is the subtle and exacting art of using the words in the copy which can create the desired mental images).

Layout Layout deals with the arrangement of various elements in the ad, such as headlines, illustrations, the firms name, the trade mark, the main text or the body copy. E.g. PORCHE CAR AD IN ET.

How to Write an ad copy? Advertising creativity is a disciplined one and aims at achieving the clients objective of increasing sales. Steps to be followed by a copywriter before putting on paper the words for the advertisement. Study the market segment. Know which kind of people he will be talking to. Study the product well. Search the advantages and benefits built in the product that are to be advertised. Analyze the product or service benefits. Finally come out with a Unique Selling Proposition.

USP The USP matches a selling point with a consumer benefit and does so in a unique manner. Getting an effective Usp idea or theme and presenting it properly is the most crucial aspect of copy writing. Eg Ponds gold radiance. (gold) Eg - USP for a detergent would be an ingredient X as a selling point and brighter clothes as a benefit.

Eg sundrop oil (oryzonal)

Six stages of the hierarchy of effects Model of Levidge and steiner. A copy writer must be guided by the various stages of the sales process to move to the customers minds by creating the right copy ad.

Awareness Knowledge Liking Preferences Conviction Purchase

Six stages of the hierarchy of effects Model of Levidge and steiner. A copy writer must be guided by the various stages of the sales process to move to the customers minds by creating the right copy ad.Awareness

Knowledge Liking Preferences Conviction purchase

Headlines in an Ad CopyHeadlines: Most critical part of an advertising. Used to Create attention and interest. Motivate the readers to read the ads copy further. Can occur anywhere in the body of the advertisement copy.

Basics of writing Headlines1. Suggest quick and easy way out. The ad must have the capacity to satisfy some need or wants.

Eg Taj Mahal Tea Bags. It has the capacity to quench the thirst. Head line says ThirstTea Dip .

Basics of writing Headlines2. SELF INTEREST IS CREATED Eg - Anne French Hair remover cream. the gentle way to remove hair away makes us so comfortable

Basics of writing Headlines3. Headlines can be made by imaginatively coined words(coinages). E.g. Simple product like an Egg. You want to suggest that - it is so exciting to take it. How will you be able to coin a new word using the two (i.e.. Exciting + Egg)

YESYou will call it








Basics of writing Headlines4. SELLING PROMISE IN THE HEADLINE


Basics of writing Headlines5. HEADLINES AROUSE CUROSITY. THEY LURE US TO READ FURTHER. E.g. Aura American Diamonds Jewelers headline questions you Can you keep a secret

ESSENTIALS OF A GOOD HEADLINES1. Original it comes from your intimate understanding of the market, product & product qualities. 2. Concise- brief but telling. Eg face compact power- from tips to toes. 3. Specific- convey the exact message. Eg built them big with INCREMIN

ESSENTIALS OF A GOOD HEADLINES4. Provocative They combine a strong interest appeal with originality. Eg if your pillow says, you are loosing hair . Act now and get pure silvikrin hair dressing . Here the headline and the visual where hair threads are strewn over a pillow provokes us. 5. Relevance cementing the force that binds the headlines and the rest of the copy.